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A design process is a methodical approach to solve problem and is required for every project. By following the right designing process, designers and developers can help in getting right solutions tailored to client’s business needs and on-time delivery. Here are a few reasons that make design process an important factor:

Why Do You Need a Design Process

1.    Allows to Set Focussed and Clear Expectations

A well-explained and crafted designing process can help you in making your clients understand your process and methodologies of their projects. It also helps them in understanding the obstacles in project delivery and the expected deadlines. This will help them in knowing exactly what and when to expect the deliverables, which in turn, will help in eliminating unneeded miscommunication later.

2.     Offers Ease to Clients

Most of the clients come with a sporadic app idea. And, an adept team of mobility experts can help turn their sporadic app ideas into revenue generating app. A mobile app development company that is bestowed with experience and expertise of skilled industry experts can help clients in transforming a unique idea into an awesome final product. With a clear and concise design process and strategies, you can show your client exactly where they are investing their money.

3.    Reduces Risk of Failure

All aspects of a product’s design need in-depth analysis and consideration and undoubtedly, a creative team of UI/UX experts. A well-examined design process and methodologies can help you reduce the risk of product failure. By crafting a well-planned design process you can evaluate the time and risk associated with the product.

The Parangat’s Design Process

Over the past few years, our proficient team has worked hard to augment our design process to ensure it is designed tailored to our client’s business needs and should exactly do what it needs to be. We have drafted our designed process by considering all platforms and to match our client’s business expectations. Our design process is split into two different frameworks: UI/UX Strategy and UI/UX Design.

1 – UI/UX Strategy Framework

UIUX Strategy Framework

Our UI/UX Strategy Framework is crafted by considering every pixels of design elements required in the project. Our creative nerds before proceeding for even a single line explore and do in-depth analysis of the product with the project manager and client, both to figure out the each and every elements of product to understand the business goals and expectations. Before crafting a strategy they find answers of some questions like – What are we setting out to achieve with the app we’re planning to design? Who will be the target audience and who is going to benefit and how? And, most importantly, how can we design the best user experience designs? – These questions help us in designing what is needed, which in turn, help us delivering on-time, tailored and cost-effective solutions.

Within the Strategy Framework, there are two different phases, each with multiple activities that can be included in an engagement.

2 – UI/UX Design Framework

A well-designed user experiences ensures user-centric and revenue generating product. However, a well-planned UI/UX strategy is extremely important for designing a client-centric product. But, proper implementation on a well-planned UI/UX strategy is equally important and acts as a driving force behind product success, whether you’re developing a client-oriented product or for some specific users. The well-planned UI/UX Strategy Framework is all about exploring and figuring what suits best to your product, examining options, and determining the best and feasible way to create your product. And, the UI/UX Design Framework is all about the proper implementation on the well-designed Strategy Framework.

Our UI/UX Strategy and Design Framework is basically of two different phases that all work together to bring products to life. Depending on what our client’s business needs and the end goals of a product, we craft our frameworks to ensure the best result possible for a product.

Let’s Find What Works Best For You

Every client has a different ways of approaching and working on projects, whether they are startup or leading brands. Parangat’s design process and strategies ensure robust, scalable, simple yet cost-effective mobile solutions that help you gain competitive advantage in mobile world. To know more view our portfolio


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