Kotlin for Android App Development -Why and its benefits

Kotlin for Android App Development -Why and its benefits

After Google announced Kotlin as its official language, Android developers are keen to know what factors make it a better option over other popular languages. Today every Android developer also loves to use it as their primary language for Android app development. Kotlin has been in the industry for about five years and recently its production-ready version 1.0 has been launched on 17th May 2017, at Google I/O Keynote event by Sundar Pichai, CEO Google. Kotlin is one of the most talked and enticing languages for Android app developers all across the world.

Right from the code minimization, increasing code readability to making app development process flawless, Kotlin comes with a myriad of powerful offerings. And that’s why it is considered as one of the ground-breaking and powerful programming language that makes the Android App Development process streamlined and flawless. It enables Android app developers to deliver a quality Android App on-time by accepting new challenges. Let’s take a look at the key features and benefits of Kotlin that makes it a powerful language:

  • Improves App Development Speed and involves less Coding: Kotlin makes Android app developing process faster. It requires approximately 20% less coding as compared to Java.
  • User-friendly and quite easy to learn: Being one of the most modern, trending and compatible languages for Android, Kotlin is a simple language as compared to Java. Available with lean and intuitive syntax, Kotlin enables Android app developers to learn the language quickly.
  • Highly Compatible with Java: Kotlin offers higher interoperability with Java and allows using the Java frameworks and libraries flawlessly in Kotlin projects. Developers can use Kotlin’s advanced frameworks without changing much in project, which is previously developed on Java.
  • Available for Free: Kotlin is an open platform available to Android developers for free. This is an open source platform that offers existing and new Android app developers an opportunity to explore their development skills by using this new language.

The key benefits of Kotlin include exceptional code usability, best performance, less runtime and useful libraries. In recent times, Android developers are have made Kotlin their prime choice of Android app developers over Java. It improves the process of Android development and overall app performance, because:

  • It’s completely Android-focused
  • Enables easy switch from Java
  • Extension functions
  • Too concise
  • Imbibes plenty of Kotlin-based projects like the Anko library
  • Easy to learn
  • Enhances App Development Speed and involves less coding.
  • Combines the best handy and procedural programming
  • Comes with good IDE and tool support

So with myriad of exceptional formulas, Kotlin is gaining a lot of traction.

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