Is Mobile Health The Future Of Healthcare Industry?

Is Mobile Health The Future Of Healthcare Industry?

In the last few years, the wave of mobile health has extremely driven by many tech enthusiasts and geeks. They see the mobile health (mHealth) space as the next great business revolution, but still it has lot to achieve.  Today mobile health is considered as the sum of technology-based applications that allows its patients and doctors to steadily interact from different locations.  Let’s see some stats:

•    According to the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics – 40,000 health and medicine related applications are in App store.

•    According to the Fourth Annual Study on mHealth app publishing by research2guidance – 100.000 health applications altogether in 2014, listed on both Apple and Android platforms.

•    Most of the healthcare apps on the market today– management related specifically focused on helping people lead a more healthy life.

•    Almost 30% of health and fitness apps include – suggesting real-time diagnosis, sharing prescriptions, remote monitoring, or medical data examination. All of these fall into a medical category.

Generally, patients and health organizations consider these health and fitness apps useful. As they come up with some highly functional and real benefits that can help improve quality of life, health and well-being. And, this justifies the stats that – 500 million people estimated to have already used a health and wellness mobile apps as of now.  The mobile revolution that the health and medical industry is undergoing shouldn’t really surprise the users. However, mHealth applications are surged to transform the healthcare system in a way similar as other industries including restaurant, travel and many others are.

Is Mobile Health The Future Of Healthcare Industry?

Although, with the rapidly increasing mobile usage and new technologies, the potential benefits of health and fitness applications are continually putting forth the healthcare professionals. According to research2guidance, “smartphone applications will become the killer applications for mobile health solutions.” Let’s see what we can expect from the mobile health industry in the near future:

•    Apart from developed countries, Healthcare mobile applications are becoming popular in developing countries also.- Vital Wave Consulting

•    Within next 5years approximately half (46%) of healthcare professionals will integrate mobile apps into their practices. – Research Now Group, Inc.

•    By 2017 the mHealth app market to reach USD 26bn. -research2guidance

•    mHealth apps seem to improve patient outcome (46,2%), to improve prevention and education (43,4%), to reduce increase of healthcare costs (42,8%), to improve interaction between patients and doctors (42,6%). – research2guidance

•    The wearable market expected to have the highest business potential in the next five years. – research2guidance

Best-in-class quality and data security are two of the most important aspects of healthcare mobile apps. And, in the near future it’s expected to increase the app usage information, quality and relevancy of content. As that will have a huge impact on the mobile health industry in the near future. Moreover, the possibility to bring revolutionary changes in the medical health ecosystem exists; we only need to maximize the potential of mHealth solutions.

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