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We all know that mobile apps are changing the world. Today, almost every enterprise and startup is adopting mobile-first approach to enhance their business visibility and traction. However, many companies have just started to explore how they can leverage mobile technology to give competitive advantage to their businesses. A coordinated and strategic mobile planning is required for any enterprise which is looking to implement noteworthy mobile initiatives. However, most of the enterprise mobile road maps become obsolete before they’re even implemented. In recent years, mobile technology is changing rapidly, and businesses that are adopting mobile strategy may be missing out a key opportunity to solve their business challenges in the meantime.

Why Enterprise Mobility is a complete solution for managing the business imperatives

Just, how big is enterprise mobility?

According to TechCrunch – Enterprise mobile application development today is one of the hottest industries worth $100 billion opportunity. However, only 15 percent of third-party app developers are focused on enterprise-related development.  Here’re a few challenges and roadblocks keeping developers from cashing in on what’s proving to be the industry’s latest cash cow:

• Most of the enterprise mobile apps aren’t developed with the approach of performing small well-constrained tasks.  They often try to imitate existing large enterprise apps.

• Mobile apps built for managing enterprise tasks are developed by using backend enterprise APIs. And, if the APIs are not implemented properly, they can easily increase security risks, thus, opening security holes relative to user privileges.

• Most of the enterprise apps are pitiable designed because developers focus on making them feature-packed so that they can solve numerous business problems and challenges. That’s why many enterprise mobile apps are dumped after their first use.

According to mobility firm Good Technology- “In 2014 Apple iOS devices have thus far been the reigning winners of the enterprise mobility sector, claiming a whopping 72 percent of the market”.  Today, businesses that are looking generate improved productivity in a smart, user-friendly and cost-effective manner through a flawless mobility approach are adopting Enterprise Mobility solutions.

Why to choose Enterprise Mobility?

• Easily deploys device management through a simple, smart, affordable and user-friendly solutions

• Characterizes policies via one-and-done definitions – not by operating systems silos

• Effortlessly performs dynamic mass allocation and avoids complicated and tedious campaigns

• Allows locking of devices, thus, enabling more secured solutions for highly confidential tasks.

• Comes with integrate device system thus allowing more interconnected and easy to manage systems

How Parangat Is Meeting Enterprise Challenges?

Parangat Technologies Enterprise Mobility solutions are a comprehensive solution for managing and enabling the mobile business imperatives. Parangat’s Enterprise Mobility solutions are beyond assets and policies management. Our delivered solutions are a powerful combination of device and applications management. And, that have enabled us to deliver highly secured, collaborated, automated issue resolution and remote device control solutions. By leveraging the huge potential of enterprise mobility, Parangat’s dexterous team has delivered thousand of projects to clients across the world. Many clients we have worked with have found us successfully implementing enterprise mobility strategies, where we have solved their real pain points.  Through our best-in-class mobile solutions, we have helped many of our clients in solving many of their business challenges like resource management, real-time data access, task allocation, mobile sales enablement and many more. We have helped many of our clients in replacing pen, paper, and clipboards with an iPad application. And, that have let them collect and process real-time data.

Bestowed with dexterous team of developers and creative designers, Parangat is known to deliver world class enterprise mobile solutions. Our mobile and web solutions has helped thousands of business and leading brands in gaining competitive edge in this rapidly changing IT world. Our apparent methodologies and processes enable us to deliver exceptional services and solutions.


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