How Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Are Benefiting Businesses?

How Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Are Benefiting Businesses?

Today emerging technology, smart devices, wearables and augmented reality, virtual reality gadgets have blurred the obstacle between offline and digital space. Now businesses across the world are embracing the power of emerging and latest technologies to connect with people. In recent years, there has been a huge increase in the use of social networking platforms and mobile applications because these assets provide easy access to information. And, this continuous access to the unremitting information has become crucial especially in shaping the hopes of tech-savvy customer so that they can get better products and services. Being a leading and emerging technology Augmented and Virtual realities are helping companies and brands in taking the customer satisfaction to the next level. Let’s take a look how augmented reality and virtual reality changing various industries:

Retail Industry

Augmented reality has spawned its hands. And, it’s changing the way users are purchasing goods, that too in a phenomenal way. Due to Augmented and virtual reality, the differences between both the online and offline store are getting blurred. Today Augmented reality apps provide various ways to try out different variations of products and have eradicated the need to have all sizes on display. By leveraging the power of Augmented reality, retailers are successfully expanding their businesses beyond geographical boundaries. This technology has given freedom to shoppers to walk through virtual aisles.

Training & After-sales Solutions

Augmented reality apps are highly engaging. And, that’s why this technology can be used as a big benefit for training and after-sales training solutions. By using this technology, users can help explain the most intricate technical aspects in a matter of just few seconds. AR technology has helped educating customers easily.

Real Estate

Real estate has become one of the most competitive and client-centric industries. With augmented reality, you can take client engagement to a whole new high level. Now you need to just hold your iPhone and move around the device around your fascinated property, which in turn, enable you to walk around the property and check for the details including colors of walls. By using AR/VR technology, user can easily move around the property and get the real-time updates about price, contact information and enjoying virtual tours.

Here are a few benefits of Augmented Reality for businesses:


Today AR today has become one of the most emerging and latest technologies, worthwhile ways to grow your business and easily overcome the geographical barriers. And, one of the best parts – you don’t to require to earn major costs including real estate or additional manpower. This technology lets shoppers just walk through the virtual aisles and tap on the device screens to shop.

Enhance User Engagement Level:

Augmented reality could be used to trigger imagination and tempt customers to try out new enticing products. By using Augmented Reality, users can simply need to scan catalog pages with using a plus sign on their smart devices. This will let users check how to amass products or place the virtual furniture in their houses to determine if the furniture meets the customer needs.

Improve Brand Loyalty:

Augmented reality is not just all about attention-grabber product or just driving sales. Being one of the most effective ways to simplify and explain the most complex functional aspect of products, Augmented/Virtual Reality has helped several businesses in helping their customers understand how to use, install products or solve glitches at home only.

Benefits of Virtual Reality for Business:

Wikipedia says – “Virtual reality or virtual realities (VR) is a technology that replicates an environment, real or imagined and simulates a user’s physical presence and environment to allow for user interaction. Virtual realities artificially create best user experience, which can include sight, touch, hearing, and smell.” Let’s take a look at a few benefits of Virtual and Augmented Reality:

Interactive Marketing:

Virtual Reality also spearheads brands and companies to promote products by a blend of photography and technology, thus leading to interactivity.


Since its inception, VR technology is helpful many e-commerce companies as it could be used for branding and aggressive marketing.

3D vision:

3D vision of the product enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty, thus increasing the profit margin for the companies and brands.