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So, we are here to move on – Why to Hire a Freelancer over an App Development Company? Part 1 that we have discussed in our earlier post. The previous posts highlighted the importance of hiring Mobile App Development Company. Let’s discuss some more points:

Quality Assurance & Rigorous Testing

Quality Assurance & Rigorous Testing: Like some any other IT project Quality Assurance is one of the most important factors in app development. Rigorous testing is very important, before the app is ready to launch. But most of the freelancers due to lack of experience and expertise lay less emphasis on user acceptance testing. You need to focus on formal unit testing, smoke testing, regression testing and user acceptance testing; all code should go through peer-to-peer reviews. Why not having a colleague review, it can improve the chances of delivering bug free coding.

Quality Assurance & Rigorous Testing

Warranty & Contract: Having a robust contract in place always helps you in getting right deliveries. Most of the freelancers will work via one of the online contractor sites. But contracts are for the best part, be careful and never just put into place outside of setting up terms for payment. Another important factor is – Most of the development agencies offer a full-proof warranty on the end product for a number of months and again backed up by a contract.

Proper Support & Maintenance that improves Business Continuity: have you ever thought? – What happens if disaster strikes and your servers have stopped working in the middleware? And, it stopped working 15 months after your project has been put live. Think if you don’t have in-life functional and operational support for your product, then you might face trouble. Once your project gets completed, you may face trouble, if you’ll work with freelancers. While selecting the development companies, always considers that the company that provides full-proof agreement for in-life support and maintenance.

Proper Support & Maintenance that improves Business Continuity

Ultimately, on which factors does the success of my app truly based on?
App development is an event that is based on hit and trial. The secret to ultimate success involves strong expertise and experience. One of the most common success stories are based on a solid beta test or a proof-of-concept that is sumptuous enough to develop another top-notch solution that may even attract some press.

Most of the app developers have dream of delivering grand product before even entering the competition. But to traverse a mile, you must take your first step. So come up with a different and bets-in-class idea, believe in yourself, and enlist the help of world-class developers who can turn your sporadic idea into a reality. And, that has the power to revolutionize the mobile app industry and the lives of their consumers.

Parangat Technologies have spent more than 5 years refining and developing mobile app solutions. Bestowed with highly experienced and dexterous team of developers, we are known for having a flawless project delivery process that is both agile & strong enough to manage the iterative nature of mobile app development. About 32% of all projects that Parangat Technologies pick up are mobile app projects that haven’t met the client’s expectations. The solutions they sent were either not met for the purpose or were not what the client actually required. But here at Parangat Technologies we offer all clients 24/7 support with Non Disclosure Agreement across a range of operational KPI’s. We provide a viable support and maintenance policies because we believe that it’s not just about delivering a product– It’s about offering a client the peace of mind that if something goes wrong, issues can be easily addressed and service restored within an over-sharing timescale.


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