Factors to Consider for Integrating Payment Gateway in an App

Factors to Consider for Integrating Payment Gateway in an App

In the era of mobile apps and smartphones, as the numbers of users are increasing for online shopping, the need for more flawless and secured payment systems is also increasing. By integrating with a payment gateway, merchants and buyers are making their apps more user-friendly and scalable. And, that’s why Payment gateways play a key role in mCommerce industry. Let’s take a look at a few crucial factors that are required to be considered for integrating payment gateway in a mobile app:

  1.  Easily accessible and Fast

With the recent technological advancements and changes, more and more user-friendly apps are being built. So, there is a need of payment gateways that should be easily accessible and fast. And, what makes Payment gateways fast is SDKs. So, before choosing the SDKs, you need to do the sufficient research.

  1.  Provide users the different Modes of Payment

Today users get various options of Payment. Some of the users look for the debit or credit card payments, some look for PayPal and others, while some look for COD route for completing the payment. So, your app should include all the modes of payments as it helps in meeting the need of maximum number of target audiences.

  1.  Security Issues

Users who make payment through their debit or credit cards always look for secure systems and payment gateways. And, the developers who want to develop exceptional and user-friendly app must focus on sensitivity of the data. If we talk in terms of the best certification possible, as of now that provides maximum level of secure payment is PCI-DSS. Security issue is one of the required factors for creating a trustworthy app as it strengthens the app security. By adding the secured system, you can ensure your shoppers the much more secure payment mode, which in turn, will increase your sale.

  1.  Leveraging Analytics

By leveraging analytics, you can avoid mistakes as it will help in properly managing and handling the data. So, we can say that analytics and statistics are the key tools for checking if the user is easily using the app and everything is under control.

  1.  Easier and Quicker Settlement

App optimization is best ensured by considering the key factors related to the app users. But at the same time, app developer should also think about himself self. However, in some cases payment gateways take 3 to 5 days, for transferring the payment to the app developer’s account.

  1.  Cost Structure

Per transaction, periodic or one-time payments are basically the three options for completing the payments through mobile apps. And, the cost structure must not provide any kind of interference with-in the app. Cost-effectiveness in the long term is preferred.

So, we can say that the payment gateways allow the users to complete the buying process with much more authenticity. Today they have become useful for increasing the on boarding experience of the mobile apps along-with the customer engagement and user retention.

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