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Once you’ve got a new app idea, it’s not just only a knockoff of your process for making your app hit. Infact, it’s something entirely different that addresses an actual challenge or fills a gap with a classis solution that will help you gain more downloads of your app. But to really hit it big with your app, you’ve really got to develop it for the right demographic. And, know – Who are you going to build it for?

Once you have decided to build an app, you could build it for your dad or mom, but that aren’t going to help you gain success. You need to design your app considering Millennials instead — a user base tailored to your app and that comes to you with all set to adopt new innovations and uniqueness. Generation Y have a passion for progressive and new inventions, and they have their new values, ideas, and needs that are not getting addressed by existing apps. Let’s see – What do Generation-Y or Millennials want?

  1. Human-Centric Apps

When you wanted to get build a successful app for Generation-X, the addition of various successful features was a good idea. Today Millennials need solutions like Facebook and WhatsApp that provides the solutions tailored to needs of the audience. They want hyper-focused apps that do one thing — and only one thing — works really well. Look at WhatsApp, recent hit among Generation-Y and Millennials. Everyone knows that it was a huge hit. The experience user gained from WhatsApp became fleeting. What happened? WhatsApp’s share rates increased, and its developers and publisher found themselves on a solid growth curve. So, the bottom line says: Go for your idea and reach success heights by making it Human-centric.

  1. Opportunity to Broadcast without Worries

Initially Snapchat plucked the attention because it was offered the option to share pictures with your friends that could only be seen for a few seconds, and then barring a speedy screenshot would disappear forever. But Generation –X missed the boat on Snapchat because for them it was an ambiguous concept. They didn’t need another app that let them collate and share beautiful pictures because they already had Instagram.

But for Generation-Y, what they needed was a platform where they could effortlessly broadcast their silly pictures of fizzy hair and kooky faces with crazy captions. And, they can share it to the whole world.

They don’t just care about generating engagement and positive reinforcement. They just want to put it out there. And, if their posts get a good response, cool. If not, who cares? Snapchat gave them the opportunity to showcase and broadcast without worries. And, that made it a great hit.

  1. Uniqueness

If you just want to make a small business then imitating any successful app can be a good option to avail. But, if your ambitions are bigger then, you need to be original. And, no one can give you a list of tips for uniqueness because everything revolves around doing something that is cool that no one else has done, yet. If you will not come up with something, Millennials are going to spot it quickly. They won’t let you get away with it. The worst part is – they’ll consider you as a boring brand and make your app feel like a one-night stand app.

Developing a great app isn’t easy for Millenials. But the good news is that this Generation- X is wide open to your unique and innovative ideas. And, the best part is – They get excited quickly with every new and exciting idea and rapidly share and broadcast that excitement to their peers. Developing an app has a huge opportunity. But if you do it right — your app will be undoubtedly, a great hit.


Anisha is a Blogger at Parangat Technologies. She just focuses on key technology and topics which can help people succeed in business.