5 Amazing Apps That Make New Moms Life Easier

5 Amazing Apps That Make New Moms Life Easier

For everyone their mothers have been their pillars since day one because they’ll always make us believe that they have all the answers to all our challenges, and never hesitate from being the quintessence of strength and pliability. Being a new mother is no child’s play as you have to learn bundles of new things to learn for your new-born baby. The recipe to being an amazing and good mother doesn’t require any book, movie or philosophy because they can’t define the strategy to become a good mother. So, to help you make your motherhood and chaotic lives a bit easier, we have amalgamated a list of few apps for new moms that they should have on their Smartphones and tablets so that they don’t miss a single special moment and can save themselves from frequently making midnight calls to their pediatricians.

Total Baby (available on both iOS and Android)

This app is for all first-time mothers. It helps in keeping track of every single piece of newborn’s care, including feedings, sleeping hours, bath times, immunizations, doctor visits and more. It includes a four-way process –

  1.     Records every single piece of child’s care through smart interfacing.
  2.     Offers features like a built-in summary, timeline and other 15 interactive charts that help you know your child’s daily routine and schedule.
  3.     Provides automatic back-up data that can be synced to cloud and with other devices.
  4.     And, provides a feature through which other family members can be invited and connected so that child’s activities can be tracked closely.

NuuNest (available on both iOS and Android)

NuuNest provides a new and unique way of maintaining baby records. It helps you in providing all the relevant and tailored information regarding new-born babies. It also helps in offering links to various studies and books, which in turn, assure credibility to their facts. Through this app, user can record things like baby’s weight and number of breastfeeding sessions for the day, so that user always knows what to do and what not to do. An app is categorized conveniently into main section-heads and branches, so that you can know what to click on for tips and advice in the moments of emergency.

Sprout Baby (available on iOS)

Sprout Baby is a perfect app for tracking and planning. It comes with a Feeding Tracker, Growth Tracker, Pumping Tracker, M.D. Visit Planner, Diaper Change Tracker, Sleep Tracker and an Immunization and Medication Tracker. One of the key features of this app is – user can create profiles for more than one child, which is amazing for new mothers especially for those who have more other children. It even allows users to track milestones and memories by using short texts, which can later be easily transformed into an e-book that your family can have forever!

Wonder Weeks (available on iOS and Android)

This app is based on over 35 years of research and includes every aspect of mental and physical milestone development that your baby will go through in the first couple of months. It also includes daily reminders with easy and user-friendly language.

DayOne (available on iOS)

DayOne literally helps in making memories since from the Day One of your baby. Being a photo-driven and user-friendly app, it allows you to add captions, longer journal entries, tags and keywords to all your pictures and images. It helps in recording the journey of your little one and helps you in tracking their growth up every day. It helps you in exporting all your entries into a PDF and printing e-books for covering all your unique and different memories. It has an amazing voice recognition feature which lets you add entries while nursing.