What Makes Parangat the Top Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS) Providers?

What Makes Parangat the Top Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS) Providers?

Since a few years, Mobile Backend-as-a-Service providers have been around. Initially, MBaaS started out as a leading infrastructure for mobile apps, which offers back end cloud storage and APIs, thus catering to the needs of the growing mobile app revolution.

Since then, lot of players have abandoned indie users for big enterprises and many of them have also moved on, thus offering cross platform development, with a variety of other leading and best-in-class features including push notifications, app analytics, monetization and many more. By next year or so it’s expected that this trend will continue and the line between MBaaS, development and marketing platforms will become blur. .

Being an entrepreneur, are you looking for an MBaaS right now? – If yes, what does the landscape will look like and have you ever thought who’s offering what? Let’s take a look at the following list to find out:


Kinvey being one of the initial players emerged solely focusing on offering a well-versed MBaaS solution. It was founded in 2010. And, since then it had focused its business on catering to enterprises and big business brands. Recently, it has rolled out as a secured and private cloud offerings and a leading enterprise development platform. Recently, the company also launched an enterprise-centric tool that helps companies and brands in managing their external and internal app development teams. It also facilitates the iterative agile development process. The company recently has raised $10.8 million in Series B funding.

To entice users, Kinvey has offered a free limited version of its platform for trial. Its prices start at the “Indie” level at $200 per month including support for 5,000 active users. Its next tier is “Business,” which includes 50,000 active users, which is priced at $1500 per month. For exact pricing details, you can contact Kinvey directly.


Kii is one of the few MBaaS solutions that have been pushing an Internet of Things. It has been focused by enterprises and brands, over the last few months, thus hoping to reap the rewards of what’s expected to become a huge market. Kii supports deployment, testing and user acquisition and that too in a single environment. The company is quite marketing twisted too, offering push notifications, analytics, geo-location and monetization. It’s headquartered in Asia, precisely in Japan. Kii also promotes itself as a channel in China, which offers app localization and other marketing services in one of the fastest growing app markets.


Built.io is an MBaaS and app development solution. It is created by Raw Engineering, a software development company based in San Francisco and India. Unlike other MBaaS platforms, Built.io was created from the ground-up for enterprise use and allows users to deploy mobile apps for private, public or hybrid cloud environments. Recently, the company partnered with app creation platform AppGyver, which allows users to build prototypes with a quick and easy drag-and-drop interface. In 2012 it got $600 Seed round funding.

It’s pricing in three categories namely: Standard, Dedicated (for private cloud deployments) and Students. ‘Standard’ category offers developers to try out a free version including up to 50 users. Then pricing starts at the ‘business’ level for 5,000 users at $99 per month, thus, moving up to $399 per month for the same number of users but with the added enterprise features including analytics.

“What Makes Parangat the Top Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS) Providers?”- Part2 will be shared in next post