GoodFirms Features Parangat Technologies- The Most Recommended Android App Development Company

GoodFirms Features Parangat Technologies- The Most Recommended Android App Development Company

GoodFirms features Parangat Technologies on the list of top android app development companies in the USA for 2020.

About Parangat Technologies

The beginning of the company started in 2010 with only two tech ninjas, intending to provide superior IT products and services across the world. Parangat Technologies is a pioneering mobile app development and design company in India, providing mobile app development services in the US with branch offices in UK & Australia. We deliver digital-transforming mobile apps to companies ranging from start-ups to successful brands. We have a team of professionals that brings innovative and creative solutions to complex problems. Thus, our developers successfully highly scalable mobile app solutions for Android, iOS, & Wearables. 

The critical aspects of successful mobile apps that we mainly focused on are speed, innovation, and quality. We leverage new emerging technologies such as IOT, AI, Blockchain, ML, to offer top-rated mobile apps, web applications, and eCommerce portal solutions. Additionally, we are also proficient in providing services for web designing, including prototypes, wireframes, and interface for various UX/UI designs. We are the most recommended and advised partner to depend on to get the job done right. Our company is also regarded as the top iot solution provider in the USA.

About GoodFirms Process

To list out the top mobile app development companies, GoodFirms have a strict set of principles that they follow to identify leading companies and software solutions. Those companies that are continually delivering groundbreaking results to their customers. So, the businesses and companies listed among the top 10 service providers in the Goodfirms list are gone through various research processes. Based on research from data collected via different references, Goodfirms scored and ranked the companies & businesses accordingly. They map each company by focusing on the Quality, Reliability, and Ability of their mobile app development services.  

In Goodfirms research, Parangat Technologies was a clear-cut winner in the list of top android app development companies in the USA. Goodfirms found our company as the best android app development company because of our extensive android mobile app portfolio, technical expertise, and reliability. Other factors that Goodfirms thoroughly research are the company’s capabilities, resourcefulness, design and development skills, agile methodologies they follow, market presence, and industry experience. We are glad to announce that we pass out in all these examination factors.

As a top mobile app development company in the USA, we render the following services
Android/IOS App Development

To find out top & reliable mobile app development company is quite challenging. Our skilled android/ios developers have years of experience in building intuitive apps and already produce a wide variety of mobile apps for clients globally. We assure our clients to offer the fluid and consistent exposure of mobile applications, so the team works closely to decide the most proper mobile technologies and tools. 

Internet Of Things (IoT) Development

Parangat also renders the entire collection of software designing and development services to their esteemed clients who endeavor to develop IoT platforms and solutions. Being one of the top Internet of Things companies, our professionals can build nearly anything that users require for an IoT enablement, including mobile apps, embedded software, and cloud databases to save data.

React Native App Development

As a leading React Native app development company in the USA, Parangat offers React Native app development services for Android and iOS. We have helped clients worldwide reach their business goals on both Android and iOS platforms by rendering native-like experience to the users. Our top Developers provide end-to-end mobile application solutions with a delightful UX, excellent consistency, and high- performance value. They are skilled in the latest technologies, lean approaches, and find the best solution according to your development needs.

About Goodfirms

Based in Washington, D.C, GoodFirms is a maverick B2B research and review platform. The platform helps software buyers and service seekers by providing a categorized directory, client reviews, and company content to opt for the best software or firm. At the same time, it helps IT software companies and software vendors to put their best foot forward from clusters of inferior competitors. In simpler words, GoodFirms’ is an online review and research platform that follows an extensive analysis process to list the top IT firms. It helps IT companies boost online reputation and help service seekers choose the right IT partner that meets their business needs.