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Blockchain concepts
From the time when blockchain is invented, it has been used to derive a lot of technical and economic changes as well as implementations throughout the world. Those who are currently dealing in the newly introduced cryptocurrency industry may have experienced these changes. When Blockchain is considered, you may hear about rarely discussed words like
POC, POS, and POW.
What is POC?
POC, or Proof of Concept, is a prototype that declares and shows how to implement the possible solution of developing a blockchain application for any industry. POC prototype defines the feasibility, implementation possibility, and the goals that could be achieved through the prototyped blockchain project. This POC prototype may not actually have a code, it might be initially executed using an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). This MVP prototype will have the basic features that the Blockchain project can implement.
Stages of Blockchain-POC Development
There are three stages in the lifecycle of Blockchain Development
Scope Declaration
Scope Declaration Covers a theoretical explanation of the Blockchain project through a set of proposals.
Markup Creation
Markup Creation: Once the theoretical explanation is ready, it needs to be sketched into the prototype, architectural designs, layouts and it should result in MVP creation.
MVP Product Development
MVP Product Development: Based on the above research, a fully developed MVP is released for feedback and reviews. Based on it, further, implementation is done.
Areas of POC
This model can be used to implement a wide range of products. Some of these are:
  • Medical Reports Management

    Medical Records Management

    Blockchain and POC can be used to keep patient tracks and help them transit along the hospitals as and when required.

  • Identity Management

    Identity Management

    With POC and Blockchain in play, identity management can be easy and well implemented.

  • Insurance Policies

    Insurance Policies

    With Blockchain network features and mutual consensus, insurance and claims can be properly managed and well implemented.

  • Voting Trackers

    Voting Trackers

    Having multiple copies will help ensure that voting does not get played with.

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Being a leading development and Blockchain project implementation company, we at Parangat ensure you the best in the market with our expert developers. We have hands-on experience of many years and our developers are ready to think out of the box to solve complex queries and related solutions. We implement Blockchain projects using our experts from the distributed app development field thus facilitating the entire project.
At Parangat, we are not only your outsourcing partners but are also be your partner in the road to success and all the hard work required for the flourishment of your business.
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