Let’s accept it! Social media has become a key part among people. Technological advancements and rapid growth of smartphones and tablets among people has led to use social networks with user bases probably larger than the population of most countries. Chatting, sharing, Calling, video conferencing are some of the niche features developed among people for virtually every special interest out there. And, that’s one of the reasons behind making it a powerful and exceptional platform with robust impact on the buying behavior of today’s consumers. For leveraging this social media boom, many app development companies are moving towards social media application development to build enticing interface that can amazingly help businesses in strengthening their social media presence, strategy and boosting customer acquisition on the social mobile and web.

Social Mobile Apps picking up

Social Media Development Has Unique Advantages

•    Adds Value To Business: It has the ability to effectively engage your target audiences with your core business.

•    User-Centric : It has the capability to entertain, better engage and connect with the users and prospects.

•    Authentication and seamless experience: It provides businesses the authentication and personalization for exceptional social experience on social media platforms.

•    Effective and  performance-centric: It offers the functional, performance and security validation for social media platforms.

•    Highly Flexible: It is highly flexibility and allows to easily upgrade or add new functionalists with minimum risk.

Parangat Knows the Physics of Social Media App Development

Our technological excellence and years of experience enable us to build interactive, robust, scalable and cost-effective social apps, meeting the business needs and challenges. Our highly skilled team enables businesses to reduce the pitfalls and managing costs effectively while improving overall’s system performance, security and reliability. Let’s take a look on how Parangat is addressing business challenges and exceeding client’s expectations:

1.    Addressing even the rarest element: Here at Parangat, we begin with a deep dive into our client’s business requirements to develop the right strategy and roadmap that bring real value and revenue to our client’s business. We keenly brainstorm and ideate to come up with the best solution tailored to our client’s business needs that is functionally and aesthetically sound to support company’s business strategy.

2.    Right Assessment and Analyzing the Behavior: By properly analyzing the consumer’s behavior, our team provides the right solution to our clients. They properly asses and figure out the ways that make the social app fascinating, interactive and engaging across different social media channels. Enriched UI/UX coupled with the creative concepts and the latest technologies, we deliver a winning customer experience.

3.    Kink-free and bespoke execution for seamless experience: We craft social apps by addressing your business objective with our in-depth experience and expertise. From renewing to enhancement – we are known to deliver exceptional user experience. We are passionate about delivering compelling and unique social apps for business benefits. Here at Parangat, we specialize in building exceptional social media applications that help businesses in expansion increasing awareness, quizzes & competitions, building community, entertainment and fun, monetization and, many more.

Our proficient team of application developers and social media professionals has helped thousands of leading brands and startups get more ROI. Let us know about your business challenges and goals; we are there to help you!!!


With roll up the sleeves, dive in and get the job done approach, it was year in the year 2010 when Sahil started Parangat Technologies. Emphasizing on a healthy work culture and technology driven company, he has successfully created a workplace where people love to work and live. He is a software engineer and a passionate blockchain enthusiast.