How to spur customer retention with consistent focus on user-centric UI/UX?

How to spur customer retention with consistent focus on user-centric UI/UX?

We all know how important role UI/UX plays in the success of any product or software. And, that’s why it has become an important factor in customer retention as it has the capability to give the competitive edge to customers. But building an enticing and user-centric interface that can provide best-in-class user experiences and can engage customers is a huge challenge.

With the recent advancements and ever-growing innovation in technology, thousands of identical mobile and web products are already available in the market, which has exceptional interfaces and usability. So designing an app that is user-friendly and has wow factors that can not only entice new users but can retain the existing ones is a big challenge for app publishers and designers. As per the current trend,   “Simple and less” always wins and “complex and more” looses the race. For building an app that has exceptional user experience and is designed with simplicity is not any rocket science. Indeed it is probably easier than you can think. For that, all you need to do is to figure out and understand the behavior of your users. Let’s take a look at the tips on how to make your apps be it the web or mobile user-friendly and business-centric.

  1. Less text with enticing icon

Always try to keep fewer texts on headers, descriptions, buttons, notifications, alerts, and on other messages, which you want your users to read first. And less text will result in less scroll and high readability. Another key factor that will help in retaining the customer is the use of the simple yet enticing icon that includes one or two colors. It is a proven and amazing way to entice users’ attention. And, ensure they are not too huge, detailed or heavy colored.

  1. Create wireframe after thorough analysis and with a proper vision

Create wireframes with a proper vision that will help users to save clicks and enhance convenience. And, for that, you need to use actual data, alerts, buttons, loading messages, validation errors, and any data that can foresee the production environment. You need to create a well-versed wireframe that can be essentially used as a user-centric functional prototype. While creating a wireframe, you need to consider following points:

  • You are using actual fields and lingo that are required while you are at production stage
  • Clear Errors messages
  • Related content in text fields
  • Succinct fields to reduce registration time
  • Links and proper color variations wherever required
  1. Use of keyboard

This feature is advantageous for Web applications. Keyboard shortcuts allow user to quickly access items, estimates, expenses, and invoices, which are used frequently by users. It has resulted in amazing success. By using a keyboard, it is always easier and faster to select, enter, type, save and delete. Always remember that your Wireframe will show how properly you have used the keyboard.

With app design excellence, we at Parangat, never settle for less

Leaving far beyond their conventional role in communication; smartphones and tablets are one of the fastest and emerging power packed platforms commonly used for sharing, business, collaboration, entertainment, social networking and internet browsing. And, with a paradigm shifting in the ways in which businesses are being depended on mobile and handset devices, there is a rapid increase in the demand for mobile user Interface designs and applications globally. Today, mobile applications are integrating lots and lots of smarter features and designs that aid marketing campaigns, revenue generator, connectivity options and online business transactions especially for those, who are on the go. Bet it established or startup businesses, corporate houses, brands or individuals, every segment is now incorporating highly customized user interface designs in their mobile applications. A captivating and well-coded UI/UX design helps in increasing the affordability, usability and essential worth of their services and products.

How Parangat is exploring cost-effective healthcare app development solutions and services?

How Parangat is exploring cost-effective healthcare app development solutions and services?

At Parangat, we specialize in developing health and fitness apps that connects numerous health organizations, doctors, patients or hospitals with targeted users. Since inception, we are engaged in mobile app development. And, our expertise and experience in successfully delivering mobile solutions to various industries has helped us reach newer heights. We posses expertise and experience in developing top-notch mhealth apps and that has helped us in sustaining our prominent position in the mobile app development industry. Our team of expert and experienced mobile app developers know that how to develop revenue-generating, robust, user-centric, scalable and cost-effective mHealth solutions that can be delivered on-time. And, our familiarity with HIPAA compliance and regulations enables and energizes us to build flawless mHealth solutions that are secure, flexible and market-centric.

Technologies We Work On

Being a leading mHealth app development company, we posses team of mobile app experts that have developed a lot of market-centric mHelath apps. Be it native, cross-platform or hybrid app, we at Parangat has earned expertise and experience in every platform and technologies. And, that’s because we have a team of proficient and experienced industry professionals who are passionate and adept in developing any app by using any platform, framework, language or technology.

We have developed app on every platform including Android, iOS, Wearables, Windows, Beacon or Phonegap and have served clients across the world. Our expertise and experience in tailored development, coupled with our key focus on HIPAA regulations and compliance, makes the best mHealth app development company. Since inception, we are empowered by our expertise and experience, which in turn, enable us in developing mHelath solutions that are meeting the key challenges of Health providers and patients including securing patient’s data, creating a user-friendly interface, and marketing their hospital or health system’s new app.

What Makes Parangat Build Best-in-class mHealth Solutions?

Since inception, Parangat is offering top-notch mobile healthcare solutions to serve various startups, mid-sized business and healthcare enterprises. Be it a patient healthcare management system, appointment system, equipment management system or online diagnostic, our mHealth app developers are experienced enough to develop market-centric and data-focused mHealth solutions. Since inception, our healthcare solutions have served many clients in their healthcare solutions and reaping maximum ROI and earning value. We have worked very closely with lot of health & fitness startups, medical centers and hospitals in developing the best-in-class bespoke mHealth solutions that too in a cost effective way. So, if you want to get started with health solution, just drop us your requirements and we will get back to you soon. Contact us now to get the best quote.

How a New VR and AR App Can help you Get Ahead of the Competition?

How a New VR and AR App Can help you Get Ahead of the Competition?

What is virtual reality, exactly? It’s defined by the tech or by just the experience? It’s a new high tech and ground-breaking equipment or just a requirement for a virtual experience? So, being a learning professional, we are always curious about everything and every time, right? Let’s take a look at what exactly VR and AR are?

How Do You Define VR and AR technology?

The term that talked about nowadays is virtual reality. “Virtual is: almost or nearly, but not exactly or according to strict guidelines.”

“Reality is: the world or state of things actually exists, in opposition to an optimistic or theoretical idea of them.”

The enterprises are leading their way in getting the effective uses for both virtual and augmented reality. However, it seems that augmenting reality has a lot of advantages in the business world. It helps you off the job and puts you in the space to get the experience of virtual training. Nowadays, it has become a part of the job in improving your performance, something what is understood by all the sections in the enterprise. And, that’s why there are a lot of companies that are doing amazing and fantastic things in both VR and AR, both.

However, lot of business owners want to leverage VR technology for the gaming apps, but many savvy entrepreneurs are looking at possibilities in different verticals, too. Today VR apps do not exist for a lot of industries and there are much more opportunities for them.

As it has become one of those revenue-generating opportunities that can make millionaires meet their business expectations and objectives. VR has best launching pads including Oculus RIFT, HTC Vive and Google Cardboard etc.

Like VR, AR mobile apps are also changing reality. VR creating new realities and AR tech is enhancing the existing ones. And, today few of the best options for entrepreneurs in AR are the new Google project and Cardboard.

And, that’s why this burgeoning and ground-breaking tech movement is creating an amazing and impactful visual experience.

How Parangat can help you in developing your next VR and AR based Apps?

Parangat technologies is a best-in-class Mobile Application Development Company, based in India, backed by a wealth of experience and extensive expertise across all industry verticals including VR and AR based mobile apps. Mobility has transformed the business processes and communication with the customers and is now reformulating the way people and technology interact with each other. Now, for businesses, right from the startups to enterprises, the key to success is to embrace an enterprise mobile strategy that can provide solutions to user needs, accelerate innovation and bring competitive edge to their businesses.

Here at Parangat, we work with our clients to deliver robust, high-performance and award-winning mobile apps development services. Whether you need a mobility solution for iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows, our dedicated team of mobility experts, who come up with deep industry knowledge and passion for technology help you make your vision a reality. Our methodologies and industry expertise in mobile space enable us become the top mobile apps development agency and help brands gain excellence, increase efficiency and maximize profit. If you want to get your AR or VR based mobile app developed, contact us today here!

How Parangat can help you in leveraging Beacon Technology to expand your business horizons?

How Parangat can help you in leveraging Beacon Technology to expand your business horizons?

Since inception, Internet of Things has unlocked the doors to new challenges, which allows every device to connect, communicate and go for flawless transactions. And, all these things came true due to the foundation of some unique and creative technologies including beacon, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and iBeacon.

With the commencement of such technologies, Parangat Technologies has entered into the world of innovation and has made beacon technology a key part of the solutions that we deliver to our prestigious clients. Let’ see what is Beacon, I Beacon, Ble (Bluetooth Low Energy) and Bluetooth Smart Devices?

However, all the 3 technologies are quite similar but still distinct from each other. If we talk in layman’s language, we can say that Beacons are small devices with battery-power stacked with objects like window or wall. Technically, beacons are a small BLE device that broadcast small chunk of information. And, if we talk in terms of hardware note Beacons or BLE-compatible devices are the one that follows “beacon” protocol while in contrast with the software note they are a small pack of messages broadcaster and are processed like mobile apps.

iBeacon based on Apple’s Version allows Bluetooth enabled devices to send and receive information within a short gap of distance. In simple words, sender could send message signal to the destination device (Smartphone) and the receiver could receive and interpret the manner message easily.

BLE also known as Bluetooth Low Energy is a new array of devices. A light weighted Bluetooth was invented back in 2006 by the Nokia Company. But, now this is served as the standard of Bluetooth 4.0. Let’s see how Beacon Technology can help you:

    1. Beacons can help you make your life easy.
    2. i Beacons can be used by the employees of any company to remind them about their daily tasks, thus allowing employees to access their to-do list with just swiping off lock screen
    3. People can become social by using Beacons. It can help people in discovering their similar interest and meeting and dating.

How Parangat can help you with your next Beacon Solutions?

Being a leader in mobile app development and web app development, Parangat can help you in developing world-class mobile apps. We have always foreseen Beacon technology as the possible innovations and have spent massive resources and time span for leveraging its ground-breaking tools and technologies. Through our multiple experiments, we have built hundreds of Beacon apps.  Bestowed with the team of mobile experts, we have aspired great level of expertise with our beacon app development. And, that’s why we can provide the best solution of beacon app development. If you have any unique idea for your next beacon app, we can help you out. Just fill our contact us form and share your details with us, we will reach you asap.

Advantages of Using Parangat’s Beacon App Development Services

  • We at Parangat can provide technical support 24/7
  • We are expert in providing flexible and scalable solutions
  • We imbibe the best practices in the beacon app development industry
  • 100% secure and highly confidential
  • The level of skill that our beacon app developers and designers have is unparallel
  • We have the expertise and experience in delivering projects on-time and within your budget
  • Our customer experience is unparallel
Everything you need to know about an On-demand Plumbing App Development Services

Everything you need to know about an On-demand Plumbing App Development Services

There are so many times when our daily activities get stuck when the pipes and drains of our house are stucked. Be it water overflowing from the pipe or just the tap which is just flowing. It creates a lot of disturbance, tiredness, thus makes the house messy. And, most of the times we get disappointed to find plumbing service in the close proximity in times of necessity. Not just because they are not free, rather we don’t have information about where to exactly look for.

With the recent advancements and innovation, the Internet and mobile apps have become the solution of almost every challenge especially when nothing is running out.
Ease of using a mobile app has also made it prime choice among its consumers – as all they need to do is to just open the application and set an appointment with a plumber and they will get a booking confirmation right away once they reserve a suitable date and time and even get the issue fixed as intended. And, even for plumbers, it has become easy because they can now find their customers just on a click of one or two features.

Why we should go for a mobile app rather than practicing a conventional ‘plumber fielding” process?

  1. By using an app, you can build a profile and that’s it. For that, you don’t have to hunt for plumbers ‘around you’ every time in case of urgency.
  2. You can submit your plumbing issues in detail which will assist plumber in understanding which kinds of services customer is looking for.
  3. And, the appointment can be easily arranged as per the availabilities.
  4. User can check the list of all services that are provided along with the time or rate.
  5. And, those who are looking for discounts and offers – Push notifications are a reward!
  6. Users can also provide their suggestions and feedback after the completion of service. It’s fairly simple.

Parangat can provide Some Great On-demand Plumbing App Development Service, which will intricate following features:

  1.   Amalgamated Analytics: Plumber can properly monitor the service stats and payment stats, too in a Graphical
  2.   Multi-location Facility: Mobile app will let you to book your services for another location, while working on
  3.   Transaction History: Both clients and plumbers can properly monitor the transaction history of their rides right from the app.
  4.   User Identifications: Both customer and plumber can check the user’s details and location before sending and receiving the request.
  5.  Get the Signature Online: By using an app, plumber can get the customer’s signature and send it to admin for the further confirmation process.
  6.   Pay with the Debit or Credit Card: The
    client can pay the cost by just using his card, which is associated with the account directly.
  7.   Create or Edit Profile: By using an app, user and plumber both can simply setup and customize details of their profile just by applying edit profile feature, which is available on the
  8.   In-built Fare Calculator: The in-built fare estimator & calculator help in checking the right fare, which is too simple to user. All user needs to do is to simply enter entering to
    & from address on the calculation part.
  9.   Switch Online or Offline: Mobile app allows plumbers to perform online/offline services immediately with just a
    single tap of a button. But plumbers are required to Go Online to get the right
  10. Easy accept and reject transportation Request: Plumber can easily accept and reject user’s request just by checking the visitors’ location.

At Parangat, we have built few exceptional Plumbing apps and designs for customers all across the globe. So, if you are looking for an app development company that can build a technically well-versed plumbing app, you are at right place. We have an amazing team of Android and iOS app developers, who have experience and expertise in building Android and iOS Plumbing apps. So, if you have an idea, we have a team, which can help you build an app that your business needs. Contact us today and get your amazing plumbing service app.

How Parangat can help you build Grocery App like Bigbasket and Grofers?

How Parangat can help you build Grocery App like Bigbasket and Grofers?

Nowadays, convenience is the king and it’s now no surprise that the food and grocery app industry is evolving rapidly to meet the modern consumer’s day to day needs. According to the article published from Retail Dive predicts seven astonishing trends that will begin to shape food and grocery retail in 2017 and onwards. So, being an owner of a grocery store you need to know how you grocery apps or restaurant, can adapt to meet the needs of your consumers.

Let’s take a look at the footsteps of traditional retail e-commerce that includes apparel, home products, jewelry, food, kids products and grocer. “According to the latest report and analytics from Prosper Insights & Analytics’ November 2016 survey, 7.7% of U.S. consumers have used grocery app services for shopping in the past 30 days, which is almost 5.7% high as compared to last two years.

The key factor that has made food and grocery industry successful in recent years is – “convenience”. Online shopping and grocery delivery services is helping people in different areas like for some in crowded urban areas are leveraging these services while some users who are facing transportation issues are leveraging these services and getting their stuffs delivered right at their doorstep. Be it busy working parents or college going students, food and grocery shopping is helping every genre of audiences.

Challenges of Food and Grocery delivery services

As online shopping is becoming a key way in which consumers are purchasing groceries, we are yet to figure out how to deliver these goods and products to customer homes and offices is poising another challenge.

Delivering goods from the final delivery hub to consumers — will continue to challenge grocery retailers in 2017 and beyond. Is home delivery the answer? Do shoppers expect the same-day delivery? Do retailers should create a pickup point inside the store itself or perhaps at the remote locations like Amazon Lockers? Are fulfillment and pickup areas sufficient? Exactly how many staffs are required to meet shopper’s demand and expectations? Should retailers consider third-party partnerships?”

There are a lot of questions that need to be answered and the crystal ball is still a bit foggy. So far, what we know is that 47% of consumers want their food and grocery orders delivered on the same-day, according to the recent study. And, that’s really a huge number you can’t ignore.

How Parangat can help you in developing your next food and grocery on-demand app?

We at Parangat, work with our clients to deliver well-versed, robust, high-performance and award-winning mobile app development services. Whether you need a mobility solution for iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows, our technically well-versed dedicated team of mobility experts, can help you with deep industry knowledge and passion for technology and can help you make your vision a reality. Our methodologies and industry expertise in mobile space enable us in becoming the top mobile apps development agency and help brands gain excellence, increase efficiency and maximize profit.

In a span of just 4 years, we have the satisfaction of being one of the leading names in mobile solutions provider. Our expertise in mobile technology and proficient team coupled with capability in integrating people, processes, and products enable us to deliver customized, robust, avant-garde and cost-effective mobility solutions tailored to our clients business needs. Our adept team of developers develop, tailor, and integrated on-demand grocery and food apps by understanding your requirements and recommending the right solution to it. Our transparent processes and defined methodologies have been modernized and refined to deliver smooth, bespoke and user-engaging mobile solutions, which in turn, maximizes efficiency and lowers cost. Contact us today to get started.