Why Millennials Can Be the Right Audience for Your App?

Why Millennials Can Be the Right Audience for Your App?

Once you’ve got a new app idea, it’s not just only a knockoff of your process for making your app hit. Infact, it’s something entirely different that addresses an actual challenge or fills a gap with a classis solution that will help you gain more downloads of your app. But to really hit it big with your app, you’ve really got to develop it for the right demographic. And, know – Who are you going to build it for?

Once you have decided to build an app, you could build it for your dad or mom, but that aren’t going to help you gain success. You need to design your app considering Millennials instead — a user base tailored to your app and that comes to you with all set to adopt new innovations and uniqueness. Generation Y have a passion for progressive and new inventions, and they have their new values, ideas, and needs that are not getting addressed by existing apps. Let’s see – What do Generation-Y or Millennials want?

  1. Human-Centric Apps

When you wanted to get build a successful app for Generation-X, the addition of various successful features was a good idea. Today Millennials need solutions like Facebook and WhatsApp that provides the solutions tailored to needs of the audience. They want hyper-focused apps that do one thing — and only one thing — works really well. Look at WhatsApp, recent hit among Generation-Y and Millennials. Everyone knows that it was a huge hit. The experience user gained from WhatsApp became fleeting. What happened? WhatsApp’s share rates increased, and its developers and publisher found themselves on a solid growth curve. So, the bottom line says: Go for your idea and reach success heights by making it Human-centric.

  1. Opportunity to Broadcast without Worries

Initially Snapchat plucked the attention because it was offered the option to share pictures with your friends that could only be seen for a few seconds, and then barring a speedy screenshot would disappear forever. But Generation –X missed the boat on Snapchat because for them it was an ambiguous concept. They didn’t need another app that let them collate and share beautiful pictures because they already had Instagram.

But for Generation-Y, what they needed was a platform where they could effortlessly broadcast their silly pictures of fizzy hair and kooky faces with crazy captions. And, they can share it to the whole world.

They don’t just care about generating engagement and positive reinforcement. They just want to put it out there. And, if their posts get a good response, cool. If not, who cares? Snapchat gave them the opportunity to showcase and broadcast without worries. And, that made it a great hit.

  1. Uniqueness

If you just want to make a small business then imitating any successful app can be a good option to avail. But, if your ambitions are bigger then, you need to be original. And, no one can give you a list of tips for uniqueness because everything revolves around doing something that is cool that no one else has done, yet. If you will not come up with something, Millennials are going to spot it quickly. They won’t let you get away with it. The worst part is – they’ll consider you as a boring brand and make your app feel like a one-night stand app.

Developing a great app isn’t easy for Millenials. But the good news is that this Generation- X is wide open to your unique and innovative ideas. And, the best part is – They get excited quickly with every new and exciting idea and rapidly share and broadcast that excitement to their peers. Developing an app has a huge opportunity. But if you do it right — your app will be undoubtedly, a great hit.

Apple Watch Sales Expected To Drop by 3 MILLION

Apple Watch Sales Expected To Drop by 3 MILLION

“Quality is much better than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.”-— Steve Jobs

Wearable technology has gained prominence in the past few days and Apple Watch was the most awaited product this year. It has been three months since the launch of Apple Watch and the results are not really good. Each and everyone has an awe feel when it comes to the product of Apple.  The same was expected from Apple watch and many experts were marked saying that Apple Watch would break all the previous sales records of Apple.  This product got a huge opening in the opening week itself, but gradually, the sales began to decline and the month of June was the worst for it. Since the launch of the product in April, it has been estimated that the product has seen a 90% decline in sales.  The early launch of the product in April saw the sales figure of 20-25000 units on a daily basis, but as per the present status, only 2000-2200 units are being sold on a daily basis.

Search for the Apple Watch has become as often as for the iPod

According to an analyst who previously predicted that – Apple would sell 24 million devices during 2016 has significantly reduced this figure – to 21 million – following the lukewarm reaction to the wearable. He said: ‘Anecdotal evidence suggests Apple Watch demand is slowing quickly’ and predicted sales for 2015 will reach 10.5 million – 500,000 less than his initial estimates. First of all, Apple was the company that gave technical marvels like iPhone, iPad, iMac and many more. These products were good enough and had a great utility for anyone but Apple Watch is something that can be mentioned as an iPhone accessory.

A vast majority of functions of Apple Watch like making calls, sending messages, getting calls require your iPhone and thus, you need to have an iPhone before you are planning to have an Apple Watch. But yes; there are certain other tasks that can be done without your iPhone around. Like you can enjoy the music with the pair of Bluetooth headphones; all you have to do is just sync music with Apple Watch via your iPhone and Apple Watch app. You can monitor your fitness by measuring heart rate, steps walked, distance covered and many more things. You can store about 500 images of your dear ones and can see them whenever you want. Other than these, you can also see the recent calls and messages, set alarms, timers and stopwatch.

The predictions of Apple Watch sales drop follow similar patterns by UBS in which analysts found drop in sales that was forecasted to be 23 per cent, and also said that the Watch is 20 per cent less accepted than the original iPhone when it launched in 2007. However, Apple is known to deliver masterpieces and we expect Apple to continue the same.  The company has taken a very bold step by launching Apple Watch. Right from its past, Apple has always come up with the tsunami of Apple gadgets after taking a long break.  Let’s wish same for Apple Watch!!!

How to Add Graphics on Football Manager

How to Add Graphics on Football Manager

Want your player’s to look similar to their real life versions? Want better graphics in order to have a more realistic gameplay? This article here will give you a complete know how of how to install better graphics and run them on your Football Manager. Get ready to enjoy your favorite football game even more with realistic visuals. The action just got better. And before we start, we would like to inform you that this is the procedure to install graphics for all editions of the game.

==How To Install Graphics==


#Download the graphics. Download the graphics that strike your fancy from the internet. Read the comments about the quality of the download so that your downloaded file doesn’t turn out to be an unpleasant surprise.

#Go to the ‘Graphics’ folder or create one. Irrespective of the version of Windows or Mac OS that you are running, go to ‘My Documents’, open the ‘Sports Interactive’ folder, double click on the ‘Graphics’ folder & extract your downloaded graphics file in the corresponding folders that is, the kits should go in the ‘Kits’ folder, logos in the ‘Logos’ one & players in the ‘Players’ folder.

#Change the settings. Log into steam, load the Football Manager & select the ‘Preferences’ option at the bottom left corner of the screen. This will open a new page. In the ‘General’ tab, at the bottom right corner, click on ‘More Interface Settings’. You will be guided to a new screen where you have to select the ‘Clear Cache’ button, check the ‘Reload skin when confirming preferences’ box & click on the ‘Reload Skin’ button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

==How to Install a Skin==


#Download the skin. Download the skin of your choice from the internet. One link where you can download skins is www.fm2015.net/Skins.php

#Extract the skin. Go to the ‘Football Manager’ folder in ‘My Documents’ & extract your downloaded skin in the ‘Skins’ folder. Feel free to download the .rar file after extraction is complete.

#Change the settings.  Load the Football Manager client, go to the ‘Preferences’ option at the bottom right corner of the screen followed by clicking the ‘Skin’ option. Select the skin you just extracted & make sure that the ‘Reload skin when confirming preferences’ is selected & after clicking on the ‘Reload Skin’ button watch the transformation take place before your eyes.

==How to Install a Background==


#Download the background. Download the background which you want to see on your game.

#Extract the background to the correct destination. It’s back to the ‘Football Manager’ folder again, go to the ‘Background’ folder and extract the background files to this location. In case, if there is no folder by this name, create one & extract the .rar file.

#Change the settings. Load the Football Manager client, go to the ‘Preferences’ option at the bottom right corner of the screen and select the ‘Skin’ option. Select on the background you just extracted, check whether the ‘Reload skin when confirming preferences’ is checked and reloads the skin to watch the magic happen.

Is Apple Watch The Best Smart Watch, yet?

Is Apple Watch The Best Smart Watch, yet?

In the marathon of technology Apple Inc has set a new benchmark for other Smartphone companies by launching its flagship Apple Watch. Moving one step ahead from its competitors, Apple has proven why this company is remained one of the top-notch companies in the premium Smartphone segment. When it comes to the features of this watch, it is loaded with some high-end features such as fitness tracking, health oriented features, send and receive calls, and integration with the iOS and other Apple products seamlessly. This square shaped watch is like a mini iPhone which seamlessly provide all functions to the users. One can install hundreds of apps as per the requirements.

There are three categories of Apple Watch to buy for the customers – Apple Watch, 18 K gold Apple watch and Apple Watch Sport. All varieties of Apple Watch boast of long-lasting battery life (18 hours). Plus, it is featured with Mega Safe wireless charger. In case the battery of the watch depletes more than 10 percent, it will automatically switch into power reserve mode. The users will be able to read time only for next 72 hours, however, once the watch is charged, it will back into normal mode with all functions and features of the watch.

Glances on Apple Watch

Certainly, this premium feature-packed Smart Watch has myriad of features that lure the customers.

  • Its captivating design features pressure-sensitive touch screen along with interchangeable straps.
  • Apple Inc does not market this watch as being completely waterproof but indeed it can withstand splashes of rain.
  • This watch comes with 8 GB of storage wherein users can use 2 GB storage for music files and 75 MB for image storage.
  • Once the Apple Watch is integrated or paired with the iOS, all photos and music files will be available in Apple Watch.
  • As far as software is concerned, Apple Watch runs on WatchOS, 1.0.1, which is latest released software with bug-fixes, improvements and additional language and emoji.
  • Battery life which only stands for 18 hours (less than a day), it works on iphone 5 or uprgade version of iPhone.
  • Sometimes users experience trouble in interface, and can create trouble in communication when it is paired with device.

The bottom line is that Apple Watch is a wisely-designed, well-constructed and a featured-packed device. Recommended and must-have device for iOS users. However, some updates and improvements are required to make it more significant for the users. Apple hasn’t launched a new product category since the iPad in 2007. And it remains to be seen if the Watch will have a similar impact on trending market.  But one thing is sure, with this being the first and foremost generation of the Watch in the market and with Apple’s commitment to staying at the top, the best is yet to come.

How to Add Information on Google Maps

How to Add Information on Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most useful tools which Google has come up with. This handy tool always comes to our rescue in our hour of need. Whether you are lost in an unknown city or searching for a particular business to suit your needs, the answer to all your queries can easily be solved by a simple search on Google Maps. If you want to add your business or even a new location on the Maps, just follow the following steps.


==Add a listing==

#Go to “Google My Business”. Open your web browser and go to the Google My Business page my searching ‘My Business’ on Google. You could alternatively type the address on your https://www.google.com/business/ browser address bar.

# Click the “Get on Google” tab & log in. Right in the centre of the page there is the blue colored ‘Get on Google’ tab, clicking on which will take you to Google Maps. To add your listings, first you have to log into your Google account by filling in your email address & password. In case you don’t have one, you can select the ‘Create an Account’ option. Just fill in your details, your desired email address, password & voila you have your very own Google account.

#Search your listing. In the search bar located on the top left corner, type in the address of a well known nearby location/business which is sure to pop up on Google Maps. At the bottom of the listings, there will be a ‘None of these match; Add your business’ option. Select it.

#Fill in the details. There are a number of fields like business name, street address, etc, which you are required to fill.  There is a category field as well in which you have to specify the category of your business, whether it is a restaurant or taxi service or a bar.  In the end there is a box along with the line ‘I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location’. If your business is of the delivery type, like food delivery or perhaps a taxi service, then check this box.

#I Agree to the Terms & Conditions. Check the Terms & Conditions box. Congratulations you have just added your first listing. You may need to verify your business before it is visible on Google Maps. The steps for verification are given at the end.

==To add more than 10 listings==   

#Make a list of the businesses you want to add. You can use MS Xcel or Notepad for this purpose. Google actually supports the following extensions .txt, .xls, .csv, .tsv, .ods, and .xlsx.

#Labeling the columns & filling in the details. Use the following headings to label your columns in the exact same order- Store Code, Name, Address Line 1, City, State, Postal Code, Country Code, Main Phone, and Category. Fill in the details of each store location under the heading. Adhere to the standard codes of each detail. The phone number should be of the format (555) 555-5555.

#Save your spreadsheet and upload it. To upload these listings, first save your spreadsheet. After logging into your Google account and clicking on the ‘Get your page’ tab, right at the bottom of the page is the Google My Business Locations link. Click on it, on the blue bar, there is a button, which on selecting drops down. Select the ‘Import locations’ button & browse the location of your saved spreadsheet, select it & click on the ‘Publish Listings’ button. Congratulations have just uploaded your listings. Wait for an hour before beginning with the verification process.

==Verify your business==

#Select verification method. At the time of submitting your business, the submission form will directly show you your verification options. The verification options available to you are by telephone, texting or having a postcard sent over by Google. The postcard may take 2 to 3 weeks to come to your location. The verification method involves Google providing you with a unique verification PIN code.
#Enter the verification PIN code.  Enter your unique verification code by signing into your Google Places account & clicking on the ‘Verify Ownership’ link in your main Dashboard.

How to Build an Online Grocery Store and Retain Customers? Part 1

Nowadays, The B2C online business models have achieved new heights and have various forms. It has received an overwhelming response from users across the world as it complies with the rapidly changing human life style. And, one such business model in B2C businesses that is quickly gaining eminence, majorly among urban households is online grocery business. With recent advancements in technology, people are getting busier and occupied. And few factors like waiting for long in the queue, cost-effective prices, door to door delivery services and lack of time have induced even conventional shoppers to switch over to online groceries. A recent research shows that 25% of online shoppers order grocery products online and the number is expected to scale up to 55% in the near future. And, with the online grocery business flourishing, there has been a boost in online grocery website development. But currently the biggest challenge for grocery website owners is to keep their users fixated to their grocery store website.

One of the formidable challenges grocery owners’ faces after opening an online grocery store is customer retention. As a customer might have hundreds of reasons to go away with your grocery website and move over to your competitor’s website but there must be only one reason that will keep him stay loyal. And, that one reason is not necessarily having quality products on your grocery store. But it can be the user-friendly features, captivating designs and a flawless interface to offer customers an enduring and pioneering user experience, which in turn, keep them engaged. Let’s see a few customer loyalty strategies that need to be considered while starting an online grocery store.

Figuring the requirements for retaining customers & improving conversions

By properly understanding your customer’s expectations, you can exactly know what features, coupons and discounts you should offer, which in turn, will help you in reaping benefits from your online grocery website. Once the user gets easily whatever he is searching, he will become your retained customer because people don’t want to waste their time in browsing and always want reliable and cost-effective services. So, to make your online store engaging and increase retention, it’s essential to have that sync with your customer’s preference.

Harnessing the Power of Google Analytics

Nowadays, Google Analytics has become a vital marketing weapon because it provides insightful data, which in turn, helps in understanding the customers’ shopping behaviour. It helps in understanding the

Visitors – Number of visitor who visits your website that includes new and retained ones too. It gives a clear understanding about the incoming traffic to your website. It helps you even compare the traffic intrusion on a daily, monthly or yearly basis and lets you track your traffic progress as per the requirements.

Source – Source from where visitors found your website. It lets you know the source that has trailed visitors. It shows the source whether it is social, referral, organic or any third party website from which users are visiting your website. And, it will let you know the source for leads; which in turn, plan your marketing campaigns effectively.

Activity – It helps you know the pages, features or products users have browsed in your website. Activity analysis will give you a detailed understanding about the products that have been most sought after by your users and that haven’t got much attention. And, based on the results you can decide on the products you want to add in your website.

Outcome – And, the most importantly, did the visitor turn in to a customer or went away abruptly. It lets you find the conversion and the bounce rates. One of the crucial phases as it helps you know the key cause of the bounce rates and rework on certain strategies, which in turn, helps in reducing bounce rates and improving conversions.

Above mentioned 4 phases are very useful from marketing and branding perspective.

The above factors will certainly help you in knowing, understanding and serving your users better, thereby improving number of new users and improving customer retention rate. Over the coming days, we are going to continue to publish new posts in this series about remaining pointers on How to Build an Online Grocery Store and Retain Customers? Part 2 that would deal with the pioneering strategies that should be followed to getting new users and retaining old ones.