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So, you have a unique idea? And, you want to get it developed. What next? – Puzzled between hiring a freelancer or a company? As every coin have its two sides. Same goes with every option – Hiring a freelancer over a reputed company may results in a decrease in costs but may certainly increase in risks. And, risks may include ineffective deliverables, miscommunications, and a lack of efficient team that can consistently show lack of efforts and availability. But if you are among those who catch a lucky freelancing team, you might get your product as per the expectations and that too in a much cost-effective way than a company.  Hiring a freelancer over a recognized company will most likely lead to the final product that won’t match with its expectations.

Why to Hire an App Development Company over a Freelancer? Part 1

By thinking of developing an app from scratch needs a lot of effort and expertise. Appropriate budget and encouragement are key components, and your dedication to the task at hand is the key importance. You need to put lots and lots of effort to turn into a one-dimensional and business-centric app. And, if you’re working on the next revolutionary app, then in-depth analysis and expertise invested in the product will result into an amazing product. While employing all the allocated resources and energy for creating your product will be much viable, if you work with a company rather than a freelancer. Here’re a few reasons that justify the statement – Why to choose App Development companies over freelancer?

Every app solution you’ll get under one roof: One of the key reasons that make selection of app Development Company a viable option is – they have the ability to provide a comprehensive service, thus, offering absolutely everything that requires developing a top-notch mobile app right from the ideation to market. Like each and every IT project, developing mobile Apps is hugely complicated. And, thus, it should be developed under the proper guidance and strategies that only a well-established apps development company can do.

Every app solution you’ll get under one roof

Design in tandem with development: Like website designing the look, feel and whole structure of mobile apps need to be both captivating beautiful and highly usable as well as functional. So, just think of the apps you have used the most – Most of them, in fact each of them combine great functionality with an alluring user interface. Amalgamating the Design with its functionalities is undoubtedly one of the hardest challenges for any app project. Designers and developers must work hand together to deliver the best-in-class results in the quickest timescales. Let’s say – You have 2 independent teams working from different locations, this can be a huge risk factor for any project. And, if your designer and developers can’t be aligned to work together, then this can result into an unsuccessful project. Even if you somehow manage to find great freelance developer, and fail to find the equivalent level of expertise on the design side, your project may not yield into a viable and successful end product.

Every app solution you’ll get under one roof

Let you Leverage a refined project process and methodologies: So, you managed to find efficient freelance designers & developers? What do you think- this only can take your project towards successful results. Probably not… have you ever thought about the delivery process? – It’s the only factor in project development that stitches all the parts of the project together. Development of an app idea from a rough scratch paper to a product that fits as per the requirement is a challenge –Strong business analysis, kink-free project management, flawless documentation and rigorous testing are few of the important factors apart from development of the code.

The above factors will definitely help you in knowing and understanding why to hire app development companies over freelancers. Over the coming week, we will be publishing new posts in this series about remaining pointers on – Why to hire app development companies over freelancers? And, that would deal with the pioneering strategies that will help you know why to – Why to Hire a Freelancer over an App Development Company.


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