Top 6 Healthcare Mobility Trends in 2016- Part1

Top 6 Healthcare Mobility Trends in 2016- Part1

In the past few years, the use of Smartphones and tablets have disrupted and transformed many major industries including healthcare, enterprise mobility, retail, social networking and e-commerce etc. However, among those industries retail, travel and media have been the major to adopt mobile-first approach to enhance customer engagement. The Healthcare mobility is among those, which have adopted mobility a bit later as compared to other industries. If we see the stats, more than half of the Americans use smartphones for getting their day-day activities done and they don’t even use landline connections at their homes. According to a report by the US National Centre for Health Statistics at the CDC – Centres for Disease Control and Prevention – Now, healthcare specialists are using their smartphones and tablets to get their many tasks done so that healthcare services can be delivered more efficiently.

Penetration of Smartphones and Tablets in Healthcare Industry

As compared to other industries, Healthcare industry is in more need to imbibe Smartphones and Tablets because time is valuable more here as it is associated with human lives and not just money. Doctors and medical experts are required to access the sensitive and confidential information more quickly and urgently than in any other industry. And, Smartphones’ this ability of transmitting the key information anywhere and anytime is leading to its rapid increase in the adoption especially in clinical and hospital settings. According to a HIMSS report, 93% of physicians and doctors are using mobile technology in their daily activities and 80% of use it to provide proper patient care. The report also added that – today around an estimated 66% of Doctors use tablet and 54% of them use it in their medication practices. According to another study of The Manhattan Research/Physician Channel Adoption – physicians and doctors spend around 64% of their online time for looking the information on making a strong clinical decisions and support. And, in the coming days this number is going to increase rapidly. Thus the above mentioned stats and current scenario suggest that mobility is a key part for enhancing the excellence of healthcare services.Let’s take a look on a few top trends of mobility in healthcare industry:

1 – Efficient and updated Administrative and Management Processes

However, there are various hospitals and healthcare centres but quality of care is still one of the key challenges for hospital management and administration sectors. And, the one of the main reasons behind it is – lack of time. Right from the check in to discharge, all the processes are performed manually, thus, causing a wastage of productive time and the effect is abided by patients, especially at short-staffed hospitals and medical centres. To improve the suffering of apprehensive patients, health care centres and setups are investing in developing mobile apps that can easily manage time and information efficiently. By using their Smartphones, patients can easily view the doctor’s information and set-up the appointments with them directly through their devices, thus, eliminating the cumbrous
process of calling the hospitals and medical centres and waiting for a receptionist to answer, thus figuring out the availability of a doctors. Even physicians and doctors are using these apps to track appointments, meetings, calls, schedules and other clinical responsibilities, thus making themselves available timely.

2 – Handling Digital Health Records Efficiently

Documenting pertinent health records of patients and medical centres efficiently. Patient’s significant medical data is one of the most crucial activities in a hospital environment. And, due to mismanagement and these records sometimes, get eliminated. And, doctors need these records time and again. These crucial information and details need ample storage space and a dedicated well-versed team to file and sort it. And, retrieval of these information is another key challenge in clinical settings. By using mobile apps doctors and medical officials can easily retrieve files easily and hence relevant health information and records can be accessed and managed properly. Now, it has become easy for doctors and medical officers to easily access the patient information including their medical history, confidential information, lab reports and discharge summary over a secure server. Through this process, physicians and doctors are enabled to access confidential and important information from even a remote location, whenever they want.

Why Your Business Should Invest in Mobile App Development Now? – Part2

Why Your Business Should Invest in Mobile App Development Now? – Part2

If you are a business owner of a start-up or big brand, who owns a mobile app development company, ensure you have adopted mobile-first approach. Let’s take a look on the reasons that will help you understand why you should invest in mobile app development ?

6. Apps Augments Customer’s Interest

While you develop a mobile app, it helps you provide an easy way to showcase your products or services to your existing and potential customers. If we talk in terms of e-commerce industry, every time you are planning to purchase something, you can use an app that will be a one-stop destination to get all the information required. And, being a business owner of any e-commerce brand, you can easily update the content and notify your users by providing the glimpse of the new products or services that you have for offering. Undoubtedly, your this strategy will help you in inviting and tempting your consumers.

7. Increase Customer Engagement and retain customers

Customer engagement is one of the secret recipes of a successful app because it ensures that your brand or business is on the right way. By using their mobile apps consumers can interact with your brand or business while driving, or waiting for the dentist or while being in the line of any bank. Moreover, mobile apps can also use the location and profile information by using features like navigation, you can help your users find your business easily and accurately.

8. More accessibility and reach

A well-versed mobile app can be easily accessed from anywhere and anytime. Today consumers can easily interact with your business while on the go. Let’s take an example –a mobile app enables its user to easily place orders, access information, track recent sales and all the associated account activities. And, you can even respond to all the customer’s request immediately and can take proactive steps. Today many businesses are leveraging their mobile-first approach to take their business to the next level.

9. captivates larger and younger audiences

Many businesses are going for a mobile-first approach. Today almost 75% of the millennial generation owns smartphone. And, as the time passes, it is becoming hard to engage with the younger generation by using conventional techniques. Even though younger generation have access to a traditional PC, but they choose to rely on their trending gadgets like their mobile devices. On of the key reasons that made Smartphones a popular and pioneering tool for commuting with friends, browsing, selling & purchasing products and services online. And, to reach the larger and younger audience, you need to get a business-centric mobile app.

10. Apps provide convenience for its Consumers

Mobile apps are easier to use as compared to websites. They are likely designed with the primary focus on customers and usability of an app. And, the benefits upsurge many times, when businesses decide to develop a tailor-made and custom mobile app. It allows more scalability and flexibility, which in turn helps you address specific customer needs. Your app can become a great way to help your customers more precisely and actively and reach your support team.


With the mobile industry flourishing so vastly, it has become worthwhile for every business to invest in mobile app development. And, if you haven’t adopted mobile –first approach, yet, then you are missing a lot of opportunities and you are behind your competitors because even if your competitors have not gone mobile, they soon will be.

Why Your Business Should Invest in Mobile App Development Now? – Part1

Why Your Business Should Invest in Mobile App Development Now? – Part1

With mobile apps increasing quickly for various mobile operating systems including Apple, Android, and others, businesses are crafting brand awareness, reliability and high-exposure among a huge number of prevailing and potential consumers. Due to this emerging trend, nowadays, consumers are expecting to have a dedicated mobile app for every business and organizations. Today, mobile apps are becoming a necessity because it help businesses gain acompetitive edge over their competitors. Here’re a few reasons that will help you understand why you should invest in mobile application development now:

1. Everyone has Gone Mobile

Today everyone is using their smartphones and tablets and they want every brand to have it. Consumers are using their smartphones and tablets to find local businesses. Business and brands too are leveraging this upcoming trend to gain competitive edge in their business. Even users are turning away from their conventional methods of reaching brands, thus relying on mobile applications.

2. Mobile Apps offers numerous opportunities

Mobile apps offers a range of opportunities including reaching potential consumers, branding your business, analysing your product and providing the real-time support and maintenance. Today by just having a mobile app, you can reach your existing consumers easily and can access your business information and real-time data anywhere and at any time that too in a user friendly environment. Today, users can easily purchase anything anytime irrespective of
the location and desktop availability. Mobile apps have helped brands create a strong bond with consumers.

3. Providing a Social Platform Channel

Today people are fanatical with social media channels including WhatsApp, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. And, mobile apps are helping brands in making them a part of their obsessions. Developers are integrating social features such as comments, likes, and in-app purchases& messaging in the apps that helps business advance their social standing. Users spend a lot of time on social media channels especially on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. By having a mobile app, business are providing a channel to its users to get connected through social media channels thus enabling them to spend more time in the brands. Through this method, users are easily able to add review, share or discuss products in real-time.

4. Enabling better services and sales

Undoubtedly, mobile app development has empowered sales and has made it easier than ever before. Now, it’s changing the way users are buying and selling the products and services. It has also revolutionised the way consumers see, analyse and rate a product before purchasing it. And, that has provided consumers to give more options than ever before and make informed decisions regarding buying the product. Most importantly, mobile apps help in providing a dedicated app that helps businesses in providing consumer’s information that can help them in their future strategies. Hence, mobile apps are a perfect channel for providing best-in class and user-centric service and support.

5. Providing Real-Time & Rich Data Information

A mobile apps helps you save the slow process of amassing data and analysing it. Sometimes focusing on groups can be a bit expensive and time consuming. And, mobile apps are making it easy to gather and capture the information about user’s preferences and actions on your mobile app. Businesses can use this information to deliver tailored and user-centric content as per the consumer and helps in making decisions on how to enhance your app based on customer’s reviews and feedbacks. Ensure you give your consumers the choice to rate and review your app so that it can help you with the improved customer experience. Once you have gained trust, don’t disappoint them.

Why Is Pre-Planning of Mobile App Development Process Essential?

Why Is Pre-Planning of Mobile App Development Process Essential?

Nowadays, every business owner and entrepreneur is trying to get their app developed. And, for developing an app, we need to have structured process and a well-versed concept.  And, once the app process is finalized, then an app needs to go through different stages of development. But while making a process for any development, we need to make it carefully because a small perspective deviation along the way can cause long-lasting and dramatic changes to the end product. Pre-planning of mobile app development process can help in successful completion of an app.

Now, let’s see what is pre-planning phase in app development?

Pre-planning is the phase where you can easily define and discover the answers of many basic and essential questions about the app like – What does an app do? How will it work? Why should we built it? So, Pre-planning makes app development more powerful and structured as it helps in getting the questions answered.

So, why is pre-planning significant?

Developing an app requires a lot of time and effort. And, if we do a proper research and right pre-planning, we can see a few astonishing turning points, which can also become the core features later. Let’s say – a successfulpre-planning can help businesses recognize more powerful and potential objectives, which in turn, can help in crafting right marketing strategy before product launch.

Here’re a few benefits of pre-planning:

You can get early insight of goals, your competitors, target audiences and market trends.

You can plan efficient streamlining of launch and development processes.

You can easily create effective communication between the app concept and development vendors/ partners.

You can also get the accurate cost projection of your app development process and marketing.

And, lack of pre-planning could result into:

Absence of transparency in concept due to inadequate information.

A lot of time delay due to constant and repeated communication that is usually required for explanation.

May result into extra costing, which may occur due to continuing misunderstandings and delays.

And, most importantly, disappointment can be caused by misperception and delays, which may lead to loss of interest and less focus on the app.

But always consider that just doing a right pre-planning cannot do wonders. Since, every app needs a frequent updates and new features during the mobile app development process. Usually, the app development cycle begins as the first version of the app is released. And, every app is judged majorly in its first release. So, always ensure a kink-free and user-centric app right from its first release. And, if you are working with a development partner, ensure that you choose your app development partner wisely because a mobile app is not a “set it and forget it” type of a project. Just like any other amazing technology, mobile app development also requires technically and professionally skilled team that can to continuously build new improvements, fix bugs, and can ultimately ensure the success to your business.

Parangat technologies is a top-notch Mobile Application Development Company, based in India, backed by a wealth of experience and extensive expertise across all industry verticals. Mobility has transformed the business processes and communication with the customers and is now reformulating the way people and technology interact with each other. Now, for businesses, right from the startups to enterprises, the key to success is to embrace an enterprise mobile strategy that can provide solutions to user needs, accelerate innovation and bring competitive edge to their businesses.

Parangat’s Culture of Open Communication and Improved Performance have led to High  Employee Turnover

Parangat’s Culture of Open Communication and Improved Performance have led to High Employee Turnover

Our approach helps in creating a culture of shared respect and support. Here at Parangat, we firmly believe in delivering world-class solutions to the clients across the world. Parangat’s work culture and team enable us to deliver that. Our approach helps in creating a culture of shared respect and support. This has led to achieve many business successes and accomplishments. Employees at Parangat feel more valued and motivated, which in turn resulted in low staff turnover rates. Today where every business is changing with the recent technological advancements and technological revolution. Change has become unescapable and, businesses are also changing their strategies and employee policies. Sometimes, these changed policies and strategies start hampering the culture which is the founding pillar of any business, which in turn, results in declining employee retention rate. And, for any successful business, employee turnover is a key element of change that has the power to directly affect the bottom line of any business. Hence, it becomes very important to properly identify the reasons of leaving employees and craft an effective employee retention strategy. Here’re a few reasons why Parangat is at a win-win situation when we talk about employee retention rate:

High-end development environment (All projects on SVN)

Latest individual workstation

Encouragement to suggest, give feedback or present ideas

Opportunity to work on various platforms/projects and technologies

Updated licensed software

Captivating infrastructure with alluring cafeteria

Large conference room and lots of discussion rooms

On floor projection facility

Sophisticated cabins for managers and senior members

Isolated  and secured server room

Sports and refreshment facility

On- time customer Support and Correspondence

We know that for any business the backbone is online client support and access to track the progress. Parangat primarily focuses on providing client support through its impeccable connectivity to have better end-product that is secured and fully customized tailored to client’s need. Having a top-notch infrastructure and adequate workforce, the company enjoys being a preferred choice among startups and leading brands across the world for building web and mobile apps.

Our Salient Features:-

24/7 client support via phone

99.99% up-time with high speed internet connection


Video conferencing

Instant messengers

Direct access to the key individuals involved in the project

Our outstanding project management system to enable constant, transparent and ongoing updates during project development – involving all the aspects of the projects with key individuals enable us to deliver best mobile and web solutions across the globe. And, that’s why Parangat has achieved a huge success in short span of time. Let’s see what we have achieved so far:

In short span of time, Parangat Technologies has become a leading web and mobile app development company, based in Noida, India. Being a world’s fastest growing mobile and web development Company, we are known to deliver pioneering and best-in-class mobile and web solutions to serve clients across the world. Best owed with extensive experience, deep industry expertise and proficient team, we are capable of delivering incredible mobile and web development services that increase business efficiency, accelerate innovation and maximize profit. Our proficient team of web developers work deliberately with our clients to create a user-friendly, compatible and search-engine friendly website, thus, generating millions of hits and increasing brand’s value and revenue. Being a leading Web Development Company, based in India, we not only just create websites that are easy to use, top the search engine results and reflects the core values of the company, but as the need arises, we continuously update and develop the website to keep the web presence fresh and competitive. Our dedicated team work closely with our clients toproperly assess their business needs and offer a unique and market driven web solutions that meet and exceed their expectation.

Keep Away From these 4 Mobile App Development Challenges

Keep Away From these 4 Mobile App Development Challenges

A well-versed design and development team can’t guarantee a business-centric mobile app. Today, when there are over 1 million apps already available in the App Store, it has become harder for marketers and publishers than ever to stand out from the crowd. Before you start developing your app, let’s figure out the mobile app development challenges associated with developing an app.


Creating Your Niche

There are many entrepreneurs, who think that developing another version of Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter with a minimalist twist can be helpful and, will let them develop the next best thing for the app market. But instead of mimicking others idea, it is always advisable to come with your own unique one. And, once you are done with idea part, start finding the particular demographic; understand your target audience’s needs and more specifically what they are actually missing. And, if your app idea has already been developed, then try to assess what they are missing that you can add.

App Stores Flooded with Apps, hence more competition

With recent technological advancements, mobile space is flooded with more and more apps, which resulted in more and more app development companies, which in turn, lead to higher competition.  And, these big companies are dominating the advertising game by buying up all that precious ad space. Even the search algorithm that Apple utilizes obliges the app developers and publishers that are lower ranked to spend more and more money to attain higher app store ranking. Big companies and enterprises are also depending on the advertising platform on Facebook and Google, thus, elevating the price of ads significantly. And, because of this, newly launched apps need to think differently and outside the box to get the word out and come up something revenue-centric.

Difficulty in finding and targeting loyal users

Finding loyal users has always been a problem for every business. And, same goes with the app development marketplaces, too. Be it your friends at home, or any club, finding a pool of targeted and loyal users is one of the key challenges for developers.  And, to find those loyal users, who not only install your app but also keep using it in their daily lives is also important.

One of the best solutions to this challenge is – Try to engage your users by letting them know – why your app is special and how it stands out from the rest of the crowd.  Easily submit your app to the iTunes store by following Appstore’s guidelines.  Planning a press media release is also something that could help you in getting some early buzz in your target marketplace.  By crafting a well-versed media release plans; you could also offer promo codes to your users, thus, availing your users with an incentive plan and thus they would love to come and explore your app further.  You can adopt certain other marketing strategies like – commenting on appropriate forums that might be relevant to your app, or to your target audiences.  Try to hit new Tech forums and meetups so that you can get early adopters, who can give genuine feedback and suggestions. You can go for guest blogging as well and write blogs that target your ideal users.

Always remember– to make any app popular and create buzz, PR and social media is always helpful.

Proper Testing, Monitoring, and QA

By rigorously testing your app and getting its UAT done through active participants can help you in gathering relevant feedback and information.  You can also gain support from different top-notch analytics companies. They will help evaluate the exact challenges and help you inform what to apply and take out of your app.

Parangat’s testing team recommends publishing an initial beta testing stage to a number of users, thus, making it easier to scale your app’s performance. And, never, ever, make assumptions about what potential users want. Always do in-depth research, and check what your beta testers think the app should improve.  By testing the core of your product with beta testers, then through thorough research will help you in knowing what all other features should be added in the app before its final launch.

And, most importantly keep updated with changes and advancements in the platform or specific to your app. By staying updated with different movements in-app platforms you can always be updated and move forward in the app game.

At Parangat Technologies, we have a robust team of developers and designers. Want to be a part of our ever-growing team? Contact us or drop us an email on [email protected].