Common Myths of Mobile App Development

Common Myths of Mobile App Development

Since long businesses have started realizing that by having an app they can get better results of marketing. And, that’s why big, small and medium-sized businesses have jumped into the bandwagon. But, at the same time, there are a few myths in mobile app development space which is making businesses hesitant to take a step toward mobile app development. Let’s take a look at them:

Myth1: Mobile app development steps must be discussed and freeze before starting it.

Reality: Many Customers don’t have detailed knowledge of mobile app development. So, they may miss out few points before starting the development of apps, even if they provide the details. So, developers and development agencies both should be open to suggestions and feedbacks to produce the best quality products and market-centric apps.

Myth 2: Why so long? – It takes just few days to build a mobile app

Reality: Developing a mobile app is not a simple thing. It’s an ongoing and rigorous process that should imbibe a perfect strategy to begin with. And, when you approach a mobile app development company, they provide you an estimate in terms of time and effort. But, it’s not necessary that you will have the mobile app before the estimated time and within the estimated cost. It may vary depending on the circumstances and requirements.

Myth 3: A well-designed app will earn 5 star rating in the App Marketplaces.

Reality: It’s not mandatory that an app which is well-designed will get the good reviews and ratings. Many factors including features, functionalities, look & feel, proper testing, marketing and support and maintenance contribute toward making an app successful. So, for making an app successful, you need to consider each and every factor wisely.  

Myth 4: Once you launched your app at App Marketplaces, your job is over.

Reality: Never ever forget this!!! Your app is just one in a million that includes the same functionalities and serves the same purpose. Therefore, there are huge chances that your app may go unnoticed. So, just like the app development process, it’s important to invest proper time and resources to promote and market your app.

Myth 5: All that matters is Mobile app development cost.

Reality: You are not done if you have created an app and launched it at app stores. You have to monitor its success metrics and maintain it if you want your app to stay here for long.  And for that, you have to invest time and money, both. It’s important to keep the app bug- free and have technology updates.

Myth 6: Always, Native apps provide the best user-experience as compared to HTML5 apps

Reality: Every app, be it native, hybrid or mobile web, have their own pros and cons. Though native apps are generally considered to provide the best user-experience, but it’s not always the right choice. It all depends on the user requirements. Also, tools like Xamarin not only help in cross platform development but also maintain the same levels as native app development..

Myth 7: Too many features make an app successful.

Reality: It’s one of the common myths that companies often get thrilled about having many amazing features in their mobile app. However, the reality is it’s not the features that could only decidethe success of an app. Thus before adding any new feature to your app, always ask these questions to yourselves or your team:

  • How this feature will benefit my customers?
  • How this feature will help to solve the user’s problems?
  • How this feature will make things easier for the users?

And, if you don’t find a right answer for these questions, remember, that the feature is not worth it.