By Leveraging Its HTML5 Proficiency, Parangat Delivering Business-Centric Mobile-Web Apps

By Leveraging Its HTML5 Proficiency, Parangat Delivering Business-Centric Mobile-Web Apps

HTML5 has emerged as the ideal markup language prescription for the modern web app development. With the rapidly changing tools and methodologies, the fifth revision of the core language of WWW has been discovered that gives great flexibility because it provides you the opportunity to implement graphics, animation, and multimedia. And, these plugins require dedicated plugins from Flash, QuickTme etc. Advance web technologies, the right combination of HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and incredible set of APIs and technologies let developers provide exceptional results. Espousing HTML5 markup language in web and mobile development not only support multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone but also run smoothly onChrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera, which in turn, help in meeting and exceeding users’ expectation.

By Leveraging Its HTML5 Proficiency, Parangat Delivering Exceptional and Business-Centric Mobile and Web Apps

One of the key reasons for why businesses are adopting HTML5 development is – HTML5 development is the only viable option for cross-platform development. HTML5 development combines the best traits of HTML and XHTML. And, which converted into a ground-breaking platform that enables a richer and kink-free development experience. It’s advanced and feature-packed design offerings, which would otherwise be almost impossible to employ with HTML4 has the capability to provide the users the ultimate viewing experience. Being one of the latest and most advanced mobile app development and mobile web development platforms, HTML5 not only helps in enhancing the user experience and interface, but also extensively improves the experience. With its ability to offer users a unique, bespoke and interactive experience, HTML5 has become one of most in-demand and chosen frameworks especially for companies looking to enhance their presence in the mobile world.

Parangat leveraging the HTML5 development for feature-packed mobile web apps

Bestowed with dexterous team and expertise, Parangat is known to deliver the most innovative HTML5 development and consulting services. We have the extensive experience and proficiency in creating high performance, robust, scalable and feature-packed HTML5-based web and mobile experiences. We have developed HTML5-based solutions that are both secure and sustainable and are created in such a way that they can be easily customized and maintained as per the requirement. Our expert HTML5 developers are adept in building cross-platform supporting solutions, which can be seamlessly worked on and across any device or software platform.

By using an agile development methodology and leveraging updated tools and technologies, we deliver best-in-class and exceptional HTML5 web and mobile solutions. Our created application meets every specific user, business, industry and vertical needs. We offer a robust, proven, highly flexible engagement model that includes a complete evaluation of our client’s business and IT requirements. And, this enables us to ensure the right HTML5 development solution. Will be delivered both quickly and cost-effectively to meet your goals and deadlines. Our HTML5 app development services include:

•    HTML5 Website Development
•    HTML5 Consulting
•    HTML5 Web App Development
•    Custom HTML5 Design
•    HTML5 Mobile App Development
•    Responsive Design
•    HTML5 Mobile Web Development
•    Data Migration & Maintenance
•    Cross-platform Development

Whether you need to hire an HTML5 developer to enhance your mobile and web solutions, Parangat Technologies will help you with its amazing service offerings that include business analysis, custom UX/UI design, development, project management and quality assurance or looking for a comprehensive HTML5 development solution to be delivered, Parangat will help you out.