Threat to IoT solutions could be reduced by Blockchain Security

Threat to IoT solutions could be reduced by Blockchain Security

In this rapidly changing technological world, where every day we see new advancements and enhancements, companies are looking to develop a reliable, scalable and functionality driven platform for Internet of Things (IoT). Every big brand and company including Dell, Rolls Royce, and Cisco are spending millions so that they could develop user-centric and proof of concept IoT space that too within organized and controlled environments. In today’s scenario, security is one of the potential threats to IoT solutions. By leveraging IoT, you are imbibing exclusivity – key goal of any business. Let’s understand what Internet of Things (IoT) is:

What Is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is something what everyone would have dreamt off. It allows your office and home to automatically turn on lights and other electronic devices like ACs, and Refrigerators etc. as you walk into your office or house. IoT not only connects, but also provides a flawless communication for almost every electronically connected device.

Let’s take an example to understand IoT better, let’ say we have a lamp, which is digitally connected via wifi and suddenly its bulb blazes out.  Then IoT could help you in meeting the issue, as it will recognize the issue, suddenly place an order, and will suddenly ship it to your home without a need of person who can do that by lifting a finger.

Above example showed how potential the platform is. And why it’s being pursued by many companies for managing their tasks.  So if you are among those who would have been able to successfully develop a robust, secure and highly functional IoT platform, then you are among one who could have successfully adopted the emerging technologies and trends for growing their business. By leveraging IoT, you are imbibing exclusivity and a regular user base: two key goals of any brand or business.

However, there is a crucial challenge that IoT developers must look forward to solve. And that’s Security. If anyone hacked the system and have gained access to IoT platform, that means they have gained control over the whole ecosystem of connected devices, including digital cars like a Tesla, Digitally connected office, house thermostats, and can even purchase systems.

This must be a scary situation for you. And hackers could purposely raise your house temperature upto 100 degree Celsius and could shut off or even trick your car while any of your family members or you is in it. It could prove really dangerous as once hacked they could buy anything or can do any transaction, once they’ve given the access to IoT platform. It’s the law of innovation. Every new innovation comes with the threat that could harm it potential users.

So as per the current scenario, security is one of the potential threats to IoT solutions. And the reason behind this is – its security is limited to account’s name, password, and a Two-Factor control and authorization system. However, there are a lot other solutions to make IoT secured have been explored. One of them is biometrics, which include voice recognition, facial recognition, and fingerprint scanners. As the idea behind biometric security is every person has unique vocal/ facial/ biological characteristics, which can’t be anytime duplicated. Thus these biometrics features could be leveraged to help those who can biometrically identify the access to IoT platform.

But again there’s a lag: biometric verification technology still a far away from implementation. And that could be seen when Apple attempted to use facial recognition on its newly released iPhoneX while giving demonstration and failed. So as we said every technology comes with a lot of drawbacks and advantages. That’s the case with IoT, too.

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