What to Do? – Write The Code From Scratch or Re-write It?

What to Do? – Write The Code From Scratch or Re-write It?

Have you’ve already developed the code for iOS and want to create branch out to Android for the next version of your app? –  Most developers agree that rewriting the code from scratch can present you with more work than is actually required.  Transliterate one language into the other hasn’t proved to be time efficient always but sometimes. Let’s take a look at both the sides of the coin –Write the Code from Scratch or Re-write?

Write The Code From Scratch or Re-write It?

Here’re a few reasons that justify Writing the Code from scratch:

1) Needed changes can’t be made by using the existing code base.

2) It’s difficult to get the existing code to compile, or we can’t even find the existing code.

3) It becomes difficult for developers to figure out how it works.

4) Its architecture or underlying infrastructure changes gradually and dramatically.

5) Sometimes, it becomes so bug-ridden to the requirements that it is completely worthless.

6) It can prove to be good for just doing it for fun or to exercise our development skills.

7) Intellectual Property or licensing challenges make it compulsory to stop using someone else’s code.

8) When the problem becomes too complex for the original language.

9) When developers are uncomfortable to take the responsibility for the existing code base.

Here’re a few reasons that justify avoiding Writing the Code from Scratch:

1)  Today nobody knows that what all features are of the Legacy Code, or what requirements it is supposed to fulfill.

2) And, no tests are available to justify that the new code is functionally equivalent to Legacy Code.

3) If we can use the existing code then there are many more important things we can do apart from just re-writing the code that already works. As Re-writing the code will not Re-invent the Wheel.

4) Avoid re-writing the code because, usually it takes longer than expected and usually re-writes often do, which result into customers moving to other products/vendors.

5) We also do have the option to re-write the code a bit at a time rather than writing it from the scratch.

6) And, of course, we can’t guarantee that the new team will do a better job than the original team did.

Whether to write the code from scratch or re-write the code, it all depends on the requirements. Here at Parangat, our team does both they re-write the code and write the code – everything depends on the project requirements. We work with our clients to deliver robust, high-performance and award-winning web and mobile solutions and services. Whether you need a web or mobility solutions, our dedicated team of web and mobility experts, who come up with deep industry knowledge and passion for technology help you make your vision a reality. Our methodologies and industry expertise in web and mobile space enable us become the top web and mobile development agency and help brands gain excellence, increase efficiency and maximize profit.

Our expertise in web and mobile technology and proficient team coupled with capability in integrating people, processes and products enable us to deliver customized, robust, avant-garde and cost-effective mobility solutions tailored to our clients business needs. Our adept team of developers develop custom-made and integrated web and mobile solutions by understanding your requirements and recommending the right solution to it. Our transparent processes and defined methodologies have been modernized and refined to deliver smooth, bespoke and user-engaging web and mobile solutions, which in turn, maximizes efficiency and lowers cost.

Want to get a mobile solution for your business? Contact us or drop us a line on [email protected] to get started.

Tips to Launch your App Successfully? – Part 1

Tips to Launch your App Successfully? – Part 1

Nowadays, App Stores are flooded with apps. And, with every brilliant concept, one of the key questions that arises – How to convert that brilliant idea into reality? No matter, how proficient the programmers, or savvy the marketing team, there’s always something that can create hindrance from making your app a great hit. There are many factors that play key role in the success of app especially while launching the app. Launching an app doesn’t start with the submission of an app on stores, neither it start with the marketing blitz two or three days before its release. In fact, it starts with that first conceptualization and brainstorming, and continues till its launch. Let’s discuss everything you’ll ever need to know about how to launch your app successfully, from wind-up to follow-through.

Ideation, Brainstorming, Conceptualization, Research and Development

While working on ideation, brainstorming, conceptualization and research and development you need to be mindful of how your app is going to hit the market. Research on – How your competitors look like? What the likely future of that domain is? What your target audience look like? How does your core concept stand out from the crowd? Why would users download your app? If these answers are yet not clear then how do you expect your app to be successful? And, yes before you start spending exorbitant amount of money and time on your idea ensure that it should be something worth investing in. Create a marvelous business plan that can help you achieve success.

Always remember that a good idea can easily be stolen or replicated. Even if your idea is the first of the first, and you are a true creator of it, copycats will spring up very soon after seeing that your app is doing well. Unfortunately, currently apps are in the wild west of IP law — so ensure your launch must be strong and hard. And, it should be made as difficult as possible for your competitors to steal away any of your hard earned market segment.

One of the key factors for the successful launch is to figure out which markets you should choose? What their standards of submission are? And, what’s their application processes are? Doing some in-depth and preliminary research will definitely ease your confusion and frustration.

Test, Test and Test

Nothing can sour a launch that much worse than discovering on Day 1 of your launch that a large segment of your market can’t get your app working. To make your app run smoothly on every device, test your app and don’t just trust the building tools as they provide a realistic testing environment but sometimes don’t give right results. Since, every mobile device operates differently so get your app tested on as many as possible platforms and devices before you launch. For getting your app tested on various devices, you can either buy or keep popular tablets and phones to test on, or you may also find a good source of beta testers to get your device worked hard on as many devices as possible (or both).

Craft Ground-breaking Marketing Strategies & Tactics

A very common myth is App marketing starts after the launch of an app. But, the marketing strategies should be planned from the day you have planned to get your app developed. Marketing strategies should be crafted in a way that a major chunk of people should talk about your product and excited for it before it releases. As it can help you in spiking the sales and push your way up to various best-selling app lists. Create hype of your app, build up steam, and get everything ready before launch. However, there are a lot of ways of app marketing some are free while some are paid ones – it’s all depend on your marketing budget. No matter, how big or small your marketing budget is- you have to just market it smartly, not just hard. And, always remember the most valuable rule of Marketing: Identify well your target market and cater to them. Moreover, you need to take into consideration the ongoing marketing that lets you decide your launch date, where to launch, how to launch, and how to sustain downloads after the initial rush.

All the above mentioned points are need to be considered carefully for making your app successful. Over the coming days, we are going to continue to publish new posts in this series about remaining tips to launch your app successfully- Part 2 that deal with the pioneering strategies that should be followed to successfully launch your app.

Secret sauce for successful Mobile App Marketing – Part 2

Secret sauce for successful Mobile App Marketing – Part 2

In our last blog post, we discussed Secret sauce for successful Mobile App Marketing – Part 1 where we laid emphasis on importance of social networks and Ad networks in mobile app marketing. And, here we’ll discuss the remaining best app marketing strategies that play an important role in making any app a great success.

3. Organic Marketing

Every app story – be it Apple Store of Google play store – has its own mechanism to determine an app’s organic ranking. And, it becomes imperative to get know these minute but critical factors that impact the ranking of an app within the store. Knowing these factors impacting app ranking and working towards impacting these factors one by one can prove to be highly successful strategy for your apps’ success. For example, Google play store takes into account the number of downloads and the app usage to rank each app. Note that just downloads isn’t enough, the usage ratio is critical too. That means higher the usage ratio per downloads, higher will be app’s ranking. Apple store also gives you a chance to improve your apps’ ranking by deploying more ad-driven links.

Hence, you need to have a good mix of cross promotion and users’ engagement in your app marketing plan in order to ensure that your apps are successful in all mobile apps store – earning your more revenue. There are many ways to keep your audience engaged – with frequent updates etc. More to follow…

4. Continuously engaging your existing users and retaining your loyal users

As pointed out earlier, app usage ratio per download is on foe the key factors your app ranking depends on. The key here is ‘app usage’. Just drawing users’ attention towards your app or initial downloads isn’t enough for a sustainable app success. It is important that the existing app users are kept engaged so that they do not drop-out. There are multiple ways you can ensure their continued interest in your app.

One of the most useful and time-tested trick is to provide perks and additional benefits to your loyal users – that makes them happy. You can give them a few updates for free or at a discounted price. Or, a couple of extra features in your app for your regular and loyal users. Push notifications can be an effective medium to offer these benefits.

Besides, keep publishing frequent updates for your app. This will keep your existing users engaged as they will keep looking for updates. Attend to app reviews and feedback. Keep your ears open to listen to the most popular suggestions about your app. These suggestions can be a demand for an extra feature or to fix an existing bug in your app. Remember that your apps should be flawless – but, if at all, there is remaining bug it should be attended with care and immediately. Keep pushing the notifications before you do a release as it will create excitement for your users.

5. Cross promote your successful apps

Your each successful app can be an opening door for another one. Cross promote your newly launched apps within your existing apps through banners, links and push notifications. Note that ads and banners are to be used with care. Excessive use of banners and ads can create a bad user experience. The banners and ads should be placed strategically so that it doesn’t interfere while users are using the most important part of your app. This cross-promotion will definitely help you earn more downloads.

6. Be thoughtful and innovative when you develop a mobile app

This one is obvious. The mobile app you develop and publish should be something that people would love to use. It should be flawless. The apps’ design should be alluring and user centric. Include features that other similar apps do not have – this will make your app unique. This will not only make your app famous but will also earn a good name for you as app publisher.

In a nutshell…

Devising a comprehensive mobile app marketing strategy is a good mix of various aspects. We looked at many of them in this blog. The aspects we discussed do not require any heavy and exclusive investment from your side. Try and leverage your existing resources. Important to note is that you need to keep tracking and monitoring your app downloads, usage, reviews, ranking, suggestions and other usage aspects in order to make appropriate changes in the marketing strategy and the app itself. Each time you apply a particular marketing tactic, measure its impact on your apps’ usage – and then improvise on that tactic. Your next step should be based on your past learning. Yes, there are tactics that might require good enough investment from your side. Let’s keep that for the next blog.

Why Enterprise Mobility is a complete solution for managing the business imperatives?

Why Enterprise Mobility is a complete solution for managing the business imperatives?

We all know that mobile apps are changing the world. Today, almost every enterprise and startup is adopting mobile-first approach to enhance their business visibility and traction. However, many companies have just started to explore how they can leverage mobile technology to give competitive advantage to their businesses. A coordinated and strategic mobile planning is required for any enterprise which is looking to implement noteworthy mobile initiatives. However, most of the enterprise mobile road maps become obsolete before they’re even implemented. In recent years, mobile technology is changing rapidly, and businesses that are adopting mobile strategy may be missing out a key opportunity to solve their business challenges in the meantime.

Just, how big is enterprise mobility?

According to TechCrunch – Enterprise mobile application development today is one of the hottest industries worth $100 billion opportunity. However, only 15 percent of third-party app developers are focused on enterprise-related development.  Here’re a few challenges and roadblocks keeping developers from cashing in on what’s proving to be the industry’s latest cash cow:

• Most of the enterprise mobile apps aren’t developed with the approach of performing small well-constrained tasks.  They often try to imitate existing large enterprise apps.

• Mobile apps built for managing enterprise tasks are developed by using backend enterprise APIs. And, if the APIs are not implemented properly, they can easily increase security risks, thus, opening security holes relative to user privileges.

• Most of the enterprise apps are pitiable designed because developers focus on making them feature-packed so that they can solve numerous business problems and challenges. That’s why many enterprise mobile apps are dumped after their first use.

According to mobility firm Good Technology- “In 2014 Apple iOS devices have thus far been the reigning winners of the enterprise mobility sector, claiming a whopping 72 percent of the market”.  Today, businesses that are looking generate improved productivity in a smart, user-friendly and cost-effective manner through a flawless mobility approach are adopting Enterprise Mobility solutions.

Why to choose Enterprise Mobility?

• Easily deploys device management through a simple, smart, affordable and user-friendly solutions

• Characterizes policies via one-and-done definitions – not by operating systems silos

• Effortlessly performs dynamic mass allocation and avoids complicated and tedious campaigns

• Allows locking of devices, thus, enabling more secured solutions for highly confidential tasks.

• Comes with integrate device system thus allowing more interconnected and easy to manage systems

How Parangat Is Meeting Enterprise Challenges?

Parangat Technologies Enterprise Mobility solutions are a comprehensive solution for managing and enabling the mobile business imperatives. Parangat’s Enterprise Mobility solutions are beyond assets and policies management. Our delivered solutions are a powerful combination of device and applications management. And, that have enabled us to deliver highly secured, collaborated, automated issue resolution and remote device control solutions. By leveraging the huge potential of enterprise mobility, Parangat’s dexterous team has delivered thousand of projects to clients across the world. Many clients we have worked with have found us successfully implementing enterprise mobility strategies, where we have solved their real pain points.  Through our best-in-class mobile solutions, we have helped many of our clients in solving many of their business challenges like resource management, real-time data access, task allocation, mobile sales enablement and many more. We have helped many of our clients in replacing pen, paper, and clipboards with an iPad application. And, that have let them collect and process real-time data.

Bestowed with dexterous team of developers and creative designers, Parangat is known to deliver world class enterprise mobile solutions. Our mobile and web solutions has helped thousands of business and leading brands in gaining competitive edge in this rapidly changing IT world. Our apparent methodologies and processes enable us to deliver exceptional services and solutions.

Confused with so many Mobile App Development Methodologies? Know how to choose the most appropriate one

Confused with so many Mobile App Development Methodologies? Know how to choose the most appropriate one

To establish business and increase its global presence, companies and brands are adopting mobile-first philosophy. Due to its increased popularity and high adoption rate, mobile apps have become the trend and addiction especially among generation Y. Today everyone is aware of Android, iPhone, Windows, BlackBerry and Apple Watch. And, that’s why IT world is flooded with the Mobile app development companies, in recent years. However, there are many key factors that are needed to be considered while establishing the business of mobile solutions and services. One of them is – domain specific knowledge. If the technical team of a mobile app Development Company has an in-depth knowledge and expertise in domain, it will help in favorable results for expansion. Currently the iPhone and Android have captured the largest ratio of app market. That’s why today every client is looking for an exceptional mobile solutions provider. Here are a few points that need to be considered before starting a new mobile application development business.

Confused with so many Mobile App Development Methodologies

Native or Conventional App Development

Native app development has become the ‘need of an hour’ for many brands and companies that want to get their app idea developed due to the low risk and reliable results associated with it. This is one of the most widely used methods for getting your business mobilized as they give reliable results after the launch. Also, finding the well-versed mobile application developers who are adept with Java and other languages can be easily done. And, the chances of mobile app failure are much less because native app development is considered as the most reliable and bug-free methodology for developing an app. The only drawback of such method is that native app development requires a lot of cost. But, due to its reliable, result- driven and secured behavior, native app development is the first choice of many brands and companies looking for getting their app developed.

Hybrid Application Development

With the rapid development in technology, new methods have been devised to make coding simpler and feature-packed by using some languages and tools like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The reason behind using these methods is to get the quicker and efficient results. Also, the cost associated with app development using hybrid methodology is quiet low as compared to native app development methods. In order to cost-effectively and efficiently run the business of mobile apps, the hybrid methods of app development has been discovered. Some cross platform development tools like Phonegap, Titanium and others have proved to efficiently deliver best-in-class mobile applications.

Mobile Web Application Development

The mobile web application development has become trend nowadays. As it saves time and provides cost-efficient solutions. Developing a native app is much complex and costly as compared to develop a mobile web application. And, that’s why the demand of such application is growing quickly in the app world. But, mobile web application is still not as much popular as other methodologies are. And, that’s why finding proficient mobile web developers is a bit difficult as compared to native or hybrid developers.

As, we have already discussed that the future prospects of mobile app development is very high because every business of almost every domain – be it healthcare, wearable, enterprise, augmented, ecommerce and many more are adopting mobile-first approach. But, the growth of any mobile app development business depends on how well the company has adapted the technology. And, most importantly how well-versed its team is. However, there are many challenges associated with mobile app development business but it is one of the businesses that can prove to be a good revenue generator. By understanding the current market need and trends, Parangat technology has started its mobile app development services and solutions. Our adept in-house team of Android and iOS app development has delivered hundreds of projects to serve clients across the world. We have a proficient in-house team of developers too for native and hybrid development.