Everything Apple Announced at WWDC 2020

Everything Apple Announced at WWDC 2020

Critical Points At a Glance from Apple’s Conference:

WWDC is Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference, where Cupertino giant reveals new features and updates for Apple Products. Apple’s WWDC20 kicked off with a keynote on June 22 at 10 a.m., where it shows off all of the updates coming to iOS 14, iPadOS 14, macOS, watchOS 7, and all of the other software it builds in-house.

Apple has upgraded everything on iOS, right from the photos, music to messages, and also unveiled macOS Sierra & WatchOS 3.

  • iOS 14 features reimagined iconic phone experiences, all-new App Clips, new privacy measures, beautifully redesigned widgets, and much more.
  • Apple also announces its own chipset for Macbooks
  • macOS Big Sur- New sound effects, new widgets, and other features are coming with macOS Big Sur.
  • WatchOS 7- To get a new hand-washing feature


Apple’s WWDC is the most awaited conference that all software aficionados look forward to all year. Every year, this big gala is normally held in a conference hall, bringing together the global developer community to learn and give iOS developers a chance to share knowledge and stories. But, Apple’s WWDC 2020 was unique than ever before. Due to the ongoing global health crisis, it’s the first time when Apple’s conference has been streamed exclusively online because of crowd restrictions to combat the spread of Covid-19. The stream lasts around one hour and 45 minutes, where Apple’s various departmental heads presented things, from product unveiling to product demo.

Apple’s WWDC was as expected, packed with innovation and updates, but virtually. So what will be the new gadgets we will see this year by apple? How will the next-gen apple tech look like? What’s up with the best wearable tech? What will change the apple device holder’s user experience for the next year? Here, In this blog, we will answer all your questions!

But before we disclose What Apple launched at WWDC 2020, let’s see the announcements at WWDC over the last three years:

  • WWDC 2019: Apple announced about iOS 13 and the new Mac Pro, a powerful computing device. Apple also gave us a peek at the new 6K Apple Display.  
  • WWDC 2018: Apple officially debuted iOS 12, macOS Mojave, tvOS 12, and WatchOS 5. There were no hardware announcements in the event.
  • WWDC 2017: Apple talked about iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra. At WWDC 2017, Apple made the MacBook and MacBook Pro faster. 

Here’s everything that Apple announced in the first-ever Virtual WWDC’20:

iOS 14:

Apple has continuously been working to make its technology more interactive and elegant. As the co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs said, “If you love your software, you will put it in your hardware.” We see that zeal of being the best deliverer in Apple ven today. Therefore, they decided to scale up their operating system this year yet again. The attempt is to achieve betterments in intelligent features. 

Changes in Interface
  • Widgets: We now have widgets along with app icons. Widgets now come in all sizes so you can pick the information density that’s suitable for you.
  • App Library– A new home screen page that will organize all of your apps into one simple view. It automatically categorizes and sorts all of your app, based on app use.
  • Siri: There are many improvements in the voice-assistant this time. Even when it comes to the outlook, Siri now doesn’t take your entire screen. It is now capable of doing voice and text transcripts efficiently.
  • App Clips- Are you also the one who does not want to download more apps than you require? Apple has debuted App Clips in iOS 14. Now, you don’t need to download the app to gain access to what it offers. 
  • Messages– Now, you can pin your favorite messages to the top of your conversation list. You can even customize a particularly active group, so you receive an alert only when you’re mentioned by name. Also, with new memoji options, you can cover your face with masks. 
  • Car Keys- You can unlock your car with NFC. Also, you can easily share your keys with friends or families with messages. It also comes with handy new built-in apps focusing on EV charging, quick food-ordering, and parking like things.
  • CarPlay– Carplay Dashboard is getting the addition of new wallpapers that provides a new fresh look to your CarPlay experience. It also comes with a handful of apps that focuses on parking, quick-food ordering, and EV charging.

iPadOS 14:

Apple has introduced many new features in iOS 14 like widgets and App Library that carry across to iPadOS 14 too. Furthermore, Core elements of the iPad experience and looks have been improved with universal Search and Apple Pencil functionality.

  • Universal Search– iPad Search UI gets refreshed now. It can now dig more deep into apps like Messages, Keynotes, Mail, etc.
  • Scribble- Features like Scribble will let users input natural handwriting directly into text-entry fields, as well as the ability to highlight and manipulate handwritten text in a similar fashion to conventional typed text.

MacOS Big Sur:

The next version of macOS is called “Big Sur.” The look of macOS become more attractive, interactive, and spacious. The look and feel of the MacOS get a lot closer to iOS or iPadOS than ever before.

  • Safari- Safari keeps an eye out for passwords that mean now Safari can monitor your saved passwords that may have been involved in data breaches. You can easily translate entire web pages in Safari by just tapping to translate into the language that you want. Meanwhile, a “Privacy Report” button will be built into the left of the search bar, so you’ll be able to see what data is being tracked by the site you’re currently on.
  • New Maps– Apple has redesigned the Maps on macOS. Maps on Mac make the trip fast and easy. Powerful new features let you easily research destinations and new ways to navigate.
  • Control Center– The new Control Center, designed for Mac, enables you to add controls and drag favorites to the menu bar to customize it. The new controls to play music and display brightness. 
  • Notification Center– Now, the notification center became cleaner and more interactive, combining notifications/widgets in a single view for more information at a glance.

WatchOS 7:

When it comes to wearable tech Apple has established the reputation of being the best. Most reviewers in the tech community would agree to these to be the only ones with consistent features and performance. 

WatchOS 7 has given you more control over customizing the iWatch

You can now set up your iWatch the way you like it. Even here, Apple has worked to stay more interactive. There are multiple scenarios where we love a fellow friend’s watch face and want to copy the same. Instead of going through the entire set up, you can ask them to message you their iWatch face and copy it directly. This feature has come to be known as face sharing might be one of the USPs of iWatch this year.

Improved version of maps

Another crucial upgrade from the previous generation iWatch is the improved version of maps on the wearable tech. It comes with the cycling directions. These directions and navigation tools are displayed on full-screen, making it much easier for users to drive without holding any device. 

Sleep tracker

The sleep tracker feature has completely changed the usability of iWatch. Using machine learning it can detect your sleep patterns. The smart alarm, the iWatch, will help you keep track of your routine. 

Final thoughts:

While the beta versions were out for previews, Apple has worked to make its entire ecosystem-scale up for users across the globe. WWDC 2020 was just as good as any other year. It lived up to the hype. Apple has come to the understanding of native with the new chipsets. It is now designed to be more personalized, better privacy settings, and the best part is that it remains integrative. 

iPhone 12: Will it be Apple’s First 5G Phone

iPhone 12: Will it be Apple’s First 5G Phone

Apple’s second fiscal quarter for 2019 stood at $31.1 billion, which was $37.6 billion in 2018’s second fiscal quarter. Although iPhone 11 has been loved by many around the world. iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are still top-notch devices overall. Apple iPhones generally last longer than any other phones because of the software updates, data privacy in ios, and usability. But, this year, Apple has planned big and has decided to launch its first 5G phone, Apple 12.

Introducing 5G

Many analysts believe that iPhone 12 is going to be a significant upgrade. Analysts have been saying that the smaller notch, new camera setup, in-display fingerprint sensor, and 5G technology will be introduced in this new iPhone. According to TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple might ship 70-75 million iPhones in 2020, compared to 65 to 70 million this fall. Kuo says that Qualcomm and Samsung will be providing the 5G chips for Apple’s new iPhones in 2020. The latest X60 5G modem by Qualcomm might be under the hood of 2020 iPhones. The new modem will aggregate the spectrum of the network across the mmWave 5G band and ‘sub-6’. Apple’s 5G chip will be mainly centered on mmWave while Samsung s going for sub-6GHz, says Ming-Chi Kuo.

Since Apple has bought Intel’s modem business, there have also been speculations that Apple won’t buy 5G modems from Qualcomm and will design its own modems. But, it is not going to happen with iPhone 12. Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that 5G capabilities of new iPhones will use fewer signal amplifiers, he thought. It means slower 5G speed, but if users are still on 4G, they won’t find any difference.

Benefits of 5G

There are countless benefits of 5G. And the most significant benefits are, that it will offer higher speed in the transmissions that enable consumers to download content more quickly. Also, it offers much lower latency (1 ms), providing users to experience less delay, and get better performance. Therefore, it will provide greater flexibility for remote execution, a larger number of mobile devices, and the potential to incorporate virtual networks (network slicing), offering more personalized access to specific needs. In 5G, the latency will be 10X less than 4G, which means you can perform remote actions in real-time.

How will 5G benefit industries and government organizations? 

  • Controlling PCs by handsets.
  • Education will become more convenient as students can attend the class by sitting in any part of the world.
  • Medical Treatment will become easier & less expensive so that doctors can treat the patient from where ever they want.
  • Monitoring will be easier − A governmental and investigating organization can monitor easily from any part of the world which can reduce the crime rate.
  • Visualizing universe, planets, and galaxies will be possible.
  • Possible to locate and search the missing person.
  • Natural disasters including tsunami, earthquakes, etc. can be detected quicker and easier.

Drawbacks of 5G

The biggest drawback of 5G technology is that it still takes a lot of time to roll out. The network of 5G technology will be limited to some selected cities as carriers work to build out their systems and upgrade their equipment. Also, it will be spotty, with carriers relying on LTE as a backup for the first some years after launch. If we believe in the report, then it is assumed that it will consume a lot of your battery, which will get better with the second-generation 5G chips Apple is likely to use.

What Else to Expect?

Along with it, Touch ID, which has been the most loved feature in Apple’s previous iPhones, will be re-introduced. But, this time, it will be integrated under the screen. According to Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis, Apple could bring Touch ID into the screen in 2020 iPhones. Another headlining feature in the upcoming iPhones will be its camera with a new 3D camera, which will offer better AR performance. Many iOS app development companies and agencies will love to make some applications that will go hand-in-hand with the new 3D camera. 

Apple is also planning to launch the iPhone 9 earlier than iPhone 12. And, after the iPhone 9, Apple will launch four iPhone 12 models. With iPhone 12 carrying 5.4 and 6.1 inches displays and two iPhone 12 Pro models having 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches display. When it comes to displays, Apple hasn’t brought 120Hz refresh rates in the iPhones till now. But, the audience can see OLED screen with 120Hz refresh rates in the new iPhones of 2020.

What’s in for iOS development companies?

Companies offering iOS app development services are going to enjoy these new iPhones of 2020 because the development bubble will be broken down. Apple has a 3-year model refresh span, which started with iPhone X till iPhone 11 Pro. The iOS app development agencies have to work for the same features and a few refreshments nonetheless for these three years. With the new generation kicking off with iPhone 12, iOS app development services might see a big turn, and companies will have to bring newer stuff to get along with these new 2020 iPhones. Not to forget, Ming-Chi Kuo’s predictions have always been accurate and legitimate. Still, since there has not been any official confirmation on what’s Apple going to bring on the table, everything has been speculated, and the information must be taken with a pinch of salt.

Top 10 Ios Development Trends to Keep an Eye Out For 2020 & Beyond

Top 10 Ios Development Trends to Keep an Eye Out For 2020 & Beyond

We’re living in interesting times. Everything around us is evolving quickly, at a much faster rate than ever before. We can’t deny that emerging technology has continually brought new growth and improvements to the mobile app world. So, let’s visit some of the popular ios development trends that can shape the future. This helps to enable iOS developers to build mobile apps for the next decade. That’s more than ever any ios app development agency had imagined delivering. 

It’s important to keep an eye on rumors if you provide an iOS app. As iOS Apps Earn Higher Revenues As Compared To Android Apps.

It’s good to have engaged users rather than static users for earning more revenue. Compared to Android, iOS has more loyal users, who tend to stay with apple rather than shifting to the operating system. And that’s the reason iOS apps earn higher revenues as compared to Android apps. Hopefully, this blog will help ios developers to know some popular ios development trends which they use in 2020 and beyond.

Well Being a tech enthusiast I always look forward to new technology and appliances. In this blog, I tried to isolate some patterns. which I believe will be prominent in the coming years.

Let’s a look, which ios trends are dominating the market in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is so widespread at this stage that it counts only as news. AI refers to computer systems that mimic human intelligence and perform tasks such as image recognition, comprehension of voice, decision-making and much more. However, the debate remains interesting how Apple and IOS software development companies incredibly transform this potential. Interestingly, apps and developers have experimented with the artificial intelligence opportunities offered by Siri Union. Even as far as iOS apps are concerned, if they are integrated with Siri, they can be made available through the Sirikit shortcut app.

Augmented Reality

” The Matrix “is less imaginary than truth, with every step forward in the digital revolution. The good integration of Apple with AR into iOS enables the smooth incorporation of immersive technology with daily use. A greater reality allows businesses to encourage another type of user interface, thereby opening up a wide range of possibilities— such as how a customer will access product details.

AR and VR

It is not shocking to see that Apple is trying to use both AR and VR as powers to take them into account. For example, ARKit 2, which allows iOS app developers to create apps. It allows users to share their experience with others, different from AR apps. Arkit has been developed by Apple primarily for the development of autonomous AR-integrated iOS devices. This year, businesses will try to develop or incorporate new applications with these features into existing ones.

The Rise of Swift 5

Swift 5 marks a significant achievement in language development. Apple has released Swift 5 with a robust binary application interface (ABI) and binary compatibility. It also incorporates new features to create foundations for future releases. Which include string re-implementation, exclusive memory access compliance, new data types, and dynamic callable types support.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay provides unprecedented convenience as you see how mobile wallets are an important part of today’s digital experience. This usability will enter Apple Pay in their ios ecosystem this year. So, what does this ease of use mean for the users? Let’s get in with me in depth. The financial transfers for users are facilitated by Apple’s fee. It’s the icing on the cake that users do not need to keep their credit or debit card information on the app. NFC or near-field communication embedded in an iPhone works for users.


This is incredibly important for mobile app growth and Apple supports the success of its apps. The trend that has always been around and will continue to be around in the future is focused on app security. Although Apple is acclaimed for its built-in features that ensure full app security, developers will still take the extra mile to make apps more secure than ever before. 

Chatbots Trends Transform Customer Experience

In the rapid and convenient resolution of common customer inquiries, Chatbots already play a crucial role. These are virtual helpers who interact with users and offer support and services 24 hours a day. This is something that will attract customers more often and make them prefer their company than others. Now is the time to employ an iPhone app developer to create or incorporate a chat-powered app in your business.

Machine Learning

Thanks to modern computing technology, today’s machine learning don’t feel like past experience. Essentially an artificial intelligence branch had based on machine learning based on the precedent. That system can learn from data, recognize trends and make decisions without significant interference by humans.

5G iPhone

Apple did not formally reveal that it will launch the 5 G iPhone. But it’s expected that 5 G will be enabled by the models debuting at the end of 2020. Apple is expected to announce 5 G iPhones that contain plenty of information . which contains Apple’s 5 G iPhone plans and execution of all the rumors. Several leaks, rumors, and patent activity point to the anticipated 5 G iPhone launch. The device’s launch date and characteristics predict that 5 G’s market adoption on the whole. Furthermore, the benefits that 5 G will bring to Apple’s iPhone users once they board them.

Bring Your Own Device

Bringing your own computer or BYOD. It’s a method in which employees are allowed to access company systems and data using their personal instruments. BYOD is used by many organizations to increase efficiency and profitability. To enhance connectivity and teamwork, increase the happiness of the workers and minimize costs and provide flexibility for remote operations.

I know these ios trends are not anything entirely new because most of them have been around for a while. Though 2020 is a launchpad for getting these trends really to the mass market. We have to wait and look forward to seeing how ios app development agency will innovate their businesses.  With the use of such innovations in and beyond the coming year.

React Native vs. Flutter: What to choose in 2020

React Native vs. Flutter: What to choose in 2020

Are you also confused between React Native and Flutter for your cross-platform app development? Do you want to know which tech stack gives the fastest time to market? If yes, then you are in the right place. 

React Native with Javascript and flutter with Dart are both so much popular and highly successful multi-platform app development technologies that are creating a massive sensation among app developers as well as clients. So, here in this article, we will discuss everything about React Native and Flutter from a developer’s and client’s view. I hope this will help you to choose between these two platforms React Native and Flutter, in a better way.
First, Let’s know everything about React Native

Let’s look at the React Native Market share by category:

According to stackoverflow.com, 66.7% of developers use Javascript in their work. According to the stack overflow survey, React Native was the most loved and downloaded platform in 2019.

About React Native

React Native is a technology that was developed by Facebook in the year 2015. It is an open-source platform that supports both IOS as well as Android and also has the ability to expand to upcoming platforms too. Also, React Native has a lot of reasons to use it for your mobile app development. It is budget-friendly, you can reuse the code, it is UI focused, use less memory and many others!

React Native Development: Merits

  • React Native is a cost-effective solution! – Yes! You heard it right, React Native helps to reduce the value of the app of the development. It works with all the major platforms, including ios and Android. So developers don’t need to use separate codes. 
  • Hot Reloading– Hot Reloading is one of the most amazing features that help developers to keep the app running while implementing new version and tweaking the UI. 
  • A powerful and large community– React Native has the support of a large and influential community. It is an open-source javascript platform where every developer is free to give their amazing ideas that are easily accessible to all. 

React Native Development: Demerits

  • Less smooth navigation– The significant drawback of react native is that it provides less smooth navigation and still in its beta phase.
  • Low security– As we all are aware of the fact that React Native is an open-source framework that makes apps less secure. If you are creating apps like banking and financial, then, I would suggest not to choose React Native.
  • Takes more time– Another major drawback of react native is that it takes a lot of time to initialize 

Let’s know about Flutter

  • Flutter– Currently, the most popular cross-platform alternative to React Native is only Flutter, which can compete with the React framework. It was developed and created by Google in the year 2017. It is also an open-source platform that supports all the major platforms, including IOS, Android, and windows.
  • The popularity of Flutter is Rising- The demand for Flutter is rising, and numerous companies and startups are embracing this cross-platform technology. This new software development kit has started to make some waves in the market. Flutter developers are in demand due to its reusability of the codes and host of other reasons. However, this is still new in the market, and so for you and other developers too. 

Popular Apps made with Flutter-

Flutter: Merits

  • Open-source- Flutter is an open-source framework that is free to use. It allows having extensive documentation and comprehensive community support. If developers face any issues, then they can quickly get help from the large community of developers.
  • Cost-effective- As we have earlier mentioned, Flutter is cross-platform, you can use the same code base for your ios as well as android apps. It helps to save your money as well as your time.
  • Simple and fast- Flutter apps provide smooth and fast services without any hanging or cutting while scrolling. Also, it is easy to set up and start coding on low-end machines.

Flutter: Demerits

  • Need continuous support- Since Flutter is so new and still in the process of growing and developing. So, it requires constant help through the maintenance of scripts as CI platforms don’t support Flutter.
  • Web browser does not support Flutter- Another major drawback of Flutter is that it is not helped by the web browser. It is only supported by ios and Android.
  • Limited TV support- Flutter doesn’t work smoothly on Apple TV or Android TV. So, if you are wondering to build an app with Flutter for android tv or IOS TV, then the answer is no. 

Comparison between Flutter & React Native

Based on Popularity & Adoption Check

Well, if we compared these two cross-platform frameworks, then React Native is the popular choice of developers as Flutter is still quite new. The popularity of React Native is going enormous, and there are so many Fortune 500 companies who are leveraging this cross-platform framework. The popular name of companies and startups that are using React Native are Facebook, Pinterest, Tesla, Skype, Instagram, Bloomberg, Uber, Walmart, and many more. The statistics of React Native reveal that thousand of contributors have committed 16,000 times in 72 branches with over 300 releases, as per Github.

According to the Survey 2018, it suggests that React Native is the framework that most developers want to work with if they do not already. As such, it’s no wonder that so many developers are keen to work with React Native.

Based on UI

React Native uses the native component of Android and iOS, and it uses third party libraries for this. React Native has external UI kits, and it also supports components for iOS app UI design. Therefore developers can choose elements depending on the needs. While Flutter has its UI rendering components named Widgets for UI design, and are available for both Android and iOS. Since the flutter framework has a layered architecture, therefore, UI designed with Flutter is flexible. Developers can easily customize the widgets.

Based on Programming Language

React Native uses Javascript to build cross-platform applications. Javascript is a popular language in the web community right now and has a broad user base. It is easy to adopt the JavaScript framework for the developer, and therefore most companies adopted this framework as a no-brainer.

On the other hand, Flutter uses Dart for cross-platform app development. In 2011, Google launched Dart, a newly introduced and entirely different programming language in 2011. Dart is not popular among developers, and thus developers rarely use it. 

Based on Performance

React Native uses a javascript layer, which helps them to interact with the native components. This allows React Native to work faster and be more performant than other alternatives, but when compared to Flutter, it comes in a tough spot. Flutter doesn’t use any bridge to interact with the native module as it uses a streamlined process. Hence, everything works faster in Flutter compared to React Native. Even the changes that you make in Flutter are instantly seen in the app while it takes time to React Native.

Based on Time Taking for App Development

React Native takes less time to develop mobile apps as it offers ready-to-use components that accelerate the development project. It has a large number of IDEs & tools that support React Native. Additionally, it is also easy to create an engaging UI quickly. 

In this regard, Flutter is also made the development projects faster, and it’s easy to set up and configure. When compared to React Native, it doesn’t have the kind of tooling support as the React framework has. And it’s comparatively new in the market.

Based on Stability

The competition looks stiff. React Native has a large no. of community support. Its consistency and reliability have made it popular since inception. The newly launched Flutter beta 2 version offers some impressive features for the developers. React Native is already established and known for its amazing features and reliability in the market, where Flutter is still struggling to hit the mark in the industry.


Well, it is quite difficult to take one name as the winner because both React Native and Flutter have their pros and cons. But, still, if I need to take one name, then React Native came out as the winner in this match because React Native has been in the industry for a long time. However, Flutter is also in the race of cross-platform mobile app development and gave fierce competition to React Native. And, no doubt, as a new entrance, Flutter is a powerful new mobile app development kit. Undeniably, Flutter has a long way to go as it has impressive capabilities in creating beautiful apps. 

Relief Fund for Australia Bushfire

Relief Fund for Australia Bushfire

The unprecedented bushfires in Australia have left us all in disbelief. It’s devastating to know that in this tech world, where we are finding a way to build a civilization on the moon, there we can’ t find a way to control human activity which leads to disaster and steers to massacre millions of animals and people. The unmitigated disaster of the Australian bushfires is hard to comprehend, as what has already been a long bushfire season continues apace. Australia’s most populous state, New South Wales (NSW) has been the worst-affected. The months-long fires have killed at least 25 people and millions of animals and destroyed more than 2,000 houses burnt over the current bushfire season.

Reason for this Horrific Bushfire

Every year Australia has had bushfires, but this time it has been a lot inferior to usual. The hot, dry and windy weather has caused an early and grisly start to this year’s fire season. Due to the long-term drought in southern Western Australia, the Australian Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC foresee an eventful fire season for 2019-2020. Well yes, this may happen because of natural disasters, but it’s not wrong to say that we humans are to blame for that. As we had made a natural disaster into a man-made disaster. As, greenhouse gas emissions – this disaster led to the long-term decline in rainfall over the south and south-west Australia leading to fossil fuel burning and depletion of the ozone layer by human activity which led to a drought. Well, it’s a shame that because of horrendous human activity millions of innocent animals and many human beings have to suffer. Unknowingly or knowingly, we have become the cause for this horrifying event, we are the ones who should find a solution and offer help to innocent animals & living beings.

Image Source: https://metro.co.uk/2020/01/07/1000000000-animals-now-died-australias-wildfires-12015827/

Thousands of animals, tourists and people are looking for help. Let’s come forward and provide some shed of relief to Australia, well Indians cricket players are working their way to provide support. It’s the duty of common people also to help the way they can. To rescue the animals and people displaced by the wildfires in Australia. These animals are running for their lives, with no ingress to food and no shelter. Your donation will help bring these animals to medical attention and rehoming to new areas, and for every animal that is rescued, other resources are opened up to help people. Donate now to rescue the animals and people impacted by the Australian wildfires. Click the link below and be a part of this humble jester. let’s not lose our Hope and let’s show our empathy and support in times of need and let them know they are not alone and India will always stand in distress by their side. It’s time for Indians like you and me to step up and aid their efforts. As one of the best Android app development firms and a living being lets appeal to all our readers to join us in the fundraising effort and support Australia during these trying times.

Please visit the mentioned donation link. Parangat is just appealing to people to come forward for help. We are just helping a campaign created by Neil Morris, a Yorta advocate for fire relief funds for first nations communities. Donate in Australia Bushfire.

Meet Slofie, Apple’s New Upgrade to Selfie

Meet Slofie, Apple’s New Upgrade to Selfie

There was a time when people were crazy to get their pictures clicked on the front face 0.3 Megapixel camera. I still remember when Sony came up with the Ericsson Z1010, business owners thought of it as a must-have possession for their business meetings.

The concept of having a front face camera has diversified so much in the last decade or so. With the advent of technology, these camera phones are easily affordable for the masses. Every now and then we hear of a new launch by X, Y, or Z company. Thus, there are a lot of options in front of us to buy the selfie camera of our choice.

With the recent announcement and subsequent launch of Apple’s iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, the selfie thing is taken to a new level altogether. Launched a month ago in September, the new Apple smart phones now boast of giving slow-motion videos from the front camera. In order to take a ‘Slofie‘, the only thing you need is to tap the record button followed by quick movements of head, hands or face and then again tap on the record button to finish.

Slow-motion - slofie
Slow-motion ‘Slofie’

Apple’s Launch of ‘Slofie’

The slow-motion ‘slofie‘ could be recorded at 120 frames per second giving great detail to the videos. The 12 Megapixel camera adds great depth to the video. Not only this, the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Max contain several great features like wide-angle selfie feature, Multi zoom feature and excellent low light feature.

The only thing you need to do is to turn in your iPhone to the landscape mode and the camera will do the rest on its own.

Apple’s Innovation Slofie Received Instant Reaction

Though releasing the slofie feature in itself is a remarkable step but it has received mixed reactions from the public. Some users that were desperately waiting for this front faced slow-mo feature are glad that finally, they can see themselves in slow motion.

For them, entering the room or eating something in slow motion is a fun thing and they greatly like this innovation. But many a people on twitter bashed Apple for releasing such a feature saying they are tired seeing slofie.

An image of a man shooting a video which is a slofie
Slofie Be Like

But how can they be tired when this feature has just rolled in?
There have been several users who just didn’t like the term selfie and compared it to a sloth that is a slow and lazy animal. Several other Twitter users came up saying that they will have to see iPhone users taking slofie and irritating them often. Apple’s patent claims on the terminology Slofie added fuel to the wildfire that has been existing for quite a few days in the online space.

This patent claim is also a hindrance to other companies like Samsung, Sony and many others who might have their plans of coming up with such a technology in the future.

But despite all the negativity, we see the positive side of it. Being a leading app development company, we gladly welcome the innovation and think that it will be a key step towards more such innovations to come.

Why Slofie Is A Great Innovation For the Future?

Irrespective of what people say, nobody can deny that Slofie is in itself a great innovation loaded into the iPhone devices. Now, not all users can go and edit slow-motion videos. When it comes to recording video from the front faced camera in 4K, there is hardly anyone. This makes iPhone Slofie a great addition to the selfie lovers across the globe.

Some unique features in Slofie camera’s of iPhone 11 Series

  • Firstly, the camera sensors provide support for optimal image stabilization. This itself is a great feat especially for a front camera which is quite compromised in quality compared to a back camera.
  • The ability to record in 4K and Smart HDR makes it unbeatable irrespective of the price.
  • Slow-motion videos on the front camera and that too in 4K is a dream of every phone owner.
  • One can take ultra-wide photos from the front camera due to its f/1.8 ultra-wide sensor.

Countering Challenges of Selfie With Slofie and otherFuture Apps

Taking selfie poses so many challenges which could be countered with a slofie. Let’s analyze all those aspects were having slofie phones or camera app can be useful. Being a leading Mobile App Development company, here is what we think you can get in slofie taking phones and apps.

Challenge #1: Taking Perfect Portrait Photo

Taking a selfie is quite easier with our day to day Smart Phones. However, taking a perfectly straight portrait photo is a challenge. To deal with it, building a camera app that tells the exact dimensions of a user and whether one is still straight or not can prove to be the solution for the existing problem.
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Challenge #2: Group Photo

Clicking perfect group photos require a selfie stick or need a camera to be placed at an arm’s length. Moreover, different individuals mean different skin tones making it difficult to satisfy everyone. But with a 4K front camera like iPhone 11 series, one can easily get the best exposure to light and hence can get superior images.

Challenge #3: Video Selfie

There are quite a few challenges while shooting videos from the front-facing camera. There is no phone camera that can shoot front face videos in 4K. Of course, DSLRs and action cameras can do that but with front-facing video Slofie coming to picture, one can great slow-motion video selfie at a frame rate of as high as 240 fps.

Slofie, Patent And The Impact On Android Users

The reason why Apple is going for a patent for the term Slofie is due to the fact that they came up first with slow-motion video images. However, this is not something that is purely out of the box.
Many companies have in the past loaded phones with great front face cameras. The only difference is in implementing the slow-motion effect in the mobile phone. A short front face video is pretty similar to a slow-motion slofie.

Soon Android phones might also come up with such a feature. In a nutshell, technological advancements like ‘Slofie’ is a great step for users of all sorts of devices.

Final Verdict

Apple’s video selfie or Slofie is a great innovation for all of us. Rather than creating disgust over it, it’s better to accept it. Soon, Android users might also get the same feature in Android OS provided Slofie becomes indispensable.

As far as Apple is concerned, launching this feature may result in a great inflow of sale orders. Filing a patent on Slofie may cement Apple as the innovator of this technology. But trying to limit it to only Apple users is not a great effort as technology is there to be shared. Let’s see what comes next for all of us Selfie lovers in the future.

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