Wearable Devices-What is Their Scope in 2020?

Wearable Devices-What is Their Scope in 2020?

Wearable technology dates as far back as the 16th to mid 20th century when the first wristwatches were invented. Fast forward to the next five centuries, wearable devices have become a dominant factor in almost every aspect of our daily activities. 

From health care to food consumption; meditation and exercise, wearable technology has made the concept of a “quantified self’’ possible. Whether you are going for a walk in the park or you prefer the thrill attached to documenting and would love to keep track of your daily affairs, there are tons of wearable devices suitable for the job. 

Before we dive into its relevance in 2020, let’s take a look at some of the wearable devices available and its impact on numerous industrial trends. 

Popular Wearable Devices

Ranging from smartwatches to headphones and air pods, wearable devices have undeniably grown to become an influential part of the 21st century. 2020 is still fresh and unarguably has a lot of unpacking to do. Before the trends before excessively catchy, you might fancy checking out the productive influence attached to some of this wearable device. 

Smart Wristwatches 

When it comes to exercise and fitness wearables, running out of options is almost impossible. With amazon operating numerous stores containing wearable devices, a lot of individuals get confused when shown the remarkable catalogs fitness and exercise devices cover. Well, the important thing is that in the era of smart healthcare, now keeping a record of your health, along with some fitness exercise is as easy as a piece of cake. Wristbands have taken over the healthcare market in different forms like blood pressure monetary wristbands, Smart Watch Heart Rate Blood Pressure Blood Oxygen Monitoring Bracelet Pedometer Sleep Monitoring Bluetooth Waterproof Fitness Tracker and many more. 

Most wristband wearable devices offer remarkable functions capable of enabling you to keep a tab on all your daily activities. Mostly designed with a lo-fi LED, Bluetooth LE for synchronization with a phone, accurate sensors and a water-resistant interface, you wouldn’t have to build your fitness plan around the gym alone. So get one of these smart healthcare and keep scrutiny over your health, though a new form of health care.

Wearable Speaker

Finding a 21st-century teenager who doesn’t fancy the excitement earphones or airs pods provides is almost impossible. Purchasing a smartphone would grant you instant access to wearable speakers. Note that if you are not a fan of the pesky cord that most wearable phone speakers come with, purchasing an external wearable speaker of choice from any retail outlet can enable you to match taste with desire.

Google Glass

The name Google is among the few that operate without a need for description. The company’s exceptionality in the technological world has earned it a reputation like no other. Google glass is regarded as the most talked-about wearable device in the world. 

Designed to provide users with smartphone opportunities via its hands-free free option, it’s rated amongst smartphones probable replacement. Putting on this exclusive glass would provide you with unlimited access to the internet via google. Communications between users and the device are carried out via voice commands. 

Wearable Headband Device 

Do you fancy taking a walk or enjoy taking a relaxing posture when carrying out your daily meditation? Wearable Head Bandsdevices are designed to provide users with a personalized tracking experience while putting on a simple but trendy look. While most wearable headband devices are designed to operate with synchronization with Pc or phones, they are a few operating with a personalized dashboard capable of keeping track of all your brain’s activities. 

Apart from the brain activities measurement feature it possesses, Head Band Devices can also grant you access to functionalities such as measurement of daily steps, calories burnt, distance traveled, active time, activity break-up in a day, sleep tracking, etc. 

GPS Helmets

Hopping into the front-seat of a Suzuki ride can get extremely scary especially on occasions where a GPS navigator is not handy. GPS Helmets are regarded as the world’s most intelligent heads-up motorcycle helmet. Tailored towards providing a personalized riding experience while making riding safer, the helmet is designed with a GPS navigator, a Bluetooth chip and a 180° rear-view camera. GPS Helmets are among the few must-haves for every lover of the fast lane life. 

Circular Stickers 

The fast-paced digital world we operate in has made keeping a tab on anything and everything quite important and possible. Whether you are forced to watch your pets go through the stay at home experience each time work beacons or your kid is among the few that fancy making those scary runs each time you go shopping together, Circular Stickers got you covered. 

Circular stickers are about the width of a few 10p coins. Circular stickers are made of Bluetooth chips, temperature sensors, and batteries. Mainly designed to operate with a cell phone, alerts on tagged individuals would be sent to your phone each time its radar limits are exceeded.  


When it comes to exercise and fitness wearables, running out of options is almost impossible. With amazon operating numerous stores containing wearable devices, a lot of individuals get confused when shown the remarkable catalogs fitness and exercise devices cover.

Most wristband wearable devices offer remarkable functions capable of enabling you to keep a tab on all your daily activities. Mostly designed with a lo-fi LED, Bluetooth LE for synchronization with a phone, accurate sensors and a water-resistant interface, you wouldn’t have to build your fitness plan around the gym alone. 

Fabric Chest Straps

The requirement to keep a tab on the activities of the heart has become quite important as of late. While regular check-ups remain essential, the stress and time involved can trigger reluctance on a lot of occasions. The fabric chest strap is a heart rate monitoring wearable device designed with heart sensing fabric technology. 

Made up of a small band with heart monitoring sensors knitted in the fabric. Strapping the wearable device around the chest would enable you to get detailed heart readings from the comfort of your home.

Impact of Wearable Devices in Numerous Industries 

The impact wearable technology is having across numerous industries is quite limitless. Ranging from healthcare, marketing, support to security, wearable devices have occupied a huge deal of the global market.


Wearable devices have always been targeted at providing reputable healthcare amenities. Since the inceptions of wearable devices, empowering patients and practitioners from different works of life became affordable. With the efficiency internet of things and cloud computing provides, numerous healthcare wearable devices targeted towards providing appropriate resolutions efficient for both doctors and patients have been produced.

Hundreds of healthcare wearables geared towards proffering sustainable healthcare services such as blood pressure monitoring, heart rate, brain activities, etc. can be purchased via credible electronic outlets. 


24 hours vigilance is quite essential when trying to maintain a reliable security system. Chasing after criminals would certainly be impossible if you have to stop at every turn to pick your partner’s call. While phones and pc remain essential for every security enterprise, wearables such as air pods and communication wristbands are undoubtedly dominating the industry.

Social Networking 

The thought of being able to receive on the go messages from your loved ones instantly via google glasses is one that would certainly send chills down your spine. Social networking has never been as entertaining as this. Wearable devices influence in the social networking world has enabled thousands of enterprise and social media marketers to post and enjoy instant updates from twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram without having to lift a finger. 

Wearable Devices in Marketing 

The day to day sales job is never an easy one. Whether you are trying to keep track of the number of customers that walk into your enterprise daily or you are trying to monitor sales input and output within a specific location, acquiring a wearable device suitable to the task would come in handy.

Designed to provide a personalized IoT experience, wearable wristband, smartwatches, eyeglasses and even shoes capable of offering exceptional marketing experience can be accessed from any online store of choice.

Communications and IT

A reliable support system is among the major issues that most popular enterprises face. Getting your customers or enterprise to provide you with 24 hours communication service can be a pain in the ass due to the stress attached to having to hold up a smartphone or sit in front of a Pc all day.

Wearable devices can help create room for healthy working environments. Utilizing a smart wristwatch in maintaining communications with customers would enable you to enjoy a hands-free/Real-Time communication experience. 

What is its relevance in 2020

It comes as no surprise that our body is widely regarded as the technology’s final frontier. The endless innovation reputable companies like Apple and Microsoft bring to the table on a daily provides a competitive advantage to the technological trend. IoT inclined wearable devices are eventually going to end up taking over 90% of our day to day activities.

Creating a more productive and connected workplace remains one notable issue affecting numerous industries worldwide. While wearable devices can easily create a toxic relationship between individuals and the environment around them, its credibility in this age and time can in no way be undermined.  Amongst most other 21st century innovations, wearable devices have grown at an alarming rate since the first smart wristwatch was created in 2010. With fitness wearable devices ranking as the most notable tech trend for 2020 and increased demand for wearable devices within the past year, a lot of industries are rapidly diving into the pool of opportunities it offers.

Relief Fund for Australia Bushfire

Relief Fund for Australia Bushfire

The unprecedented bushfires in Australia have left us all in disbelief. It’s devastating to know that in this tech world, where we are finding a way to build a civilization on the moon, there we can’ t find a way to control human activity which leads to disaster and steers to massacre millions of animals and people. The unmitigated disaster of the Australian bushfires is hard to comprehend, as what has already been a long bushfire season continues apace. Australia’s most populous state, New South Wales (NSW) has been the worst-affected. The months-long fires have killed at least 25 people and millions of animals and destroyed more than 2,000 houses burnt over the current bushfire season.

Reason for this Horrific Bushfire

Every year Australia has had bushfires, but this time it has been a lot inferior to usual. The hot, dry and windy weather has caused an early and grisly start to this year’s fire season. Due to the long-term drought in southern Western Australia, the Australian Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC foresee an eventful fire season for 2019-2020. Well yes, this may happen because of natural disasters, but it’s not wrong to say that we humans are to blame for that. As we had made a natural disaster into a man-made disaster. As, greenhouse gas emissions – this disaster led to the long-term decline in rainfall over the south and south-west Australia leading to fossil fuel burning and depletion of the ozone layer by human activity which led to a drought. Well, it’s a shame that because of horrendous human activity millions of innocent animals and many human beings have to suffer. Unknowingly or knowingly, we have become the cause for this horrifying event, we are the ones who should find a solution and offer help to innocent animals & living beings.

Image Source: https://metro.co.uk/2020/01/07/1000000000-animals-now-died-australias-wildfires-12015827/

Thousands of animals, tourists and people are looking for help. Let’s come forward and provide some shed of relief to Australia, well Indians cricket players are working their way to provide support. It’s the duty of common people also to help the way they can. To rescue the animals and people displaced by the wildfires in Australia. These animals are running for their lives, with no ingress to food and no shelter. Your donation will help bring these animals to medical attention and rehoming to new areas, and for every animal that is rescued, other resources are opened up to help people. Donate now to rescue the animals and people impacted by the Australian wildfires. Click the link below and be a part of this humble jester. let’s not lose our Hope and let’s show our empathy and support in times of need and let them know they are not alone and India will always stand in distress by their side. It’s time for Indians like you and me to step up and aid their efforts. As one of the best Android app development firms and a living being lets appeal to all our readers to join us in the fundraising effort and support Australia during these trying times.

Please visit the mentioned donation link. Parangat is just appealing to people to come forward for help. We are just helping a campaign created by Neil Morris, a Yorta advocate for fire relief funds for first nations communities. Donate in Australia Bushfire.

Meet Slofie, Apple’s New Upgrade to Selfie

Meet Slofie, Apple’s New Upgrade to Selfie

There was a time when people were crazy to get their pictures clicked on the front face 0.3 Megapixel camera. I still remember when Sony came up with the Ericsson Z1010, business owners thought of it as a must-have possession for their business meetings.

The concept of having a front face camera has diversified so much in the last decade or so. With the advent of technology, these camera phones are easily affordable for the masses. Every now and then we hear of a new launch by X, Y, or Z company. Thus, there are a lot of options in front of us to buy the selfie camera of our choice.

With the recent announcement and subsequent launch of Apple’s iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, the selfie thing is taken to a new level altogether. Launched a month ago in September, the new Apple smart phones now boast of giving slow-motion videos from the front camera. In order to take a ‘Slofie‘, the only thing you need is to tap the record button followed by quick movements of head, hands or face and then again tap on the record button to finish.

Slow-motion - slofie
Slow-motion ‘Slofie’

Apple’s Launch of ‘Slofie’

The slow-motion ‘slofie‘ could be recorded at 120 frames per second giving great detail to the videos. The 12 Megapixel camera adds great depth to the video. Not only this, the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Max contain several great features like wide-angle selfie feature, Multi zoom feature and excellent low light feature.

The only thing you need to do is to turn in your iPhone to the landscape mode and the camera will do the rest on its own.

Apple’s Innovation Slofie Received Instant Reaction

Though releasing the slofie feature in itself is a remarkable step but it has received mixed reactions from the public. Some users that were desperately waiting for this front faced slow-mo feature are glad that finally, they can see themselves in slow motion.

For them, entering the room or eating something in slow motion is a fun thing and they greatly like this innovation. But many a people on twitter bashed Apple for releasing such a feature saying they are tired seeing slofie.

An image of a man shooting a video which is a slofie
Slofie Be Like

But how can they be tired when this feature has just rolled in?
There have been several users who just didn’t like the term selfie and compared it to a sloth that is a slow and lazy animal. Several other Twitter users came up saying that they will have to see iPhone users taking slofie and irritating them often. Apple’s patent claims on the terminology Slofie added fuel to the wildfire that has been existing for quite a few days in the online space.

This patent claim is also a hindrance to other companies like Samsung, Sony and many others who might have their plans of coming up with such a technology in the future.

But despite all the negativity, we see the positive side of it. Being a leading app development company, we gladly welcome the innovation and think that it will be a key step towards more such innovations to come.

Why Slofie Is A Great Innovation For the Future?

Irrespective of what people say, nobody can deny that Slofie is in itself a great innovation loaded into the iPhone devices. Now, not all users can go and edit slow-motion videos. When it comes to recording video from the front faced camera in 4K, there is hardly anyone. This makes iPhone Slofie a great addition to the selfie lovers across the globe.

Some unique features in Slofie camera’s of iPhone 11 Series

  • Firstly, the camera sensors provide support for optimal image stabilization. This itself is a great feat especially for a front camera which is quite compromised in quality compared to a back camera.
  • The ability to record in 4K and Smart HDR makes it unbeatable irrespective of the price.
  • Slow-motion videos on the front camera and that too in 4K is a dream of every phone owner.
  • One can take ultra-wide photos from the front camera due to its f/1.8 ultra-wide sensor.

Countering Challenges of Selfie With Slofie and otherFuture Apps

Taking selfie poses so many challenges which could be countered with a slofie. Let’s analyze all those aspects were having slofie phones or camera app can be useful. Being a leading Mobile App Development company, here is what we think you can get in slofie taking phones and apps.

Challenge #1: Taking Perfect Portrait Photo

Taking a selfie is quite easier with our day to day Smart Phones. However, taking a perfectly straight portrait photo is a challenge. To deal with it, building a camera app that tells the exact dimensions of a user and whether one is still straight or not can prove to be the solution for the existing problem.
Tip: As a leading iOS and Android App Development Services provider, we think this problem could easily be countered.

Challenge #2: Group Photo

Clicking perfect group photos require a selfie stick or need a camera to be placed at an arm’s length. Moreover, different individuals mean different skin tones making it difficult to satisfy everyone. But with a 4K front camera like iPhone 11 series, one can easily get the best exposure to light and hence can get superior images.

Challenge #3: Video Selfie

There are quite a few challenges while shooting videos from the front-facing camera. There is no phone camera that can shoot front face videos in 4K. Of course, DSLRs and action cameras can do that but with front-facing video Slofie coming to picture, one can great slow-motion video selfie at a frame rate of as high as 240 fps.

Slofie, Patent And The Impact On Android Users

The reason why Apple is going for a patent for the term Slofie is due to the fact that they came up first with slow-motion video images. However, this is not something that is purely out of the box.
Many companies have in the past loaded phones with great front face cameras. The only difference is in implementing the slow-motion effect in the mobile phone. A short front face video is pretty similar to a slow-motion slofie.

Soon Android phones might also come up with such a feature. In a nutshell, technological advancements like ‘Slofie’ is a great step for users of all sorts of devices.

Final Verdict

Apple’s video selfie or Slofie is a great innovation for all of us. Rather than creating disgust over it, it’s better to accept it. Soon, Android users might also get the same feature in Android OS provided Slofie becomes indispensable.

As far as Apple is concerned, launching this feature may result in a great inflow of sale orders. Filing a patent on Slofie may cement Apple as the innovator of this technology. But trying to limit it to only Apple users is not a great effort as technology is there to be shared. Let’s see what comes next for all of us Selfie lovers in the future.

What do you think about Slofie? Shall Android also come up with this soon? Have an iOS or Android project in Mind? Contact Parangat Technologies, a leading Mobile App Development Company across the globe.

Will Facebook and PayPal move the needle on blockchain adoption?

Will Facebook and PayPal move the needle on blockchain adoption?

Facebook is showing an era wherever centralized Blockchain acceleration in adoption can considerably change the long term of crypto-economics that is beginning to meet with payments.
This happens to be the specialty of distributed ledger technology and blockchain’s unbelievable performance improvement merging public and private networks and making transactions more efficient.

Blockchain adoption has recently gotten a significant boost — not simply through traditional players within the banking world like Chase, but also through social media. Facebook has been rapidly assembling a blockchain team tasked to figure with the emerging technology. It also recently opened a spot for a blockchain attorney to assist potential business partners. The social media giant is also looking for venture capital firms to invest up to $1 billion in its blockchain project.
Payments giant PayPal has also begun investing in blockchain technology. It recently joined a Series A funding round for Cambridge Blockchain, a digital identity software provider that combines blockchain with an off-chain personal data service to validate the identity of parties, legal entities, and devices.

Facebook’s Project Libra:

Facebook’s potential growth into crypto has been widely mentioned within the past few months.
Although the social media giant has not confirmed something on the far side having a blockchain department, new details about its digital token project continue to surface. Facebook has been rumoured to be involved with cryptocurrencies for at least a year now. It plans to rebuild its messaging infrastructure and merge its three wholly-owned apps — WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram — under one platform. This would give a future crypto token with exposure across the combined 2.7 billion who use the three services each month.
The existence of Facebook’s blockchain research and analysis team remains to be the sole official confirmation that the social media corporation is involved with crypto. The arm is led by David Marcus, ex-PayPal president.
Facebook is exploring ways to leverage the facility of blockchain technology. This new team is exploring many alternative applications.

PayPal’s First Ever Blockchain Investment

The specific amounts invested by PayPal were not disclosed by any part, but SEC filings indicate that Cambridge Blockchain raised a total of $3.5 million from several investors over the course of nine months.
PayPal invested as part of an extension stage to a series A round, whereas the main series A round raises $7 million. The total then would be $10.5 million. This seems to be an excellent first investment in the blockchain sphere for PayPal. It can have a direct use for Cambridge Blockchain’s business efforts. They indeed hold sensitive user information and the more secure options they have for handling user data, the better.

Overall, they would improve the processes around user on-boarding of personal data which included KYC processes, vetting of financial bank accounts and other counterparties.

Blockchains, while holding interesting potential, particularly in the world of finance, are still in their early days. We have not nonetheless seen use cases within the financial area that are extremely differentiated and notably compelling, but we remain engaged with the broader ecosystem and are interested in how blockchain may result in demonstrable benefits for financial services and other industries.

It also holds the potential to be the next thing that would drive greater messaging adoption and make its tools the key facilitators of a wide range of daily functions. For digital marketing, this might be a significant shift. Even if it does play out as predicted, it’ll take some time to make its way to western markets. But it may change everything about how you connect with your audience.

Blockchain helps influencers engage with fans

Blockchain helps influencers engage with fans

Many think of Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general when speaking about blockchain, but this powerful technology is much more than just that, it has the potential to positively transform many existing business areas.
Among the areas designed to take full advantage of the thriving technology, a major one is advertising and marketing, especially influencer marketing.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing within which the main target is on influential people instead of the target market as an entire. It identifies the people that have influence over potential consumers and orients marketing activities around these influencers.
Influencer marketing is used by brands to get their messages to a wider audience, while blockchain technology provides the necessary regulation for transactions between brand and influencer, ensuring transparency and ultimately providing security to all stakeholders.
Bloggers are the people with a big number of active, loyal followers on social networks, in the blogosphere and on other media on the Internet. They often recommend products and services and their audience usually responds positively, looking for and buying the same products and services.

It is this, positive response that marketers seek. The right influencer can bring huge dividends to a brand, but the trick for marketers and advertisers is finding just that influencer for their products and services.

Blockchain Influencer Marketing
(Blockchain Influencer Marketing)
(Image Source: https://hackernoon.com/influencer-marketing-fdff540b092e)

Market Growth

The decline of traditional TV and the growth of social media have given rise to influencer marketing, now one of the fastest-growing categories in advertising and projected to be a $5 billion to $10 billion market by 2020. Instagram is one of the largest developing segments of the growing influencer marketing market.

Significant trends that affect growth in the global influencer marketing market:

● Close to a fivefold increase (5X) in monthly influencer marketing interest over last six months.
● Collapsing television viewership in the demographics where marketers are spending heavily.
● Time spent on mobile apps (198 minutes) exceeded time spent watching television for the first time in 2015.
● Accompanying the decline in television viewership is the increase in digital ad spend, forecast to overtake television ad spend in 2016.

Blockchain ecosystem: Scalability approach and workflow

Different from other influencer marketing platforms in that its user base is bottom-up, starting from the very small nano influencers. A typical platform struggles with the sheer range of influencers they have to handle and reward, that’s one among the explanations nano and small influencers have fewer opportunities compared with their bigger competitors.
A blockchain-based application with a self-maintained quality verification framework brings an approach that lays the foundation for a highly scalable platform that is able to maintain high-quality standards.


In reality, most influencer marketing companies can’t guarantee demographic targeting or the regular release of electronic communication to strategically insert themselves into the consumer’s expertise. Brand executives might lack direct access to the influencers, instead of having to travel through intermediaries like managers or agents. There’s also the issue of brand safety, how to ensure that an influencer’s background, behavior, and language meet the highest ethical standards.
A Blockchain platform provides an opportunity to develop a solution that would leverage technology to add meaningful data and a much-needed structure to the market.

Everything you need to know about Development of an App like PubG

Everything you need to know about Development of an App like PubG

If you’re thinking that mobile apps are exclusively for large name brands like Walmart and Bank of America, you’re wrong. Many small and midsize businesses are following the mobile trend, understanding that an effective mobile strategy involves more than just a mobile-friendly website.
A great example is a game that has officially made nearly half a billion dollars – and the complete version of it isn’t even out yet. It’s PUBG – “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” – an amazing shooter game that lets 100 real players fight against each other on a deserted island. As each match progresses, the game puts survivors into closer and closer quarters. The player who survives – and there can only be one – is crowned as the winner.  It has created such a buzz over the internet that does not to die down soon.

Things to know about development of an App like PubG

  1. A unique idea

PUBG is all about you and other 99 players who touch base on an 8X8 km island and need to battle to be the last one who survives. You are permitted to utilize a wide range of amazing weapons, vehicles and supplies for shooting out other players. It is an amazing idea of engaging users and for making them a game addict.

  2. Soft Launch

The game was so popular on the desktop, that the team behind PUBG didn’t want to take any risks and launched the game just for the users in Canada. Actually, the scope was to check the sport and to examine however the audience can receive the mobile version, but this strategy is also a great method for game developers to eliminate the errors that may appear. Either way, if you want to discover the advantages and disadvantages of the soft launch and to learn the best practices when it comes to releasing your product on a smaller market, we have the best guide for you. Going back to PUBG Mobile, the game was in beta test for just a week before its worldwide release.

  3. Interface

The graphics of PUBG are astonishing, particularly when playing on the highest settings. There don’t seem to be terribly frame drops, however, the map detail and textures are not as much as the PC or console release and that is normal.

The touch-screen controls work amazingly well for a game as complex as PUBG. Utilizing the default setup, you go ahead with a virtual control stick, utilizing your other thumb on the right portion of the screen to control your point. You fire, point down sights, bend, go inclined and get to your backpack with virtual buttons on the right side of the screen.

Once you are comfortable with the layout, you will see you have access to all the similar actions as on the desktop version including free-looking and leaning. You can modify the layout of the virtual buttons totally by sliding them around and changing their transparency and size

4. Monetization Strategy

The mind behind the game followed the similar framework seen before in the Game category. The game is free to play, download and in-application elements are available for the individuals who need to buy them. In the meantime, we should say that the game-play does not rely upon the user’s budget.

After the features described above, PUBG seems to be an enormous machine with innumerable features. It is a high-level mobile gaming app. These kinds of games are normally created by experienced professionals and include high development costs. It is a high-reward and high-risk market. These games include an awesome level of details and are abundantly well-designed.


Want to know more about building an app like PubG? Request for a free quote to reach out to us on [email protected] and our experts will get back to you with the best solution for your business.