Factors of App Store Optimization

Factors of App Store Optimization

What is App store optimization?

What you think!! When you hear about app store optimization, well the words themselves state that it’s all about gaining visibility in the app store and increasing your organic downloads. Or, simply ASO helps the app to reach millions of new users in different platforms with zero coding effort.

In the tech dynasty where we have surrounded ourselves with modern technology, the urge and need for more advancement of doing work had made our life easy. Today from ordering food to groceries to route to transport, our day to day activities are reinstated in these little apps.

But the question arises on how the user can know which app is best for their use, or how to make your app successful before launch and the elucidations for this particular question are ASO or completely known as App Store Optimizations. Let’s take a quick peek on how app store optimization work.

This method requires a critical understanding of how the stores work. The target user base, and the most relevant keywords potential users are typing or speaking to find apps or discover new ones.

Also, as stores are continuously evolving, nowadays it is very relevant to make apps visible in the Explore / Browse. This is Similar Apps (related), Featured, App rankings So. ASO evolves and helps ios app development company to get their apps on top, so they able to take place in the app world.

Factors that affect The app store optimization

App Title

Google Play looks for keywords in your app title. Thus, think carefully about the name of the app, keep in mind that having keywords in the title can improve around 10% of the position on the search rank. Though in ios app development, it needs a brand name but you need to make sure to shorten it and use it softly. iOS app developers use 11, you can have 30 characters for your title, while Google Play gives you 50 now.

Evaluation & Review

Ratings and reviews play a vital role in, as Google Play takes into consideration your reviews. App Users’ comments are scanned by Google Play, which automatically picks some keywords from these same comments. So this will helpful for ASO. It’s a good way to search for keywords during keyword research. Keep in mind that you do not ask for reviews from users frequently, although they are very important. At the right moment to ask for a review.

Be Easy with your Customers!

Bear that requested reviews are made after making a reservation or after winning a game. The better your rating will be, the more relevant the app tore considered your app and the higher your position in the rank. Tip: put the right question. You can start with a question to grasp if the user is enjoying the app. If he says yes, you can ask him to rate you. But, if he says no, you can ask him some feedback without taking him into the review option.

Update frequently

Ask your android app developer to make your app updated constantly, as they have better reviews, which brings more relevance to your product. Therefore, the more committed you are to your product, the better your position is. 

Tip: To keep tracks of your update, use App Radar and it will save your old metadata versions, so you can compare them with the new updates and decide which one fits better. 

App Downloads

More downloads and engagement your app able to attract the better its position will be. Keep tracking your usage, and regularly check you, visitors your app has. This will help you to get an overall idea about how many people have installed your app. Moreover, how many have quit and what can be done in order to optimize this.

Google Firebase

It’s important for Google to enable google firebase in your app. So that you are able to allow your app content to be shown in the search engines of a person’s mobile. Even that person hasn’t installed your app. By doing this it helps to improve your user engagement.

Hidden facts

Google app stores have some covered factors in their algorithm that nobody knows what exactly they are. Keep in mind that Google play’s ranking algorithm is more complex than the apple one.

Once the android app development or ios development app is built by keeping upper mention points it adds plus points in app store optimization. Hopefully, our reader has got about the factors influencing app store optimization. Now let’s discuss the brief about the benefit of ASO.

What are the benefits of ASO?

We all know that most users find apps by searching in the app store, and for that app store optimization is important. It is also essential because when a user searches it appears right in front of users. Optimizing your app is the most compelling marketing strategy for mobile apps and games. Some of the benefits of App Store Optimization are mention below. Make sure that you apply these points to your android app development service provider so they can keep all the points in cognizance:

  • Improve your Visibility & Stand out within the App Stores– Be more founded. Your app is of no good until and unless it cannot found in the app stores. So, don’t let your hard work go unseen. Get your app visibility, start now with app store optimization.
  • Always get discovered by Relevant Users– Fan out yourself. It’s not just that your app is found, it has to be found by the right users. The users that are actually looking for an app like yours. And in order to do so opt ASO for your app.
  • Increase your Organic Downloads– Strategy is all that matters! To increase your organic download, make sure that you have a good strategy. Because a good plan helps to boost your organic installs and ensure long term results. At the same time don’t forget to monitor and regularly tweak. Because it will assure that your efforts are not going waste.
  • Cut User Acquisition Costs– ASO helps to cut your acquisition cost. It focuses on organic growth with ASO instead of spending money on ads. This does not only save your money but also ensures steady growth. 
  • Increase your Revenue and Conversion Rate– You want more revenue. But to increase your revenues and conversion rate, make sure that users don’t come to your page through ads and don’t download it, you will lose them. Hence, ASO is required.
  • Grow Your User Base Worldwide– Make you viral. To get global recognization, your app should be in many languages so that users can find it all over the world.

Upper mention points had made you get a clear view that why ASO is important for your app success.