How are Grocery Businesses Leveraging Mobile and Web Technologies?

How are Grocery Businesses Leveraging Mobile and Web Technologies?


Earlier people use to visit retail and grocery shops available in the local areas and marketplaces in order to buy household and essential products. So slowly and very gradually this basic concept was being reinstated by Supermarkets, where people used to come across the variety of products and choices. Now when we are seeing the evolution of online retail and grocery stores, it has necessitated the need of a Grocery App for Business!

The Growth of Grocery Apps:

And that’s why grocery delivery apps are seeing such an enormous success and have become so popular. This has in turn lead to the numbers of such mobile apps increasing at a rapid rate. According to reports, around 43% of the buyers and shoppers prefer mobile apps when compared with grocery shops. In the years to come, industry gurus and experts are expecting to get a hike in the percentage of eCommerce apps. That’s why grocery-based apps are expected to see enormous growth. These mobile apps are by large built on the same architecture where the consumers can find an array and spectrum of products under various categories.

Benefits to Customers:


(Grocery Delivery Apps brings many benefits for customers)

  1. Grocery apps saving your time and cost

    Do you know why eCommerce is excelling at a rapid rate? And in this tough competitive world, the same statement could be given to grocery apps. But after the emergence of grocery apps, you don’t need to visit the grocery stores personally, walk around the whole supermarket by carrying a shopping basket, look for each and every item, look for the discounts etc. And lastly, when you are done with the shopping, you need to wait in the long queue for paying the bill.

  2. The Facility of Food order Tracking

    Here we are talking about the convenience of customers and success metrics of grocery apps that are being built for users. In this process, there are a lot of crucial reasons that show why the demand for grocery apps has suddenly increased. As per the reports, the rate of online grocery usage has increased up to 20% to 35% in 2016. And groceries have become must be taken products. So if you are getting the facility of food order tracking that means you are getting icing on the cake.

  3. Grocery Apps are helpful in easily managing the budget

    Well, in this rapidly changing technological world where managing your budget has become one of the key concerns; you need to properly keep a tight check on your budget and avoid placing unnecessary orders. And if you are buying products for grocery stores there are huge chances that you end up purchasing products that you don’t require. It’s only after purchasing that you realize that you have needlessly spent more than actually required. By using grocery apps, you could keep a close track record on how much you could spend on grocery items every month and can properly control it if it’s exceeding your budget.

  4. Get the benefits of discount, offers, and coupons

    Since its launch, the number of grocery apps have increased at an enormous rate. This shows that competition is getting stricter and tougher. And every now and then, you can find online grocery apps, which comes with a lot of enticing offers and tempting discounts for its customers. And this discount could be availed merely on almost every item and product, ranging from fruits, pulses, soaps, and detergents etc.

Benefits to Vendors: 


(A grocery delivery app for grocery business offers many benefits to Retailers/Vendors)


  1. Makes you aware of your customer behavior

    Consumer behavior is one of the key terms, which is applicable to every app category. By considering the current scenario, it has become a necessity for entrepreneurs and business owners to collect insights and valuable data of the customers.

  2. Direct Marketing Channel

    A Grocery app helps the retailer in maintaining a direct link with the  consumer. An app also saves them time and they can earn the best rates/profits from the customers and if the retailers have their dedicated shops, they can build a strong brand reputation, as well!

  3. Subscription

    Subscriptions are more of a recurring money-making model, where  grocery store owners/vendors can shell out discounts and seasonal offers in return of a subscription sign-up. There can be many types of offers such as discounts up to 10% on the first order or free delivery for orders above a certain value.

Parangat’s Grocery Delivery Solution

Over the past couple of years, Parangat Technologies has partnered with a lot of budding startups/ enterprise-level companies and has successfully delivered flawless grocery solutions. One such solution is Blazon – Delivering groceries at your doorstep.


   (Blazon – Grocery App Solution)

It’s time to add ease and comfort to your life with the Blazon App. It lets you stock up on your groceries right from your mobile. From garden-fresh vegetables to just-out fruits – find them all in Blazon. Add to your cart all that you need and place your order in just a few clicks and that’s it – get them delivered at your doorsteps. Blazon is the smartest solution to your grocery shopping.

Wrapping it up:

Grocery items have become an essential factor for daily needs and they are required for meeting basic needs. And a Grocery Delivery App is helping in meeting those daily needs as they save a lot of time and money. So if you are looking to get a grocery app developed for your business, hire Parangat as your web and mobile app development partner and we will help you in getting a top-notch mobile solution delivered. Just shoot us an email on [email protected] and get a free quote for your business idea and our experts will be in touch with you soon.