7 Rules for Mobile App A/B Testing- Part2

7 Rules for Mobile App A/B Testing- Part2

Mobile app testing is one of the core marketing arts that every marketer should master and practice. Treat Mobile app A/B testing as a competition between two players – one is a champion and other is a contender. An effective mobile app A/B testing include defining of the rules, setting up the arena, announcing the contenders and then data will judge the outcome. Let’s discuss a few rules for Mobile App A/B Testing :

Rule #3: Keep It Up to Achieve the Long-Term Goal

Whenever we go for a change, we often tend to overlook the complete result. We keenly focus more on short-term results than long-term results. Undoubtedly, you want to increase the conversion rate for your mobile app immediately. But you may not be able to achieve this in the first test that you run. Sometimes, it takes more time to get the expected results. So, it’s significant that you keep up the good work as there is always a scope of improvement while you are thinking of testing a mobile app.

Rule #4: Understand your Customer’s Needs

Understanding customer needs is one of the key elements of A/B testing. Have you ever thought? -What makes stores like Pizza Hut and Domino’s so popular? They have certain customers who know, before visiting the stores, what they are looking for and the best part is they know they will get a consistent and bespoke experience. For example – if you want to have Pizza, you will make your way to Domino’s. And, if you want to have a burger, you will go to McDonald. If we talk in terms of business perspective, a successful business owner knows what they are serving to their customers. So, if you want to become a leader, first define your target audience, understand your customer
needs, and keep serving them consistently. Don’t try to become the Jack-of-all-Trades because Jack-of-all-Trades is master of none.

Rule #5: Engage to Retain Your Customers

However, understanding your customer requirements and developing your mobile app around those requirements may work. Yet, there will still be a number of users that will use your mobile app and leave that without any conversion. To understand what made them leave half-way through is essential as it helps explain customer’s engagement with the app. You are required to understand the viable reasons for your consumer’s non-conversion behaviour. And, the best way you could do this is to craft an exit survey and ask your consumers why they are leaving. By doing this, you can document the challenges that your consumers are facing and that ultimately make them leave. You can use the data to improvise your mobile app in the near future.

Rule #6: Proper Documentation

Proper documentation is one of the most neglected elements in testing, but one of the most effective one. For being diligent about testing, a tester should be passionate about documenting the test cases and results. Proper documentation will help you in mending your past lessons, not repeat tests and educate your employees and successors. And, if you’re not apprehensive about publishing your results, writing a short blog post on major test cases can be a great way to document. But ensure you don’t forget your results.

Rule #7: Always be Testing but Apply Common Sense

Always remember that you are not required to test everything. Always use common sense. By leveraging best-in-class tools and using best practices and existing data, you can find what’s already known to be working, which in turn, will help you in focusing on the testing variables that you’re really not sure about. You need to test the variables that are really required to be tested and which you think will increase the performance and not the ones that will just give a marginal effect.Your mobile app testing processes should be done to make educated decisions and enhance performance. It should not be done just for the sake of testing.

How Parangat adapting Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions to deliver new  business solutions?

How Parangat adapting Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions to deliver new business solutions?

The increase of mobile applications into every field of personal and business activities has led to the accelerated growth of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, too. Like other upcoming technologies like Augmented Reality, Wearables and Virtual Reality, IoT too has captured a huge chunk of market. As we all know that the Internet of Things is igniting, and it’s obvious to understand why it’s happening. The latest sensors, pioneering networking chips and other ground-breaking technologies that are required to connect with the Internet devices ranging from chips, light bulbs to smart gadgets to user-centric industrial equipment have all become inexpensive. IoT includes connected “things” that are used to send and receive data through the connected network that are related to a variety of physical characteristics that includes temperature, pulse rate, light level, velocity, moisture level or may be revolutions per minute. It allows to share more complex data as well that includes audio/video and static or moving images.Today most of the analysts and geeks agree that that the Internet of Things (IoT) will be become huge with time. In-fact, by 2019, two-thirds of consumers are expected to buy connected technology for their homes. According to Acquity Group, which is a part of Accenture – nearly half of the IT geeks and experts are expected to buy wearable technology. And, recently, Gartner too predicted that – by 2020 the total number of connected consumer, business and industrial “things” are expected to grow to 26 billion units, thus, representing an almost 30-fold rise over the 900 million things.

Parangat technologies has capitalized on the advantages of this world of connected devices, which combines hardware, data analytics and software. We have a team of dexterous developers, who are expert in creating robust, vibrant and technically well-versed mobile & enterprise solutions. Our mobility team is fanatic & highly-focused on delivering feature-packed mobile enabled Internet of Things Solutions (IoT) for mid to big enterprises. Being a leading web and mobile development company, we have a dexterous and keen team, which is highly keen and passionate about learning new technology behind cloud computing by using cloud-centric open technology. We have perfected the measures for developing standard and robust cloud-based mobile solutions for clients across the world, thus, enabling them to leverage the enormous benefits of cloud computing, which helped them in gaining business growth and development. Our IoT Services expertise majorly lies in:

Mobile app development

Web development

Wearable technology development

Cloud computing solutions

Data Management

CMS development

Bestowed with dexterous and proficient team of developers and designers are continuously exposing trending and upcoming technologies, which enable us to meet the goals and objectives of our global clientele. Our in-depth analysis and expertise combined with passion for technological solution fuelled us to keep ourselves advanced. Our apparent methodologies, proven methods, growth potential when combined with IoT’s process enhancement opportunity, costcompetition and innovation that IoT includes has created wonders for our client’s projects. And, that enable us to accept development projects with great zeal. To know more about the Internet of Things and how it can be valuable to your business model, just drop a query.

Infrastructure & Life at Parangat

Our 3P’s – People, Processes and Performance are the keystones of our excellence. We keenly promote an open culture, encourage frequent feedback, and we respond actively and speedily to transform it into action. Parangat 150+ mobility experts in different domains such as research, project management, programming, business analysis, support team, database administration, creative designing and quality assurance know that excellence is not a destination but a journey of continuous improvement .Understanding that in this rapidly changing and competitive world we can neither afford to be satisfied nor depend on past successes, we at Parangat listen frequently to what our employees say and feel. We strive to provide an inspiring environment to motivate, empower and remove hindrances that hamper creativity and our work. Our energized atmosphere enable us to share successes while setting new standards of excellence.For Us, Improving is a Constant Process Started with a bundle of tech nerds just a few years back, Parangat today has amazing team of over 50 industry experts and professionals. Our workplace is a learning institute in itself and the place is spectacularly customized to business and employees requirements. We ensure that we provide a comfortable and refreshing working environment to our employees that enable them to deliver outstanding results.The Spirit of Parangat is at the core of Parangat work culture and life. The spirit is rooted both in current reality as well as representing what Parangat aspires to be. And, that enable us to deliver services and solutions beyond excellence.


Parangat consider the security as one of the key factors while working on any project and gives the top priority to security of every project it works on. Our upgraded tracking software and tools help our teams frequently track the progress of project allotted. The employees working in the company have agreed and signed the confidential paper that states ‘do not disclose the technology or any such crucial information’ outside the developmental hub premises. Every person working in Parangat believes and follows the code of ethics to protect the privacy and work on allotted projects with dedication.Secured development environment (All projects on SVN)

Electronic punch card system

CCTV camera

Every employee obeys the code of ethics

Prohibition on pen drives, laptops, HDD etc

Employees’ Paradise

We believe that our employees are asset of our company. And, that’s why we provide them best working environment and culture to ensure best results from every brain we hire. We keep them encouraged and cheerful without compromising our work and ethics. We have been told by our employees that Parangat is a paradise for them where they build their professional profile while exploring the new world of technology. Our structured work processes and open culture help us in retaining employees, aggregating company’s productivity and expertise. And that’s why we generate most of our business and revenue from our existing satisfied clients who have been with us since long time. Our approach and team has always helped us in getting new clients as a part of our climbing growth.

Mobile App Trends & Predictions – 2016

Mobile App Trends & Predictions – 2016

From shopping to hiring a cab, mobile apps are rapidly and increasingly becoming an important part of everyone’s lives. And, which resulted in increase of mobile apps, which in turn, resulted in increase of mobile devices year-over-year. According to a BI Intelligence report, purchases of smartphones and mobile devices increased 48 percent year-over-year and reached to around $8 billion in the second quarter of 2014. And, according to an another comScore report – In July 2014, it was found that over 60% of web traffic for the nine biggest US retail websites came from mobile devices and most of them were originated from mobile apps.

In a recent report, it was found that presently, mobile devices account for 22 % of all retail e-Commerce sales in the U.S. is expected to reach 27 % by 2018. In fact, almost one-third of e-Commerce sales originate from mobile devices and majority of them are through app sales. This sudden and rapid increase of mobile apps has led to increase in revenue and value, both for startups and leading brands. Most importantly, this rise of mobile apps is not only limited to retail but has affected to many other major industries, too including healthcare, enterprises, wearable and many other.  Be it gaming, entertainment or enterprise industries, it has become almost impossible to think our lives without mobile apps, which resulted in making theses apps as one of the fastest growing categories in contemporary mobility market. Let’s see some exceptional stats that prove the statement.

“Mobile apps are revolutionizing every industry”:

1. According to a Flurry Analytics study, the average US mobile consumers spend over 86 % of their “smartphone-time” on apps.  And, the study showed some exceptional stats like smartphone users spend around 2 hours and 42 minutes on an average on their mobile devices, out of which app usage commands 2 hours and 19 minutes.

2. As of May 2014, mobile devices account for almost 60 % of the total digital media time spent and 51 % of that time was due to app usage.

3. An another Nielsen report suggests that smartphone users spend around 89 % of their media time in mobile apps, and the remaining 11 % on mobile web.

By looking over these stats we can undoubtedly say that – it’s obvious that mobile apps are all set to mark their omnipresent presence in the days to come. Today almost every business is leveraging this opportunity to gain value and revenue, both. And, those who have not yet mobilized their business have started thinking over it. But to keep your business updated, every business owner and entrepreneur needs to stay updated with the latest trends in the mobile app development landscape. This will help them in matching the latest trends, which in turn, will help them in advance to survive the market competition.

Does your Business Need a Mobile App or Mobile Website?

Does your Business Need a Mobile App or Mobile Website?

In recent years, the rate of mobile adoption is increasing rapidly among businesses. Why? – Because sleeker designs, higher affordable rates, and increased convenience have led to augmented usage of mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. Many brands and businesses require mobile presence to increase their brand value and provide a competitive edge to their businesses.  And, mobile website and mobile app is a channel for adopting mobility in their businesses because any one of them or both can help their businesses boost sales, retain targeted customers and expand their reach. But, which type of mobile presence is best for your business? A Mobile App or a Website? Or should you have both?

business Needs a Mobile App or Mobile Website business Needs a Mobile App or Mobile Website

However, both mobile websites and mobile apps help businesses capture their target audiences and let their customers find and access their businesses from devices they use the most, but mobile website and mobile app are not similar. They both are important and play a key role in showing mobile presence. Let’s take a look at the differences between the two and how they can benefit your business.

What is a mobile website?

The mobile website basically refers to access the World Wide Web through handheld devices including smartphones, tablets or a feature phone. It is specifically designed for smaller screens and touch-screen capabilities of smartphones and tablets. Mobile website can easily be accessed using any mobile device’s Web browser, like Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android. How it works? – Just type the URL or click on the link of the website you want to open, and by automatically detecting the mobile device, page will be redirected to the mobile version of the website.


•    Mobile Website makes regular websites more accessible for mobile users.

•    It incorporates all the same elements as the regular version of the website including its look and feel, layout, pages, text, images, and other content. But, through its mobile-friendly layout, it offers enhanced readability and functionality when accessed through a smartphone or tablet.

•    One of the most important features is users can access the website anytime, anywhere using any device, without even compromising the user experience.

What is a mobile app?

Mobile applications are becoming very popular among brands and businesses nowdays. It works only on smartphones and tablets. Unlike a mobile website, a mobile app needs to be downloaded and installed from an app marketplace. Every different mobile brand has its own play store like Apple has its own App Store and Android’s has its own Google Playstore, which is flooded with apps.


Although a mobile app works a lot like a mobile website, a mobile app gives businesses the advantage of having their own corner on a user’s device.

•    Mobile apps offer more close targeting as compared to mobile website because users need to download the app for using it. And, that helps businesses in knowing who their target audiences are and what their behavior and preferences are.

•    Mobile apps provide easy to deploy functionality and use mobile payments through a single platform.

•    It’s also much easier to access a mobile app than a mobile website because an app needs just one tap to open it, and to open a Web browser through mobile website user needs to type a URL.

Features of a mobile website and mobile app

However, mobile websites and mobile apps are not similar, but they both offer an array of similar features that help businesses grow rapidly by making it easier for your customers to find and reach you. Let’s take a look on their features:

•    Offers one-click/one-tap calling: You can be reached by your customers by just one-click or one tap through the mobile website or app.

•    Helps in reaching and locating you: By using devices’ GPS functionality users can easily locate your business and instantly get directions.

•    Makes your business popular by social sharing: Through integrated social media in your apps and websites, your users can easily share your content with their friends and followers.

•    Lets you leverage the Mobile commerce functionality: Mobile apps and website have enabled users to easily use e-commerce online stores through their mobile, smartphones and tablets. Some of the functionalities of m-commerce are Buy Now buttons and mobile carts.

•    Helps marketing your businesses -Mobile marketing: As we discussed, mobile web and app provide a channel to easily reach target audiences and capture them through mobile marketing that includes easy launch location-based text-message marketing and email marketing campaigns etc.

How to develop a business-centric Mobile Website and Mobile App?

Developing a business-centric and attention-grabbing website and app is very important to provide a competitive edge to your businesses. One way is to build one yourself with a free mobile website and app builders, which offers you a drag-and-drop platform that doesn’t require programming or designing skills. Another and recommended way is to hire a professional mobile web developer who can build your mobile web and app from scratch or can turn an existing website into a mobile-friendly one. Parangat Technologies is a top-notch web and mobile solutions provider, which has served clients across the world. Our highly skilled developers and industry experts are known to deliver captivating designs and kink-free codes that have helped startups and leading brands/big businesses reach their target audiences and provide a competitive edge to their businesses. Have a look at our portfolio for more!

How to harness your Mobile App Marketing Strategy to Make More Money?

How to harness your Mobile App Marketing Strategy to Make More Money?

Why do businesses need a mobile app? Reasons can be multifold – nurturing loyalty, flourishing brand awareness, gain new and potential mobile audiences, and get a competitive benefit, among many others. Mobile apps have now become a robust and effective marketing channel for brands and after doing everything for a successful launch of an app, we also expect it to be a commendable source of revenue. Identifying which Business Model is right for your app is one of the key factors, you need to consider while making a mobile app marketing strategy for your brand.

Many businesses enter the mobile arena because they too want to be a part of billion-dollar success of app business like WhatsApp, SnapChat, Vine, Instagram and Angry Birds. But developing a kink-free, user-centric and engrossing app is one thing and marketing it, in the huge ocean of app store, is another. With over 1.2 million apps in Apple’s App Store and almost the same number in Google’s Play, making your app a big hit is not easy. According to recent stats – 2% of app developers claim about 54% of all app revenues. So, how can you join that tempting 2%? – Yes, through a well-developed and a well-marketed app. And, for that, you need to chart out a well-thought and a properly analyzed pre-launch and post-launch marketing plan in order to gain profit from your app. Remember that both app monetization strategies i.e. Pre-Launch Mobile App Marketing strategies and post-launch Mobile app marketing strategies should be created before you launch your app in the app store. However, as time passes, these strategies can be evolved or even changed completely, depending on the requirement. Identifying which Business Model is right for your app is one of the key factors, you need to consider while making a marketing strategy for your app. Here are a few points that need to be considered :

1.    Identify the problem your app is trying to solve and how?

2.    Find out the uniqueness in your app and do people pay for that?

3.    Analyze business models that competing apps use and evaluate how well have they worked on those models

4.    Figure out the ways to maintain a balance between your need to gain users with your need to earn revenue.

Monetization models offer your app business a great potential by increasing your revenue stream. By selecting a right app monetization model you can increase your chances of making your app successful. However, it’s not important that these models can’t be mutually exclusive; you can definitely mingle them or use more than one as per the requirements. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right monetization platform for your app :

Know the Options

Know the Options

Before figuring out the best business model for your app, you need to know what options your apps have. Remember that the amount of traffic you get on your app depends on the business model selected from the ones available for you. Every business model available can enable you to monetize your traffic, your content, your app and many other factors. Other factors depend on what type of app you have built and what goals do you have for our app.

Set Your Goals:

Set Your Goals

Set Your Goals

Monetization strategies can help you do more than just increase revenue. In order to choose the right business model for your app, you need to define your overall goals. As it helps in figuring out which metrics to measure and how to improve over time. Hence, it is always recommended to define your goals for a successful implementation of your app marketing strategy.

Brand Your App, Not yourself

Brand Your App, Not yourself

Brand Your App, Not yourself

Your app is what your audiences think about, not you. Your target audiences want your app to help them in facilitating their needs effortlessly. So, your app should always reflect your audiences’ shared values, not yours, because it’s they who make your app successful. So, always know your audiences and find out the specifics of your target audience like demographics, age group, gender etc.

Consider App Reviews

Consider App Reviews

Consider App Reviews

User reviews are one of the most important factors in finding out the problems or glitches in your app. Reading reviews of your competitor apps is also recommended as it helps in finding out the factors that need to be enhanced or added in your app that too before launch.

Before you choose the best marketing strategy of your app, explore all the possible options and then define your goals and your audiences. With the right choices, you can create an effective marketing strategy for your app because the right monetization strategy has the capability to help you grow your app business by increasing engagement, ROI and lifetime value.