The Era of Smart Healthcare

The Era of Smart Healthcare

Herbs, Tablets and now Technology. Our health sector has undeniably gone through a dramatic change since time inception. While Herbs and Tablets remains an important aspect of every health sector, smart healthcare is growing at an alarming rate and here is ‘’Why’’. Smart healthcare has developed to the endless opportunities it holds, ranging from the numbers behind the incredible stats. This piece got you covered, so sit back and enjoy a good read.

Global Health Care Challenges

Before we dive into the potentials of smart healthcare, we would like to pinpoint a few global health challenges affecting the health sector.

A research on the global healthcare outlook carried out by Deloitte
A research on the global healthcare outlook carried out by Deloitte

In 2018, over 3 trillion dollars was spent on health care issues in the US. While the US remains the country with the biggest budget in terms of healthcare, they are still at the lower half of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

It is of importance to note that expenditure alone does not account for the reliability of the healthcare services provided in any region. The major determinants of cost drivers of the health outlook of any given region are:

  • The aging population attributed to that region
  • A pattern of care rendered
  • Expenditures
  • Therapeutic advances.

The constant growth of health-related facilities has made the issue of funding a major challenge to a vast volume of health sectors across the globe. Procuring a reliable medical service from most government-owned hospitals have become a bit expensive for individuals. The expensive nature of reliable health amenities has made a lot of health systems in the US and abroad resign to partnering and merging with other enterprises in other to tip the economy in their favor.
For instance, in India, the need for more financially sound operating models has made the partnership between highly rated app development companies and the health sector possible. Most health systems are implementing different measures to cut the cost.

  • Developing alternative staffing models
  • Shifting patients to outpatient services
  • Reducing administrative and supply cost

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A New Form of Healthcare

The word ‘’smart’’ was mainly attributed to the best mobile phone or android app development services in the market, about a decade ago. But with thousands of Artificial intelligence and cloud computing amenities having a substantial say in our medical institutions, attributing ‘’Smart’’ to our medical facilities have become possible.
Smart healthcare as defined by Blue Stream Consultancy is a technology that leads to better diagnostic tools, better treatment for patients, and devices that improve the quality of life for anyone and everyone.

Key Concepts of Smart Healthcare


To better the lives of individuals smart healthcare was introduced across the globe. Information and Communication Technology have become a major player in almost every sector across the globe. All this, due to its educative influence, research potential and its ability to help tackle the technical workload.
Smart healthcare’s reliance on the effectiveness of e-Health was further elaborated on by the European Union. They said, its ability to meet the demand for the delivery of high quality, readily available services in spite of zero-growth or decreasing health budgets.


mHealth introduces smart healthcare’s ability to tackle medical issues in the most mobile way possible. Operating on a hand in hand basis with IoT, m-Health provides healthcare services via mobile phones, patient monitoring devices and tons of other smart mobile amenities available. m-health services are in most cases a product of mobile app development companies. Nowadays numerous health-related apps are available for mobile phones. These include Yo Doctor app{for keeping a tab on health-related issues}, HealthyBazer {for selling herbs} and lots of other smart healthcare applications.

Smart Medical Devices

Thousands of medical devices and applications used for Keeping a tab on the calories burnt per day. taking note of the number of steps made in a day, checking body weight, creating DNA tissues, etc. are created daily by numerous app development companies across the globe. The efficiency that smart healthcare has displayed over the years has made a vast volume of the mobile app development agencies available dive into the healthcare sector.

How Smart Healthcare is Changing the Medical World Globally

The global healthcare challenges globally

Smart healthcare was introduced to make life better. Apart from the regular day to day health care applications that we make use of, there are tons of other smart healthcare technology and applications that provide room for better diagnostics and more personalized therapeutic tools.

Cognitive Computing

While we can easily boast of millions of medically inclined doctors and scientists. Keeping a tab on the ever-changing analysis affecting the modern world would be impossible without the usage of cognitive computing. Millions of mobile app developers and health specialist fancy the usage of cognitive computing to derive a workable analysis from the vast volume of healthcare data available.

Cloud-based, Interoperable Electronic Health Records

Our reliance on artificial intelligence in carrying out a massive volume of our day to day activities has had its impact on the medical world. The cloud-based system storage and the interoperable electronic health records that smart healthcare provides enables medical specialists to keep track of information in the safest possible way.

Internet of Medical Things

If you are familiar with the term ‘’internet of things”. Then the inclusion of ‘’Medical” wouldn’t sound alien. Internet of medical things has provided valuable time-saving strategies and opportunities in remote clinical monitoring, chronic disease management, preventive care, assisted living for the elderly and fitness mentoring. The interconnectivity it provides has helped boost efficiency. Also, while reducing the cost of thousands of medical facilities worldwide.

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Smart Healthcare Technologies

3D Printing

3D printing which originally wore the architectural scope for creating animations and designs has become a common technology for the smart healthcare system. Nanotechnology and 3D printing are used to design tissues and white blood cells for individuals from all scope of life. A huge number of app development companies make use of 3D printing services in designing medical applications.

Companion Diagnostics

Companion diagnostics is an in-vitro diagnostic device or an imaging tool that provides information that is essential for the safe and effective use of a corresponding therapeutic product. Trail and errors in healthcare have led to the deaths of uncountable numbers, with Companion diagnostics. The need for trial and error is completely eradicated leaving room for authenticity. A lot of app development agencies also utilize this technology in creating diagnostics applications.

Synthetic Biology

The ability to create DNA, genomics, and proteomics are advancing rapidly. With millions of medical research concurring to the fact that the recreation of DNA is possible, the creation of healthcare technologies suitable for carrying out such a complicated task has become common among numerous app development companies.

Biosensors and Trackers

Thousands of individuals suffer from drastic health conditions that can lead to brain loss and comma.
Keeping a tab on such patients has remained problematic to millions of health care facilities worldwide. The inception of smart health care has made things easy. Now the development of suitable apps by reliable app development companies has enabled medical specialists to keep a concise and accurate tab on their patients.

Smart healthcare is undoubtedly the future of the healthcare industry globally. Diving into its usage as an early bird would provide room for millions of life-changing advantages.
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