Why to Hire a Freelancer over an App Development Company? Part 2

Why to Hire a Freelancer over an App Development Company? Part 2

So, we are here to move on – Why to Hire a Freelancer over an App Development Company? Part 1 that we have discussed in our earlier post. The previous posts highlighted the importance of hiring Mobile App Development Company. Let’s discuss some more points:

Quality Assurance & Rigorous Testing: Like some any other IT project Quality Assurance is one of the most important factors in app development. Rigorous testing is very important, before the app is ready to launch. But most of the freelancers due to lack of experience and expertise lay less emphasis on user acceptance testing. You need to focus on formal unit testing, smoke testing, regression testing and user acceptance testing; all code should go through peer-to-peer reviews. Why not having a colleague review, it can improve the chances of delivering bug free coding.

Quality Assurance & Rigorous Testing

Warranty & Contract: Having a robust contract in place always helps you in getting right deliveries. Most of the freelancers will work via one of the online contractor sites. But contracts are for the best part, be careful and never just put into place outside of setting up terms for payment. Another important factor is – Most of the development agencies offer a full-proof warranty on the end product for a number of months and again backed up by a contract.

Proper Support & Maintenance that improves Business Continuity: have you ever thought? – What happens if disaster strikes and your servers have stopped working in the middleware? And, it stopped working 15 months after your project has been put live. Think if you don’t have in-life functional and operational support for your product, then you might face trouble. Once your project gets completed, you may face trouble, if you’ll work with freelancers. While selecting the development companies, always considers that the company that provides full-proof agreement for in-life support and maintenance.

Ultimately, on which factors does the success of my app truly based on?
App development is an event that is based on hit and trial. The secret to ultimate success involves strong expertise and experience. One of the most common success stories are based on a solid beta test or a proof-of-concept that is sumptuous enough to develop another top-notch solution that may even attract some press.

Most of the app developers have dream of delivering grand product before even entering the competition. But to traverse a mile, you must take your first step. So come up with a different and bets-in-class idea, believe in yourself, and enlist the help of world-class developers who can turn your sporadic idea into a reality. And, that has the power to revolutionize the mobile app industry and the lives of their consumers.

Parangat Technologies have spent more than 5 years refining and developing mobile app solutions. Bestowed with highly experienced and dexterous team of developers, we are known for having a flawless project delivery process that is both agile & strong enough to manage the iterative nature of mobile app development. About 32% of all projects that Parangat Technologies pick up are mobile app projects that haven’t met the client’s expectations. The solutions they sent were either not met for the purpose or were not what the client actually required. But here at Parangat Technologies we offer all clients 24/7 support with Non Disclosure Agreement across a range of operational KPI’s. We provide a viable support and maintenance policies because we believe that it’s not just about delivering a product– It’s about offering a client the peace of mind that if something goes wrong, issues can be easily addressed and service restored within an over-sharing timescale.

Tips to Launch your App Successfully? – Part 2

Tips to Launch your App Successfully? – Part 2

In the previous post, we gave some insights to successfully launch your app so that your app can top the charts and gain revenue and value, both. Let’s continue with the remaining success secrets to launch your app successfully.

•    Done with the Approval Process?

Once you begin with the ideation part, you should have the full-proof marketing plan prepared. An app that is engrossing and has kink-free marketing plans should be ready on time for the approval process on the various app markets you’re targeting. There are many stores like Google Play, the Apple Store and GetJar etc. And, each has their own standards and unique application processes. If you do the in-depth research and prepare your app accurately, application development process will be a cake walk. And, if you are unable to do that, it can quickly become a huge mess. To get the things done according to the app market criteria and get your mark of approval, now it’s time for the final move.

•    Ready For Launch?

Ready For Launch?

So, you are ready for your app launch. Now, what? Prepare press releases, get support ready, connect with the best review websites and ensure your marketing strike is active, and go. Now, it’s time to sell. Your app launch day should involve proactive efforts that include monitoring performance, following customer reviews, resolving their issues quickly, and creating buzz even post launch. To enjoy the enduring success of your app, always listen to your customers’ feedbacks. As if your app has bugs that cannot be fixed soon, all your hard work and big money can all be in vain.

•    Post launch – Pay Attention to Opportunities

Post launch - Pay Attention to Opportunities

Don’t just think that your first launch is your last big hurrah. Once your app is launched, it’s time to begin exploring ways to expand your segment for app market. Who’s seeing your app? Who bought it? Who didn’t? Why? Once you start asking these questions and getting answers, new opportunities will open up. Check if your application gets used in tandem with another app; reach out to the app owner and see if you both can arrange a bundle sale. There are always options; it’s only a matter of finding them.

Secret sauce for successful Mobile App Marketing – Part 1

Secret sauce for successful Mobile App Marketing – Part 1

Increasing number of app stores; numerous app developers and publishers; and exponentially increasing number of mobile apps – ensuring your app’s success, profitable monetization is not easy at hand. On top of all this, while the mobile app market is getting highly competitive due to widespread innovation, the mobile app users are also getting smarter and smarter. Factoring all this, there are chances that an app might be easily lost and can go unseen.

But, why to leave anything to chance? You need to start answering a few basic questions- that will help devise a comprehensive strategy to bring out the full potential of your app and ensuring profits from app monetization. Let’ start with a few of those basic questions you ought to have answers for:

1.    How to ensure that your app is visible? Better visibility means that you app is ranked high enough in the app store that it can be easily discovered, organically.

2.    How do you ensure that your app is being downloaded by the right audience you targeted for? This will mean that it has a good and consistent usage

3.    At the same time, how will you ensure that your app receives enough downloads that it is monetarily valuable and profitable to your app business?

These questions, once addressed, will help you define a comprehensive app marketing strategy, which, in turn, will not only ensure your app’s success but also help you sustain that success. There will always be a need of continuous improvement and change in the marketing strategy in that it adapts to the every changing app market dynamics and marketing tactics apart from the margin pressure.

There are a few time-tested tips that will prove to be useful, irrespective of the mobile app market – as well as marketing – being so dynamic in nature.

1. Leveraging Social Media to its fullest

With increasing social users and dependency on social media, every organization – across industries and regardless of its size – ought to have a social media strategy. Leveraging Social Media is critical in order to grab the mind share of your target audience and increase your brand awareness. Through targeted marketing on social media and driving relevant call to action, will help you establish your brand and draw the right and expected audience to your apps.

Social media marketing strategy can be further segregated into Push and Pull marketing. With powerful content marketing and communication on social media will help the app gain more hits and will also help the developers/publishers gain mind share. Social media, at times, can also serve as a support and response engine. Continuous updates and positive communications on social media will help the developers keep in check any possible negative reviews for the app. Each review or comment on social media should be attended to with full care and relevant response. This will help your app as well as you – as a developer – keep the social media reviews positive. Use the comments and reviews posted by your customers on social media as an effective and continuous channel that provides you with suggestions and feedback.

2. A Network of affiliates to display app ads can boost your apps’ traction

Engaging with a few selected affiliate companies for ads can proved to be substantially effective in boosting your apps’ visibility and increasing downloads. These partner ad companies can help you promote your app through other well-established and successful apps. This cross promotion through banners etc can help you increase the app downloads and even the ranking in the store. While the click-through rate for ads displayed in the advertising apps through ad networks is not too high, but if this channel is used appropriately, it might increase the organic ranking and downloads of your apps significantly.

At the same time, choosing a right affiliate is not easy task at hand. The best way to choose one is to start with a few ones and measure/track the impact on your apps’ ranking and downloads. By assessing this impact each time, you will eventually know which of the affiliates and advertising app bests suits your kind of apps and attracts your target audience.

While you go through the complete blog, please do remember that the one thing that will make all the difference is how well you apply these tactics.

This is not just it. We have just concluded the Part 1 of ‘Secret sauce for successful Mobile App Marketing’. We discussed two of the most important options that you might want to include in your app marketing strategy. There is a lot more to talk about. We will discuss that in the Part 2 of this blog.

Your mobile website can be an effective channel to tap new business opportunities

Your mobile website can be an effective channel to tap new business opportunities

In this ever growing IT world, website has become face of every business and a medium to drive more traffic and potential customers. Nowadays, if your business doesn’t have a website that showcases your service offerings, then definitely it will hamper your sustainability and longevity. With the rapid increase in the usage of smartphones and tablets, customers are now more relying on their smart gadgets for choosing new services and products. Today, people browse the web on their mobile phones rather than on desktops or laptops. No matter what business niche you are in, to earn competitive advantage and get more sales and profit, every business needs a mobile website. Businesses are required to adapt strategies that can help them reach their potential and existing customers, both easily and affordably. And, with the astounding popularity of smartphones and tablets, businesses cannot afford to oversee increasing mobile popularity. However, many businesses still do not have a “mobile-friendly” website. Traditional websites are developed by considering a computer screen instead of a small mobile phone screen. And, viewing a traditional website that has not been “mobilized” on a smartphone may result into disorientation and corrupted view because of the many factors like difference in the screen size and functionality. In fact, many of the websites that are “non-mobilized” don’t even load on smartphones and mobile devices. And, if the potential customers of any business will hit a website that they can’t navigate or use, they will quickly exit the website and move on.

Benefits of Having a Mobile Website

Unlike computers and laptops, smartphones and tablets have a smaller screen, no keyboard, no mouse to operate and also less bandwidth, too. And, that’s why creating a mobile website needs a much more creative prowess and expertise. Let’s take a look on a 3 reasons that makes important to have a mobile website:

With Increasing popularity Of Smartphones and Tablets, a mobile website is more than just an option

With the advancement in technology and IT industry, mobile phones are becoming popular day-by-day. Compared to a desktop or a laptop, mobile phones can be taken anywhere, anytime. Nowadays, people are using it more frequently as compared to websites. And, to gain the proper visibility and maintain the mobile presence, a mobile website is the perfect choice to start.

Smartphones and Tablets are Feature-packed, your mobile website should be leveraging it

Smartphones and Tablets come with a wide range of top-notch features and techniques like localization, easy navigation, alluring designs, detailed analytics and many more. And, the best part is everything can be accessed on-the-go. Gone are the days when people use those traditional methods for searching any new service or product. With the advancement in technology, smartphones and tablets have come up with exceptional features and functionalities that have not only helped businesses gain popularity but value and revenue also. And, that’s why people prefer their mobile phones over desktops and laptops.

Increasing Popularity of Mobile Apps has now mandated to get an app developed for your business

Today, smart phones are equipped with best-in-class applications that are adept in providing the required assistance and easy online search. And, getting an app developed for your business can help you in increasing traction and value of your business. Developing an app is one of the most popular and adopted strategies that businesses are adapting nowadays.

Parangat is one of the leading mobile app & mobile responsive website development companies that has helped many businesses gain visibility and tractions.  Since its inception, Parangat has helped hundreds of brands in getting their unique app developed. Bestowed with highly skilled team of experts, Parangat has delivered mobile solutions that have helped business in earning competitive advantage in their industry.

Steps to Increase Your App Downloads through Localization

Steps to Increase Your App Downloads through Localization

You have already spent months on analyzing your target audiences and building a user-centric app. You have followed almost every pre and post launch marketing strategies to make your app a great hit. And, undoubtedly, your app is doing well in all English-speaking countries. But, you are struggling hard to drive downloads in non- English-speaking countries. Do you know why? -Because, yet you haven’t localized your app for non-English-speaking countries. App localization is the process of making your app understandable in several languages. However, App Store itself offers distribution of your apps to over 150 countries and in 28 languages. And, that provides a huge opportunity to app developers for finding promising niches and target huge traffic in different app markets.

Steps to Increase Your App Downloads through Localization

With the rapidly increasing smartphone penetration all across the world and rapid advancement in technologies, users are adopting mobile-first approach not only in their daily lives but, in their businesses too. And, with the globalization spreading quicker and faster than ever and with the major advancements in industries, mobile apps are getting increasingly popular all around the globe. But, cultural and linguistic barriers are also there, as always. Today, every country or region has its own way of apprehending new things- be it technologies, food, fashion or anything. And, that’s why, if you want to expand your app business in many countries, especially in non-English speaking countries, you need to apprehend their taste and languages. For that, you need to aptly optimize and localize your apps according to the country requirements. Your app marketing strategy needs to add the local language and fulfill various other cultural requirements in order to maximize your app’s performance in various non-English speaking countries. App Localization is beyond simple translation: it’s actually much more. It’s about making your app compatible with specific culture, language, and population. A lot of analysis and research needs to be done, before you opt for localization of your app.

Let’s Get Started with App Localization

Before just jumping into app localization, you need to do in-depth analysis and research to find out the non-English speaking countries, you are going to target. As this will help you save time and resources and you can keenly focus on your target countries rather than just wasting your time on non-targeted countries. Localization of any app requires a lot of effort, as you need to translate all metadata and marketing copy of your app. And, that needs to be done perfectly because a small bug can make your app stop and can certainly do negative marketing of your app. Let’s take a look on a few steps of App localization:

Step1: First step to start with App Localization – Find the right keywords and properly optimize them. Finding the right keyword is not about translating your current keywords list through any other automatic translation tool. And, not even asking a native speaker about the app related keywords. You need to use right keyword tools that can help you with the related keywords. And, once you get a small pool of potential keywords, you’ll need to figure out if they are actually popular in the country you’re targeting and check if there is not too much competition for those keywords. There are only 28 languages available for 155 countries currently and iOS localization is language-based. That means if you are targeting, let’s say, France then all App Stores using French language can be a great help in making your app a hit.

Step2: Once you’ve figured out your keyword list, it’s time to localize your app name. And, to start with localization, just select 2-3 strongest keywords and add them in your app title to make your app more discoverable in that specific country.

Step3: Now, once you have your targeted keywords list and title, you can focus on other optimization factors that include app description and screenshots. For writing the localized app description, one of the recommended ways is to hire a native speaker, who can easily translate the original app description into native app description.

Step4: Next and one of the most important factors is App Screenshots – For making any app a big hit, its app screenshots must be captivating and user-centric. And, we are assuming that your app already includes alluring screenshots. Adding some catchy and sales lines in the native language on your app’s screenshots can also prove to be a great help. But, while adding native languages, you should check it those lines are going good on those screenshots. Don’t just overload longer and bad looking words on your app screenshots. Try to use words that are adaptable with the design.

Step5: For your app preview, Apple does not support localization, yet. It’s recommended to avoid using too much text in your app video. Try to create it universal. And, yes don’t forget to localize your “What’s New” section as well.

And, the Last Step

After doing all these changes in your app, it’s time to test your app rigorously. Check if you have added all the required steps of app localization and if it’s worth continuing your localization process. And, then publish your app. Once you publish your new version, wait for a couple of weeks. If your app downloads are increasing – be it significant peak or average peak. This shows that you’re on the right way and your app localization has proved to be successful. And, you can start your app localization process for other countries, too.
And, if there is no significant increase in app downloads or traffic, it means that either you have not followed the app localization process aptly or you’ve targeted wrong country for your app or most importantly, your app is not as much impressive as it should be.
At Parangat, we provide best-in-class App Store Optimization (ASO) services that include App localization, too. We imbibe strong keywords tool with native and optimized keywords. And, no automatic-translation is done here. Till date, we have served lots of clients across the world and have offered top-notch App development, Web development, SEO, ASO and many other services that have helped our clients’ businesses gain visibility and increase revenue and value, both.