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Unbeatable mobile app acquisition and engagement strategy
Learn from your users Accurate Data that Drives Good Decisions
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Strategy Analysis

App analytics and performance attribution is of paramount importance. After investing funds and efforts in creating a mobile app, wouldn’t you want quick return on your investment? Won’t you like answers to questions like…where are most of your app users coming from? What motivates them to stay longer? Where and why are they bouncing off? What if you get hard numbers to such vital questions at every app development stage? Using app marketing analytics and creating a sound acquisition engagement strategy help measure what’s working in retaining and converting users and what isn’t. This is key factor that differentiates successful apps from others.

Parangat Technology is a leader in the field of acquisition engagement strategy. With accurate analytics reports, we help you take better marketing decisions and justify marketing budgets. We use scientific tools and methods to determine effective acquisition sources and identify loopholes in app’s marketing or retention strategy.

 Acquisition Engagement Strategy
Acquisition Engagement Strategy- Why?

The right app analytics can give you insight about multiple aspects:

  • Arrow Accurately understand user behavior and psychology
  • Arrow Measure user acquisition performance of different marketing platforms
  • Arrow Identify top performing moments in user acquisition, engagement and retention
  • Arrow IdentifyDetermine ROI of different marketing platforms
  • Arrow Optimize testing methods
  • Arrow Support direct customer messaging
  • Arrow Suggest product and feature enhancements
Acquisition Engagement Strategy
Acquisition Engagement Strategy- Services

App Analytics

  • Arrow Mobile attribution
  • Arrow Marketing analytics
  • Arrow Deep linking
  • Arrow Mobile ecosystem integration
  • Arrow Data Integration
User Engagement
User Engagement
  • Arrow Mobile attribution
  • Arrow Marketing analytics
  • Arrow Deep linking
  • Arrow Mobile ecosystem integration
  • Arrow Data Integration
App Analytics Service
Data converted to insights

All successful apps are built around users’ needs and habits. We use analytics tools to:

App Analytics
Data converted to insights
mobile analytics
Find the right market opportunity for your app
Iterate at every stage to try new features
Track our efforts
Seek user experience feedback from real users
Present hard numbers in readable reports to facilitate decision making
Mobile attribution

We analyze mobile traffic to your app, attribute it to correct platform and campaign, rate platforms per their ROI, and identify places where effort needs to be streamlined.

Marketing analytics

We have strategic integration with every major player in mobile marketing space. Uninstall attribution, ad revenue attribution and in-app interactions are all monitored using our powerful analytics tools and reported flawlessly by our dashboards.

Deep Linking

Our developers create deep links that sends every user to the page their looking for, in as few clicks as possible. From a new user to re-engagement of old users, we provide frictionless interaction with your app.

Mobile ecosystem integration:

We integrate your app seamlessly into the diverse mobile ecosystem. We track your app’s performance across channels. Retargeting and marketing automation are ancillary services also provided by us.

Data integration

Data protection is of utmost importance for us. Transparency is the backbone of our business. We provide you independent, unbiased reports about our processes. We do not patronize any ad agency or affiliate program. Our results are verifiable and completely free of subjectivity.

User Engagement Service

It’s our job to attract visitors to your app, retain them there, delight them along the way, and convert them to customers. Our job doesn’t end there. We re-engage lost users and keep reminding visitors of your app’s value. We identify the preferred platforms of each and every user, reach them there, and gently re-direct them to your app. We also craft enticing description for your app listing on app stores, highlighting its bestselling features and unmatched experience. This creates a steady flow of visitors to your app and infinite possibilities for conversion.

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