What are the key elements to master the mobile app UX design?

What are the key elements to master the mobile app UX design?

With the development of new technology, consumer behavior, and their expectations are changing rapidly. Nowadays, customers are overwhelmed with plenty of options to choose the best from at their fingertips. Especially in the digital sphere, there are many options available for the users, making them confused. For instance: if we specifically talk about “health and fitness” apps or mHealth apps available for people. There are about 40,000 health and fitness apps, in which 23,490 are available on Apple iTunes (for iOS-based devices) and 17,756 on Google Play (for Android-based devices). As we can see, customers are empowered with multiple choices; they will naturally tend to use the one that is worth the value of their time and money.

Among various choices, people pick only those products that provide value and quality service to them. This is why it’s crucial to give a remarkable experience and quality service to the customers and make them continue doing business with you. 

Delivering Remarkable Experience in the digital space- UX – The Success Key 

Mobile and its related technologies are gaining popularity across the globe. With the advancement, people’s expectations of spending less and getting more things done without any boundaries are getting higher day by day. That makes the significance of UI/UX design even more crucial for your mobile application. 

In the digital space, delivering a remarkable experience to the customers in real-time means providing outstanding UX design. Mobile applications that offer great user-experience to the users will stand out in the crowd. Mobile user experience is one of the most crucial factors in the success of a mobile app and also to achieve the customer’s heart. 

In this article, we will dive into the details to understand user experience from the viewpoint of business as well as customers. 

Before we jump directly into the main point, let’s see what is mobile UX design, and why is it important?

What is Mobile App UX design?

Mobile UX encompasses the bad and good experiences that a user has with a mobile application.

UX Design is the process of creating a product that is delightful to interact with and which provides meaningful and relevant experiences to end-users. “Mobile UX design focuses on accessibility, discoverability, and efficiency to optimize on-the-go interactive experiences.” Says Interaction Design Foundation

Importance of Mobile App UX Design

User experience design is one of the popular business buzzwords right now. To put it simply, UX is a crucial aspect for your business application because it aims to provide experiences to the users that keep them loyal to the product or brand. Moreover, meaningful user experience can help you to define customer experiences on your website that are beneficial step for the success of your business. 

5 Core Elements to Master Mobile App UX Design

1. Earn trust, and build loyalty

Trust is the key to the success of a business. It must be embedded in every single interaction when a user undergoes with your brand and product. To get users avail of your service or buy your product from your website or using your app, it is necessary to establish trust. It’s easier said than done, but how do you do it?

There are various ways to make customers feel safe on your platform, but one of the most subtle and essential factors is the mobile app UX design.

Essential steps that help improve your brand’s trust with UX design-

  1. Be consistent
  2. Transparency is the key
  3. Be secure
  4. Numbers speak for themselves
  5. Let users start small
  6. Display testimonials from loyal customers 
  7. Make them a part of your organization
  8. Engage them on their preferred platform
  9. Content is the king

2. Less is more, keep things simple and accessible

Nobody would choose a difficult option to purchase small, little things.

So, make things easy as there are a variety of customers out there, and each one of them has their own different needs. Sometimes, it may increase the mobile app designing cost and take extra time, efforts, and expertise for UX designers to make things easy. But it’s completely worth it. By making navigation simple and easy, you allow your buyers to have an easy buying journey. Trust me, customers love using apps that deliver easy user-experience to the customers. This improves conversions. 

Smooth user-experience means more happy clients, and it is beneficial for your business too.

3. Empathy for the Customer

The CTO and Co-founder of Mavenlink, Roger Neel, said that being able to think about the problems and issues from a customer or user’s point of view, then UX designers need to put themselves in their shoes to address their suffering points. It is essential to have empathy as a designer to understand the needs truly and wants of a user.

Empathy is arguably the most crucial trait of a UX designer. That means the UX designers must have the potential to understand or feel what another person is feeling or experiencing from their frame of reference, according to Guzman. Do you know? The top and best UI/UX Design Services Company are looking for user experience (UX) designer who has empathy for the users and other necessary design skills.

Here are some tips that can help you to develop the skills required to have more empathy in UX design-

  • Learn to be a good listener
  • Improve your observation skills
  • Not being afraid to ask other people for input
  • Be mindful of Your own attitude
  • Adopt humility
  • Do in-depth UX research to stay on the top

4. Understanding of the underlying technology and coding knowledge

Simple Answer: There’s no need to master the coding and technical skills.

As a UX designer, you have the mastery of design tools with a little bit of knowledge about coding; it can make a big difference in the screening processes. It helps you become more attractive to the eyes of the UX/UI design agency. 

“It’s always great when designers can write code. Having solid coding skills makes it much easier to understand the natural limitations of a platform you create a solution for,” said Nick Babich, editor-in-chief of UX Planet.  

“An architect would understand the properties of concrete, so why wouldn’t a designer understand the properties of code?” Says Aarron Walter

Acquiring deep knowledge of various technologies will open more doors to job opportunities at both big and small UI design companies in the USA. 

5. Accept and appreciate feedback – the ability to hear

Feedback is a gift! Having a system of hearing feedback, ratings, and reviews directly from customers helps you to make your app intuitive and rich in usability. According to Neel, getting feedback and reviews early and often from the customers will help accommodate early validation points to design, thus creating a more dynamic design process and delivering a better product. He further added, “Hearing deeply decisive and passionate customer feedback will only augment your lens when you’re designing with empathy.”

Here’s what you can do to approach customer feedback-

  • Take every customer’s feedback seriously
  • Categorize customers feedback
  • Fix the bugs 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What’s the Return On an investment of UX?

A study by Forrester reveals that every $1 that’s being invested in UX returns $100. This is equal to a return of 9,900%.

2. How does UX affect retention?

88% of people say they would not return to a site after a bad UX.

3. How do users react after experiencing bad UX?

96% of unhappy clients don’t complain. However, 91% of those customers disappear without leaving feedback and never come back.

Final Thoughts

User experience is far more interesting than you can ever imagine. Always get your hands on trying and erring with multiple user experience possibilities. This will increase your learning and help you understand the customer best and opens the roadmap to various opportunities.

Considering the above five crucial steps will help you master user experience skills and develop mobile apps that stand out from other competitors.

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