Benefits of Self-service Mobile Apps for a Business Owner during COVID-19

Benefits of Self-service Mobile Apps for a Business Owner during COVID-19

Coronavirus pandemic has struck the world economy really hard. There is hardly any sector that has not been hit by this pandemic virus. Retail business is one of the most affected industries in the world right now. Every brand is currently looking for automated techniques and is trying to cut down their costs. Under these circumstances only, mobile app strategies arose to provide brands and companies a digital presence. 

Many brands in the retail sector have started building their mobile applications, primarily self-service apps. Business people believe that this will help their companies to stay in touch with customers. Not only this, but these apps will also improve their digital presence and customer experience. As per Hootsuite’s Digital 2020 Global Digital Overview report, there are around 5 billion mobile phone users in the world. And studies show that people are spending 90 percent of their time on mobile apps. Amongst those, 65 percent of people are using shopping or retail application. This is why it is a perfect opportunity for retailers to grab the customers in this lockdown and generate more revenue.

The introduction of self-service mobile apps in the retail industry brings many positives in a business. It helps in improving business processes, reducing costs, and, eventually, increasing revenue. There might be dozens of needs of a business owner for the application, according to the brand and its clients. For example, there can be a need for a grocery app for business. So, the business owner can contact on-demand mobile app development companies to get the job done.

Benefits of Self-service mobile apps for a business owner

There are dozens of benefits of self-service mobile apps for a business owner. Some of them are listed below:

1. Introducing Mobile Payments

One of the most significant benefits of self-service mobile apps is that it helps them to accept mobile payments. The business owners can integrate blockchain in the retail experience too. If any businessman is looking for better security and secured transactions, introducing blockchain in the retail world will do wonders for the company. Also, retailers having no mobile payment facilities suffer a lot when they have to pay some amount for each customer credit or debit card transaction. These taxes vary from card issuers and networks and can create a massive hole in the retailer’s pocket. Creating their own mobile payment system can help retailers in getting away from these unnecessary fees.

2. Reducing Labor Cost

Introducing self-service mobile apps increases sales support for a retail business. It helps customers to get support and get information about what they need to now. These support features include available items, discounts on particular items, and general help guides. These little things cut the labor costs and make a business more data-driven. Many analysts believe sales support can help business owners to reduce expenses about 5 to 10% and improve customer service.

3. Better Business Decisions

These self-service apps improve business processes and bring vast experience to the customers. These apps also give business owners an upper hand to analyze the data. The data generated can be used to make better business decisions. Many retailers do not have enough resources to collect data. So, bringing these apps can help in analyzing user activities, retention rates, and purchases.

4. Loyalty Points

There have been many apps like Starbucks or H&M, which provide loyalty points to their customers. These are just small rewards given to the customers when they buy stuff from the retailer’s site or application. These reward points also attract customers to shop again as they get discounts every time they shop. Not only loyalty programs attract customers but also increase traffic and retention rate. Further, it helps in generating more sales and result in increased revenue for business owners.

Must-have tools to include in the self-service apps

Before you go ahead, smart retailers must add these three must-have tools to his self-service app in order to get a larger share of the customer pie: 

Indoor Navigation

Indoor Navigation offers incredibly diverse potential. And there are various advantages for both shoppers and retailers. With the help of shopping routes inside the store, consumers can locate the desired item easily and quickly without crisscrossing the whole store. The tracking feature will help the retailers to access customers analytics in detail. Thus with the help of customers’ behavior & analytics, they can make effective decisions related to promotions for in-store specials, customer loyalty benefits, advertise new products, etc.

  ■ Phygital Checkout Strategy

The cross channel fulfillment options like Click and Collect gives the shopper a convenient way to purchase and collect the items at their convenient time. Rather than providing staff assisted service, mobile applications can facilitate self-check-out by allowing the consumer solely responsible for transaction completion. Shoppers can scan the bar codes of items as they shop and then make the payment by using digital wallets. The self-Checkout feature will benefit retailers too. It reduces the number of traditional checkout stations and also cutting down operational costs. 

  ■ Customized Shopping Lists

Do you know? The survey suggested that 64% of grocery shoppers want to use mobile shopping lists in the future. Digital shopping enables shoppers to compose shopping lists based on what they need, rather than shop on a whim. By preparing the shopping lists, customers can save the shoppers’ huge time while in the physical retail store. Such tools will help retailers in the loyalty-building and traffic-building objectives. How? Based on a user’s current shopping lists, retailers can come up with tailored rewards offers as a strategy to maximize their retail business sales. 

Final Words

The retail industry has suffered a lot amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The self-service mobile app is one of the options to go for the business owners to generate more revenue and increase customer retention in these tough times. So, if you are looking for a self-service mobile application for your retail business, you can hire mobile developers or on-demand mobile app development companies to build mobile applications for you.

Grow your Business with On Demand Mobile App Services

Grow your Business with On Demand Mobile App Services

Do you want to boost your business efficiency with an on-demand mobile app service? Or you know the importance of an on-demand mobile app ? 

If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. The on-demand app can be regarded as a linking layer between customers and providers of different services.

It is no doubt to say that on-demand apps are shaping the world around us and booming the on-demand economy market. No matter what industry you explore, you will find someone in your industry that are earning in millions by investing in the on-demand market and fulfilling the needs of consumers.

It is amazing to know that, according to Harvard Business Review (HBR), the on-demand economy is attracting more than 22.4 million consumers in a year and is supposed to increase in upcoming years. These apps cover various major sectors, including food delivery, car rentals, grocery, laundry, and so on. Customers can get all these services with just a simple click on their smartphone devices. With these on-demand apps, businesses can boost their business.

Statistics of On-demand Mobile App Economy

  • On-demand, food delivery market, is expected to hit $161.74 Billion by 2023
  • US Consumers are spending $57.6 Billion in the On-demand economy
  • Nearly 49% of On-demand consumers are millennials
On Demand App Market in different Industries.

On-Demand Mobile App Services

The list of some on-demand mobile app services that are getting popular with time:

1. On-Demand Beauty App

On-demand beauty services getting an appointment at a local spa/salon is quite a lengthy process most of the time. Providing on-demand beauty services via a mobile app is one of the trendiest services. In the app, service gets supplied by the professional hair and makeup artists after the appointment is booked.

2. On-Demand Doctor-Patient App

The on-demand doctor-patient app is one of the fastest and easiest ways to see a doctor without any need to wait in long lines to file to get the service. The apps are more convenient and time-saving, allowing patients to connect as per their requirements. It is predicted that these apps will have considerable growth all across the globe in the upcoming years.

3. On-Demand Car Repair and Wash

Nothing could be better for the customers who have cars to get an instant on demand car wash or repair, that too at any time and anywhere. With the help of an app, people no longer need to spend maximum time in the car repair and maintenance service centers. It helps you and your business to attract a massive number of potential customers.

4. On-Demand Courier Service

As a business owner, you are always looking for new and approved ways to get better ROI and attracts a massive amount of customers. Providing on-demand, mobile courier apps is one of the best services you can offer to your customers. It helps the customers to get the fastest courier service all across the globe.

5. On-Demand Food App

Isn’t it so amazing to get the food instant at your place? On-demand, food delivery app helps customers to get tasty food without any hassle. Not only the consumers but also it is so beneficial for sellers too. They can get maximum ROI, cost-cutting, online presence, and so on. Thus, the on-demand food app is one of the best ideas to boost a business.

Food Delivery online app stats

Benefits of On-Demand App Development for Your Business

In this modern era, Mobile App Development now becomes a trend for enterprises and considers the best marketing tool to reach out to their potential audience. There are about 3/4 of businesses that are into on-demand app development for their business. Look at the advantage of on-demand apps-

1. Customer Interaction

It changes the traditional way of how we interact with customers. Now, you don’t need to have physical proof of interaction like a receipt, etc. With the modernized technologies, you will have all the information stored in your app that you can access it anywhere and anytime.

2. Leveraging the Mobile Technology World

As we all know that there are about 90% of people use mobile apps for their daily need and spend their most time on apps. And, the no. of mobile users is expected to grow by 4.68 billion by the end of 2020. In this tech-savvy world, if someone wants their business to stay ahead in the competition, then it’s high time to build a mobile app and plan a robust strategy for your business. The best way to interact with your potential audience is by offering custom features in what you do

3. Flexibility

On-demand apps offer flexible functionalities that grab the attention of targeted customers. Also, you can build a loyal customer base by providing seamless, high-performance on-demand apps. In order to monetize your app, you can initially offer a free app to use and then integrate the in-app purchase feature.

4. Increases Scalability and Security

On-demand mobile apps provide security and keep your mobile app data secured.

Scalability is necessary to make your app successful. On-demand apps can be easily scalable as per consumer demands. Any mobile app development company can build a tailor-made on-demand application with such functionality and features.

5. Improves Customer Service

Customers find it convenient to place the order by using their finger pulp. A mobile app enables the customers to order the product and track order on their fingertips. An on-demand custom app solution helps you to offer your product or services to the customers directly. A custom on-demand business app can act as a bridge between customers and the company. Indeed, we can say that on-demand app development will boom more in the coming time.

7. New Business Opportunities

The on-demand business app gives new opportunities to scale your business and enhance ROI. You can use the data to analyze the company, and based on that; it will be easy for you to improve business practices. You can inform your audience about any upcoming offers and sales. Moreover, you can retain your customers with a personalized touch and can choose direct email marketing to market your products

The Future of On-Demand Economy

The massive demand for the on-demand app services is not only the present-day reality but also the future of the on-demand economy has a long way to stay. The future of on-demand lies in many categories. Here are the two influential on-demand app development that you should expand your business.

A. Hyperlocal- On-demand Business Model

As the name suggests, the hyperlocal marketplace is a market that provides local provisioning of services and goods. This on-demand marketplace ecosystem mainly operates in a limited geographical area. Food delivery, grocery delivery, taxi services, home services are all come under this category. The best example of this would be Swiggy or Uber.

Under this category, business ventures will focus on speed and quality and making the user experience more convenient and comfortable. They aim to provide multiple options to the users to keep them hooked to their services

B. e-Scooters

After the launch of the e-scooter by Bird in San Franciso, the demand for e-Scooter app development has been rising rapidly. Today, so many brands and companies are looking to build an app like Bird.

Also, various governments have approved eScooter use in their place. 

Final Words

The on-demand economy is rapidly booming, and it’s going to stay here longer. As we can see, the competition is getting tighter and tighter; you need to look closely and should bring a feature-rich, on-demand mobile app in the market to stay ahead in this competitive era. The faster services you give to the users, the more you will be appreciated by the customers. The on-demand mobile app development can take your business to the next level with the help of technological advancements.

If you are looking for an on-demand mobile app development company, then keep in touch with us. We offer customized on-demand mobile app solutions for your business, irrespective of its scope and scale. Our on-demand mobile app developers are well experienced and skilled and have the ability to develop tailored-made app solutions with the desired features. They use all their acquired tech skills effectively to meet the changing business trends. For further queries, you can discuss it with our consultant team. 

Childcare App Development: Essential Lessons to Keep in mind While Building a Childcare App

Childcare App Development: Essential Lessons to Keep in mind While Building a Childcare App

The demand for childcare services apps steadily grows as more and more women enter the 9 to 5 office jobs. Now, women can give up the traditional role of full-time mother and homemaker. These kinds of applications open the door for the on-demand app development industry to invest their capital in the childcare apps. As many difficulties were faced by working parents when it comes to taking care of child education and security. 

Daycare services for children will hit $49.2 billion by 2023, according to Expand your business by providing the best caregiving services to the parents across the world. There are many countries, including Canada, Singapore, Uk, and the US, who are eagerly waiting to embrace such childcare services. In today’s digital era, people do not like to refer to yellow pages for daycare centers or caretaker’s phone numbers.

The childcare app development for the caregiver will help them to stay in touch with the parent. The app is an excellent choice for families and caregivers. Because it allows caregivers to inform the child’s parents about the child’s check-in. With the help of simple text messages and also sharing photos and videos of daily activities to the parents.

If you are a childcare consultancy or a professional caregiver, and you are planning to enter the online app world. You can do it by building a childcare app. But before going further here are a few vital lessons that you should consider while building childcare mobile apps.

Lesson 1

Integrate real-time geolocation with filters-

When you are planning to develop a childcare app for all the parents and service providers out there. It is essential to integrate real-time location or location to make your childcare app more convenient for the parents. By incorporating such real-time location features, you can help parents and childcare service providers to search their best destination within budget.

What more features you should include, facilitating your users?

Search Filter

With the help of search filters, users can find their destination more easily according to their needs. For example, if a user wants to search for a 6-month to 2-year age daycare service, then he can explore it with age search filters. Make your app more convenient and straightforward by giving more refined search options to the users.

Increase Efficiency with in-app Navigation

GPS navigation software provides users with all possible routes. It offers them the most optimal path according to your preferences, which is less traffic and near to the school.

List of related schools with comparable photos, price, and nearest to farthest

If you want your childcare apps to be at the top, then you must have to facilitate users by giving them a convenient program to search according to their needs and preference. So, before you start designing an app, make sure that you have researched well and know what parents are looking for in the childcare service application.

Lesson 2

Include AI chatbot for 24/7 communication service to users

As a parent, you can understand the concern of parents for their children. Your online user parents will always be curious to know their children’s activity in the school and want to be informed about their child’s progress. So, with an app like childcare, it is essential to integrate smart chatbot. Chatbots are the best solution for updating routine tasks. Many companies are using AI chatbots for a chat session with their users. 

Lesson 3

Integrate intuitive features and functions

To provide seamless user-experience, there are some intuitive functions and features that you must consider and integrate into the childcare software and solution. 

Upload photos and videos

Add pictures and videos of each child to attract and engage parents in your app. This will keep them updated, and also it gives them a feeling of security for their child.

Payment gateway option

Through an online payment option, you can manage the advance payment transactions online. Also, you can check past deals, send an invoice all in the application. It will also help users to make the payment online that saves their time.

Attendance List

Parents can access the check-in and check-out status of their child from the daycare app.

Childcare Management Software Market Trends

The market of childcare management software is estimated to account for US$ 144.2 Mn in 2018 Globally and is supposed to grow at a CAGR of 7.8% during the forecast period 2018 – 2027, to account for US$ 293.9 Mn by 2027.

The top major players for the childcare management software market that are operating well in the market are Kidcheck, Kindyhub, Bloomz Inc., Eleyo, Himama, Iclasspro, Kwiksol Corporation, Oncare, Softerware, Inc., and Tadpoles LLC among others.

Wrapping Up

These are some lessons that you should consider while developing a childcare business. If you are a childcare startup and are looking for an Android and IOS app development company to create a childcare app. Then, Parangat Technologies is the one-stop destination for your mobile app development needs. We are the leading mobile app development company that can create an on-demand childcare application for your business. Our team of skilled app developers can build any application to provide you with the best experience ever.

For further information or queries, you can contact our consultant team. We are always there for you to assist you in every possible way. 

As a leading mobile app development company with top-notch iOS and Android developers, we provide the best development services to our clients across the world.

Key Success Factors of Uber & Ola On-Demand Services

Key Success Factors of Uber & Ola On-Demand Services

Today, we are using taxi/cabs in a variety of major metro cities all across the country, and other similar countries. And, in recent years, Taxis have been deeply integrated into our culture. And so, is the ridesharing concept, which is making rides cost-effective and user-friendly. And perhaps, this is one of the many key success factors of Uber and Ola.

The concept is fairly easy because it allows you to hail a ride from a stranger at cost-effective prices. To most individuals who are using cab services, they see ride-sharing as their economic freedom, in which they are not required to pay despicable prices in order to hail a ride. Such kinds of apps came into existence around 2010. Now, when ride-sharing has proved its potential, Uber has integrated ride-sharing within its business model. Ridesharing is a wise business model for users and business owners too because it leads to fewer cars on the road. In turn, this results in less pollution and a huge decrease in the amount of traffic on roads.

Understanding Uber & Ola’s Business Model


(The big transport giants – Uber and ola have brought a revolution in Cab Industry.)

Cab Giants – Uber and Ola are the On-Demand transportation services, which have brought a revolution in the cab & taxi industry all across the globe. And, this revolutionary business model of Uber and Ola has made it possible for users to simply tap their Smartphones and get a cab right at their door-step and that too in the minimum possible time.

However, Uber and Ola don’t have a different revenue models. They both have the same model – user pays the driver in cash at the end of your journey. And, the cash of every journey is collected. And, that’s the only source of revenue for Uber and Ola just like for any other traditional cab company. But what helps them in generating huge revenue is the number of rides. They have almost 1 million users a day. This is another major key success factor of Uber and Ola. This will help you in getting the glimpse of those big numbers that Uber and Ola earn. Let’s take a deep dig to understand Uber’s and Ola’s revenue model:

  1. Different models that cater to every genre of audiences:

Uber and Ola’s business models have not limited themselves to a particular segment of cabs or to a particular segment of users. There is Uber X, Ola Mini, Uber Black and Ola prime sedan for those who love to travel in their choice cabs. There is a wide range of cabs available including Uber Taxi & Ola Mini for those who are looking for cost-efficient solutions and Uber SUV & Ola Prime for those who want luxury.

  1. Surge Pricing Technology:

There is a lot of variation in cab fares, which depends on the situation. And, it’s an important aspect of Uber’s & Ola’s business model. Whenever the demand increases, per mile prices gets automatically increased. And, the new price depends on the number of available drivers and the number of cab hailing requests.

  1. Captivating rides:

Uber and Ola have come a long way from cabs and taxi booking services like recently Uber has started offering boats, helicopters and other transportation means On Demand. Uber has recently launched a motor­cycle-pickup service. However, these services are available in a few selected geographical locations but it has led Uber & Ola to add new and unique streams of revenue in their business models.

How Parangat Technologies can help you develop Ola and Uber’s clone app?

Here at Parangat Technologies, we work with our clients to deliver robust, high-performance and award-winning mobile apps development services. Whether you need a mobility solution for iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows, our dedicated team of mobility experts, who come up with deep industry knowledge and passion for technology help you make your vision a reality. Our methodologies and industry expertise in mobile space has enabled in becoming the top mobile apps development agency and help brands gain excellence, increase efficiency and maximize profit.

Parangat’s extensive portfolio consists of a lot of On-Demand apps that it has built over the course of time. One such is Uber Wash.

Our Solution:

Our Car Wash Solution –  Uber Wash is an On-Demand car-wash service providing mobile application which allows the user to order a wash for his car using his mobile, wherever he is, either at home or in office anytime, anywhere. It’s an On-Demand mobile car wash to give you the best convenience. 

Car detailing, car buffing etc., customers can now get car washing,  services right at their home. All they have to do is select from a range of car wash services, select the type of car they want the service for – Sedan, SUV etc., select the washer and Voila! The skilled UberWasher will come to your place to give your car a brand new look. 

Our mobile car wash solution comes with 2 apps.

  1. Washer App ( for the service provider)
  2. Washe App ( for the customer)

With UberWash your car gets cleaned at your home, office, or any other location of your convenience.


(Parangat Technologies offers robust and dynamic Car Wash Solutions for businesses)

To Conclude:

The above mentioned key success factors of Uber and Ola aren’t hard to achieve if you have a well-thought plan and a reliable app development company that can deliver the desired solutions. Want to get an On-Demand app developed for your business? Parangat Technologies has an extensive experience of delivering On-Demand Apps. Visit our portfolio to get a free quote for your On-Demand app, now!