Major Mistakes Enterprises Make Outsourcing Mobile App Development

Major Mistakes Enterprises Make Outsourcing Mobile App Development

Is outsourcing new terms for us? Well, I don’t think it’s something new. Over time, millions of apps have allowed businesses to accomplish what was previously a dream. In the modern era, mobile app development has become the preferred choice of enterprise companies and business entrepreneurs. One of the major reasons behind this is that mobile apps offer a fantastic scope to connect with the potential audience easily. Additionally, it allows a much broader business exposure opportunity to make a brand value for the product. 

However, the success of any business enterprise entirely depends on choosing the outsource app development team. So, it is essential to hire the best app development partner that can put their 100% effort to bring the best for your company.  

When outsourcing mobile app development services, it is necessary to be extremely careful because if you hire the wrong app development agency, there are high chances that it costs you a lot. 

If you are a startup or availing of the service for the first time, you must know about common mistakes while outsourcing mobile app development. It is one of the significant factors that affect the success and failure of an app. Based on the research and case study, we have curated the list of some outsourcing mistakes that most people made while hiring an outsourcing agency. 

Biggest mistakes to avoid when outsourcing mobile app development

1. Inadequate Research about Outsourcing Partner

Suppose you are outsourcing the mobile app development project. In that case, the first and foremost thing you need to do is search for a highly reliable mobile app development company to cater to the needs. And, no wonder this requires in-depth and extensive research. 

However, one of the common mistakes most of the startups and entrepreneurs commit in the beginning is to gather the essential information about the app development company. 

Before hiring an app development company, make sure you communicate with them at least twice or thrice. You need to carefully check the company’s background, area of expertise, work portfolio, and reviews and testimonials of previous clients.

2. Taking the Decision in a Hurry

As we have already mentioned, outsourcing mobile app development is essential to achieve success. The essential decision related to selecting the mobile app development team, budget estimation, and the app idea requires significant time and patience.

You need to analyze every aspect of the project. For instance, if the app development team gives you a quotation for the project, don’t instantly decide. Do compare it with others before and check every aspect and then make the final decision. 

3. Not clear about the requirements

One of the major mistakes most business owners commit is not clearing about the requirements of the app. If the business owner is not clear about his app requirements, they can’t understand the app development team. If they wonder that the app development team will read their mind and design their app accordingly, then let me tell you it is just their misconception. At times, they may have to face unnecessary losses. Once the team finally creates the app, there is no way to retreat it back. 

You have to accept the app development team’s terms and policies related to payment, project deadline, the inclusion of features and functions into the app, developing the backend if needed, quality assurance, and so on.

4. Neglecting the difference of time zone

The app development industry is a global market where every client can select an app development company according to their choice. If you outsource your project to the different time zones’ location, it becomes difficult for the company to know when you are online or available. 

Therefore, you may have to face numerous issues such as delays in solving the problems and answering the issues as there is a significant difference in time between the two countries. The time difference can spoil your whole planning and extend the deadlines of the project. 

Hence, if you don’t want to face the issues, try outsourcing the team that falls within the same time zones as yours. If you choose a different time zone, make sure the firm is flexible to manage real-time communication.

5. The development team that not following the latest trends

While outsourcing the project, the development team must follow the latest trend. If your team does not follow the latest mobile development or trend design tool, then there are high chances that you have to suffer huge losses. These days, the users show their interest in only those mobile apps that are unique and new. If the outsourced company is not following the latest trend, they can’t create something new. 

Hence, it is essential to ask the company about its methodology and then go ahead with the project.

6. The communication barrier with the team

Whether you want to hire an app development company or want to explain your ideas to the outsourcing team, there is an excellent requirement for effective communication. The app developers or designers must understand what you want from your specific app to get the expected results after completing the app.

However, The lack of communication can create a lot of issues between both sides. The development team takes its own decision without consulting you. If your culture or language is different, you can start a little interaction about your project via emails, Skype, phone calls, or video chat. It is essential to keep in touch with the app development team at regular intervals to communicate effectively. Frequent communication is mutually beneficial. The development team will know they are on track, and you will communicate your expectations.

7. Looking for the low-priced solutions

No wonder price matters a lot in outsourcing for startups or large business enterprises. Most of the time, clients go with the low budget company and don’t think much about quality. But, no wonder compromising with the app’s quality and performance is not a wise decision. It can be the worst decision for you and your company. 

If you want to achieve your business goals, your priority must always be the application’s quality, not the price. According to the report, the users download the apps that provide them better quality and convenience. So, quality can be a significant factor that may take your app to the maximum downloads in a short period. 

Hence, you must try to find a mobile app development company that can provide you with the world’s best quality at reasonable rates. 

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The Outsourcing Process that you should consider

 Before you outsource mobile app development services, it is essential to understand the product requirements thoroughly. This is the first and primary step you must consider when you start exploring mobile app development companies. Understanding what you want to build and how it should be like will enhance communication between you and your development partner and help them build your product effectively. By not mapping out the product requirements will mislead communication and understanding between you and your app development partner. As a result, your product will fail to perform well to the potential audience and increase the risk of loss. On top of that, you”ll run the risk of wasting time and money on every revision.  

Indeed, outsourcing mobile app development will relieve your stress and alleviate risks, but it’s crucial for you to communicate with the team effectively. Keep in mind; finding suitable partner organizations required time and careful consideration.

Since this is a long-term partnership, the notion of partnership as supporting long-term requires you to give thoughtful consideration to transparency & compatibility. When you discover the right development partner, they can help you in every aspect of mobile app development.

To Sum Up

There are many enterprises that jump too fast when they outsource mobile app development and are left dissatisfied with the final product. If you are new to the mobile industry, you need to be careful and wiser. However, mobile application development outsourcing can be quite easy by avoiding the above-discussed mistakes. Understand the project requirement, set crystal clear expectations and deadlines, be clear, and approach a highly-skilled & professional app development team. Also, maintain smooth communication with the team. 

For hassle-free project development, Get in touch with us! Parangat Technologies can develop a seamless, interactive, visually-appealing mobile app for you. Our professional team will understand your product requirements and convert your dream app into reality to boost your overall business ROI.

What are the Various Phases of Mobile App Development?

What are the Various Phases of Mobile App Development?

The mobile app industry is the fastest-growing segment in the tech market. It has become an integral part and fundamentally transformed every aspect of our lives. Google app store and app store are flooding with numerous mobile apps. It’s not an overnight task to create a successful mobile app that reflects your business idea to your potential customers in today’s time. It needs a significant amount of time and effort to create an app. When you plan to create a mobile app, you must integrate unique features and functionality to shine in the market. Mobile app development includes different phases, which contribute to creating a successful mobile app. here, in this article, we will provide you with the complete mobile app development lifecycle that would help you guide throughout your development journey.

7 Phases of the Mobile App Development Lifecycle 2020

1. Planning and Detailed Research

The first and most crucial phase of app development is planning and research. You need to properly research and find your potential users’ requirements in this phase. Another essential thing requires in this phase to look thoroughly at your competitors. While researching, you need to know the answers to the following questions:

  • Who will be your potential users?
  • Which platform will be beneficial for your application development?
  • What are your other competitors offering to customers, and what your customers expecting from your app?
  • Will your app be a paid one or a free one?
  • What is your overall app development budget?

Above mentioned questions’ answers would help you to understand how you want your app to be in a better way.

2. Wireframing 

The second step you need to do is wireframe the app to understand the app’s features and functionalities. You can take the support of numerous online tools to create wireframes for your app. 

While doing this phase, make sure you build a roadmap or a storyboard to manifest how a user will use and explore your app.

Here are the following points you need to keep in mind while doing this phase:

  1. Focus on the user experience.
  2. Look for opportunities to incorporate your brand.

3. Assessing Technical Feasibility

Companies can gain an understanding of the app visuals through sketches of the conceptualized product to improve their ideas and arrange design components precisely. To assess whether the application’s concept is technically feasible or not, the app developers need access to public data through sourcing public application programming interfaces (APIs). 

It is essential to understand that an app depending on its format (smartphone, tablet, wearables, etc.) and the platform (iOS, Android, etc.), will not have the same requirements. By the end of feasibility testing, the team may modify your wireframes and find technical limitations in the backend development process.

In technical feasibility, you should check

  1. What types of technology will we require?
  2. Is relevant technology sufficiently advanced to be easily applied to our complications?
  3. Do we currently possess crucial/suitable technology?

-if Yes, does it have the holding capacity to handle the solution?

-if no, …can it be acquired?

4. Prototyping

After finalizing the wireframes, and storyboard, it’s time to create an interactive and intuitive prototype.

Creating a prototype is one of the crucial steps that help you understand the system’s flow & allows you to assess design concepts, accumulate feedback, and identify dead links and flaws in the system flow. 

Include the stack holders in this process and allow them to have the first look at your app to test and evaluate your prototype. Ask them for honest feedback about the app’s overall functionality and ease of use. If any shortcomings are identified, adapt the UI/UX to improve it. 

Our team create the app prototype by following the four steps- 

1.Creating a sketch- the first draft that sets up significant aspects – number of screens, logics, and collaboration approach.
2. Creating wireframes- providing the visualization of the draft app structure.
3. Creating a clickable prototype- helps to assess and analyze all possible use cases, discover technical contrarieties in the original idea.
4. Final design- gathering all wireframes and putting these together to get the final design.

5. Developing the App

Generally, the development of the app phase begins at the very initial stage. Right after you get the app idea, the developers need to create a prototype to validates the app’s functionality, assumption, features, and many more. In this phase, the app development flourishes to the best. It involves numerous steps and processes. It is essential to set up the actual storage, APIs, server for the backend of the app, etc. Additionally, the development process includes integrating the defined features into your app backend technology selection that is Opensource, Net, and so on.

There are numerous approaches available to complete the app development process, but agile is considered the most suitable approach. It helps developers with flexible planning, constant improvement, transparency, early deployment, and so on.

6. Testing the Mobile App

In mobile app development, it’s a wise decision to test the app early and often. Testing frequently helps developers to fix the bug at the initial stage when it occurs. Additionally, this will minimize your final costs as it requires a significant amount of money and effort to fix a bug.

Testing is a vast process so, make sure your app development team covers every aspect of it. These days testing of an app has become easier due to the online mobile UX design tool that helps to get real-time feedback and analytics. This feedback will help you to include what your app is missing from the user points of aspect.

7. Final App Launch

In this stage, your app is finally ready to launch among users. You need to submit your app to the respective app store for approval. Before submitting your app to the app store, make sure to follow all the app store’s rules and guidelines so that you don’t have to face any issues in the approval of the app.

However, it’s not the final stage of the app. You need to regularly update your app to fix the bugs and enhance the features.


While developing a mobile application, developers face several challenges. A few of them are listed below. 

A. App Noticeability

There is pressure to develop apps that get recognized by users. We all want our developed apps to be downloaded by users. App Store Optimization(ASO) is a crucial step for unfolding a useful app to the users. ASO includes using phrases and keywords that direct people to a product. Another crucial aspect is icons and colors because these are the things that attract the user’s attention. Try to use the tempting icons and colors to enrich the appearance of the app and make the user convinced to click on your application and explore it. 

B. Screen Variability

 The screen sizes of the devices and hardware vary to a great extent. Don’t you ever design the app only for the popular and latest platform? Make sure that you create an app that runs on every possible device. Moreover, it is also essential to consider the major Operating System (OS)- Windows, Android, and iOS mainly. Every OS has its own design patterns and UI. A comprehensive testing phase can help you to handle technical OS issues. To address the problem, you can also release a beta version of the app.

C. Performance vs. Battery Life

 After design and interaction, the other essential crucial factor is app performance and battery consumption. The major challenge of the app development process is to develop a bug-free application that consumes the minimum possible amount of battery. If your app consumes a high battery, there are high possibilities of users avoiding the app’s use. Creating an application that runs seamlessly on the potential device is an exceptional accomplishment on its own. To build an app that engages the audience is an arduous task, and any lag or slowness of the app is one of the major causes of user engagement. 

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How to choose a Mobile App Development Agency for your Startup Project?

How to choose a Mobile App Development Agency for your Startup Project?

Have a billion-dollar app idea for your startup?
Ready to jump into the mobile app industry?
Looking for a mobile app development partner?

There is a need to have a mobile app to kick off the startup journey digitally, driving startups to hunt for an innovative app development partner. To find the perfect app development agency is quite challenging these days. Your mobile app development partner is the only one that lays down the foundation of your business. So, it’s crucial to choose the right partner for your startup.  

Now one of the most frequently asked questions by budding startups on Quora, LinkedIn, and of course, social media platforms is “How to figure out a reliable & skilled software development agency to build my unique app idea into a reality?”

It seems hard to find one among the top mobile app development companies since thousands of companies are available to choose. And thus, it creates an uncertain condition for the businesses to make a suitable decision and pick the right partner.

Did you know: Facts & Stats

  1. According to the reports, “33.6 billion app downloads were noticed in Q1 of 2020. And, the number of downloads is forecasted to grow to 258.2 billion by 2022.  
  2. According to the Business Insider, “The top 3 mobile apps are Amazon, Facebook, and Gmail that users can’t live without.”
  3. Mobile users spend most of the time- 87% on apps while only 13% on the web.
  4. Statista reports suggested that the revenue of Mobile apps is forecasted to hit $188.9 billion by 2020.

From the above analytics, we can understand the value of mobile apps for business. The mobile app is the new king for business; thus, developing a one is necessary. The mobile internet helps the company to be more fruitful, effective, and profitable.

So, without wasting time, check out the essential characteristics to consider while hiring a professional mobile app development agency that can turn your app vision into a fully-functional, interactive, & feature-rich mobile application.

Essential Characteristics to Consider while Selecting Mobile App Agency

Here we have a complete list that you need to look while selecting the perfect mobile application development company for your project:

1. Professional Approach

The first thing that is quite essential to see in your expert mobile app developer is the professional approach. Here, the professional method includes numerous things about developers, such as communication skills, way of talking, respect for deadlines, quality, and so on.

 Make sure you select the developer’s team for your project who has an excellent professional approach.

2. Responsiveness

Another essential aspect that your app developers must include is responsiveness. Ensure they work exclusively on your project and are always available to solve all your doubts about the app development process. Additionally, in case if there requires some prompt action, they must be capable of serving this objective.

3. Communication Skills

Another essential characteristic that you need to see on your developer is their communication skills. It is critical that developers can easily understand all your requirement that you want in the app, and at the same time, can make you understand the ongoing process, any updates, and so on. You must communicate with your developers properly so that you can get a flawless app.

4. Know from People

As you are a startup or a new company in the market, you can’t take the risk of going with inexperienced or ordinary developers. It will be a wise decision if you take an idea from those who have already hired developers to create their app. However, you can get a list of reliable and top leading mobile app development companies online or google. But, if you take a suggestion from people, you can get an additional advantage. Some mobile app development companies have multiple teams to help startups with numerous teams that can help startups address current and future challenges. 

5. Visit Dedicated Websites

Many excellent websites can help you get the perfect mobile app development for your startups. Top websites such as Clutch, GoodFirms, Toptal, and App Futura include a profile of app developers, a review of their past work, their complete portfolios, their rate, etc. You can also check some other sites such as Elance, UpWork, etc., that freelance host profiles.

6. UX Capacity

Better user experience is essential to get higher user involvement and quicker app development. Make sure the mobile app development you hire can provide you with the best UX designers, offering exclusive app designs for better UX.

They must follow a client-centric approach to understanding personalities by working on performance and optimization improvement. This forms a better app design by involving more users.

7. Know the App Development Cost 

We all know that early age companies have a limited budget for every step in the business setting process, and mobile app development is no exception. Before you hire the company, just ask them about the expected overall app development cost and inquire about hidden charges during and after the development process.

8. Question about App Testing

The proper app testing assures the seamless performance of the application. Before selecting the app development agency, ask them about the testing methods that they use while testing the app. When you choose the Android platform to build the app, agile testing plays a crucial role as it can make your app all set to run fastly and seamlessly across various devices with different display sizes.

Crucial Questions to ask a Potential Development Partner

When you get a potential mobile app development company for your startup, make sure you ask them the following questions: 

  • Ask them to share their experience in building Apps. Also, have they ever built a similar kind of app that you want to develop?
  • Don’t forget to ask about the development process.
  • How much time will the development take?
  • How will they update you about the app progress?
  • What ongoing maintenance do they offer post-launch?
  • What documentation do they provide?
  • Will they sign a Non-disclosure Agreement before taking up the project?

Hire Top Development Company Today

Being an ISO certified and industry leady mobile app development company, Parangat Technologies has built hundreds of feature-rich mobile applications for clients across the globe. We have a proven track record of delivering suitable app development solutions for startups. We have a team of highly qualified and skilled developers with immense knowledge and experience in developing billion-dollar apps. 

Our professional developers are equipped with all the updated technologies and programming languages for web, software, and mobile app development. End your hunting journey here, and hire us as your best app development partner for your startup.

Common Mobile App Budgeting Mistakes That You Can Avoid

Common Mobile App Budgeting Mistakes That You Can Avoid

In the digital era, mobile apps have become a significant part of human life as it simplified the human’s life to a great extent. Consequently, the mobile app development industry is booming faster than beanstalk and so considered as the most lucrative industry among all others. According to the reports, mobile apps will generate around $188.9 billion in revenues via the app store or play store and in-app advertising by the end of 2020.

Moreover, there is a tough competition between the two major platforms, including IOS and Android. As a result, there are thousands of apps launching in the market every single day. There are around 1.2 million apps in the app store and 1.8 million apps in the play store. Due to the tough competition, every company is forced to create better apps than others. To do so, they often make lots of budgeting mistakes in the mobile app development processes. If we believe the report of AppsFlyer, then around 28 percent of mobile apps get uninstalled within 30 days. Another survey by Localytics shows that 80 percent of the mobile app users, globally, don’t use the app after three months or uninstall them from their device. These stats clearly show that not all mobile apps are valuable and admired by customers for long. 

Creating a budget for the app development process is a crucial strategy, which should be done correctly. Here, in this article, we will share some of the top budgeting mistakes that you can avoid during mobile app development.

Importance Of Budgeting In Mobile App Development

Just like any other business, budgeting plays a significant role in the mobile app development process and requires proper planning and strategy to get the expected success. If you wonder, budgeting is just limited to the development process; then, you might be wrong as it is more beyond. The app budgeting also includes some other essential components, such as app marketing, testing, updation, etc.

Hence, the app budgeting requires to be done efficiently with proper strategy.

Crucial Factors to Consider while Planning the Budget for Mobile App

  • Backend development or infrastructure needs.
  • Graphic design.
  • Front-end development.
  • Testing.
  • Promotion.

Major Mobile App Budgeting Mistakes

1. Thinking of Websites & Mobile Apps are not much different 

One of the elementary mistakes that can increase the budget is that you often consider websites and mobile apps the same.

The mobile apps require the backend infrastructure, but all of the different components need to be integrated and worked mutually to function smoothly.

And if we talk about other components such as the CMS, the third-party service, and the frontend require a lot of time and effort to work together seamlessly, more than you would need on a website.

In case if the project becomes more complex, it would require more time and effort that automatically results in increasing your budget more and more.

2. Failing to consider Cross-Platform Development involvement

There are multiple platforms available on the market, including IOS and Android, on which almost every mobile app is created. No wonder it is always a smart decision to create apps for both of the major platforms to get more user attention and downloads. 

Cross platform app development is undeniably the best solution to create the apps on both of the significant platforms simultaneously. Additionally, it helps to save your cost and efforts.

3. CMS

The CMS for mobile comes up with configuration and content service to create the best quality mobile experience.

In case, If there were an endpoint API change or a backend maintenance window, there are high chances that you have to republish the entire app.

Developers should consider mobile CMS as a crucial part of the mobile app. It provides a lot of things, including settings, menu details, images, and text content to the application.

4. Regular updates

Another common mistake that most mobile app developers make is failing to set out a budget for any further updates; consequently, the app leads to lower retention rates and downloads. Each day, new updates and development keep popping up to provide a better user experience in the mobile app world.

Hence, developers need to set a proper budget for further updates. The businesses can earn a lot by keeping updating the app regularly.

5. Sole focus on UI

Believe it or not, “The first impression is always the last impression.” This popular phrase is indeed applicable for an app. If you create an amazing UI for your app then, it can do great wonders while if you don’t, it will result in the opposite. And, sometimes giving more preference only to the UI of the app can backfire you too.

Hence, it would be best to give equal attention to other factors and functions of the app. You also need to set a proper budget for the backend infrastructure.

6. Ignoring Third-Party Integrations

Even the top apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram that are quite popular in the app market have integrated their apps with third-party platforms. In this modern era, it would be a great idea to incorporate social media platforms such as Facebook or a youtube plugin in your app.

7. App marketing budget

In most cases, before starting the mobile app, the developers’ main focus remains to be on its development process, and thus they generally forget about app marketing. But proper marketing is quite essential in the current competitive app market. It plays a vital role, not only in user acquisition and growth but also in revitalizing the existing customer groups. It also helps you make people aware of your app’s usability and benefits. Thus, it would be best if you finalized the cost of marketing your mobile app very early in the process.

8. No future planning

If you think that you can create a perfect app in the first go, let me tell you are not correct as there is always scope for further improvements in the app.

Therefore, the app must be infused with all the latest features and functions. However, most of the developers miss on such an essential factor.

In a Nutshell

The above-mentioned facts are quite essential mobile app budgeting factors. However, most of the time, developers don’t pay much attention to these factors, even though these factors typically increase the future cost.

The app budgeting is essential to keep the mobile app development smoothly. No wonder budgeting is the most significant factor that mobile app development companies need to take care of. By planning proper budgeting, the company can improve and sustain the mobile app for a long. Also, please choose the best company for mobile app development services because they better know how to create the feature-rich app on a limited budget. 

By doing this, you can lower the risks, evaluate ROI, and remain flexible to optimize and improve your app as the product matures.

How much does it cost to design a mobile app in 2020?

How much does it cost to design a mobile app in 2020?

As technology enthusiasts, have you ever thought about what makes a mobile app engaging, effective, and successful? A unique idea, user-friendliness, technology stack, or great design?

The difference between a good and bad app is often coming down to its user experience quality. A well-designed mobile app with a seamless user experience is what separates successful apps from unsuccessful ones. As there are numerous apps available for particular things, that’s the reason mobile users expect a lot from an app.  This includes quicker loading time, ease of use, and delight during the interaction. If you want your app to be successful, consider UX as an essential component of product strategy.

For further app development process, the app design, consisting of user experience and user interface, lays a good foundation. We believe you are interested in knowing the cost of app design and what methods and services brood the pricing framework.

Here we’ll cut to the chase and tell you how much it cost you to design a mobile app in 2020. In this article, we will figure out and look at all mobile app design stages to estimate the cost of creating an appealing design for your mobile application.

Deciding Between Native or Custom Design

When you want to estimate the mobile app design cost, you need to decide if you want to go with native design or custom design. Let’s see what custom and native UI design means.

What is a Native Design?

As we all know, every platform has its guidelines that illustrate how elements in an app should look, how they interact with and relate to other elements, and where the element should be located.

A native UI follows a strict set of guidelines. The guidelines of the platform allow designers to build interfaces that look like part of the operating system. Let’s look at the pros of this design approach.

Pros of Native Design

  • Familiarity- Utilizing elements familiar to users can make you assure that there will be practically no learning curve.
  • Faster development- Instead of designing everything from scratch, designers can use ready-made templates. 
  • Reduced design cost- Compared to custom, a native design takes less time. Therefore, it costs you less.  

What is a Custom Design?

A custom User Interface is designed from scratch. Designers can build great interfaces by using unique styles and illustrations to attract attention.

Pros of Custom Design

  • Improved (UX)user experience- With modern design approaches,  designers can build unique experiences that only your app provides.
  • Differentiation- With custom design, designers can create a unique and innovative interface for your brand, which makes your stand from the crowd. 

Exploring the 5 Crucial Stages of Design Development

The “software development life cycle” is the same for every mobile application, regardless of the type of the model chosen for any application or target user: planning, designing, development, testing, and deployment.

1. Planning

Planning is the first and critical step to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the project. Without proper and adequate planning, the development of software is useless and meaningless. With the proper planning, you can start the project flawlessly and smoothly. 

2. Design

Design: After the planning, the next step which takes over is designing.  These steps include building the architecture of the project. Designing the mobile app UI/UX helps eliminate possible flaws by establishing a standard and endeavoring to stick to it.

3. Development 

Once the planning and designing get completed, the development of the software starts, which is the actual task. 

4. Implementation

The stage of implementation comes after developing the software. In this stage, the product goes through a pilot experiment to evaluate its feasibility and function properly.

5. Testing

The testing stage assesses the software to fix the errors and bugs.

The Importance of App Design

App Design is the first thing that attracts the eye of any audience. Every design element is devised to solve the issues of potential users. Most developers create a high-performance app but fail to focus on designing, leading to the app failure. The great mobile app design has countless benefits.  Look at the pointers below.

  • Attract users and ensure they spend as much time on the app as possible.
  • Creates a good impression.
  • Get featured in app stores.
  • Saves cost and time in the long run.
  • Get loyal customers.

Mobile App Best UI/UX Practices to consider

  • Maintain Uniformity
  • Employ the Best UI Design company 
  • Use conventional elements
  • Make it as interactive as possible
  • Don’t hamper the speed of the app
  • Consider platform-specific designs
  • Keep it simple and avoid complicating the things

Cost of Design Services 

To calculate your app design’s final cost, you need to look at the vendor’s hourly rate. The app design rate depends on various factors- the region where the vendor is located, the level of experience of the app designer, and whether you’re working with a company or a freelancer. 

To give you a clear view, we’ve compared the average hourly rates for mobile UI design services in the US, Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, and Canada. This data will help help you to find the best option according to the budget and convenience time. 

The Hourly Rate of Mobile App Design based on Region

Asia – The average rate of a user interface designer in Asia varies between $6 to $25 per hour. 

Canada– The average hourly rate for UI design services in the Canada region varies from $15 to $75.

Western Europe – The average rate for user interface design services in Western Europe ranges from $20 to $73 an hour.

Eastern Europe– The average hourly rate of user interface designers in Eastern Europe from $10 to $59 – as per Payscale.

US– Average UI designer rate in the US is $41.63 per hour.

App Design Cost by Project Complexity

To provide you a better understanding of app design costs, we divided the application into three categories:

  • Basic app
  • Standard app complexity
  • Complex. 

The complexity of the app includes – no. of features, level of design customization, the platform you choose, and scalability of the app.

  • Basic Apps – It will take about 100 to 160 hours to design and will cost you $5,000 and up.
  • Standard Apps – Take between 320 to 640 hours and will start at $16,000
  • Complex Apps – It takes about 1000 hours, which means it will cost you around $50,000.

The Bottom Line 

App design services with low cost can be appealing and attractive. But, we recommend you to not choose based on the price. We suggest you take into account a vendor’s experience, check their portfolio and user case, how reliable the company is, and don’t forget to read the company’s feedback and reviews from clients. 

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How to Outsource App Development Amid Covid-19?

How to Outsource App Development Amid Covid-19?

Outsource development has become the most prominent internal function in the aftermath of COVID-19, with business and other functions expecting IT services and support like never before. IT will truly become the backbone of business in the post-COVID-19 period, quoted by CIO. The current situation pandemic where a vaccine has yet to be developed and economies are falling. This situation led business leaders to test their skills of bringing their business back on track. No matter what type of business you are in, your business is bound to have an online presence to stand out in the crowd. As Covid-19 scare shuts the world down for business, mobile apps are the only hope left that helps them to meet their daily needs, and so outsourcing app development is.

So, it’s high time for all small and large enterprises to go beyond experiences and build an app from scratch to run the office work smoothly. Companies, including startups and SMEs, can upgrade their existing app with the emerging technologies to make the app running more smooth. Technology is empowering everything we do, from buying pizza to getting childcare services now all possible at your fingertips. People can buy anything from just an app without leaving the comfort of your home. As we can see, digitalization revamped our lives at every step, so it is worth outsourcing app development company to get the best app for your business. And before hiring an offshore development team you should choose a team that provides a complete solution package.

Power of a well-designed Mobile App in 2020

Are you still in a dilemma of whether to invest in mobile app development or not? Do you know? There are around 2.7 billion smartphone users across the world, and about 90% of mobile time is spent on mobile apps. So, it’s no surprise that businesses with app development can easily capture the largest segment of the market and users. App Annie predicts that by 2021, the app economy worldwide will hit a stunning $6.3 trillion.

Through a well-designed app, you can take your business to the next height as it not only helps to improve the customer experience but also promote your brand. Software is a tool that helps companies operate more efficiently and effectively conquer the market.

Top 3 IT Outsourcing Stats for 2020

  • In 2020, the current market size of the outsourcing industry in the US is $92.5 billion, and it is going to grow by 1.6% the same year.
  • In fact, 37% of small businesses currently outsource a business process. 
  • About 57 million freelance workers are there in the US.

Don’t Hold your App Dream Amid Covid-19- Why?

There’s never been a better time than now to develop your dream app amid Covid-19. Many of the entrepreneurs have put on the break on their dream app development, due to the current pandemic scared off them. They mostly prefer a stable market which they can predict and assess. As there’s a famous proverb – “Do your duty, without worrying about the results,” few entrepreneurs are investing in their dream app, as we never know, even a simple app idea can be an explosive one. That means if you release your application at this time, there are high chances for you to succeed with new downloads and loyal users.

In 2020, 52% of small businesses stated that they’re willing to partner with remote tech engineers for their IT needs. For your dream app development project, you can outsource a professional app developer from Parangat Technologies to help you with your app development at an affordable rate. At this time, when the digital workspace becomes the new norm, the outsourcing app development team is the best option that can help you by delivering a quality-rich and scalable app solutions.

The business of Apps During Covid-19 Pandemic

When social distancing has forced individuals to stay at home, there are specific application categories whose growth soared high during the COVID-19 crisis.  

Top mobile app categories that are winning the battle against Covid-19 are- 

  • Video streaming apps
  • Grocery apps
  • Video/call conferencing apps
  • Fitness apps
  • Digital payment apps
  • Educational apps
  • Remote health management apps

So, if you plan to create apps that belong to either of these use cases, you should not give up on your vision.

How to Hire a Reliable Outsourcing Company

Here are some aspects to be kept in mind while hiring a mobile app development partner in this Covid-19 outbreak. 

  • Opt for the company that has taken all the necessary steps to mitigate the spread of Covid-19, ensuring the employees’ safety and business operations.
  • Choosing an IT outsourcing partner that streamlined Agile processes are a must.
  • Make sure your potential IT services provider offers different cooperation and pricing models.
  • Must look for a compliant company with international security standards such as ISO, PCI, and has an effective security policy.
  • If the company team has excellent communication skills, and reflect transparency with you. Don’t think twice!
  • While hiring, consider the size of the vendor and their remote capabilities. Also, the company that offers opportunities for professional growth

Benefits of Outsourcing App Development Amid Covid-19

  • Outsourcing can help you to gain access to the latest emerging technology.
  • Outsourcing can save money as well as brainpower.
  • Focusing on other business areas.
  • Providing an opportunity to hire people having unique skill sets and knowledge.
  • Reduction in the number of risks
  • Enhanced scalability, flexibility, and agility.

Parangat Technologies- Your IT Outsourcing Partner

It’s not rocket science to offer uninterrupted services to clients while ‘working remotely’ but an agile mindset. It’s the time to develop scalable and unique mobile app solutions through a remote app development team to help your business navigate through the stormy coronavirus seas. 

Our certified and dedicated developers assure you consistent support services for risk-diversification in these tough times. We even go extra miles to make outsourcing a worthy process for you.

If you are looking for a company that comes out as a winner on all of the above ten parameters, then end your search now! Parangat Technology is the one that you can trust and build a strong, long-term partnership. Fix a meeting now to know more about our outsourced software development services.