Do You Know What Does It Cost To Get Your App developed?

Do You Know What Does It Cost To Get Your App developed?

We all have heard – Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Uber. Countless others companies and brands have got transformed their multi-millennial idea into splendid mobile app. In recent years, mobile app development has become a multibillion dollar industry with extravagantly infinite potential. But, for turning your multi-dollar millennial idea into user-centric app, every business owner needs a company that can help them in getting app that can provide a competitive edge to their business. And, one of the key questions that arise is – “How much does it cost to make an app. However, there are a lot many mobile solution providers all across the globe. But, choosing the right mobile solution provider who is adept in delivering robust, scalable yet cost-effective solutions is one of the challenges that many business owners are facing today. Let’s take a look on a few points that can help you in knowing how much does it cost to make an app:

Storyboard your app idea

The best way to storyboard your app idea is to define what you want your app to do. Proper storyboarding can help you in crafting long-term strategy of your app including its flow and functionalities. And, right storyboarding of your app will help you in knowing the exact cost associated with your app.

Look for the top-notch app development company

By choosing a world-class mobile application development, you can get the right bespoke solution for your app idea. A right app development company will not only provide robust, scalable, seamless and bespoke deliverables, but also provides cost-effective solutions tailored to your business needs. Sometimes, they might sound a bit expensive, but they will suggest the exact technology and right solution that will match your app idea, which will help in reducing the cost associated in rework.

Do You Know What Does It Cost To Get Your App developed

Know about the development team working on your project

The team working on your project should not be just a couple of developers. It’s a team who helps you in making your app idea a revenue generating product. So, it becomes important to know about the team that will be working on your project- Be it designers, developers, project managers, testers or anyone associated with your project. So, choosing a right set of developers and designers is equally important as choosing a right apps development agency.

However, choosing a right development company and team is important. But, the exact cost associated depends on the budget you have, because you will choose everything according to that only. Let’s take an example that – if you’re likely looking at around $120-150k to get your app developed. Then, if you break it down, it’s basically 120 hours of work per week i.e. an average of 8 or 10 weeks. Let’s assume you have two developers working on your project for full time – that’s around 80 hours, and then you have a designer and art director working half-time -that’s about 20 hours, and you have a product manager and an account manager coordinating, they are involved too. So, that’s the total 120 hours.

If an app development company for getting your app developed is getting expensive for you then you can always go for a freelance developer.

So, if you feel like your app concept is the next Whatsapp, Uber, Instagram, Candy crush then, you can connect with Parangat Technologies, a world-class mobile solutions provider, who are adept in delivering best-in-class mobile solutions. For more details you can visit our portfolio

Mobile Usage Continues to Grow – Driven by Messaging Apps

Mobile Usage Continues to Grow – Driven by Messaging Apps

We all know that – ‘’Mobile is Eating the World’’. In recent years, we have seen mobile has disrupted every industry, every country, and it is continuing to break its own records year after year. According to Flurry Analytics – overall app use in 2013 posted 115% year-over-year growth. Every app category including wearable, mCommerce, Augmented and Enterprise mobility has shown steep growth. In the chart below, we have shown on the categories of interest to most. As adoption of smartphones and tablets has increased, utilities and productivity apps have shown 150% growth in use year-over year,  apps such as Evernote and Quip, gained popularity and adoption rate. Even mobile gaming section, which industry experts and skeptics were expecting to reach saturation levels in year 2013, showed 66% year-over-year growth in use.

App Use Growth 2013-resized-600_0

The app category that showed the most surprised growth in year 2013 was messaging and chat apps. Apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, KakaoTalk, LINE, Facebook Messenger and SnapChat have received high attention and rapid adoption. The most surprising fact was that the rate of growth was almost tripling year-over-year which outpaced other popular categories. This growth could be seen through the high valuation that Facebook has given to very popular app especially among teens Whatsapp by acquiring it.

However, some of the social apps like Korea-owned and Japan-based LINE, are happily enjoying great revenue growth and success. But, industry experts and skeptics are still in a debate about whether these apps are just the experiences or more of a platform.

Year 2013 saw a few instances where social apps are becoming trend and are more of the latter. In March of 2013, just three months after its launch, game distribution platform, LINE announced that it had delivered over 100m downloads to its users. To demonstrate the potential of WeChat, Tencent’s has conducted an experiment with China’s one of the emerging device manufacturers Xiaomi, which shown WeChat as an m-commerce player.  In that experiment, Xiaomi launched a new smartphone to WeChat users. And the result was overwhelming: Just in 10 minutes, 150,000 new smartphones through a messaging app WeChat.

Many other instances including Facebook’s efficacious entry into paid mobile app market have shown the potential messaging and social app shave. In the year 2013, social apps shown promising anecdotes, coupled with an over 200% year-over-year growth. And, that made this segment as a lucrative business model for businesses and brands. 2014 was also a crucial year for these categories and determined that messaging and social app market will flourish and will remain independent and will become killer mobile platforms and distribution channels in the communication industry. Many news, PR sites and analytics gems have already started talking about this segment – TIME magazine has placed its bets on its adoption. Flurry too is fascinated by its growth, the retention rate, the reach and high frequency rate for this category. We have seen the potential for what it has become, which says that that mobile is all about messaging apps. However, that is also true that mobile world is an unexpected space, where any segment can boom and any can diminish.

2014 – Another explosive growth year in mobile has passed. A new year has begun, and if the first two months of year are any indication, the mobile space is looking at another major growth year and yes we hope mobile will continue to eat the world. And, similarly mobile app development companies will continue delivering ground-breaking social mobile apps. Parangat Technologies is one of the leading mobile solution providers, which has delivered some exceptional mobile social apps that has not helped startups and leading brands gain visibility but also earn value and revenue, both. To know more visit here

Do you know why Social Media Apps are picking up?

Do you know why Social Media Apps are picking up?

Let’s accept it! Social media has become a key part among people. Technological advancements and rapid growth of smartphones and tablets among people has led to use social networks with user bases probably larger than the population of most countries. Chatting, sharing, Calling, video conferencing are some of the niche features developed among people for virtually every special interest out there. And, that’s one of the reasons behind making it a powerful and exceptional platform with robust impact on the buying behavior of today’s consumers. For leveraging this social media boom, many app development companies are moving towards social media application development to build enticing interface that can amazingly help businesses in strengthening their social media presence, strategy and boosting customer acquisition on the social mobile and web.

Social Mobile Apps picking up

Social Media Development Has Unique Advantages

•    Adds Value To Business: It has the ability to effectively engage your target audiences with your core business.

•    User-Centric : It has the capability to entertain, better engage and connect with the users and prospects.

•    Authentication and seamless experience: It provides businesses the authentication and personalization for exceptional social experience on social media platforms.

•    Effective and  performance-centric: It offers the functional, performance and security validation for social media platforms.

•    Highly Flexible: It is highly flexibility and allows to easily upgrade or add new functionalists with minimum risk.

Parangat Knows the Physics of Social Media App Development

Our technological excellence and years of experience enable us to build interactive, robust, scalable and cost-effective social apps, meeting the business needs and challenges. Our highly skilled team enables businesses to reduce the pitfalls and managing costs effectively while improving overall’s system performance, security and reliability. Let’s take a look on how Parangat is addressing business challenges and exceeding client’s expectations:

1.    Addressing even the rarest element: Here at Parangat, we begin with a deep dive into our client’s business requirements to develop the right strategy and roadmap that bring real value and revenue to our client’s business. We keenly brainstorm and ideate to come up with the best solution tailored to our client’s business needs that is functionally and aesthetically sound to support company’s business strategy.

2.    Right Assessment and Analyzing the Behavior: By properly analyzing the consumer’s behavior, our team provides the right solution to our clients. They properly asses and figure out the ways that make the social app fascinating, interactive and engaging across different social media channels. Enriched UI/UX coupled with the creative concepts and the latest technologies, we deliver a winning customer experience.

3.    Kink-free and bespoke execution for seamless experience: We craft social apps by addressing your business objective with our in-depth experience and expertise. From renewing to enhancement – we are known to deliver exceptional user experience. We are passionate about delivering compelling and unique social apps for business benefits. Here at Parangat, we specialize in building exceptional social media applications that help businesses in expansion increasing awareness, quizzes & competitions, building community, entertainment and fun, monetization and, many more.

Our proficient team of application developers and social media professionals has helped thousands of leading brands and startups get more ROI. Let us know about your business challenges and goals; we are there to help you!!!

How To Make Your App Successful Before Launch?

How To Make Your App Successful Before Launch?

So, you have come up with some groundbreaking idea for your new app– Now,next what? –You need to refine and frame it into a well-versed app concept. But, before you start moving ahead towards app’s design and development process, you need to ensure that steps you take will take your app towards success. The first and important step is to – Find right developers and designers or Get it developed by yourself. Here’re a few tips to help you make your app successful before launch:

Find Right App Development Team

If you choose to get your app developed from any developer or designer, then you need a technical well-versed and experienced team of designers and developers to get your product developed. And, for that you need dig deep and do through research research to find the developers and designers tailored to your needs. Remember, you need to wisely choose your app development team to make your app a great hit because hiring a team that doesn’t understand you, or your vision, can definitely spoil your app.

Marketing, Advertising and Generating Buzz

After finding the right appdevelopment team, the next step is generating buzz of your app on social media and across all the channels, where people can talk about your app. Here are a few ways that can help you in generating buzz of your ideas:

Tech Blogs and Forums

You can write a tech blog for your app and sum it with the previews of the user-engaging features that your app have. You may also include videos, photos; screenshot or anything you think can help in making your app a big hit or can embolden people for talking about your app. Try to apply demo of your app in the tech blogs and forums so that users can get an exact idea of how your app works. And, if you have already released your app, then don’t forget to include your app’s appstore’s link so that users can easily find and download your app.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

Every app needs proper appstore marketing strategy. And, after the launch of Google’s API, writing appropriate content for app that includes app description and app title increases the chances of getting your app discovered in the appstore. While creating content for your app and its promotional website (if any), try to add all the appropriate keywords to get your app discovered.

Do through research

Before launching your app, you need to do proper research and find answers of some questions like – who your app’s target audiences are? What are your app’s target demographics? What all your competitor apps have? What’s right time for launch of your app?What’sa competitor’apps ’marketing strategy and what is their revenue model?and many more questions. Moreover, launching app giveaways, running contests and previewing demos are just a few more ways to make your app a great hit.

User Experience

Ask people to test your app before launch to create buzz and anxiousness. This will help in marketing and generating buzz of your app. The more people will talk about your app, more buzz will be generated before launch of your app.

Press Release and App review Websites

Before you launch your app, be sure to have a press release on famous PR sites and try to connect with review websites, so that they can share their opinion on app, if possible before launch. Making presence on media outlets such as tech blogs, and app review sites can also help in generating buzz.

Logo and Screenshots

Design plays a very important role in making an app a great hit. It is the first thing that stops user while searching for app in Appstore. An app’s logo is the face of your new app, and it’s a medium of recognizing and remembering your app. Apart, from having a captivating logo, enticing screenshots can also help in gaining visibility and converting visitors into users. App’s design is an exceptional trademark that has the capability to make your app stand out in the competitive market.

Video Previews- Because anticipation is the Key!

Giving your clients a visual app experience before they actually get the actual in app experience helps in generating buzz. By using different great screen capturing video software,you can create great app videos, which can help users to get a complete walk through of your apps features. And, by uploading the cinematic experience to YouTube can help you in gaining an early audience.

Above mentioned points can help you in making your app a great hit and save it from losing in the ocean of appstore, which is flooded with millions of apps in the app store. Always remember that marketing your app is just as important as the idea, designing and development.

mHealth: Digitization of Healthcare industry

mHealth: Digitization of Healthcare industry

Have you prescribed mHealth app yet? No…Soon you may. Mobile Health is one of the most rapidly mounting fields of digital health. Due to its increased access and higher potential it is becoming popular in both the segments – consumers and healthcare professionals. The explosion of mobile devices and digital health and wellness applications are revolutionizing the way healthcare industry provide services, as well as how consumers take it. And, due to a range of mHealth initiatives across the world, industry specialist and analysts are expecting that the global digital health and wellness market is expected to grow to US$12 million, in the years ahead.

Since, mobile health applications are intensely expanding its reach and efficacy by facilitating healthcare industry especially consumers in their daily tasks, such as taking prescription of drugs from clinicians, tracking their health issues, and managing their health and wellness information. Many mHealth apps currently in the market helps in tracking and collecting information by way of smartphone app, phone, computer, and wireless monitors. And, for health and wellness apps the tracked variables include food, blood-sugar and other medications. With the help of these apps, healthcare professionals amalgamate the information collected and transform into a clinical recommendations. Apart from helping in taking clinical recommendations, these apps also allows its users to make real-time feedback from the patient, recommending them as per their health conditions, such as, recommends the consumers what to eat if their blood sugar or pressure level is too low. mHealth apps are spanning its wings in every industry verticals of healthcare industry. Let’s take a look on a few popular verticals of health apps:

Awareness Apps – To educate consumers and promote health awareness among them by providing tailored tips and information. And, for this category of apps articles, tips, podcast, videos etc., on diets, exercises, everyday habits, research results etc., work as a channel between consumer and healthcare professionals.

Care Support– To help patients in basic diagnosis of illness, let them know its clinical care and maintain their records etc.

Monitoring and Advising– To support and advice patients by providing appointments, medications and precautions etc.

Quick Emergency Medical Response– To provide proper and quick assistance to patients with necessary care during emergencies, accidents and disasters.

Policies and Insurance– To share policy related information on the app and help them in enabling claims and reimbursements etc.

Medicines and Pharmacy– To facilitate drug manufacturers by assisting their customers in ordering medicines, reminder alerts etc.

Yes, Mobile apps are the future…

Yes, Mobile apps are the future

Yes, Mobile apps are the future

While mobile healthcare and wellness apps are thriving, both by consumers and providers, but its early phase yet for healthcare industry. Mobile Health has a huge potential in healthcare industry much beyond what we are beholding today. And, for consumers, expansion in Mobile health apps will provide more accessibility and control over better management of their health.

A Few Stats – According to a PWC survey – ‘’64% of doctors believe mHealth market to be full of exciting possibilities in the days ahead’’. A study commissioned by Telenor Group and the Boston Consulting Group in first quarter of 2012 revealed that – ‘’30% of smartphone users are likely to use “wellness apps” by 2015 and mobile is the most popular technology among doctors since the stethoscope’’. The survey further revealed- ‘’costs in elderly care can be reduced by 25% while maternal and prenatal mortality expenses can be reduced by as much as 30% through mobile solutions’’.  As per a recent PwC Global Healthcare survey, 59% of the consumers using mHealth services reported that these services have reduced the number of visits to the doctor.

However, technology advancement has resulted in many ground-breaking technologies including Wearable Tech, Smart Watches and Google Glass etc., which are also expected to share appreciation of innovation and usage in Healthcare industry. And, as the technology further advances and benefits become more evident, we will see more advanced usage of these technologies.