What is a Cross-functional Scrum Team?

What is a Cross-functional Scrum Team?

There are a lot of coaches who practice Scrum, advocate having a cross-functional team without exactly letting us understand what that means to a company. So, let’s see what exactly a Cross-functional scrum team means and who all comes in it? – A well-versed and cross-functional, software development, scrum team includes executives and representatives who are required to develop certain features and functionalities. A cross-functional scrum team means it should ensure a complete user story in terms of functionality. And that includes coding completed and successfully checked in, functional testing of user story done, UI is visible, integration points are successfully identified and many more.

A cross-functional scrum team is not just a key part of the technology team. If you are sorting ‘teams’ into a well-versed UI team, data team, testing team, API team, or any other technology team. That means you are defeating the team dynamics with the different views while wisely reviewing a user story. It forces user stories to be broken along the processor technology lines rather than just looking at a User story feature as a whole. Incorporating disciplines within a team always create an environment of wisdom and holistic understanding of what is involved in building the feature identified in the user story. The key aim of imbibing cross-functional scrum is it helps in exposing the area that all the team members may not have considered. However, it’s true that a team matures rapidly in a diverse environment.

By considering a team member’s need, you are moving a step ahead towards building a well-versed and agile matured scrum team. There are a lot of people who believe that a cross-functional scrum team is a combination of technical leads, architects and subject-matter experts who are experienced in establishing an architectural design and wisely approaching for a centered solution. They then always directed on how the development team proceeds with the feature of development. This type of team is basically called as an architect or design team. And every member of the team comes with his knowledge and expertise who could analyze a well-versed solution in order to figure out the best and efficient way to meet goals and customer’s goals. As the architect or design team affirms the approach, they become the valued advisers for the remaining parts of the whole project. And they could be called upon during the sprint development to completely clarify the technical reasoning behind the user’s story and provide the best advice on how to successfully and flawlessly implement the development. This team is basically on the periphery of the scrum team, thus, helping and assisting them but not actively building for the scrum team.

Always remember a truly cross-functional scrum team is a pleasure to work with. Sharing real-time information and understanding each other’s point of view allows teams to move a bit closer to become a collaborative scrum team –which is a one step closer to become more mature with time in a scrum. To learn more about Parangat’s agile service offerings, let’s schedule a meeting with the experts or you could write us at [email protected]

Are you looking to provide your Customers an amazing App experience?

Are you looking to provide your Customers an amazing App experience?

Today every business needs a mobile app. Be it app that helps in organizing the to-do-lists to app that monitors the heart rate, PlayStores and App stores have a variety of choices for Smartphone and Tablet users. As Smartphone and Tablet usage continues to grow, the need of online businesses and brands to develop mobile apps for their users keeps growing. Smartphones and tablets are outpaced as compared to desktop computers and laptops by more than three times, and that too not for any good reason. Many people are experiencing their first online experience through the use of Smartphones and Tablets.

In today’s e-commerce world, the need for a mobile app is definitely a bet. But for running a successful online business you need much more than just developing an app. Your app should be capable of attaining customer engagement and good user experience. You need to think wisely about what all falls under the zone of your mobile app’s user experience. We are proficient in every phase of app development be it consultation, UI/UX design, user interface, functionality, performance and usability, etc. We focus on optimizing these key factors for getting exceptional experience.

You could consider everything be it having a potential impact on end-user interaction and engagement with your mobile app. There are numerous ways to improve app’s user experience in today’s ultra-competitive e-commerce and IT world. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

The wise use of Qualitative Data

Optimizing the mobile app is an ongoing process, and the value of these enhancements and add-ons will be visible over the time. The key to focus should be always on how your customers interact with different features of the mobile app. And you need to consider that throughout the app design process. By properly analyzing the efficacy of your efforts with the use of qualitative analytics platforms, you should gather qualitative data and get a complete understanding of your user’s experience. In turn, this will give the idea of how your customers are responding to your optimization efforts, which you can further use to enhance their experience.

Add transparency and flawless controls to sharing options

As people are growing and accepting to share their personal information by using mobile apps, concerns on using, sharing and storing the information is raised. Always avoid setting all the required information sharing options and automatically ‘allow’ so that new users could feel if it’s violation of their usage rights. You need to focus on maintaining the transparency and trust just by explaining exactly what your customers are sharing and with whom they are sharing it with. Always remind your users about their sharing settings. All this you could do through in-app messaging. And there is no better way to make users feel happy and comfortable for using the mobile app than knowing that their personal information is secure and safe.

Improve Your Micro interactions and Customer Engagement

Micro interactions are key actions that always revolve around a single user case in an app and website, both. Logging in, logout, adding a password, setting-up an alarm, and changing a setting, everything comes under micro-interactions. These simple actions make an app feel much more personal and human. And make users feel much more connected with the brand. And that not only helps businesses in increasing their retention rates but also helps them in increasing their brand value. So never overlook the key importance of micro-interactions while you are looking to design the app.

Justify the In-App Permissions

Users are scared of sharing their personal information including social media accounts, location, and other online data online on apps. You need to ensure that you could clearly explain all the required permission requests and ask for it only when it’s really required. While we all know that permissions are sometimes essential for the performance of a mobile app’s features and functionalities. So you need to know when to use permissions, as they could really scare new users from using if they appeared inappropriate or unrelenting.

How to build an Effective and Productive Team?

How to build an Effective and Productive Team?

One of the key things that leaders are pondering about is enhancing the performance and relationship of their key team members. According to performance indicators, effective teams always outperform people working individually, especially in insistent situations or when various skill-sets are required.

Today almost every organization has recognized the importance of team building and is trying hard to foster it in their work culture and workplace. Although building an effective team requires a full-fledged commitment to teamwork, and requires feedbacks and inputs from the managers to successfully foster it.

If your strategy lacks team building skills, your employees’ productivity gets limited, whereas if you are imbibing team building that means you are uniting your team for a common goal, which in turn, will improve the productivity. Here’s how:

Building brand’s trust and respect: By nurturing a team-centric environment, which is solely based on trust and respect, your business is moving towards a successful future. So the stronger the trust you have, the better the team will grow.

Stick to your words: If you are looking for high productivity and quality-oriented work, that means you are as good as your words. Always remember that you will get what you give. So if you are promising to solve any challenge, ensure that you are staying true to your promise. As when team will notice that you are a person to trust, they will follow you and will work hard to meet your team’s goals.

Organizing a meeting for your team: For improving teamwork, you need to help people in knowing each other better. By organizing in-person meetings for all your staff, you could help them in engaging well. When people have informal conversations, their relationship grows stronger. There are numerous ways of arranging informal meetings like inviting team to play certain games like cricket, football or basketball. These types of activities ignite team building and help people in getting friendly. And if players want to win, they will focus on team building and cooperation. In turn, this will result in creating a strong bond and real relationships.

Hire people through Team’s effort: If you are looking to hire a new team member, always discuss that with the respective team. And allow them to have conversations with the candidate at the time of interview as this will help them in knowing each other well if the candidate gets hired. If possible ask your team members to be a part of interview. Undoubtedly, experience and expertise are a crucial factor to hire a candidate — but the key qualities to hire is passion, personality and most importantly social skills that match with the team’s social skills.

Step 5: Set ground rules and principles for the team

You could begin officially by successfully establishing your team by creating team values and goals, as well as evaluating team’s performance along with the individual’s performance. Always ensure that you are including your team in the process, so that you should know what’s required and agree with it.

Team building is one of the key responsibilities that a manager possesses. It’s not something that could be achieved quickly and then elapsed. It’s an ongoing process that is required to be facilitated and guided. As this process will be viral, team members will start gaining trust and will start supporting each other to share their skill-sets and efforts to effectively complete your company’s goals.

Why your business needs a Chatbot?

Why your business needs a Chatbot?

Chatbots are one of the emerging and new platforms. Brands are still trying to understand how they can leverage Chatbots to their advantage. But are chatbots really new?

No, definitely not. Chatbots were developed in 1966 for the first time by MIT Professor Joseph Weizenbaum. The very first Chatbot named ELIZA was built to interact with its users like a psychotherapist. After that a lot of Chatbots were built and with time they got smarter with the increasing research and development work on Natural Language Processing (NLP).

What made Chatbot popular in last few years?

This is too easy to understand. Previously Chatbots were just a standalone program. And developers were not much interested in experimenting and researching on Chatbots as it was a bit difficult to push a new technology like Chatbot into the market. And it became difficult to get investors’ attention. Now Chatbot developers are getting a huge support from big messaging players including Google, Facebook and Microsoft etc. Today approx. 3 billion users are there on the messenger platforms and that’s why Chatbots have become one of the prominent ways to reach out to them directly. What’s even better — it uses user-friendly and simple texting channel which every user wants to use.

Why does my business need an emerging technology like Chatbot?

To find out whether you should make a decision on Chatbots and invest in a technology, let’s take a look at a few questions:

  • Does your business need to interact with your clients?
  • Does your business need to engage and re-engage customers?
  • Does your business need to push content to customers at frequent and regular interval?
  • Will it help your organization and business to get a new sales channel and reach upto 3 billion users worldwide?
  • Is your product or service able to target Millennial?
  • Are you looking to quickly automate tedious, repetitive and dreary tasks to create a competent workplace?

Definitely….All, NO? I would be glad to know what kind of business and organization you are into 🙂

Even if one of the answers is YES, you should start considering Chatbots for your business since Chatbots will definitely help you due to comparatively low initial investments (the initial investments in developing chatbots are not as high the initial investments for mobile apps and web apps). Today, you can get a Chatbot built with a low budget. All you need to do is to start and properly analyze its effect on the business.

In the era of this busy world, nobody has a time to install an app and find out what (s)he was looking for. But with Chatbot, you could get started swiftly and understand if it’s helpful or not. No data wastage and most importantly no wastage of time.

Wrapping it up

Chatbot space is evolving at an amazing pace and it’s the right time to get started. In this messaging era, Chatbots have become the best way to reach the user-base. Even Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Slack and WeChat are showing high interest in this emerging technology due to its immense possibilities. So it’s right time to give your brand and business a high boost and engage your customers with a flawless and effective Chatbot.

Parangat Technologies Named a Top App Development Company by Clutch!

Parangat Technologies Named a Top App Development Company by Clutch!

We are excited to be featured as a Top App Development Company by Clutch in its annual research, which was based on an in-depth evaluation of work portfolios and client feedback At Parangat Technologies, we are committed to producing remarkable and innovative mobile apps that enhance user experience, engage customers, and build mobile brands. We know the cost to build a mobile app isn’t cheap, so we are dedicated to providing our customers with top-rate customer service and high-quality products, leading to a value that can’t be beat. Last week, Clutch, a ratings and review firm out of Washington, D.C., published the results of their annual research evaluating the top mobile app development companies by Clutch in India, and we made it to the list. We are excited to be featured as a Top App Development Company by Clutch in its annual research, which was based on an in-depth evaluation of work portfolios and client feedback, highlighting 244 development companies and agencies as strong performing leaders in India.

Clutch’s research methodology examines companies on a multitude of factors, including market presence, past work, and ability to deliver. Most important, Clutch evaluates companies with their in-depth client reviews. Clutch analysts speak directly with current and past clients to produce full-length reviews for each company’s profile, allowing prospective buyers a chance to fully evaluate each service provider before choosing who to work with.

Currently, our Clutch profile is packed with positive remarks and feedback from our clients. We are happy that our clients have taken the time to review us – below are excerpts from our most recent reviews:

“Parangat delivered what I wanted. Everything works perfectly, and I got a very good value for the money.”

“We’ve worked with other IT companies for college websites and apps before, and Parangat is the best provider in terms of meeting deadlines. These guys are amazing.”

“The UX engineer specifically showed the utmost patience with us, and the whole team was totally dedicated to supporting me and answering any point I raised. Parangat Technologies is truly fantastic, and I feel confident working with them.”

We are glad that our hard work is paying off and is being recognized on Clutch – we look forward to including our Clutch presence and to being included in their research again next year!

Brands Are Busy in Keeping Pace with their Competitors but Not meeting Customer’s Expectations

Brands Are Busy in Keeping Pace with their Competitors but Not meeting Customer’s Expectations

The biggest challenge SMEs and startups are facing today is they are able to keep pace with their competitors but unable to meet their customer’s expectations. Today almost every company is stressed hard to successfully deliver the digital customer experiences.

In the survey, 52% of entrepreneurs said that they’re ahead of their competitors at providing digital customer experiences, while only 7% said their company exceeds the business expectations of their real customers. And all that’s because consumer expectations are changing at a lightning pace. It’s changing faster than ever and as per the trend, now it’s your customers who are setting the bar, not your competitors. Businesses and brands are often taking customer experience initiatives without even consulting with them directly. Even companies are becoming closer to their customer’s needs and preferences.

According to reports, 81% of the users believe that it’s imperative to engage customers in customer experience efforts, while only 57% of them take this perspective. As per the reports, the study has once again confirmed that digital technology is helping companies and brands to increase brand relevance, customer loyalty, cost savings, market differentiation, customer satisfaction, return on investment and revenues.

Successful brands and enterprises in terms of meeting their customer expectations are those who could firmly build their strategic partnerships, not just vendor relationships, in order to help them with the skills and resources they lack. There is a need for brands and companies to meet customer expectations and treat digital customer experience transformation as an ongoing initiative rather than having a project. Very soon the next wave of customer experience ‘disruption’ will come in form of smart digital services that will leverage the emerging technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), AR/VR and AI to engage consumers and respond to them in real-time according to the individual’s needs and environments. As we all know the next wave of digital services will completely transform the customer experience. Every brand and business will have to be in the shoes of their customers to understand their business needs and become more digitally savvy to leverage it.

For well-established brands and firms, to keep the pace with customer expectations could be a bit challenging task. However, the hallmark of today’s customer experience includes flawless usability, instant access, and steady performance. Interfaces must be feature-packed and functionality rich, yet highly intuitive and user-friendly. Information must be relevant and more personalized, and it must leverage behavior analytics platforms in order to target specific customer results, whether it is college savings, retirement, a home purchase or other portfolio suggestions or recommendations. In recent years, technology is changing at a fast pace and it’s changing in a way consumers interact with the businesses across every verticals and industry. Be it paying taxes, buying groceries or booking hotels, everything could be done by mobile devices today. Mobile has given companies and brands the opportunity to connect with their customers, whenever and wherever they are. Although, this opportunity could go both the ways and customers are now expecting with the brands they interact with, to be easily and flawlessly accessible at their fingertips.

The time a new positive experience will be received; customer expectations will reach newer heights. Today if a customer can instantly message a service agent on their favorite social networking and food delivery app that means they are looking for the very same experience from the government services, bank and car dealer. Now you are no longer competing with the brands of your own industry.