Progressive Web App – The Future of Web Technology

Progressive Web App – The Future of Web Technology

From the past few year, PWA (Progressive Web App) has been in discussion in the tech media.  Have you ever wished that web app should behave more like mobile app? Have you ever dreamt of an app working in poor internet connection? Now Progressive Web App is here to fulfill your desire for it.

What are Progressive Web App?


Progressive Web App is the combination of best of experience for mobile app and for web app. These web apps are useful to users for the very first visit, they do not require any prior installation unlike the other mobile app. Companies like Google, Microsoft, Mozilla are working on a new modern web application standard which is the Progressive Web App.  Now Apple too has jumped into the support to provide support to PWA on its platform as it is the future of application technology.

They are the next-big-thing in web development as they provide their users an experience of the mobile application without the necessity to install them. “Progressive Web App” simply is a term which summarizes all the features and making the user feel like mobile-app on a web platform without the requirement of installing? This technology is strongly supported by Google. The user’s experience for these, are similar to a web app’s.

Progressive Web App structure

The Progressive Web App has a simple structure. It consists of the app shell and the changing content.

pwa structure - Parangat

The app shell includes HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT. These are used to display the content dynamically. The app shell is cached on the device of the user and can be loaded immediately.

The app manifest, a simple JSON file. It is the app manifest which helps the device to recognize the PWA and defines how it will be displayed on the screen of the user’s device.

The service worker is a JavaScript file that runs in the background. It enables timely content caching which makes the app work smoothly even in case of poor internet connectivity.

The content is the dynamic part of the PWA structure, it changes and is refreshed every time connection with the internet is established.

Why to use Progressive Web App?

Let’s have a glimpse on the reasons to use a progressive app instead of other native and mobile app. Advantages of using a Progressive Web App has been listed below.

Reliable: The Progressive Web App is reliable they load instantly even in uncertain network condition. It provides interfaces even in poor or no internet connection. It has an offline support but it means it will work if the connection is slow or poor not that it will work without internet connection.

Fast: Many of the user will just leave the app or site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Apart from loading they also want after loading site or app runs smoothly. Loading of a Progressive Web App is instant and user will have a smooth experience even on loading of content.

Engaging: Provide an experience immense to that of a native application. These app can have features like push notifications, Web Payments, or Credential management and so on. The user will feel like working on a mobile application. These apps are installable and live on user’s home screen without the need of being installed from app store.  Using a web manifest file, they provide full screen experience to the user. They can even re-engage users with push notification.

Responsive: The Progressive Web App is highly responsive app which will fit in any device be it mobile device desktop or any other.

Fresh: With the release of the service worker Progressive Web App will always be updated with the latest updates.

Safe: These web apps are always served via HTTPS, which ensures that no one with prior authorization will be able to access the app.

Discoverable:  These web apps are easily discoverable with the search engine. Service worker registration scope that allows search engines to easily find them.

Linkable: PWA can be easily shared via a link. Which means they do not require complex installation.

App-like-Feel:  The user will feel like working on a native app. They will have the native app-style and navigation.

Independent on web connectivity: The introduction of the service worker enables the Progressive Web App to function even in slow internet connection.


PWAs Can Help Your Business?

Indeed, even Microsoft’s online service, as, are presently PWA-empowered. There are at present a huge number of PWA-empowered sites, and more organizations are empowering versatile site controls with Service Workers to meet similarity.

PWA delivers it service where it counts. It helps to serve your customer with a better connectivity enhancing user experience.  The key benefits that a company can enjoy by embracing PWA’s as a big part of their strategy on mobile platforms are:

Reduce development lead time: The PWA reduces the app development time to a great extent thereby allow you to grow your business with a great pace.

Simple updates: While we use a PWA it largely eliminates the problem of software fragmentation which may force a company needing to extend legacy support to old versions or risk cutting off sections of the user base until they initiate an update.

Unified customer experience: PWA ensures that all the user have the same version of the app. This unified customer experience helps you to consistently deliver a powerful and optimized user experience to your entire user-base.

Easier access and increased engagement: PWA requires a minimal amount of effort to meet out the user needs. PWAs offers a complete experience on mobile for the users without the need to download and install an app. This simplicity and leads to an increased engagement.

With the launching of every service, the user finds it inconvenient to actually go to the store download it as it requires much space on the device. This often leads them to the web, which requires way less effort. But then, we see inconvenience in using the web app because the web experience is not as smooth and optimal as the native app.

The solution for both the problem is solved by the arrival of a new web app technology i.e Progressive Web App.

The support for the Progressive Web App has increased and even Apple has started working on making its platform supportable to Progressive Apps so it’s time to get started with this new app technology and ease everything.

We at Parangat have been aiming to serve our customers with the latest trend in technology i.e Progressive Web App. At Parangat Technologies have a team of highly skilled and efficient members aiming to serve the customers with the new reliable technology to integrate their business growth. Have an app idea? Opt for a free quote or drop us an email on [email protected] to discuss further.