Here’s why Gamification Works and boosts Employees Engagement

Here’s why Gamification Works and boosts Employees Engagement

Gamification is a subject that many of us frequently talk about. But there is a very little information available out there that can let us know *Why* it works. By understanding this, we can uncover encouraging and motivational methods that can help you is making your workplace an employee-friendly place.

With a worth estimated, around $2.3 trillion, the media and entertainment market has become a huge business. However, this number comprises of radio, TV, and film, but it includes video games, too. By imbibing rewards or adding some fun activities into your daily chores and routine tasks, we can have the more effective in our workplaces. However, the individual is more likely to get it completed in a quick, efficient, flawless and successful way. One of the examples of this – parents challenges their kids to clean-up their room within ten minutes. And that probably shows effective results. Gamification is all about desire, motivation, encouragement, and willingness to complete the tasks in a fun and enjoying way. If we talk in terms of science, the feeling of ambition and drive is fuelled by a chemical signal named, dopamine. It passes from one neuron of your brain to another. Human’s body releases dopamine when they are excited about something or are experiencing something satisfying or pleasurable. While experience is one of the key factors, receiving a reward is another big asset, which is really required.

So the core of Gamification is “Motivation”, but have you ever wondered exactly where does the enthusiasm specifically come from? There are various theories related to the subject, but according to Scientific American, there are just three critical elements that could sustain motivation.

Autonomy – If you are in charge of your own very destiny, you are one step ahead towards success. And ownership definitely gives the motivation to work harder and stick to the goals and objectives for longer periods of time.

Value – By assigning the value to your activities and by having an active interest in the subject, you could increase motivation and encouragement levels. According to research, a positive correlation is there between valuing a subject in school and a student’s willingness to choose that subject. And if you really care, you will keep moving and work harder until the task gets completed.

Competency – If an individual has an adeptness or skill for something, they’re more likely to continue doing that. According to studies, there’s a strong link between a student’s sense of competency and his/her desire to do their chosen activities.

Gamification fuels the growth of extrinsic strength and intrinsic strength. And that’s why motivation is required to keep your employees motivated and complete their daily activities or specific tasks. Thus, Gamification works best especially if both of the motivational factors are catered proficiently.

Since inception, Parangat has leveraged the Gamification and applied it to the comprehensive training solutions. Being the experienced and industry experts, we are providing our employees the sense of accomplishment with the recognition rewards. This, in turn, provides the thrill of competing against others positively, thus enhancing company’s training programs.

Another way Parangat tries to support employees is by letting them know and understand what behaviours are required to win more esteemed and prestigious awards. However, this might sound a bit frolicsome, but as Gamification does and has also previously proven, by receiving rewards and honours, employees are getting great benefits, especially those who want to develop, improve and do better with each passing day. So being an employer, we have successfully achieved success. Our accelerated learning system, rigorous quality assurance, deep-dive reporting, cloud hosted solutions and multi-device support, Gamification is helping our staff to learn new and exceptional skills and expertise in a positive, highly enjoyable, successful and supple way.

Here’s why you should avoid Third Party App Stores

Here’s why you should avoid Third Party App Stores

Today Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store is the potential place for successfully uploading and installing Mobile apps. Developers and publishers are uploading apps based on the category of app. The market is flooded with mobile application development companies but since the Android platform is an open-source platform, hence its tools are available for free to use. However, strict guidelines of Google and Apple restrict their entrance in the App Stores but they still have the option of releasing the apps in the third-party App Marketplaces. And those AppStores have become a captivating alternative to Google Play store. As these App Marketplaces, most of the apps for free where Google Play Store is charging a few pennies for the same app. So user would definitely prefer these AppStores as they get the app for Free. But these AppStores focus more on maximizing profit and less on user’s device. Security is one of the key concerns in these. Hackers could easily lurk in these App stores, by downloading the free version of the apps, which in turn, ends causing chaos in the user’s device after installation. Also, these AppStores are a key place for virus-infected software, which enter into Smartphones via SMS or other potential messaging services.

And that’s why these tempting third party AppStores have become a key source of these rapidly rising cyber crimes. However, Google is pretty strict to companies when it comes to upload their mobile apps on the Play store, but yet it’s quite lenient as compared to Apple’s iTunes and AppStore.

Google follows the stringent process of scanning the every fresh entry that comes to upload the apps on its PlayStore. And if the malicious contents escape its radar in the initial stage, only, then Google will proactive omit the apps as malware gets detected. The search engine guru has crafted a strict set of rules, regulations and guidelines to help app developers in designing their mobile apps. And also Google would not hesitate to remove any application, if it breaks its guidelines or fails to with the set of standards and rules.

Wrapping it up

So it’s important to know and understand that the App Market places are flooded with cybercriminals, who are waiting to hack the app. And there are a very few app developers who care little about the security and safety of the users’ data breach and theft. But being the reliable and trustworthy mobile app developer, who have worked with big brands and have delivered mobile solutions as per the client’s business requirements.  But being a user, it’s your responsibility to wisely install apps from recognized and trustworthy sources. And that’s Apple’s AppStore and Google’s PlayStore.

Parangat is one of the best and top-rated mobile app development companies. We are recognized as one of the best mobile app development companies, which are helping brands and businesses in meeting their business goals and objectives. Our passionate team is responsible for designing technically well-versed mobile apps, which meets pre-defined guidelines of Google. 

6 Essential Soft Skills Needed For Your Career Growth

6 Essential Soft Skills Needed For Your Career Growth

You are having a College degree but that doesn’t mean that you will succeed in a business or workplace. But your nurturing soft skills could result in a great game changer especially in your career path. Your skills not only coach you how to become an exceptional employee at your workplace but also help you in becoming a good human being. So having a soft skill is all you need to be successful in your professional and personal life, both.

Let’s take a look at a few essential soft skills that you need to have at your workplace in order to enhance your personality and bring the best out in you.

  1. Emotional Intelligence

It is one of the key aspects, which help you in making the better person. However, this skill may not sound an important category but plays a vital role in personal and professional development, both.

  1. Team Spirit

The way you mingle with your colleagues and friends shows how good you are. It is one of the key and biggest soft skills among others that need to be achieved so far. Be it’s your pre-school, school or college time, this skill will help you in growing better day-by-day.

  1. Ability to cope-up

It’s important for us to understand and rightly know how to better fit in your workplace. We should always be prepared to handle all the awkward situations and be ready to adapt to all the unfavorable circumstances, too.  And for that, the most important thing is – You should know when to speak and when to not.

  1. Taking and Giving Suggestions and feedbacks

Being another phase of emotional intelligence, feedbacks help us in improving at a faster pace. And if we see this at the workplace, it becomes one of the most vital aspects to go with.

By receiving and giving feedback, you could know your strengths and weakness and can work on it.

  1. Ability to adapt

What role you play in your company and the status you are holding are just two different aspects. So it’s always important to understand your role in your organization and adapt in the workplace. You should be able to adapt in every circumstance be it in favor of yours or against yours.  And if you are not comfortable with few people, then also you should know how to deal with that. And most importantly you should know when you need to speak and when not too. As sometimes not speaking really helps and turns an unfavorable situation into a favorable one.

  1. Leadership Quality

One of the strongest pillars that help in properly managing and organizing others factors, too as well. If you have a leadership quality, that means you are capable of handling your team proficiently, thus becoming an asset to a company. But it’s true that everyone can’t be a leader. And if you are among the lucky ones who have the capability to lead people that mean your career could grow at a rapid pace.

Being a leading IT solution provider, we at Parangat are helping our employees in achieving all the required Soft Skills that could help them grow at a faster pace.

Tips to curate the well-designed email Newsletters That People Love to Read

Tips to curate the well-designed email Newsletters That People Love to Read

In recent years, inspite of the advent of social media and various other portals and brands online, the power of email is still as strong as it was years back. According to the recent stats, 9 out of 10 users check their email often. Do you know? – It’s more often than they are visiting their social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat etc. or shopping online. People still love to read enticingly written emails. So let’s take a look at a few tips that will help you write the captivating and user-centric email newsletters:

Be consistent, trustworthy and reliable

Do what you are promising to your readers like if you promised to send them a newsletter on the daily or weekly basis, do it regularly and consistently. Let the readers choose how often they are willing to receive your email newsletters. Some readers hate surprises and last-minute drop-ins so always avoid them.

Ensure that your E-mail newsletter should be only 10% promotional and 90% informational

Being consistent, relevant and informative is crucial in email newsletter writing. By letting your users know about the relevant and useful stories, you could manage to get more readers as they will let their friends know about your informational e-mail newsletters. But being informational doesn’t mean that your e-mail is boring because an email, which is more like a newspaper or one that doesn’t have a valuable, educational, appealing content is never a success.

Always be more creative and create curiosity with the email subject lines

The first impression is always important for establishing the better relationships and connections – be it the personal or professional conversation. Your email newsletter may spit or tempt user and your target audience for continuing the further conversation. But if it doesn’t include a captivating subject line, that means it’s not compelling, though infuriating or fascinating, and may not serve the proposed purpose.

Include a call-to-action

Your E-mail Newsletter must have a call-to-action if you want to make it more readable and acceptable to its readers. It has been found that a call to action always influences its readers and has motivated to perform the asked or suggested tasks. Remember your call to action should always be compelling and convincing. And also, the call-to-action should describe your actions more rather than your personal promotions. So avoid using common phrases like “click here” or “Get a Quote”.

Keep your email newsletter Clean

According to reports, average man spends less than 51 seconds for reading an email newsletter. Thus, you should always use brief message, takeaways, images, snapshots and key points. But that doesn’t mean your Email newsletter will have incomplete or ambiguous information. You should craft an Emailer in order to build a better connection and relationship and provide your users all the required and sufficient information. Remember email newsletter should not be drafted in order to just sell your products. Rather it should aim to maintain a strong and enduring connection with your existing customers and start a new strong bond with the new customers.

Hope the above-mentioned tips will help you in creating the user-friendly and readable E-mail newsletters. Let us know your feedback and questions in comments section.

Why B2B Companies Are Struggling with their Sales Productivity?

Why B2B Companies Are Struggling with their Sales Productivity?

Today for most of the B2B companies, sales productivity is the key challenge they are facing on a daily basis. And that could be a quite challenging and serious concern because sales productivity means maximizing the business’s sales and minimizing the spent expenses on the resources including cost, time and effort, which in turn, gives a direct impact on the revenue.

So the question is how it could be addressed? – Most of the companies think that poor sales reps are the key reason behind it. But, that’s not true for all the time. As not only your sales agent could pull the weight of your company’s sales alone. You should also be pro-active you’re your sales processes and methodologies. Your sales team’s other tasks that they are doing on the daily basis also come in the core selling activities. By properly reviewing and streamlining their workflows and eliminating the needless tasks, you could turn the things around your favor.

The key hurdles that Stops sales productivity

Many of us think that for helping the business grow, we need to hire more sales agents. But that’s not the best step to take? By just hiring more sales bodies, you can’t increase the sales; you need to work on your sales tools and processes, too. Let’s take a look at the 7 reasons on why companies are struggling with sales productivity and how to meet those challenges:

  1. Improper Training

It takes a lot of time to hire and train a proficient sales agent. But with time most of them either forget their training lessons or use those old conventional sales tricks. This challenge could be resolved with ongoing sales training of the new and updated technologies and tools.

  1. Automating the System

Only 1/3rd of the sales representatives’ time is spent in selling the products. And rest is taken up in the monotonous and less productive admin tasks. By automating the sales processes and tools, you could reduce admin and data entry tasks. In turn, this will increase the sales productivity and improve your customer service, too.

  1. Aligning Sales and Marketing Departments Together

By bringing both the departments together, you could increase the productivity and could work on the same shared goals and targets. This in turn will boost your sales productivity and will add value to your customers.

  1. Making a Central Repository for content

Sales agents waste a lot of their time in finding the relevant content or crafting it. By making a central repository, which has all the required content available will ensure your sales team’s success and flawless work flows.

  1. Training on social selling

Social selling knowledge gap could be the reason of your sales failure. And that could be prevented by having ongoing training in social media channels. This in turn, will arm your sales representatives and agents with key the skills they need to boost your company’s sales.

  1. Setting right metrics to measure sales

Mostly sales is judged by the number of E-mails sent and number of calls done, but that could never give a right picture of the efficiency of your sales team. By properly identifying and often tracking of the right metrics, your sales productivity could be boosted.

  1. The right ground-breaking tools for the right job

Too many brands and companies recruit and train sales agents and allow them to use their own devices and tools. But that could not only cause security concerns but could also impact your sales productivity. So allocate company’s devices and tools for company’s tasks.

Hope the above mentioned points will help you in figuring out the reason behind your business’s low sales productivity. If you really want to boost up your sales, then you must ensure your teams have the right training, tools and easy accessibility to the information they need to properly identify for driving the sales.

What is Geo-fencing Technology and What Verticals is it serving majorly?

What is Geo-fencing Technology and What Verticals is it serving majorly?

Geofencing has become a common term these days. So let’s see what exactly is it? As the term suggests, Geofencing is a word combination of Geo + Fencing. So it’s basically a sort of fencing for all the mobile devices or RFID tags, which is applicable when any device enter or exit the virtual borders created by geo-fencing technology. One of the most influential parts of geo-fencing technology is it could be created for both indoors and outdoors, as per the customer’s requirements. And the networks and technologies that are used for geo-fencing include RFID, GPS, Wi-Fi or mobile data.

There are numerous ways through which the technology of geo-fencing could be used like it helps admin in easily monitoring their team member’s activities like when they enter or leave a specific area, field managers can easily monitor field-employees and automate their time-sheets.

What all you need to successfully implement Geo-fencing technology?

To easily use geo-fencing in a practical mobile app, you need to select locations you are thinking to fence and then fence them by using GPS and RFID enabled software. It’s really very simple to draw a circle and fence a specific area using this exceptional technology. The user could easily draw a circle 100 feet around the nearby locations on Google maps. That’s called virtual geo-fencing as it will trigger a fast response when an authorized device enters or exits the specific area margined by admin or developer or app owner.

For smartphones ad tablets, geo-fencing is basically defined by using the code and a commonly used feature “Location”. One of the best examples of geo-fencing technologies is a museum app. It alarms the user as it crosses the margin and tries to reach close to any object.

Being an easy to use the feature, geo-fence could be easily set by end-users especially when they reach or tries to reach close to any particular locations. End-users can easily use geo-fencing apps and set alerts/alarms in the app. Once the user reaches closer to that boundary, the app will alert and notify the user and admin, both.

Apart from mobile apps, geo-fencing could be used to easily control, track and manage transport of vehicles in the shipping industry. Infact the drone industry is already leveraging this exceptional geo-fencing technology and now no aircraft could fly out from the set boundaries or could enter in the restricted areas like towers, monuments, museums, and government-related buildings. Let’s take a look at a few common geo-fencing applications:

Social networking: Geo-fencing plays a vital role in social networking. One of the most notable examples is Snapchat, which uses its location-based filters, stickers and other visuals.

Marketing: Many brands and businesses are using geo-fencing for in-store promotion, alerting customers especially when they are in the close range of their stores. It provides customers with the targeted ads, which contains customized deals and offers.

Audience targeting and management: With geo-fencing technology, management companies can easily target and organize audiences in various concerts and events like fairs, concerts, and festivals.

Smart appliances: Geo-fencing also helps in making gadgets automated and smarter like geo-technology enabled ACs to detect when the user reaches home and once the user reaches the particular range, it automatically switches on the Air Conditioners with the suitable temperature.

So Geo fencing could be used in multiple places and has amazing future opportunities in HRM, telematics, and defense & security industry.