Are you prepared for Google’s Mobile Friendly Update – “Mobilegeddon”?

Are you prepared for Google’s Mobile Friendly Update – “Mobilegeddon”?

Google released its Mobile Friendly Update “Mobilegeddon” on 21st April. This new released algorithm is designed to reward mobile-friendly web pages in February. Search giant Google, which comScore Media Metrix estimates has a 65% market share of the U.S. Internet searches, wants sites to load quickly and be easy to navigate on a mobile phone. Google pre-announced this big algorithmic change to give publishers ample time to make their web sites more mobile friendly. Moreover, Google’s last big algorithm update, code-named Panda, impacted “11% of all search results,” says Danny Sullivan, the editor of the Search Engine Land website. “It was a big shake-up, and this one could be even more dramatic.” Undoubtedly, this algorithm will potentially give a ranking boost to mobile-friendly pages in Google’s mobile search results.

Are you prepared for Google’s Mobile Friendly Update

Due to recent technological advancements and higher adoption rate, usage of mobile devices, smartphones and tablets is increasing rapidly. And, users are using their mobile devices and smartphones to get the most pertinent and timely results. Due to increased usage of smart gadgets including mobile phones, smartphones and tablets, usage of internet has also increased. And, that’s why it has become important to release algorithms that can help in optimizing Google search result on mobile. To make it easier for users to find mobile-friendly web pages, Google introduced App Indexing and Mobilegeddon. By using this recent release, Google can help users in searches originating from mobiles and tablets to mobile-friendly web pages. Google has released this algorithm to bring a big change in those coveted keyword ranking system. Now, after the release of this algorithm, users can easily find relevant and high quality search results that are optimized for their smart devices. Now, the mobile site should continue to perform the same level and quality of searches for smart phones and tablets as done from a desktop.

Why Google released Mobilegeddon?

Over the years, we have seen that Google’s has two prominent goals – making lots and lots of money for their shareholders and provide users with the best, tailored and most diversified search results possible. As more and more users are moving away from desktops and are turning to their mobile devices for internet. And, running a website on its mobile version may result into a terrible user experience. Google’s this release is an effort to enable the conversion through mobile friendly websites in order to enhance the mobile user experience. It provides mobile users with results that provide them with a good mobile experience.

Benefits of Mobilegeddon

There are various steps to enable Mobilegeddon. Firstly, determine if your website is mobile friendly or not. Through a tool, you can check whether the site is mobile-friendly or not. All you have to do is plug in your URL and Google will tell you if they consider your site to be mobile friendly or not. And, if your site is not mobile friendly they will provide a list of the reasons why it is not considered to be. Here’re a few benefits of Mobilegeddon:

•    Improves search results and visibility
•    Helps users in searching relevant app content
•    The newly released algorithm will help you improve mobile searches better

Google has always been peculiar about relevancy, and has laid emphasis on content. But that’s changing. Yes, according to Google’s updates and policies content is still extremely important, but user experience is just as important.