Why Videos That Feature Humans Increases Credibility of a Brand?

Why Videos That Feature Humans Increases Credibility of a Brand?

In recent years, Video marketing has grown tremendously and in that short span of time, it has become a relatively new marketing trend that has a lot of benefits for brands or businesses. By adding video to their website, businesses and brands are quickly and conveniently reaching its customers and prospects, thus generating more sales. Now sales representatives are easily responding to their customers’ needs, that too without spending a lot of time or money.

Do you know what makes video marketing so popular? – It’s ease of sharing.  Once the video is created, it could be easily placed added anywhere over the Internet. It could also be easily sent through email, social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Let’s take a look at a few staggering facts About Video Marketing

    • On Google’s search result, a video is 53% more likely to appear on Google’s index, thus appearing on the first Google page
    • 60% of the complete web traffic comes from the online video
  • 68% of the top 50 E-commerce businesses and Retailers are leveraging video feature on their website to give an extra boost to their business

What makes Video so popular? – It’s repeated Use on the channels – Once the captivating and engaging video or testimonial is created, it could be used again and again. More benefits here:

Better Way of Representation

Since our school days, we have been in the habit of reading documents or PDFs to understand anything. And since then the written word has been the medium to understand, advertise and promote your services and products. But now after the evolution of “Video feature” people got an exceptional medium to convey their emotions and thoughts. Video production helps the user in expressing their thoughts in non-verbal ways, too. The user can share the thoughts through their body language and facial expression, which in turn, helps their user in better understanding the person’s thoughts and emotions.

Builds Reputation and Credibility

It helps brands and businesses in increasing their reputation and credibility as they could record their client’s testimonials in the form of videos, thus helping new customers in knowing the product’s and service’s offerings. Now a potential customer can check client’s videos and testimonials before buying any product or service. It helps in increasing the credibility and trust among its consumers, thus leading to more sales and revenue.

Adds Human Touch

Video marketing is considered as one of the potential medium of marketing and branding as compared to other channels. Do you know why? – Because it adds a personal touch to your marketing and advertising. Now your prospects can see all your offerings and services before doing business with you.

Increases Engagement with Your Website

People love to see visual things and the simplest way to engage and influence them is to add video to your website. As it allows you to imbibe stunning presentations and testimonials that not only inspire viewers but also engages them, thus, increasing their stay time on your website.

Staying ahead of the Competition

You can get a huge leap on your competition by just adding a promotional or client’s video to the homepage of your website. It will help your clients and prospects in finding your product more influential as compared to others.

Hope you liked reading the above article about how Video integration could help your business in gaining credibility and trust. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Can Digital Investments Reverse Declining Revenue?

Can Digital Investments Reverse Declining Revenue?

Gone are the days when by having just a quality customer service, you can entice and retain customers. Today, it’s all about customer experience from the initial outreach to on-boarding solutions and services. Be it millennial or individuals, you could expect a flawless, digital experience no matter which industry, service or product you are looking to. Even executives of the financial industry are recognizing digital demand all across the customer segments in order to sustain or grow in their market space.

Keeping up with the pace

To keep up with the pace, companies and firms are creating better understanding and capabilities to personalize the customer experience. Whether that’s through investment advice, on-boarding, conventional methods like lending, or customer reporting and servicing.

Many companies and firms are exploring robust, scalable and digital-enabled tools. Even some firms are already competing and getting ahead of the competition. “Digitally advanced” financial institutions are investing around 17% of their revenue in technology as compared to 12% for all the firms, according to reports. And by 2022, it’s expected to rise from 24 – 19%, respectively. However, it’s not a huge difference, when compared with the big brands because they are generating more revenue.

At times, when budget is comparatively tight and profits and revenue are low, especially for asset managers who are largely investing in digital technology. It could make a huge and significant difference especially when you are looking to create greater efficiencies and personal customer experiences. As per the reports, currently around 31% of the revenue is generated by the digitally advanced firms, which is basically due to the investments in digital channels, if we compare with 22% for all the organizations and firms. It’s predicted that above mentioned figures are expected to rise by 48% & 38%, respectively by 2022.

Infact 31% of the revenue generated by the digitally advanced companies and firms is basically due to the investments in digital channels as compared to 22% for all organizations and firms. It’s predicted that those figures are expected to rise to 48% and 38%, respectively by 2022.

Enabling new products and services

Some organizations and firms have already started taking action. By understanding the need of the hour, we at Parangat have started working with investment managers to help them create a new approach to meet their business needs.

One of the big pain points for consumers and users who are looking to have a loan is slow process, which in turn, results into dated applicant experience. Even too much time is spent on piles of paperwork, endless visiting trips to sign original documents and many other action-killing delays, which are basically caused by an old conventional process. But by digitizing the process and workflows, we at Parangat are successfully collaborating and creating flawless and seamless process.

How about remotely securing a loan within a matter of days? What If your clients could digitally apply for loans, easily process the steps, get their documents evaluated and approved? It’s great, right? Digitalization will undoubtedly accelerate the lending process and significantly minimize the big pain points of paperwork and delays of customers.

Digital improvements and enhancements

Digitalization will not only enable the firm to come up with a much more customizable experience for its clients, but will also lower the internal production costs for its client reports, fact sheets, fact sheets books and pitch books, thus allowing the company to reorganize their work procedures and processes so that they could come up with more strategic initiatives.

Today, most of the industries and firms are seeking creative and innovative ways to deliver cost effective products while having a deeper client bond.

Google Maps is here with a new look, thus making it easier to find your points of interest

Google Maps is here with a new look, thus making it easier to find your points of interest

Google Maps got a new and updated look. The transit, driving, navigation and explore maps are now available in an entirely new and refreshing look to help users in getting the important information clearly.  Train Stations and Gas stations will also appear prominently during navigation.

It has also come up with an updated color scheme that has new icons, which helps in easily identifying user’s points of interest like churches, cafes, museums, hospitals, and stores. Considering previous features, these are pretty required and helpful changes.

    • Blue-colored icons will represent presence of cafes, stores, and doctor’s clinics
    • Food and drink centers will be shown through orange color
    • Shopping remains same i.e. blue
    • Pink is for health
    • Entertainment and leisure will be shown through seafoam green
    • Green is for outdoor
  • And lighter blue is for transport.

However, many of the colors look quite similar and people get confused especially who are suffering from partially colorblind but still many found it useful. Google Maps has icons for construction, road closures, and car accidents, too. Every Google device which is using Google Maps will get the update soon “over the next few weeks”. And that will include Google Earth, Assistant, search, and Android Auto. Very soon those changes will move on to sites as well that has Google Maps APIs.

It seems as if Google is rolling out with the updated look of other software, too. Google Calendar just got a refreshing new look, last month. Now more white space has been added to the Google Calendar tool. Even Google’s Home app is also revamped, thus allowing users to adjust the bass easily and treble in their Google Home speakers.

Since the world is an ever-changing place and this new update on Google Maps will help you in updating with every latest change be it the closed road, new business is opening open, or any local event is happening right in your neighborhood, everything you can now see on Google Maps.

Even Google Calendar has a lot many enticing features like you can schedule an event and set a reminder for it, get a reservation confirmation on your Gmail Ids, add your favorite restaurant or food-court to your “Want to Go” list etc.

The updated Google Maps with an entirely new and enticing look is available right now. Initially, they’ve updated the navigation, driving, transit and explore of Google maps only in order to finely highlight the required information that is most relevant to every experience. This helped in making the gas and train stations navigation easy.

The updated color scheme and newly added icons are helping users to quickly identify their point of interest like food joints, cafe, temple & church, museum, stores, and hospital as they can now be easily recognized through the designated color and icon.

The new iOS 11 – Key features, Apps and Supported devices

The new iOS 11 – Key features, Apps and Supported devices

Excited as the new iPhone X is here. Being the software that makes it once again apt and tick, let’s take a look at what you need to know about iOS 11. That includes upcoming version of Apple’s Smartphone and tablet OS.

So what are the devices that support iOS 11?

Here’re the following devices that are compatible with iOS 11:

  • iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X
  • iPad Mini 2, 3, and 4
  • iPad Air, Air 2
  • 5th-gen iPad
  • All iPad Pro devices
  • 6th-gen iPod Touch

iOS 11’s key new features

iOS 11 has an animated Emojis, new camera modes that are designed to leverage dual-lens versions of the iPhones with Face ID to replace or augment Touch ID. Let’s take a look at key features of iPad:

The iPad has now become even more like our favorite Mac

Apart from the new and enticing 10.5-inch and 12.5-inch iPad Pros, Apple has come up with variety of new enhancements to iOS 11 on iPad. And the most significant among these is the very new dock, which is very much similar in look & feel with the dock available on MacOS High Sierra.

Siri is everywhere

Everyone is very keen to know and how Apple can leverage AI as iOS 11 could showcases numerous enhancements to Apple’s digital assistant.

Harder for law enforcement officials to easily access data

The new security tweaks and enhancements have now made it harder for police and law enforcement officials to easily extract information without knowing the passcode of the device.

Siri’s voice has been enhanced, thus making it much more phenomenal and natural. Now it can say words in numerous ways. Siri will be using the right modulation exactly based on the reference and context of what it is actually saying.

Apple Pay to get more user-friendly

At Apple’s WWDC, Apple announced users could easily send money to individuals by using Apple Pay through iMessage.

However, unfortunately, the launch of this feature in iOS 11 has been delayed. According to Apple they will be releasing the feature this autumn as a future enhancements and update to iOS 11.

Redesigning of lots of apps and features

Apple has changed the look and feel of iOS 11 in various ways.

Now the Control Center is on just one screen, which allows user to use 3D Touch on very specific elements including music controls, in order to show more detailed and enhanced controls. However, it’s not clear how this is going to work on several devices especially for those devices that don’t support 3D Touch.

And the App Store redesigning includes the redesign of News and Music apps. Now it’s split into a few key tabs including Games, Apps, Today, and Updates.

You must be thinking what all “The Today tab” will include? Being updated daily that too with the different content, The Today Tab will include “App of the Day”, “Tips” for developers and publishers on how they can get their app featured among the popular apps and other crucial app news. User could keep scrolling down to check the featured apps of previous days.

Now your phone won’t bother you while driving

Apple has added a ‘Do Not Disturb while driving’ feature to its iOS 11. This feature stops alerts and notifications while driving. And if someone is sending a message while driving, then this feature will be enabled and user will be automatically sent a message that you can’t reply. Best part is mode will get activated automatically based on the user’s movement or as they get connected to a car stereo.

Maps have enticing enhancements as indoor maps could be there for a lot of international airports and for popular malls of the US.

Apple has added Sonos-style music features

This one is for users who are not satisfied with the launch of HomePod (the Siri-enabled wireless speaker). Now Apple has introduced various upgrades to its music ecosystem available in iOS 11.

Now speakers are added to HomeKit, thus allowing users to fully control compatible wireless speakers that are available from the Home app. However, HomeKit requires an extra hardware, so never expect your existing speakers to fully work with the Home app. Apple also launched the new AirPlay 2 protocol, which allows support and assistance for collaborative party playlists.

Even Music app has a lot of enhancements like user can know which shows music their friends are listening. Developers have improved and greater access to the Apple Music by using a new flawless MusicKit API.

Apple’s next big thing – Augmented reality (AR)

One of the key and biggest additions in iOS11 is the new ARKit API. It allows Apple developers to easily add augmented reality functionality and features to their mobile apps.

Do you know why B2B Companies Struggle with their Sales?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are majorly designed to help sales people in better tracking, monitoring, and closing deals, be it B2B or B2C. In recent years CRM has shown growth in the industry and that’s why it is considered to grow in the coming years, too. It’s expected that by 2025, industry is expected to grow by $81.9 billion. In a recent survey performed by senior US-based B2B marketers, CRMs huge popularity and ease of use, has made it one of the most popular and trending tools. And in the coming years, it’s expected to become one of the most ground-breaking and valuable tools, thus making it to the top in the list of best marketing tools and technologies.

One of the common perceptions that people are making for CRM solutions is – it provides an amazing and great value to B2B companies. So the question arises then why do some B2B companies struggle in their sales, despite of having exceptional CRM solutions to support and assist them?

One of the reasons behind this failure is sales experts set themselves responsible for the failure because they have few myths. Let’s take a look at those myths that could cause B2B companies to struggle with their sales:

  1. We could wait as we have a lot of time to sell: Today not only the seller but also the buyers have become pro-active and that’s why some B2B buyers after primary research, approach vendors especially when they’re close to the decision. As a result, vendor/seller who responds quickly cracks the deal.
  2. Most of the times, vendor who offers cost-effective prices wins the business: However, being price competitive is crucial. One way of making your services and solutions cost-effective is sales team could offer the solutions as per the individual’s needs, and that could be done by providing specific advice to your prospects.
  3. A strong brand must have strong sales team and sales processes: A targeted marketing and well-versed approach could help you in getting in the door, but you will lose the business, if you’ll not have strong sales processes. And that include effective tracking and frequent follow-up on sales inquiries.
  4. B2B customers never buy on personal connections and emotion: A proficient Sales teams knows that B2B Sales can never be closed on the basis of personal connections and emotions only. Gaining trust and earning credibility are a few factors that could help in closing the deal.
  5. More Responsive Wins the Race: We all live in a fast-paced world where everyone is facing issues and are constantly under the pressure to deliver. Buyers don’t wait just because of your existing connections. If someone else is responsive and could help them in delivering as per their business requirements they would choose them over you.
  6. B2B clients have high chances of getting converted into existing clients: Proficient sales team could easily make their B2B clients understand and educate about the customized solutions.

So if you are a part of a B2B sales team and looking to improve the team’s performance, then the above mentioned points will definitely help you.

How to spur customer retention with consistent focus on user-centric UI/UX?

How to spur customer retention with consistent focus on user-centric UI/UX?

We all know how important role UI/UX plays in the success of any product or software. And, that’s why it has become an important factor in customer retention as it has the capability to give the competitive edge to customers. But building an enticing and user-centric interface that can provide best-in-class user experiences and can engage customers is a huge challenge.

With the recent advancements and ever-growing innovation in technology, thousands of identical mobile and web products are already available in the market, which has exceptional interfaces and usability. So designing an app that is user-friendly and has wow factors that can not only entice new users but can retain the existing ones is a big challenge for app publishers and designers. As per the current trend,   “Simple and less” always wins and “complex and more” looses the race. For building an app that has exceptional user experience and is designed with simplicity is not any rocket science. Indeed it is probably easier than you can think. For that, all you need to do is to figure out and understand the behavior of your users. Let’s take a look at the tips on how to make your apps be it the web or mobile user-friendly and business-centric.

  1. Less text with enticing icon

Always try to keep fewer texts on headers, descriptions, buttons, notifications, alerts, and on other messages, which you want your users to read first. And less text will result in less scroll and high readability. Another key factor that will help in retaining the customer is the use of the simple yet enticing icon that includes one or two colors. It is a proven and amazing way to entice users’ attention. And, ensure they are not too huge, detailed or heavy colored.

  1. Create wireframe after thorough analysis and with a proper vision

Create wireframes with a proper vision that will help users to save clicks and enhance convenience. And, for that, you need to use actual data, alerts, buttons, loading messages, validation errors, and any data that can foresee the production environment. You need to create a well-versed wireframe that can be essentially used as a user-centric functional prototype. While creating a wireframe, you need to consider following points:

  • You are using actual fields and lingo that are required while you are at production stage
  • Clear Errors messages
  • Related content in text fields
  • Succinct fields to reduce registration time
  • Links and proper color variations wherever required
  1. Use of keyboard

This feature is advantageous for Web applications. Keyboard shortcuts allow user to quickly access items, estimates, expenses, and invoices, which are used frequently by users. It has resulted in amazing success. By using a keyboard, it is always easier and faster to select, enter, type, save and delete. Always remember that your Wireframe will show how properly you have used the keyboard.

With app design excellence, we at Parangat, never settle for less

Leaving far beyond their conventional role in communication; smartphones and tablets are one of the fastest and emerging power packed platforms commonly used for sharing, business, collaboration, entertainment, social networking and internet browsing. And, with a paradigm shifting in the ways in which businesses are being depended on mobile and handset devices, there is a rapid increase in the demand for mobile user Interface designs and applications globally. Today, mobile applications are integrating lots and lots of smarter features and designs that aid marketing campaigns, revenue generator, connectivity options and online business transactions especially for those, who are on the go. Bet it established or startup businesses, corporate houses, brands or individuals, every segment is now incorporating highly customized user interface designs in their mobile applications. A captivating and well-coded UI/UX design helps in increasing the affordability, usability and essential worth of their services and products.