10 Points to Keep in Mind, So Apple’s App Store Never Rejects Your App

10 Points to Keep in Mind, So Apple’s App Store Never Rejects Your App

According to the report, more than 2 million apps are recently available in apple’s app store, and the number will increase more in the upcoming years. No wonders entering in such a crowded market is not an easy feat. As we know, Google PlayStore has specific guidelines and rules, in the same way, the app store also has specific policies and regulations that the developer has to follow before publishing the app. It is essential to follow the rules and procedures so that you don’t have to face rejection.

Apart from that, there are some other tips too that can make you never face this situation.

Some Popular Stats of Apple’s App Store:

Some Popular stats of Apple's App store
  • Recently prompted by US government officials, Apple revealed that over 40 percent of App Store submissions are rejected.
  • According to the report by Apple’s Director of Federal Government Affairs, Timothy Powderly said, “The App Review team reviews more than 100,000 submissions per week and reject approximately 36,000 of those submissions.”

Some of the Common Reasons Why the App Store Rejects Your App:

  1. Metadata issues such as Inadequate information, wrong screenshots, misleading info, and many more.
  2. Lacking Standard Functionality
  3. Copycat of Another App
  4. Poor user interface and user experience
  5. Binary errors including Crashes, bugs, problems with the requesting permissions, low last value, inappropriate user interface, placeholder content, and so on.
  6. Poor performance
  7. Lack of Valuable Content
  8. Hardware and software compatibility
  9. Lacking standard functionalities
  10. Short description.

Some essential tips to make sure your app isn’t rejected from the App Store

1. Provide Only Accurate Metadata

It is essential to provide clear and concise metadata: the app’s description, screenshot, or preview. The core feature must be knowledgable for your customers before installing the app from the app store. If your app contains a purchase, make sure it should also describe the app’s information to maintain complete transparency. 

Additionally, it would be best if you kept your app metadata up to date with all the new releases so that you don’t face any issues in the app store.

2. Follow the App Store Guidelines

According to the report, most of the app face rejection because they don’t follow the app store’s guidelines. If you don’t want rejection in the app store, it is essential to follow the guidelines during the development process. Don’t maneuver your app to meet the guidelines after development. If you make such an alteration in the App Store’s existing app, it can result in the complete mess. Faulty integration of Apple device features is regarded as a breach of guidelines and becomes the main cause of rejection.

3. Beta Testing

Any bug, malfunction, or glitch can be a reason for app rejection. App Store won’t tolerate even the slightest fault. If you want to see your app in the app store, make sure it doesn’t include any bug before submitting it to the App Store. Apple allows the developers to test trial and beta versions and the demo of the app with TestFlight. 

4. Integration of Own Payment System

These days, many app owners add in-app purchases in the app for monetization. If your app takes payments to unlock user and digital content features, you must integrate Apple’s in-App purchasing API system for the payment. Don’t ever try to use other payment sites. And if anyone fails to comply with Apple’s app purchasing system, their app will face guaranteed rejection. Apple’s App Store has made this integration compulsory to provide users with a safe and secure platform for financial transactions. If you are building an app for the iOS Store, make sure that the iOS app development company does not use any forbidden APIs in your app.

5. Fix all the Software Bugs

Before you submit your ios application to Apple’s App Store, make sure your testing team follows rigorous testing and has checked the software twice or thrice times. Remember that Apple’s team strictly reviews the submitted software and will not ignore even the slightest fault. And if they found any bugs or glitches in the software, they can discard your app. Therefore, it’s prudent for all the iOS app development agencies to test the app time with the utmost care.

6. Use Apple’s Latest Technology

It’s crucial to ensure all of Apple’s products are compatible with the company’s products. Use Apple’s latest technology into your app to boost your app’s chances of being featured in Apple’s App Store. By doing this, you can make your product stand out. Incorporating Apple’s latest technology into the app can increase the chances of app approval. 

7. Reduce Your App Size

Do you know? According to the research reports, 65% of people would not install the app if they find it too large. Remember that your ios app’s size must not exceed the average app size. There are no specific guidelines for the app’s size, but keep your downloads to a minimum. Because it will increase the chances of app approval and would get more no. of downloads.

8. Demos 

Before getting sanction to list the app into the App Store, it is vital to pre-release the app with a limited trial feature set. But, Keep in mind, Apple does not support demo apps. So, don’t try to submit a demo or test app to Apple, as they will reject it immediately.

9. Loading time

Apple’s App Store set the load time of an app is within 15 seconds. But it should be faster. Suppose your app load time is taking too long. In that case, the users will immediately abandon an app over a website. Optimization of app performance is the need of the hour and must be optimized correctly. 

10. Design 

We all like Apple’s product designs. Aren’t we? Apple always welcomes apps that are visually appealing and intuitive. Always make your app’s interface appealing and straightforward. If your app’s interface or design is complicated to a user, Apple will undoubtedly reject your app unless you rebuild the interface.


It takes a lot of time, resources, and energy to build an ios app with user-friendly features. By keeping the above vital tips in mind, you can make your app stand out and avoid the rejection from the App Store.

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