Here’s how Apple is toting up Artificial Intelligence to your smart iPhone

Here’s how Apple is toting up Artificial Intelligence to your smart iPhone

New automated features like routing around the traffic and recognizing people at the events are creating a photo album, which is turning the iPhone into a well-versed and smarter accessory of your life. Chatbots are helping in completing your daily tasks like it allows anything user on Facebook. In short span of time, it has become an exceptional assistant that helps in managing your conference dates and scheduling meetings. A new update for your iPhone includes new automation in order to make lives easier and reduces stress. At a developer conference, which held in California, Apple announced iOS10, which was focused on how to make your phone “think differently”. Let’s take a look at a few potential updates that impressed a lot and have a lot of things to offer:  

  1. Improved Maps to suggest better route details

The Apple Maps app in iOS 10 will help you know the recent traffic problems. With the emergence of the Waze app, which is now owned by Google, Apple has launched its Maps app in iOS 10. This will help you in figuring the exact routes and will let you know about the traffic problems automatically. The app also suggests which routes you should typically prefer. By using Calendar feature, user can get the route suggestions.

  1. Automated text responses

If you are chatting with someone, a new feature “Quick Type” in the iPhone’s Messages app will suggest more than just the auto spelling correct. It has a lot many features like if someone asks question about your current location “Where are you?” the iPhone app will automatically show your current location in the map. And if someone asks you availability to fix a meeting, it will suggest the time by checking your calendar.

  1. Facial recognition feature for photos

The Photos app can now successfully recognize the people in photos and will offer you to group together. Apple launched this feature on the Mac desktop for some time, but the amazing thing about having it on the iPhone is that the processing is all local to the phone. And that means it is comparatively more secure as photos now don’t need to be processed in other technologies including cloud technology.

  1. Your voicemails could be transcribed

Even though it’s now available on Google’s Voice app for many years, the iPhone has the feature to transcribe your voicemails successfully and automatically. And it could successfully turn them into text format. In turn, this saves a lot of time because as you can now scan easily through the already written text comparatively faster than you could listen to messages.

  1. Now your Smartphone knows when you could lift it up

Now you don’t need to press a button to increase the shine of your screen. Your phone’s accelerometer knows when you are raising your phone to look at it. And once you raise your phone and look at a glance to check the notifications screen’s light will increase and when you’ll keep the phone down the screen light will again become dim.

  1. Siri can now order a Food from your Favorite restaurant

The voice assistant available on the iPhone and iPad, which we know as Siri has become smarter. Now Apple is allowing the Siri to work with available third-party apps. So that means, now you could ask Siri to order your favorite food or cab from Uber.

  1. Automated videos of events

Apple is advertising its new feature called Memories. And this new feature will grab all the video snippets and photos, by properly identifying the known places and people at a conference or event. It will then combine them altogether and will come with a highlight video, which will have all the key highlights of wedding or birthday party. And this feature will let you twist all the settings in order to make the video shorter or longer. And it will emphasize the action and crucial moments, both.

  1. News app will automatically group all the key stories

Apple launched another new automation in its News app. The new revamped News app will create sections for news stories while on the fly and could group them by quickly scanning and show only the new and latest business stories.

How IoT and related technologies are leveraging blockchain to address inherent challenges

How IoT and related technologies are leveraging blockchain to address inherent challenges

Blockchain, soon has become a leading Technology and is gaining enormous user attention especially in cryptocurrency. And in coming years, it is expected to change all the key aspects of emerging and digital business. Nowadays, even Blockchain have become a bigger trend than Internet. And if we can successfully combine blockchain and IoT, amazing results could be seen.  A lot of companies have even already adopted the duo Blockchain and Internet of Things or are planning to have the flawless implementations, solutions and initiatives of these two.

According to Forrester, basically there are 3 key challenges for Internet of Things and Blockchain ecosystems that need to be addresses. Let’s take a look at them:

Technology: For IoT, Security comes in picture. If we talk in the context of Internet of Things, security has been always a challenge. So you need to be clear that security should not be overlooked. Here, Blockchain comes in, as it a secure medium to the Internet of Things.

Operational challenges: The business model and other key practical aspects require a lot of operations like agreements.

Legal and compliance issues: A lot of responsibility issues are there, if we talk in terms of case of actions that are majorly taken by devices.

Is Blockchain the solution to IoT challenges?

In short span of time, Blockchain technology has become a flawless source, which could provide an efficient and simple infrastructure. It enables an effective and safe transfer between two devices, be it a piece of property or data. The key reason behind its popularity is – it’s highly secure and reliable. And to efficiently enable the exchange of these messages, IoT devices need smart contracts which have the capability to model the agreement between the two key potential parties. And this feature will enable the independent functioning of potential and smart devices that too without the need for key and centralized authority. So this peer-to-peer and exceptional transaction has proved highly efficient and reliable digital infrastructure.

One of the key advantages of having Blockchain is – it’s public. And the best part is everyone is participating and could clearly see the reliable blocks and flawless transactions, which are stored in them. But everyone here doesn’t mean that anyone can see the private content of your transactions because it is secured by your confidential key.

Since a Blockchain is decentralized, so not everyone or any single authority is not authorized to approve the transactions or set a specific set of rules in order to have transactions acknowledged. So that proves that only reliable sources are added in the chain or network as a failure would make everyone face the consensus in order to accept the transactions. So most importantly, Blockchain is secure. And the database is only allowed to be extended and previous records could not be manipulated or changed.

In a nutshell, the key benefits of leveraging the Blockchain technology in getting completely securing IoT that could be shortened in just three points: earning trust, dropping costs and accelerating transactions.

Software Key Reasons Why You Need CRM

Software Key Reasons Why You Need CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) vendors are offering bespoke solutions to small businesses, thus providing software-as-a-service options. And when SAAS is flawlessly integrated with other pioneering technologies, people get the perfect understanding of what a small business expect from their enduring customer relationships. Earlier there were speculations that CRM is just for big brands and large enterprises so it would too costly, time-consuming, intricate and troublesome to leverage this technology for becoming successful. But thanks to software-as-a-service (SaaS) CRM vendors providers like NetSuite,, which helped in rejuvenating the tarnished image.  And that’s why big enterprises and SMEs are welcoming them with open-hearts and embraced CRM for affordable, easier, scalable and accessible recreation. Today even small businesses are finding these exceptional tools worthwhile.

CRM A potential and effective CRM application provides a flawless, organized and comprehensive view of a brand’s prospects and customers, and enhances employees’ interactions among them.  In recent years, CRM software packages are gradually becoming affordable and have come down in terms of price and scale. They have migrated to hosted applications or SaaS solutions, thus making CRM solutions easily available and accessible to huge and growing number of start-ups and SMEs.

Key benefits of CRM

Regardless of the type of CRM solution you are choosing for your business, it offers a few key benefits, thus allowing you to do the below mentioned things:

  1. Figuring out which customers could generate the maximum profit: By properly analyzing the buying behaviors and other confidential customer data, your brand or business could gain a deep and better understanding of your best customers. And you could differentiate between the list of customers by providing the highest profit margins and figure out those who could simply bring the high revenue. And you could use that crucial information in providing a better customer service to your customers.

  2. Properly analyzing the buying patterns: By having the proper understanding of the customer’s buying patterns, you could spot your potential and valued customers and leverage the sales opportunities, too.
  3. Maximizing per-customer profits and earning revenue: Data taken from CRM could help you in lowering the cost of selling to various customers, thus helping you increase the profits from your retained customers.
  4. Key features to look for in CRM:  Whether hosted or licensed, these are a few common features that you should look in a CRM solution for your brand or business.
  5. Application Programming Interface (API): API allows the CRM solution to correctly link with the other connected systems, thus eliminating the need to enter into information-based solutions several times.
  6. Managing multiple contact information easily: CRM allows its users to properly organize their crucial data and access other professional details. That makes it possible to view all the possible interactions that have done with a particular user, as well as with the multiple individuals.
  7. Dashboards: The system and solution should provide a detailed view of the sales and business opportunities across a company’s customer base and its employees, who are working on them. And with this, a lot of promising opportunities are expected to fall.
  8. Delegation: By using this tool, employees should be capable of using the system to electronically delegate tasks to their team members and colleagues.
  9. Easy information access and entry: Employees could easily access the information from anywhere that too within the system. And information could be easily accessed through both the individual’s and company’s name.
The Cure for Scattered Documents and Lost Time Is Here

The Cure for Scattered Documents and Lost Time Is Here

So you spent a bad day at work? And you ended your day aggravated and cranky. So, what’s the reason behind it? It may be because you spent too much time while looking for something crucial, and you are not able to get those things done. You must be looking for the details and crucial documents that are hidden within the sprinkled projects and you are unable to reach teammates, who are located in the multiple time zones. Or a lot of people are trying to grab your attention in various ways including instant messages, email, meetings, and calls. And you are unable to find the focus you need to accomplish while completing your tasks. Scattered info not only ruins your days but it also ruins your productivity. And time management and document management apps can help you out in maintaining your productivity.

Platforms and Mobile apps are designed to make our work flawless

According to a few reports, for searching scattered information productivity is hindered and goes as much as 35 percent. And the solution to this challenge is complicated. According to the study done by Hubspot people are wasting their time at work, and it’s not because they are spending time spent in updating their Instagram accounts. While 82 percent of surveyors said they spend an hour a day in just logging into and managing the various systems that they require to use. While most of the companies employees use various apps and platforms, but how can we possibly manage them efficiently and effectively?

That’s why you should know which Tool to use and when

As we discussed earlier also that we can use a lot of platforms and apps to manage our documents easily and searching them easily, too. So the app or platform that we choose should be focused on communication and should help in getting the things done rightly.  As it’s a medium to create, save, store, scan, and find documents of all types and sizes and get that projects synchronise across the physical boundaries.

However, these particular standards might not fit with every team, but they give a clear understanding of how to find each and every bit of scattered information. In spite of locking crucial information and data away on several individual hard drives or getting buried on vast storage services, it’s should be in everyone’s best interests to ensure that all materials should be completely collected, organised, and shared on apps and platforms that you are using for getting your things done.

And once you’ve set your rules of engagement and organised all your team’s confidential and crucial information at one place, you could keep that data easily searchable and knowledge alive, even as your complete team changes over time. So let’s get everyone at your company to ensure they have shared information at one reliable and secured app or platform. And once everyone is in the same phase, finding and managing the work across the teams will be easy, and will finally put an end to your bad day at the office.

Why Videos That Feature Humans Increases Credibility of a Brand?

Why Videos That Feature Humans Increases Credibility of a Brand?

In recent years, Video marketing has grown tremendously and in that short span of time, it has become a relatively new marketing trend that has a lot of benefits for brands or businesses. By adding video to their website, businesses and brands are quickly and conveniently reaching its customers and prospects, thus generating more sales. Now sales representatives are easily responding to their customers’ needs, that too without spending a lot of time or money.

Do you know what makes video marketing so popular? – It’s ease of sharing.  Once the video is created, it could be easily placed added anywhere over the Internet. It could also be easily sent through email, social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Let’s take a look at a few staggering facts About Video Marketing

    • On Google’s search result, a video is 53% more likely to appear on Google’s index, thus appearing on the first Google page
    • 60% of the complete web traffic comes from the online video
  • 68% of the top 50 E-commerce businesses and Retailers are leveraging video feature on their website to give an extra boost to their business

What makes Video so popular? – It’s repeated Use on the channels – Once the captivating and engaging video or testimonial is created, it could be used again and again. More benefits here:

Better Way of Representation

Since our school days, we have been in the habit of reading documents or PDFs to understand anything. And since then the written word has been the medium to understand, advertise and promote your services and products. But now after the evolution of “Video feature” people got an exceptional medium to convey their emotions and thoughts. Video production helps the user in expressing their thoughts in non-verbal ways, too. The user can share the thoughts through their body language and facial expression, which in turn, helps their user in better understanding the person’s thoughts and emotions.

Builds Reputation and Credibility

It helps brands and businesses in increasing their reputation and credibility as they could record their client’s testimonials in the form of videos, thus helping new customers in knowing the product’s and service’s offerings. Now a potential customer can check client’s videos and testimonials before buying any product or service. It helps in increasing the credibility and trust among its consumers, thus leading to more sales and revenue.

Adds Human Touch

Video marketing is considered as one of the potential medium of marketing and branding as compared to other channels. Do you know why? – Because it adds a personal touch to your marketing and advertising. Now your prospects can see all your offerings and services before doing business with you.

Increases Engagement with Your Website

People love to see visual things and the simplest way to engage and influence them is to add video to your website. As it allows you to imbibe stunning presentations and testimonials that not only inspire viewers but also engages them, thus, increasing their stay time on your website.

Staying ahead of the Competition

You can get a huge leap on your competition by just adding a promotional or client’s video to the homepage of your website. It will help your clients and prospects in finding your product more influential as compared to others.

Hope you liked reading the above article about how Video integration could help your business in gaining credibility and trust. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Can Digital Investments Reverse Declining Revenue?

Can Digital Investments Reverse Declining Revenue?

Gone are the days when by having just a quality customer service, you can entice and retain customers. Today, it’s all about customer experience from the initial outreach to on-boarding solutions and services. Be it millennial or individuals, you could expect a flawless, digital experience no matter which industry, service or product you are looking to. Even executives of the financial industry are recognizing digital demand all across the customer segments in order to sustain or grow in their market space.

Keeping up with the pace

To keep up with the pace, companies and firms are creating better understanding and capabilities to personalize the customer experience. Whether that’s through investment advice, on-boarding, conventional methods like lending, or customer reporting and servicing.

Many companies and firms are exploring robust, scalable and digital-enabled tools. Even some firms are already competing and getting ahead of the competition. “Digitally advanced” financial institutions are investing around 17% of their revenue in technology as compared to 12% for all the firms, according to reports. And by 2022, it’s expected to rise from 24 – 19%, respectively. However, it’s not a huge difference, when compared with the big brands because they are generating more revenue.

At times, when budget is comparatively tight and profits and revenue are low, especially for asset managers who are largely investing in digital technology. It could make a huge and significant difference especially when you are looking to create greater efficiencies and personal customer experiences. As per the reports, currently around 31% of the revenue is generated by the digitally advanced firms, which is basically due to the investments in digital channels, if we compare with 22% for all the organizations and firms. It’s predicted that above mentioned figures are expected to rise by 48% & 38%, respectively by 2022.

Infact 31% of the revenue generated by the digitally advanced companies and firms is basically due to the investments in digital channels as compared to 22% for all organizations and firms. It’s predicted that those figures are expected to rise to 48% and 38%, respectively by 2022.

Enabling new products and services

Some organizations and firms have already started taking action. By understanding the need of the hour, we at Parangat have started working with investment managers to help them create a new approach to meet their business needs.

One of the big pain points for consumers and users who are looking to have a loan is slow process, which in turn, results into dated applicant experience. Even too much time is spent on piles of paperwork, endless visiting trips to sign original documents and many other action-killing delays, which are basically caused by an old conventional process. But by digitizing the process and workflows, we at Parangat are successfully collaborating and creating flawless and seamless process.

How about remotely securing a loan within a matter of days? What If your clients could digitally apply for loans, easily process the steps, get their documents evaluated and approved? It’s great, right? Digitalization will undoubtedly accelerate the lending process and significantly minimize the big pain points of paperwork and delays of customers.

Digital improvements and enhancements

Digitalization will not only enable the firm to come up with a much more customizable experience for its clients, but will also lower the internal production costs for its client reports, fact sheets, fact sheets books and pitch books, thus allowing the company to reorganize their work procedures and processes so that they could come up with more strategic initiatives.

Today, most of the industries and firms are seeking creative and innovative ways to deliver cost effective products while having a deeper client bond.