How Mobile Apps Are Changing Health and Fitness Industry?

How Mobile Apps Are Changing Health and Fitness Industry?

Due to technological advancements and mobility revolution, the number of Smartphones and Tablets, are increasing at a very rapid rate. Today almost every vertical including Enterprises, retail, logistics, and travel & tourism has adopted mobility to improve their efficiency and services. Like other verticals, the Healthcare industry is also leveraging this technology to improve their services and customer experience. Mobile apps in the healthcare industry have brought a revolution. Today mobile communication has offered a lot of opportunities and innovation to help improve their healthcare and medical services.

According to reports, in the next 5 years, around 510 million users will be using health and fitness apps. It the coming years, large organizations and mid-sized businesses will enter the health and medical industry by creating innovative and creative healthcare mobile apps. However, Mobile and healthcare industries are still in its initial stage, but there is an amazing opportunity available in this space. Healthcare apps including diagnosis and treatment along-with the coding, billing, prescriptions and many others have proved to a highly efficient to patients and healthcare centers, both. Like other verticals, healthcare apps are also required to be wisely developed. And, for developing a well-versed healthcare app, it’s critical to consider a few points. Let’s take a look at them:

Identifying the right audience

By spending time with your end-users, you can know about your target audiences. In turn, this will help you to build various personas of the users. However, there are few features that can be easily defined by the end-users only and not by the developers. So the sessions and meetings with the target audiences are crucial.

Reasons behind building a healthcare app

It’s important to be focused on the key reasons for building a healthcare app. There are a lot of enterprises and big brands, who are there to focus on the products, while they are building for users. Hence, it becomes important to find out answers to a few questions including – What’s the motive of building the app? Why users will download your app? What purpose will the app serve? etc. So, by properly analyzing everything, you need to find the answers to all the questions.


Personalization is an important aspect that should be rightly considered. The content of the app should be specific and it should be as per the user’s requirements. There are a lot of blogs and articles that are available and which include general medical information. And, if the users will see the same and repeated content on your app, they will not be convinced to use it. Users or patient rely on your content and thinks that the content you are publishing is better, realistic and innovative. That’s why the content displayed on the app should only include the required information.

Direct communication

Communication has always played a crucial role between a patient and its doctor. Healthy and engaging communication is what a patient looks for.  And, that’s why a mHealth app should include features that should allow users to properly communicate with the medical representatives and doctors. If an app doesn’t serve the basic functionality of communication, then it’s of no use. Emails and messages can be included in the apps, so that the patients can directly communicate with their doctors or at least can send an informative email.

This will also encourage medical representatives and doctors to easily connect with patients. In turn, this will improve patient-doctor relationship and services, too.

Hope the above tips of Healthcare app development will help you in understanding the usability of a healthcare app. For developing a user-centric healthcare app, you require a lot of insistence and dedication because a well-planned and well-implemented mobile app can only result in a user-friendly and engaging mobile app. And for that, you have to wisely develop the bug-free app and be prepared with the ideas for the app that needs to be included in the future versions.


Parangat Technologies is a leading mobile app development company, which is known to develop apps on major verticals including the healthcare industry, too. We have developed well-researched and top-notch healthcare applications that include the latest features and have served many health organizations. Feel free to contact us today to get more details about our Healthcare app development process.

How to leverage Analytics to Drive Your Mobile Analytics Strategy? – Part1

How to leverage Analytics to Drive Your Mobile Analytics Strategy? – Part1

Building a successful app is a need of an hour. Undoubtedly, for designing and developing your mobile app, you have to spend ample time developing a well-versed mobile analytics strategy — one that’s deep-rooted in your KPIs and can help you in receiving business value from your mobile app.

That’s obvious, but you would be surprised to know that only few many app development projects begin with right app analytics integrated with it. While creating mobile app strategy, you need to help clients define what their idea truly could be — and what it should become. We at Parangat, help our clients break ideas down to the very core, thus finding the intersection of where user’s challenges and business opportunities overlaps. And, then start to figure out what can make the app MVP (minimum viable product).

By setting goals and defining the key performance indicators (KPIs) and by crafting well-versed mobile analytics strategy, we can help clients in creating a successful mobile app. While deciding for- what you want to achieve, what key features you want to include in an app, what your brand strategy should be, what your KPIs will be and how you will figure out whether you’re achieving them or not. You need to figure out – How any given feature can contribute to the app’s success metrics and how that feature will help meet your app’s goals? – Here are five steps for building a well-versed mobile analytics strategy for your mobile app:

  1. Create a well-versed analytics plan

For creating a well-versed analytics plan- you need to set various goals. And, then break those goals down into various tactics. Those tactics will be the actions that you’re going to take, or the key features you’re going to design to meet those goals. And, then you need to decide how you’re going to measure their success rate. Just set manageable targets and be honest about them: If you would set the bar too high, you’ll never achieve success. And, if you would set it too low, you won’t learn anything. So, for right setting goals, you need to use your intuition. Just search the web to see who else has met the similar challenges. You can use their baselines as a guide.

For proper refining of this list, you need to iterate throughout your mobile app development process. Put yourself in the shoes of your users and try to create stories that can help you craft features that can help you solve key challenges for your users. Then wisely think about what are those metrics that indicate that your app has helped users in solving their challenges.

In the meanwhile, you will be able to develop hypotheses about what are the factors that can affect these metrics and soon you’ll be able to modify your mobile app features to rightly test the hypotheses. Just use the data to gain proper insights so that you don’t have to guess what you have to do next.

And, as you progress, you’ll find it useful in expanding your measurement plan so that you can include audience segments and partners. There is a lot you can learn from the data you accumulate. Thus, you can help in ensuring your app’s success by using app insights that you have gained from the data to make enhancements.

  1. Identify the key metrics that matters

You’ll find few of your app’s KPIs are crucial in achieving goals. Let’s take an example, if you push hard on any particular metric, you may find faster growth than you do by properly focusing on something else. Your most crucial business goal is to entice more users on-boarded, or it’s to retain more users and avert them from uninstalling. Remember, each app, and each business is entirely different. And, when you apply a well-versed mobile analytics strategy throughout the mobile app development process, you’re very likely to figure out that one metric that has the capability to tie up with the most closely to your overall goals and is directly affected by the key tactics that you use to achieve them.

Part 2 of this blog will be shared in our next post.

Hire Parangat to get business-centric ROR, AngularJS, NodeJS, Django, Python and iOS & Android apps

Hire Parangat to get business-centric ROR, AngularJS, NodeJS, Django, Python and iOS & Android apps

Being a leading web and mobile development company, Parangat is delivering solutions across the world. Parangat provides the tailor-made solutions for building dynamic web and mobile applications that too without spending a lot of time. Our leading team of industry experts are known for working on all the latest and cutting-edge technologies and platforms including AngularJS, ROR, Node.js, Python Django and iOS, Android, Apple Watch and many more. Being a responsive mobile and web Design Company, we are known to create feature-packed and business-centric mobile and web solutions so that companies can reach newer heights and get into market place swiftly. Our team of proficient and experienced developers has the required expertise for using all the top-notch and leading technologies and tools.

Providing Solutions with AngularJS

Parangat caters to AngularJS mobile and web application development that offers the custom-made and best solutions through this amazing open source mobile and web application platform, which is sustained by Google. We are highly focused on result-centric operations so that our clients can achieve amazing dynamic views within mobile and web applications, hence empowering users to use extended HTML vocabulary for the mobile and web applications, thus showing real-time interactive sessions. Our best-in-class AngularJS development services offer a perfect tool and platform for the robust, scalable and cost-effective web and mobile solutions that are considered as light-weighted, responsive and robust.

We are working with many top-notch and recognized organizations and many upcoming start-ups, thus utilizing a SLENDER process needed for building, designing and launching mobile and web applications which make us the leading AngularJS web and mobile app development company, based in Noida, India. We have been leveraging AngularJS from the last five years and have served more than 100+ clients. The expertise at Parangat using AngularJS includes using the ground-breaking tools available among the developer community including Grunt, Bower, Yeoman to develop and deploy the best AngularJS mobile and web solutions. Be it AngularJs, NodeJS, Ember or backboneJ5, our dexterous developers have worked on all the major UI frameworks including Ionic framework, Semantic UI and UI-bootstrap. Bestowed with a team of passionate web and mobile app developers, we haveworked on different angular apps, which support various servers like Django, Nginx, NodeJS. And, that’s why we have earned expertise and became the top AngularJS apps development company.

Adept in Delivering Mobile and Web Solutions using Ruby on Rails

We have a proficient team of mobile and web designers that have designed hundreds of websites using responsive ROR web design structure. Working with Ruby on Rails means that designed page will work on all devices including desktop, mobile, tablet and any display device. Our designed website is engrossing and easily fits with the device’s screen size.

Parangat uses Ruby on Rails (RoR) to build scalable, versatile and business-centric web and mobile solutions, thus reducing overall costs. RoR programming is a trending and popular open-source web framework that enables RoR developers to write pioneering code much faster than using other programming languages. Our senior RoR developers are also adept in using Ruby, HTML5, CSS3, HTML and jQuery.

Delivering Ground-breaking Node.js Web & Mobile Solutions:

Node.JS is extremely scalable and robust in handling huge and dynamic database related to mobile applications. Services that we offer through Node.JS solutions:

  • Node.js API Development
  • Plugins Development
  • Web & Mobile Application UI/UX Development by using Node.js
  • Node.js Development Consultation and Maintenance
  • AJAX Development
  • Hire Node.js Developer for tailor-made Solutions

Parangat provides scalable, vibrant and versatile mobile application development services by leveraging trending platforms including Ruby on Rails up, AngularJS and Node.js development. To get in contact with our Full Stack development team and ponder upon our services and expertise, please contact us on [email protected].

Top 5 Apps for seniors and elders

Top 5 Apps for seniors and elders

To ensure that people can age with pride in their own houses, technology has come up with something new and enticing. And, that’s Mobile apps. Being an elder and tech-savvy person, who uses Smartphones, tablets and computers, I’ve always looked for easy and user-friendly tech solutions. I have picked up best 5 apps for elders and their families that they can use to meet their daily challenges:

  1. Magnifying Glass with Light (Available on platforms: iPhone, iPad) (Free)

As we grow older, our eyesight decreases. Here comes in this app, through this app, which is developed by Falcon in Motion, elders and seniors can easily read the stuff they want to. It has an in-built feature, through which content on books, magazines, newspapers and restaurant menus can be illuminated and magnified.

  1. Skype (Available on platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad) (Free)

Skype is one of the most popular apps among the families, who are spread out across the state, country and even internationally because it allows users to have face-to-face interaction. People are using it for meeting their other challenges like setting up face to face interaction with their caregivers via Skype on their mobile devices, computers or tablets.

  1. MedCoach (Available on Platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad) (Free)

MedCoach is appreciated and loved by many caregivers because it provides them quick access to lists of medications including pill reminders with quick and easy setup. It even provides access to the pharmacy’s website so that user can get the medicines and other health services. And all this can be done in a few clicks through a smartphone, tablet or other device.

  1. Sudoku (Available on platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad) (Free)

Another amazing option for elders is Sudoku. Being one of the numbers version of the classic crossword, Sudoku is one of the popular apps among users especially elders.

  1. Red Panic Button (Available on platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad) (Cost: $2.99 plus extra charge for new features)

Another crucial tool that is popular among elder generation. This app can help your loved ones access to immediate help during emergency and the times they are alone. Through the app, user can input both their information as well as their loved ones at the time of emergency. App is also popular because of its easy functionalities like they just have to open the app and hit the red button available in the mid of screen.

In the world where we live in is constantly and rapidly changing. And, with this rapid change, we need to adapt with the evolving technology as it can make our lives simpler and easier. As a result, you can enjoy more time with our family and friends.

Parangat technologies is a top-notch Mobile Application Development Company, based in India, backed by a wealth of experience and extensive expertise across all industry verticals. Mobility has transformed the business processes and communication with the customers and is now reformulating the way people and technology interacts with each other. Now, for businesses, right from the startups to enterprises, the key to success is to embrace an enterprise mobile strategy that can provide solutions to user needs accelerate innovation and bring competitive edge to their businesses. And, being a leading mobile app development companies, we can help you in making apps that you need for your business solutions, daily requirements or for any other requirements.

Tips To Ponder Upon for Your Mobile App Indexing Strategy

Tips To Ponder Upon for Your Mobile App Indexing Strategy

As always, SEO is rapidly changing, thus mobile app developers are required to gear up to craft the effective mobile app indexing strategy. Search Engine plays an important role in getting your app noticed by your potential customers. First and foremost step that needs to be considered is you need to ensure that your mobile app is meeting all the important indexing criteria and is fully optimized for online search. Let’s take a look on a few tips that can help you make app indexing work for you:

1. Optimize your Website according to Mobile

As per the current scenario, search engines are incapable of indexing content directly from a mobile app, thus the content must be hosted via a website. To get the best results for your app, ensure that your website is properly optimized for a mobile device usage.

2. Properly use Header tags

The same rule applies to app indexing, so for properly using Header tags, you need to index content. You can use header tags and description tags within the content to achieve this.

3. Manifest, links and entitlements

Once you have successfully hosted the content, you need to consider technical maintenance within your app’s files. And, for doing that you need to ensure that your app’s Manifest.xml file is configured properly to allow search engine crawling.

4. Properly tie up the wobbly ends

There are a few actions that can harm your application’s search engine ranking, thus resulting into more incompatible and interstitials content. Before launching your mobile app, ensure that the content of your app is directly related to the consistent page of your website, thus removing any factor that can inhibit your customers’ experience.

5. Ensure your app’s content is worth uploading

Another factor that can hamper your SEO strategy is – Content should be worth. Deploying a mobile app is simply not enough; you need to upload the content that people want or need to read. And, if the content is not worth uploading, you app can suffer a big disaster.

6. Set up deep links

If you want to get specific pages app content indexed on Google, link that section of your mobile app from within the HTML mark-up of the suitable webpage. Just add the selected URL by using a tag.

7. Organise deep links via your sitemap

Alternatively, you can also add deep links directly to mobile app pages through your website’s sitemap file. Just use the tag that can enable to associate with the content on the site, which is ready for indexing.

8. Ensure your content is full crawled

If your content is not indexed, then even you write a great content, it may go in vain. So, ensure the content is made available to search engine crawlers. However, it sounds obvious, but it’s still one of the common errors we have.

9. Always be ready for change

Currently, the capabilities of search engines are limited, if we talk in terms of mobile app’s searching and indexing. But soon it will change and we will get a lot of opportunities in this arena.

10. Get your mobile app developed across a wide range of metrics

Once search engine indexing for app launches, be prepared to make updates in your app accordingly!

Top 6 Healthcare Mobility Trends in 2016- Part2

Top 6 Healthcare Mobility Trends in 2016- Part2

If you running a healthcare centre, ensure you have adopted mobility approach. Let’s take a look on the reasons (whose 1st part we have published in our previous post) that will help you understand why you should invest in mobile app development:

3 – Enabling Effective communications and consultation services

The functionalities of a healthcare industry is highly dispersed because it involves the distinct groups of numerous departments. To name a few of the departments – inpatient wards, Admin office, OPD services, reception counter, emergency departments, pharmacies with operation theatres and labs. One of the challenges is how to properly collaborate together and deliver healthcare services to patients. And, the problem gets enlarged when a health care provider has hospital chains in a given network. These challenges can be solved by developing customized mobile apps that can break communication hindrances to help patients, doctors and other hospital management staff. And, in
case of any emergencies, it will help in providing time-efficient and cost-effective solutions to meet patient’s needs.

4 – Making Collaborative Medical training and Education More Efficient

Education industry has been revolutionised after the introduction of mobile apps. As classroom and training education has been made easy to reach and user-centric through mobile apps. And, that’s why now education and learning has not been longer limited to textbooks and medical manuals. To enable collaborative medical training and facilitate better experience, mobile apps has proved to be great way.By leveraging mobile apps, medical students and doctors are able to access their learning and training materials. Mobile apps provide various features including quizzes and Q & A that help them easily prepare for exams and share their knowledge with other members also, which in turn, will
help to advance their career programs. These apps are becoming a great way to integrate with numerous medical resources that are available online to help students and trainees so that they can easily get the access to the relevant medical info.

5 – Upgraded and automated Inventory Management Systems

Today pharmacies of healthcare chains stock many different products and many of them come with an expiry date, which in turn, makes handling, managing and scheduling of products a significant activity. And, if the need of various supplies is not rightly estimated, it can lead to delays in procurement, thus ultimately hampering the level of care given to patients. In this era, mobile solutions has given a vast opportunities that should be implemented in hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, thus enabling them to properly manage their inventories and provide the real-time
access to data and orders. Feature-packed inventory management mobile apps are developed to meet the various challenges and add variation in product demand, thus, bringing accuracy to a number of vital elements including lead times, order points and usage rates.

6 – Omni-channel Experience

With the advancement in technology and innovations, companies and brands are amalgamating online and offline activities in order to provide an omni-channel experience. According to DC Health Insights- “The U.S. health payers will adopt omni-channel strategies to engage customers in 2015 and Parkland Hospital in Dallas has fulfilled the prophecy by investing $80 million in digital technology to improve patient care, streamline record keeping, enhance security and enable the hospital to operate more efficiently.”So, we have seen how healthcare industry is meeting the challenges by improving the quality and services. Mobile solutions are thus, enhancing the overall operational competency thus, streamlining the patient care delivery and leading the much required transformational revolution.