How to Increase Mobile App Engagement? – Part1

How to Increase Mobile App Engagement? – Part1

Before digging into one of the most popular concerns and strategies i.e. How to increase mobile app engagement, let’s take a look into a few stats:

According to Cezary Pietrzak, director of marketing at Appboy, today retention is one of the biggest challenges in mobile app world, because 65% of users usually stop using apps almost after three months of their install.  And, according to a recent report released from Google, 25 percent of apps are used just once before being made redundant. In an another recent Mobile Customer Retention Report it is found that the Average App Loses more than 75% Of Its users right next day. And, according to this data we can say that one of the biggest challenges among Appreneurs is – “Mobile app engagement”. Poor app engagement and retention rates have become recipe for the failure of any app. Hence the challenge of developing a user-centric mobile app is increasing with time and it’s beyond app development stage. Building a mobile app and publishing it to the app store is just the beginning. Once a mobile app is developed, the prime focus should be to motivate as many app users as possible. And, to increase the retention rate, increase in the monetization opportunities is required and an app should be boosted in the app charts as well. An Appreneurs key focus is to maximize the mobile app retention rates and convert their first-time users into long term app users. So, being an app entrepreneur, you must be looking for the effective ways on how to encourage app users and re-engage them with the app. Let’s take a look at a few top strategies on how to Increase mobile app engagement and retention rates:

  1. Create value

If an app does not create any value to its users, then it’s of no use to build an app. If your app is not capable of enticing users and retaining them, then it’s of no use to invest tine and money on your app. Being an app entrepreneur, you want to see your mobile app topping the charts and earning lots and lots of downloads. And, for establishing loyal users and retaining them for longer interval of time, you need to create an app that brings value and revenue to your business. So, to make your app user-centric and revenue generating; you need to ask yourself a few questions including – why should users keep using your app? What are the features that your competitor app has and what makes them glued with your app? Why should users choose your app over your competitor’s app? Does your app have the capability to bring enough value to your users so that they can keep coming back and use it over and over again?

And, if you get the answers to these questions you are on the right track. Always remember that people don’t use those apps, which doesn’t bring value and make life easier.

  1. Engage your users

Engaging your users through different channels is one of the best ways of increasing user retention. And, if it’s done properly, you can get right returns on your efforts. Let’s discuss a couple of ways that can help you engage with your users and keep your app on top of the AppStores and among users.

– Emails:

Email campaigns are one of the most preferred ways adopted by marketers and publishers. You can send out weekly or monthly newsletters, email them notifying about new feature rollouts, campaigns, discounts, promotions, news, latest versions and upgrades you are working on. It’s not necessary that your all approaches and updates are liked by users. So, it’s a hit and try method and you need to try the different approaches and measure results to see what will work best for your app.

– Push Notifications:

Push notifications is one of the proven methods of increasing mobile app engagement among users and bringing them back. By simply and strategically pushing messages within your app you can make users remind that they have installed your app or motivate them to take specific actions. If implemented properly, it can encourage users to use your app and through the targeted messages based on behavioral data and preferences, you can send alerts and notifications about the latest updates and new versions. The entire idea here is to send the targeted and smart messages to your users, thus, providing them a viable and compelling reason to return to your app. But, Push notification is something that needs to be carefully watched out, though. As overdoing push notifications or sending out irrelevant messages to users can make them annoyed and you may feel like spam, thus resulting in deletion of your app. So, you need to carefully understand a thin line between reminding users about your app and spamming them to a point because it may lead to deletion of your app.

Part2 of “How to Increase Mobile App Engagement?” will be released soon in our next blog.