Key Success Factors of Uber & Ola On-Demand Services

Key Success Factors of Uber & Ola On-Demand Services

Today, we are using taxi/cabs in a variety of major metro cities all across the country, and other similar countries. And, in recent years, Taxis have been deeply integrated into our culture. And so, is the ridesharing concept, which is making rides cost-effective and user-friendly. And perhaps, this is one of the many key success factors of Uber and Ola.

The concept is fairly easy because it allows you to hail a ride from a stranger at cost-effective prices. To most individuals who are using cab services, they see ride-sharing as their economic freedom, in which they are not required to pay despicable prices in order to hail a ride. Such kinds of apps came into existence around 2010. Now, when ride-sharing has proved its potential, Uber has integrated ride-sharing within its business model. Ridesharing is a wise business model for users and business owners too because it leads to fewer cars on the road. In turn, this results in less pollution and a huge decrease in the amount of traffic on roads.

Understanding Uber & Ola’s Business Model


(The big transport giants – Uber and ola have brought a revolution in Cab Industry.)

Cab Giants – Uber and Ola are the On-Demand transportation services, which have brought a revolution in the cab & taxi industry all across the globe. And, this revolutionary business model of Uber and Ola has made it possible for users to simply tap their Smartphones and get a cab right at their door-step and that too in the minimum possible time.

However, Uber and Ola don’t have a different revenue models. They both have the same model – user pays the driver in cash at the end of your journey. And, the cash of every journey is collected. And, that’s the only source of revenue for Uber and Ola just like for any other traditional cab company. But what helps them in generating huge revenue is the number of rides. They have almost 1 million users a day. This is another major key success factor of Uber and Ola. This will help you in getting the glimpse of those big numbers that Uber and Ola earn. Let’s take a deep dig to understand Uber’s and Ola’s revenue model:

  1. Different models that cater to every genre of audiences:

Uber and Ola’s business models have not limited themselves to a particular segment of cabs or to a particular segment of users. There is Uber X, Ola Mini, Uber Black and Ola prime sedan for those who love to travel in their choice cabs. There is a wide range of cabs available including Uber Taxi & Ola Mini for those who are looking for cost-efficient solutions and Uber SUV & Ola Prime for those who want luxury.

  1. Surge Pricing Technology:

There is a lot of variation in cab fares, which depends on the situation. And, it’s an important aspect of Uber’s & Ola’s business model. Whenever the demand increases, per mile prices gets automatically increased. And, the new price depends on the number of available drivers and the number of cab hailing requests.

  1. Captivating rides:

Uber and Ola have come a long way from cabs and taxi booking services like recently Uber has started offering boats, helicopters and other transportation means On Demand. Uber has recently launched a motor­cycle-pickup service. However, these services are available in a few selected geographical locations but it has led Uber & Ola to add new and unique streams of revenue in their business models.

How Parangat Technologies can help you develop Ola and Uber’s clone app?

Here at Parangat Technologies, we work with our clients to deliver robust, high-performance and award-winning mobile apps development services. Whether you need a mobility solution for iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows, our dedicated team of mobility experts, who come up with deep industry knowledge and passion for technology help you make your vision a reality. Our methodologies and industry expertise in mobile space has enabled in becoming the top mobile apps development agency and help brands gain excellence, increase efficiency and maximize profit.

Parangat’s extensive portfolio consists of a lot of On-Demand apps that it has built over the course of time. One such is Uber Wash.

Our Solution:

Our Car Wash Solution –  Uber Wash is an On-Demand car-wash service providing mobile application which allows the user to order a wash for his car using his mobile, wherever he is, either at home or in office anytime, anywhere. It’s an On-Demand mobile car wash to give you the best convenience. 

Car detailing, car buffing etc., customers can now get car washing,  services right at their home. All they have to do is select from a range of car wash services, select the type of car they want the service for – Sedan, SUV etc., select the washer and Voila! The skilled UberWasher will come to your place to give your car a brand new look. 

Our mobile car wash solution comes with 2 apps.

  1. Washer App ( for the service provider)
  2. Washe App ( for the customer)

With UberWash your car gets cleaned at your home, office, or any other location of your convenience.


(Parangat Technologies offers robust and dynamic Car Wash Solutions for businesses)

To Conclude:

The above mentioned key success factors of Uber and Ola aren’t hard to achieve if you have a well-thought plan and a reliable app development company that can deliver the desired solutions. Want to get an On-Demand app developed for your business? Parangat Technologies has an extensive experience of delivering On-Demand Apps. Visit our portfolio to get a free quote for your On-Demand app, now!