Access and manage supply chain data from any location with our blockchain technology.

As a blockchain supply chain development company, we help you unlock the ability to provide immense company value by amplifying supply chain transparency, mitigating risk, and improving efficiency and overall supply chain management.

  • Enhance financial security
  • Reduce human intervention
  • Empower cross-border compliance
  • Convenient blockchain supply chain management

Impact Of Blockchain Technology On Supply Chain Process

Blockchain is one of the most significant innovations at present. It assists firms in building customer trust, adhering to human rights, and complying with rules. Our blockchain developers address this issue adeptly in the application and ensure data visibility at its finest form. Some other features blockchain for the supply chain include:

Optimize Manual Errors and Frauds

Blockchain eliminates the scalability and security concerns IoT carries. Prominent Internet of Things examples for vulnerable risks include cybercrime and inefficient authenticity. Blockchain reflects each step, allowing you to attribute logistics issues to their source. Similarly, you can source components or raw materials, increasing accountability and curbing fraudulent practices. Moreover, it requires no human intervention, making it less prone to manual errors.

Enhance Relationship Between Consumer-Retailer

Collecting and analyzing customer data to give them a tailored experience increases the perceived value of your product or service. Personalizing services can help you improve customer engagement by executing targeted marketing initiatives that result in a sale conversion. You can exploit token IDs for customer profiles with blockchain and retain consumer privacy.

Practical Tracking and Tracing of Consignments

Blockchain technology allows you to track the production movement in a few clicks and record the transaction securely from manufacturing to sale. You can trace an item’s history from its origin to its current location. And the shared blockchain ledger delivers a reliable audit trail of information, inventory, and financial flow within a supply chain.

Strong Inventory Management

Blockchain unifies warehouses, manufacturers, suppliers, production sites, distribution hubs, and retail partners with a permanent transaction record. All the data is then saved and made available to everyone on the network. This way, you can monitor consumer-level demand in real-time, precisely estimate demand and plan manufacture and replenishment.

Massive Cost Cutting

Blockchains coordinate data across networks, permitting intricate contract exchanges in a peer-to-peer manner and eliminating the need for costly external intermediaries to serve this function. Your company can gather all critical data from your partners in real-time, allowing you to observe the total purchase volume despite the complex purchasing activity.

Efficient Use of Resources and Time

Our shared ledger removes time-consuming record reconciliations. We execute blockchain technology with smart contracts for quick and integrated transactions. Integrated payment solutions shorten the time between ordering and payment processing, assuring timely product distribution. Further, blockchain technology coupled with existing solutions will elevate the quality of your business.

Blockchain Solutions We Provide

The core premise of blockchain is establishing a safe framework in which encrypted commercial transactions between buyer and seller happen without any third parties. Parangat delivers multiple blockchain solutions to streamline operations and boost productivity.

1. Blockchain Technology Consultation

At Parangat, blockchain app development starts with rigorous brainstorming and customer consultations. Every interaction adds value to the broader blockchain concept, and the development process is transparent.

2. Decentralized Exchange

Parangat delivers invincible and secure blockchain mobile app development for Android and iOS enabling safe and immaculate real-time digital currency exchange. Our safe and reliable blockchain apps effortlessly tokenize any digital asset while preserving credibility, efficiency, and transparency.

3. Blockchain for Supply Chain

We facilitate organizations to obtain bespoke blockchain supply chain solutions that are transparent at all stages, from development to implementation and operation. As one of the best blockchain development companies, we possess adequate skills for developing responsive and easy-to-use app development.

4. Hyper-Ledger Blockchain Development

Team Parangat is an expert in all cutting-edge technology platforms, and HyperLedger is one of them. Our experts build, develop, and tailor business blockchain apps using the suitable framework and tools while complying with the standards and guidelines.

What Can We Do For Your Business Deliverables?

Blockchain technology holds the potential to transform supply chains. Our blockchain supply chain management gears up security and instigates visibility in IoT ecosystems. Our business deliverables are:

Documentation and MVP

We go through the requirements of the clients and devise an ideal strategy. Our MVP blockchain model follows an adequately defined development process and meets all the prerequisites. We employ a proof-of-concept process and outline the fundamental functionalities based on the firm’s conceptual workflow. We assess the current system and determine its suitability for MVP development.

Admin Console

Using our blockchain supply chain management, you can easily monitor and stay on track with real-time product movement in the supply chain. The admin console promises a seamless and user-friendly interface that enables the creation, operations, and handling of various components from a single location. Our blockchain technology for the supply chain is unlikely to accept open access. You can manage who has access to the console for the supply chain.

Smart Contract Integration

We leverage smart contracts throughout the supply chain to ensure accuracy, speed, and cost-effective data management. They cut transaction costs and eliminate the demand for third parties. Consequently, blockchain and smart contracts enable you to improve compliance, minimize legal expenses and fines for late tax payments, and combat counterfeiting and fraud.


Our open-source DApp utilizes the approval of various users before making any changes to a decentralized application. They also provide decentralized storage and employ blocks to store data. Smart contracts power the working of DApp, unlike traditional centralized databases and servers. The lack of a third party is one of the prime perks of our DApp. Moreover, they save time and money with their instant transactions.

Crypto Payment Gateway

Traditional invoice payment times range from weeks to months. However, you can use blockchain-based smart contracts to make payments immediately. Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies allow supply chain participants to pay each other without the need for banks, minimizing costs and speeding up the payment process.

Support and Maintenance

Product support and maintenance are complicated operations that include several entities, including OEMs, services companies, technical teams, supply chains, dealers, and technical facilities. You do not need to hover over Excel sheets, paper printouts, emails, databases, and other systems to access records. Our blockchain supply chain management furnishes a single immutable ledger with every data.

Why Is Blockchain Necessary For Supply Chain?

Approximately 60% of business leaders conclude the lack of transparency in the supply chain is a risk to their businesses. Organizations must evaluate their industry, relevant rules, code of ethics, suppliers, consumers, past supply chain concerns, and tolerable risk levels. Blockchain technology can aid in overcoming these challenges, given its various features.

1. Identity validation

Our blockchain developers ensure the platform records and validate every device accessing the supply chain data on an immutable ledger. You can audit, trace, and verify the identification in seconds.

3. Interoperability

Our blockchain supply chain management fosters better integration of financial and logistical services, enabling more data and transactions among validated devices.

5. Data protection

Blockchain technology documents transactions as tamper-proof blocks and makes them visible to the parties. It eliminates the risk of collusion or unauthorized access.

2. Build trust

With transparency comes trust! Parties in the supply chain need to trust one another to retain the credibility and validity of products. The timestamped blocks in the blockchain for the supply chain instill confidence in the system, allowing each participant to view any previous or current record.

4. Reduce cost

Blockchain enables real-time tracking of a product across the supply chain without the participation of intermediaries, effectively reducing the expense of moving items.

6. Device ReputationS

We empower seamless authentication accompanied by a smooth user experience and adequate digital security in blockchain supply chain management. Blockchain technology calculates and records reputation based on monitored transactions.

Our Awards and Recognition

Our blockchain supply chain development company has worked with varied enterprises and presented them with high-quality and superior blockchain technology. And our list of laurels asserts the same.

Ranked as top mobile App Development company by GoodFirms
Recognized among top 10 mobile app developer by Clutch
Honored as one of the top e-commerce developers in 2019
Listed as best mobile App Development Company to Hire in 2019
Top Mobile App Development Companies In India | August 2022


Does every blockchain platform need smart contracts?
Every platform does not require smart contracts. However, it is preferable to take advantage of their automatically executable feature and develop accessible, reliable, and secure applications.
What is the time duration of developing blockchain supply chain management?
It typically takes 2 to 7 months to design a blockchain supply chain application from scratch. You can streamline the process and expedite effort by hiring the best blockchain development company, like Parangat and leaving the work in professional hands.
How can blockchain be used in the supply chain?
Supply chains often suffer from data invisibility and thus stay unaware of the entire process. Blockchain technology allows users to store production updates in a single shared ledger. It minimizes costs and time and offers complete transparency in product movement.
How does blockchain overcome challenges faced by the supply chain?
The prime challenges in the supply chain comprise unexpected delays, rising costs, inaccurate forecasts, and lack of data visibility. Blockchain technology single-handedly addresses all these issues and helps one overcome traditional vulnerabilities. Our blockchain supply chain management promises a seamless, real-time and unified experience.
What is the cost involved in developing blockchain supply chain applications?
The average cost for a blockchain application development lies between $30000-$50000 from the initial stages. The price may vary depending on the features and tools you want in your platform. You can avail of blockchain supply chain applications at a reasonable cost with our blockchain supply chain development company.

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