Is The New Apple TV a Revolution?

Is The New Apple TV a Revolution?

Apple CEO Tim Cook said during the company’s big event in San Francisco – “The TV experience has been virtually standing still,”. With all of its new features—tvOS (a new launched operating system for Apple TV), Siri and the tiny but ground-breaking remote—Apple once again showed a glimpse of better future for smart television. And, that too, free of the UI problems we’ve seen thus far.

Is The New Apple TV a Revolution?

Apple’s TV seems to be satisfying because by looking through its features seems as if you get more out of it than you put into it. You just turn it on and watching smart TV will make you feel intuitive and quick. However, some industry gurus and geeks are predicting calling it a cumbersome gadget as user needs to spend too much time scrolling through a wall of icons. And, it takes a while deciding first where you needs to go and then you can only decide what you want to watch. It seems as if turning on a smart TVs will make user wastingtime in a digital Blockbuster store, hence, forever assessing the pros and cons of every TV show or movie in sight.

Although by launching Apple TV, Apple has taken a step ahead toward new enticing technology by integrating voice addition feature in Apple TV remote –Siri. Apple’s one of the key features – Siri will make content selection more user-friendly and conversational. At September 9th event, Apple showed the Siri demo by showing the response of – “Show me anything with Jason Schwartzman.” And, according to some geeks who attended the event, the feature works. Next isthe new TV remote control, which embraces the up-down-left-right clicking motion. The Apple’s TV remote touchpad lets the user’s finger glide through icons smoothly — we can call it asmooth interaction that finally brings smartphone UI to the larger and bigger screen. Think – If you have ever spent hours on the couch, interminably clicking through a trellis of tiles or nudging at an on-screen keyboard, then Apple’s TV remote is merely seems to simplify the search experience.

Hence Apple TV seems to be a faster and smoother version of the existing paradigm. However, it is helping users to get around easier, but still you need to know exactly where Apple TV is making you go around.As it isn’t seems to actually paring down TV in a far-reaching way.

On September 9th event Tim Cook said – “We believe the future of TV is apps,”.And, major chunk of his announcement was focused on the App Store. With the new tvOS, Apple is giving opportunity to developers to go with all kinds of new applications—games, e-commerce, etc.—and that too on the big screen.

Apple TV offers “Real world, Real time” connection

Apple TV lets it user enter the hyper-connected world through the platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Hence it lets you get connected with the real world and that too in a real time. Surfing through live TV lets you connect with rest of the world. And, that’s the “real world, real time” connection.

But for now, the challenge remains the same – TV is different.The user-friendly, simple, a-lot of interaction – all that we love about our laptops and tablets, will be there in television, too.In addition to all of the enticing features and apps on the newly launched Apple TV, the new version will definitely come up with some much-anticipated enhancements, including a comprehensive app store, integration with Apple’s Siri voice-recognition feature that will help in search and flawless device operation, and undoubtedly a new enticing remote control with a smooth touchpad.

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Which Platform to Choose For Making Money from Your App?

Which Platform to Choose For Making Money from Your App?

Over the years, the mobile market has grown exponentially and industry gurus  predicted continued growth. In recent years, mobile internet usage surpassed desktops totally and 80% of internet users own tablets and smartphones.

In 2014, app business marked estimated global revenue of $25 billion and by 2016 marked total global revenue of $46 billion.Hence, apps have become a big business. Apps have marked a notable history by showing high earnings. For example – developer  Supercell has their “Clash of Clans” generating $1,118,457 per day in revenue. And,King Digital Entertainment’s “Candy Crush” earns $884,676 per day through in app purchases.

With such alluring stats, it’s no wonder Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs want to get a piece of this trending and modern day gold rush. Being an entrepreneur and founder, if you just want to have a really cool idea for an app – that can be a good ROI source, then you really need to brainstorm and find something unique and user-centric. But many of us have a question that – How much can we earn through our app? For getting a good ROI on our developed app, we need to consider some of the points:

The first and foremost thing that we consider is choosing the right platform. We need to decide what platform (or platforms) we should choose for our app.

Due to market penetration and platform popularity, the selection of right platform can greatly affect the earning potential of an app. Let’s take a look on the metric based on the percentage of app developers earning $5,000 or more per month on their apps. And, the top leader in the app earning category is Apple’s iOS platform. With over 25% of Apple iOS developers are earning over $5,000 per month. Due to its continued market penetration, Android has also become a well demanded platform. Around 16% of Android app developers earn over $5,000 per month in revenue. Although, it’s worth noting that due to continued market penetration Android is much more ‘top rated’ in terms of revenue and usage. However, much of its total revenue is being earned by Android top developers. Since its inception, the iOS platform has its overall earnings spread out, thus, increasing your odds to make more money
through the app market.

Some of the platforms to avoid are – Blackberry and Windows mobile platform. In last few years, Blackberry hugely lacks market penetration, thus, its parent company RIM’s earnings and popularity is diminishing year by year. Due to strong corporate backing from Microsoft, Windows lacks the overall market penetration and popularity among smartphone end users.
While more niche platforms can be profit earners they should only be considered once your app has proven profitable on a more widely used platform.

Once an app is a proven winner porting it to other platforms becomes more viable.However, one of the known determining factors for selecting your mobile platform is your target audience. If your app is targeting the mass market, you need to ensure you are choosing the most popular platforms such as iOS and Android. If start-ups and entrepreneurs are your key target audiences, corporate-based platforms like BlackBerry can be a good choice. Either way, it’s always important to consider your target audience while selecting your mobile platform.