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Smartphone and Tablets have become a source of fast driving change for every industry.And, mobile app has become the key feature of the wonder device called ‘Smartphone &Tablets’. Like every industry, mobile app has also revolutionized travel and tourism industry.Presently, travellers do not prefer going through printed materials for real information, nor do they choose to browse desktop browsers for visiting websites of their planned destinations.

Do you know why? – Because today they can easily get every information right at their fingertips through a mobile app? Now, Smartphones & Tablets have become a close companion for every traveller. People are using their mobile to book tickets, get room reservations on-the-go and know ‘places of interest’ of their planned destination. Be it searching for thrilling facts and latest travelling information about the destination, booking flights, rigorously searching for hotels, making reservations or taking enticing deals & offers, mobile apps have captured every traveller.

Like every industry, mobile is offering tremendous opportunities in travel and tourism industry to reach & engage its audience and cater to their interests and grow business. And, with the every passing year, travel and tourism app industry will continue to grow, since people have already started embracing the immensely pleasant features of smartphones and tablets. Let’s take a take a peek into some astonishing statistics:

1. Isn’t it a huge proportion? –While touring, 87 percent of travellers use their smartphones.

2. Guidebooks are Gone – More than 70 percent of travellers have moved to mobile apps when they need an efficient guide to plan their travel.

3. Room reservations on-the-go- About 60 percent of travellers’ book rooms in hotels and resorts through their mobile apps. Some of the apps allows its users to save information for viewing and comparing later, which in turn, helps them in accessing details in offline mode as well.

4. Emerged as a last-minute saviour – Today, more than 10 percent of travellers use mobile apps to book a seat on a flight or train in a day’s or two day’s advance.

5. This is really revolutionary – Approximately 60 percent of mobile app users are facilitated by apps during their travel. A recent survey shows that app users spend around 80 percent of their time in searching for route maps, tourist hotspots, food joints and restaurants.

6. Future is Beaming- According to Juniper- approximately 66 billion apps will be downloaded within next year. And, a travel agent who wants to expand their presence through a mobile app can leverage this gigantic opportunity.

Above mentioned stats shows the significance of mobile app in travel and tourism industry and its future prospects as well. And, that’s why it has become important for every business to have its own mobile app. If you are a business owner who is looking for the reasons why your travel business is NOT growing and failing to entice customers, then a missing mobile app can be one of the key reasons.  Now, when you are aware of the reasons why your travel business is not drawing in a lot of customers, you should think of developing a well- designed, informative and easy-to-use mobile app.

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