10 Awesome Features in Android 9.0 Pie You need to Know

10 Awesome Features in Android 9.0 Pie You need to Know

Do you know that the newest version of Android is here? If not, you are in the right place. This blog will be highlighting what’s new for the mobile app development companies in 2020. Android 9.0 Pie comes with new interesting features. It featured some of the cool tricks that will alter the way you utilize Android. If you have not updated your Android version yet, there are tons of new features is waiting for you. So let’s not waste your time & explore some of the coolest features of Android 9.0pie.

1. Adaptive Battery

Google relies more and more on AI to enhance the user experience and its latest example is Adaptive battery. If you have not used the Doze feature in Android 6, which hibernates all apps not being at that moment? Well, then the adaptive battery feature is an enhancement of that and it is enabled by default. 

You can toggle it from settings>Battery>Adaptive Battery.

2. Dark Mode 

Another best feature you will love in Android 9.0 pie is the Dark mode. In this, you can manually choose to go dark on your Android device.

Go to setting> System>Display>Advanced>Device theme & choose Dark.

3. App Timer

Want to know how much time you spend on a particular app. Well, this new App timer feature is just for you. This feature lets you set time limits on apps you use for a more extended period. Once you reach the time limit, a notification pops out warning you have reached your time. So now manage your time in a better & improved way with Android 9.0 pie.

4. Adaptive Brightness

Are you frustrated by adjusting screen brightness on Android? Get happy because the latest Android 9.0 Pie features introduced adaptive brightness features. In which users can get rid of the adjustment of brightness. As Android’s automatic is now smarter, you can train it to know the preferred brightness level. While using certain apps in different environments. Access the setting from the Quick settings drop-down menu.

5. Accessibility Menu

By using the accessibility menu, the user can activate the new accessibility menu. This enables an icon you can tap for actions like quick settings, recent apps, & volume.

And to do so go to settings> Accessibility Menu>.

6. Increased Security

Android 9.0 pie has introduced the best feature that is increased security. By revamping the privacy factor in the newest version. If a user allows an app to access a camera and mic, they can use them whenever they want. But Android P will block apps running in the background accessing the camera and microphones. Furthermore, if the app tries to use the camera without the user knowing it will shut down and receive system errors. Plus if apps try to attempt record audio it will capture blank sound until open the app. It also restricts access to call logs, phone numbers, wifi locations, connection information, etc.

7. Defaults Https for Apps

If you are an Android app development company, its important to know about this particular feature. Internet surfing works on 2 protocols: HTTP & HTTPS, with a major difference being the encryption feature of the later. Not all apps use the secure protocol for communication which exposes the user to potential dangers. Anyhow now the app will be built for Android Pie will communicate data via HTTPS by default. This helps to ensure the safety of data while receiving & sending data from the app’s server.

8. New Gesture Navigation

Now it’s high time to say goodbye to the typical back home. Because Android is introducing single bar support gesture navigation and trust me it’s way easy to use. Android 9.0 pie you can drop the standard Back Home. As recent buttons in favor of a new gesture-based navigation system. Go ahead and try it by going to Settings>Systeam>Gesture>Swipe up on the home button. The navigation bar gets change right away

9. Easier Screen Rotation

Now get rid of switching auto-rotate on & off. Android 9.0 pie has the option to rotate the screen to landscape mode & back to portrait at the tap of an icon.

10. Alert Tone to Notify the Call Recordings

Recording call notification is past news. As, Android 9.0 Pie, introduced an alert tone feature to notify the call recordings. whenever a conversation is being recorded both parties get the notification. When the call starts recording, the system will play a tone at an interval of 15 seconds to alert the other party.
There are many features that Android 9.0 has but we discussed only the best features. To be updated in the android app market make sure that you explore other features too of Android 9.0 pie. And the user of Android if you haven’t updated your android with the new version of Android 9.0. You are missing a lot.