Here’s why you should avoid Third Party App Stores

Here’s why you should avoid Third Party App Stores

Today Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store is the potential place for successfully uploading and installing Mobile apps. Developers and publishers are uploading apps based on the category of app. The market is flooded with mobile application development companies but since the Android platform is an open-source platform, hence its tools are available for free to use. However, strict guidelines of Google and Apple restrict their entrance in the App Stores but they still have the option of releasing the apps in the third-party App Marketplaces. And those AppStores have become a captivating alternative to Google Play store. As these App Marketplaces, most of the apps for free where Google Play Store is charging a few pennies for the same app. So user would definitely prefer these AppStores as they get the app for Free. But these AppStores focus more on maximizing profit and less on user’s device. Security is one of the key concerns in these. Hackers could easily lurk in these App stores, by downloading the free version of the apps, which in turn, ends causing chaos in the user’s device after installation. Also, these AppStores are a key place for virus-infected software, which enter into Smartphones via SMS or other potential messaging services.

And that’s why these tempting third party AppStores have become a key source of these rapidly rising cyber crimes. However, Google is pretty strict to companies when it comes to upload their mobile apps on the Play store, but yet it’s quite lenient as compared to Apple’s iTunes and AppStore.

Google follows the stringent process of scanning the every fresh entry that comes to upload the apps on its PlayStore. And if the malicious contents escape its radar in the initial stage, only, then Google will proactive omit the apps as malware gets detected. The search engine guru has crafted a strict set of rules, regulations and guidelines to help app developers in designing their mobile apps. And also Google would not hesitate to remove any application, if it breaks its guidelines or fails to with the set of standards and rules.

Wrapping it up

So it’s important to know and understand that the App Market places are flooded with cybercriminals, who are waiting to hack the app. And there are a very few app developers who care little about the security and safety of the users’ data breach and theft. But being the reliable and trustworthy mobile app developer, who have worked with big brands and have delivered mobile solutions as per the client’s business requirements.  But being a user, it’s your responsibility to wisely install apps from recognized and trustworthy sources. And that’s Apple’s AppStore and Google’s PlayStore.

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