Building an Effective App Marketing Strategy

Building an Effective App Marketing Strategy


Since the time mobile devices were introduced, they have witnessed continuous growth and innovation. There have been several developments, enhancements and new technologies and apps released. But have all of them made through the journey? Have all the devices and apps survived in the market? Consider Nokia? Blackberry? Do all of them have an effective App Marketing Strategy? Have all those apps which were launched at some time witnessed the same success as their competitors?

The key point here is, not all the apps that are thought to work or have worked at a time, are guaranteed to have a secure future. Be it an app or a mobile technology, only the most effective survives the change. So how can one ensure that their app survives for long? How to have a proper impact on the market? How to ensure that you get a proper audience on the launch of your app and after?

The answer to all these questions is APP MARKETING. Once you have got your app idea incorporated and developed, you need to have a proper marketing strategy to ensure a full proof launch of your app. This can ensure to have the best payoff for all your hard work. And any mistake at this step will result in wastage of all your efforts.

How to Market an App Successfully

Mobile app marketing is quite a tedious and complex procedure that demands a tremendous amount of time and effort from the marketer involved. However, having a proper app marketing strategy can also yield immense benefits and ensure success. So, how to approach the planning of a mobile app marketing strategy that can have a huge impact on the target audience and guarantee success to quiet a large extent?

To ensure full success, you have to first understand a basic fact that your primary focus has to be the end-users and the target audience of your app. You are to serve the people with a huge variety in their choices and expectations from an app so, you will have to properly study their mobile behaviour and understand it, before embarking on and continuing with a particular marketing strategy.

Let’s consider FACEBOOK app marketing strategy. Considering the point from where it started, Facebook has come a long distance. Mark Zuckerberg, when launched it for the first time, it is a quiet well known fact that Facebook was only in blue and white colour due to colour blindness that Mark suffers from. But did he stick to it? Imagine what would have happened if he had a fixed mind-set? It is his acceptance of change and continuous marketing till date that has made Facebook the best social app these days. Key points of their mobile app marketing strategies include campaigning from time to time, having a proper marketing plan and volunteering at every event they consider they can market their app from.

Mobile App Marketing Strategy

The best way to market an iOS/Android mobile app is to have a proper plan and dedicate resource to your marketing strategy. For a flow, one can consider these key points:

  • Know your Customer/User: The primary and most essential point that you should consider is to have full focus on your target user and find all possible ways to keep them engaged. Your goals and top priority should be user specific, predictable, realistic, and thoroughly considerate. What you can definitely do different, however, is the means, plans, strategies and tactics along with the app-specific nuances to reach those goals.
  • Dedicate full mind and resources to your marketing campaign: Quite often, marketers undervalue the process of mobile advertising. They dedicate only a small portion of their entire marketing budget (sometimes even less than one percent) to their mobile app marketing campaign. Considering the era we are in, the ‘Age of Mobile,’ having proper marketing for the apps itself is indeed an essential requirement, and therefore they require a greater allocation of all available marketing resources. Studies show that 80% of consumers wish to receive location-based alerts on their mobile phones
It simply makes sense to invest in a geo-fencing and push notification marketing strategies because it’s what consumers want. (Source).
  • Channelize and refine your marketing strategy: Once you have an App Marketing Strategy in place and resources dedicated to it. Ensure that every single thing is working as per plan. Keep checking that all the resources are being used to full potential, and through routine meetings with the involved team members, you will always have a better chance at hitting all your objectives and minimizing overall cost and overheads. This is a lengthy and tedious process of efficient planning, publicizing, marking your presence and advertising your app; gathering and processing feedback from above steps; choosing the best mobile platforms with the widest range of target audience for marketing your app and so on.
  • Partner with a mobile app marketing agency:  It is always wise to have a professional for every aspect of the business. Despite all the wealth of knowledge, connections and expertise your marketing department may have, mobile app marketing, as mentioned above, is completely a different battleground all together completely different and a vast range of expertise and technology. Even the digital marketers that you can find these days aren’t always well versed in the hardships that any mobile app marketing plan may face. So a proper marketing agency optimizing your marketing efforts to reach optimal ranks, app usage analytics, targeted media buying, and more (these are discussed below in more detail below).
Mobile App Marketing Strategy - Parangat
  • Test for tactfulness: Measuring the success of your app marketing strategies is entirely different than measuring perks of a traditional marketing strategy. Mobile app market is developing tremendously. That means whatever might work today may or may not work tomorrow. Always keep a check on your process and follow this cycle:
Closed Loop Marketing Cycle - Parangat


It is crystal clear now, that mobile app marketing needs proper planning and is a critical component to the marketing mix and success of your App. Thus, we need to have a proper mobile app marketing plan or hire the best professional mobile app marketing agency. And one must also keep track of the work and progress of the resources.

The top and significant app marketers are going to be only those ones willing to go all in and dedicate the necessary and sufficient zeal of time, effort, and costs towards understanding, breaking down and developing this wildly uncharted world of app marketing to the furthest extent.

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