ReactJS OR Angular 5 Which one to Choose?

ReactJS OR Angular 5 Which one to Choose?

As an entrepreneur you need to have applications that giving a shape to your dream, you need to have a detailed research on the technology to be used for your projects and platform.  You will come across Angular and React quickly in your research for it. There are various new technology coming out day to day. Some of which may be beneficial to you in a way and the other might have a negative face. Reactjs and Angular have been the unbeatable players in the field of front-end programming.  As a programmer, you need to adapt yourself to the change to ensure your success. While going to the various articles and blog I found that many of them adding weight to benefit of one or the other. Taking about ReactJS it is one of the most competitive libraries for Angular. The popularity of the React can be very well denoted by the star it has received on GitHub in the past year.  If you are a new to this era of development a freelancer company owner and on a track of analyzing which one to use for your upcoming projects then you will really be benefited by reading about ReactJs or Angular 5.

The answer merely adds to count on various factors which make certain technology suitable for one or the other project.

Angular JS

Angular JS framework is an open source code suitable for team interaction. The various reasons for Angular JS popularity are:

  • Trustworthy as it is a google product which add to its trust factor
  • Easy to adapt for developers
  • Simplified code
  • Customizability and interactivity of the apps developed through it
  • MVC balance and advance testing feature


Advantages of latest version Angular 5:

  • It uses MVVM (Model-View ViewModel) template as a base making it a modular solution enabling several teams of developers to use the same data.
  • Two-way data binding used in Angular 5 allowing DOM to connect to Model data using the Controller
  • Detailed documentation with a well-detailed and discussed cases enables the learner to study and learn with all info available
  • The new feature RXJS, new HttpClient launch, support, etc boosts up its advantages.

React JS

An open source library built by Facebook and Instagram developers for building up highly responsive and load smooth UIs. Reasons for react popularity are:

  • A library strongly supported by Facebook.
  • Ideas enclaved on React are quite beneficial for SEO and have an enhanced performance
  • A highly flexible library

Advantages of React JS library:

  • As it incorporates Virtual DOM so results in more responsive software. The load on the user devices and OS is reduced to a great instance make the apps perform rapidly.
  • The developers can choose absolutely different ways of realizing the planned capabilities in the created UI based on the concept of the library instead of limiting to just a single thing react offers.
  • React is much simpler as compared to any version of Angular where you need to explore TypeScript

Concluding points

  • When you are on a way to build client-side a website focusing to render huge data in a single view then, in that case, React JS will serve you with the purpose, avoiding a delay of even few milliseconds enhancing user experience. So, for a constantly changing dynamic content website then you need to use React JS.
  • You can go with ReactJS if in future you need to extend the functionality of the application you are building, update the views frequently and consistently and also if you are comfortable with the slow initial stage of the application development.
  • When it comes to disadvantages, React JS was built back in 2013 still developers are facing problems in lower version of browser lower than IE8 reducing browser compatibility.
  • You can go for Angular if you need a minimal viable product, an application which updates one view at a time or an immediate start of the application is needed.

Taking into account the above-mentioned feature about the front-end language ReactJS and AngularJS we can conclude with a fact that if we are on a way of finding flexibility and simplicity in building our apps or website then we can go with ReactJS. On the other side of the sea Angular5 will be more suitable and efficient way to boost and organize the way of working.

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