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In recent years, there is a huge proliferation in the number of mobile apps as we see an increasing number of smartphone and tablet users. As the days passes, we can see that these devices are becoming smarter with their ability to get connected with the internet. And, the power of such Smart devices will be harnessed by the users as more and more people will be adopting these mobile apps for completing their daily activities including online shopping, playing games and completing payment over the devices. Today mobile application development market especially in India is making an exceptional growth. Mobile apps have become the key choice of people as they are making life easier and are also easy to use. For developing mobile app, there are various platforms, which ensure the best user expectations and customer satisfaction for its target audience.

According to reports, today global Smartphone marketplace is dominated by Android. And, with 84.1% and availability of 2.2 billion mobile apps available in Google Play Store, users are growing at an exponential rate. Despite of all these figures, user’s and developer’s choice is still iOS platform. And, that’s why the global mobile application development market is massively dominated by the iOS application development companies. Let’s take a look at a few reasons of why to choose iOS apps –

App user experience

The key point that makes iPhone popular is their user’s dedication.

Generates Much Higher Revenue

Since inception, iPhones are always targeted at the premium marketplace and that too with the higher incomes. So, you need to always go for better services and tools, which in turn, require higher costs. And, higher the monetization is, better results will be obtained, thus increasing the amount of revenue.

High-end and Qualified Mobile Apps

iOS is called as a closed platform because Apple has a complete control over its software and devices. They have their own designers for software and hardware, both, thus allowing strict guidelines on their all the interactions. The key reason for which iOS is basically preferred by the developers for their mobile app development is due to the limited number of devices that are available as well as there is not much difference from their  previous hardware versions. Device fragmentation of Android devices are found to be much more useful. Additionally, it has become too easy for iOS users to avail the latest versions of OS, which in turn, accounts for a much higher rate of adoption as compared to Android OS.


Nowadays, it has become easy to build UI/UX of iOS devices. Thus, as compared these devices are much more user-friendly and has easier frameworks to work with. In turn, this gives better user experience.

Review Process

However, the review process of developing iOS apps requires much time longer, but it develops quality apps. And, this is due to mandatory strict guidelines that need to be followed by Apple while using the iOS platform.

Lesser Bugs

Another advantage of having lesser number of iOS-based devices is it accelerates the application development that too with a fewer number of bugs. And, this is one of the greatest advantages of the OS from Apple. Apple also encourages lesser number of codes that results in lesser number of bugs generated.

Developer’s Tools

Apple comes with much faster and firmer tools and also includes better developer’s tools for mobile application development, as compared to other platforms.

Higher App Store Visibility

The Apple’s App Stores are organized into categories, thus helping in getting better ranking by using a complex algorithm. Rating and reviews available in the iTunes App Store makes it easy to select the app.

Due to increasing number of Android based devices as compared to iOS devices; Android devices offer the toughest competition to OS from Apple. But, still the quality of iOS apps is higher and they are used by loyal and affluent users.
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