Mobile app development Company vs. Freelancer

Mobile app development Company vs. Freelancer

Mobile applications are becoming increasingly prominent as a means by which companies stay in contact with their customers and make contact with them.

No business can afford to get left behind in the race that is a cell phone market dominated by the enormous expansion of cell phone users. The first step any business needs to take to develop Mobile applications is to determine the application’s requirements in advance.

The final decision is to hire a Mobile app development company or build your in-house development team. Alternatively, you can hire an independent app developer.

Finding the right developer cannot be easy if you are planning to invest significant money into an app. A partner must meet your business and proposal needs, not just be the one with the best resources or most experience. This article will cover everything you need to know to choose between a freelancer and a company.

Here are the tips on hiring an app developer before we get into the freelancers versus companies debate.

What things to consider before hiring a mobile app development company or a freelancer?

  • Range of service

You can hire an entire agency capable of handling all your development needs from front to back. Additional services like marketing your product or promoting your brand can also be made available in one place to your clients. However, you can choose to hire a freelancer if you only require one service. Finding a person with expertise across all platforms and technologies is a scarce thing to see. A freelancer cannot be expected to cover all aspects of competence over different platforms and technologies simultaneously.

  • Portfolio

Their knowledge and experience in the field will provide an insight into their expertise. One can check the links of the apps they previously developed that are available on the app store. You will be able to get a better understanding of the technology that they use for web design and development by checking out the portfolios that they have. You will learn more about the company’s standard practices when designing scalable and efficient mobile apps.

  • Communication

Your project status report should be updated daily to be aware of any changes. You should be able to communicate with a professional service provider on every possible channel. As per your requirements, it is essential to have a project manager dedicated to your project available to take your calls. If there is a lack of communication, it could lead to a lack of ideas or information sharing. You should be able to expect your project manager to interact with you in a way that suits your needs.

  • Client’s reviews

If you are unsatisfied with the service or the product quality, the Mobile app development Company will get a reasonable refund.

Based on their feedback, you will be able to determine whether or not the vendor is worth hiring and the quality of the services they offer.

Once you receive the closed details from the client, they will consider the service provider to be the best match for your business as soon as the client is happy and satisfied. 

During social media, owners are not looking for expert advice as much as they used to. The best way to determine the quality of the services is to take the opinion of clients who have already used them. The client must understand that the vendor can deliver precisely what they need, his problem-solving abilities, and how seriously he will take the business objectives.

  • Ownership

Any entrepreneur will tell you that NDA is the most significant concern they have. If you plan on sharing your business details with a partner firm or an individual, you should ensure they do not slip out. Your partner’s commitment to data confidentiality should be one of your main priorities.

  • Accountability

Accountability is the process of open communication between you and your development partner. He only ensures that your project schedule and budget are assessed honestly and based on results. The project manager will give a detailed description of the project workflow and the estimated completion time.

Mobile App development company Vs. Freelancer: Major differences

We’ve discussed the essential things to consider before selecting a developer, so let’s dive into what you’re looking for: freelancers versus companies doing app development.

1. Availability of Resources

There’s no doubt that app development companies have more resources to offer when it comes to helping than other firms. Moreover, their infrastructure and budget will likely mean they have a larger team of developers, designers, and testers, use various tools, and can provide a complete service.

On the other hand, some freelancers may not be the best choice for complex or large-scale projects, even if they are well-trained to tackle various projects. In addition to having fewer resources, they are bound to move slower due to the lack of resources. Moreover, they are usually experts in specific tools or pieces of software when it comes to software development.

2. Reliability

Mobile application development companies prioritize the needs of their clients. It may raise questions about the quality of their service if they disappoint a single client. You can trust them if you want a long-term contract with a company. It is a trust factor essential to the long-term partnership’s success. You can trust an agency if you want a long-term contract with a company. Freelancers are their own companies. Like agencies, they do not have a website. While they are also focused on their clients, they are less reliable than an app development company regarding the market value and brand reputation.

3. Commitment and focus

A key advantage of hiring a Mobile App Development Company instead of an In-House IT department for your Android applications is their commitment to excellence and constant focus on making just suitable mobile applications for your given requirements. To achieve desired quality, you can hire a Mobile application development company specializing in Android to create the app for you at a reasonable cost and in a short period.

In general, freelancers tend to be involved in multiple projects at once. Since they have their priorities, they tend to work on many different tasks simultaneously. The availability of freelancers is a primary concern for stakeholders in many situations. In many cases, they seem less focused and committed to the project.

4. App developing methodology

Apps that display like apps but are not introduced on a gadget can be accessed through a program and incorporate parts from local apps, applications created for a particular stage, for example, Android or iOS development.

With hybrid apps, programming dialects used most often by web developers (HTML, JavaScript, and CSS) can be reused, allowing web developers to utilize their insight. It makes the process of searching for assets for creating hybrid apps that much easier. It is challenging to locate freelancers who can do ‘everything’ and create a hybrid mobile application with the following features: compose the code, design the UI and UX, test for bugs, assemble and associate components from web apps, etc.

5. On-time delivery 

If something goes wrong, the freelancer may have a network of colleagues that they can reach out to assist you with any issues that may arise. Despite this, it is likely that if things go off the rails, your project will be hampered somehow.

It is also important to point out that companies have full-time staff and project managers supervising the work. As a result, our work becomes more efficient, and we feel better equipped to meet deadlines or deal with unexpected challenges.

6. Efficiency & Quality of work

What do you feel is imperative to maintain your app’s performance for as long as possible? To maintain a smooth and trouble-free experience, you should keep and update your app in line with changing trends and the users’ expectations, it is always advisable to update the app with new features and functionality as often as necessary. Here, the company that develops mobile apps is in a better position than freelancers.

Freelancers seldom provide maintenance and modification services, so the likelihood is that you will end up consulting a development company for application maintenance or modification.

7. Non-disclosure agreement

Having been in the business for a long time, reputed app development companies offer a set price for any application development project they undertake. These costs do not change, except when the customer requires additional services. Therefore, the application development company can help lower costs in this manner and also provide a good idea of a budget to be allotted in this manner. Working with an application development company will significantly assist when planning since you will know the cost of developing an application before starting the project.

App development companies generally offer more comprehensive services and, as a result, have access to an expanded set of tools, technologies, and people with experience across various fields. Furthermore, many of them use much more efficient tools for managing their projects to ensure the smooth progress of the project. As a consequence, they can be adapted to any project you have, from small projects to large ones.

As a rule, freelancers often specialize in a particular technology or tool. But freelancers, on the other hand, are not limited to that. Depending on your project, you may find this is a positive aspect, but it is something to keep in mind when deciding between the two.

9. Support and Maintenance 

The more time passes, the more your Mobile application will need to be updated, functionally improved, decorative features added, etc. Having a Mobile app development company by your side at all times throughout the development process is vital for success. With the proper organization by your side, you can build a lasting relationship. Independent developers are unable to provide long-term relationships of this magnitude. The freelancer may make a career change or move to another industry, rendering them unavailable for such support.

10. Pricing

A freelancer may seem more affordable than hiring an app development company. The more considerable investment may be worth it in the long run because freelancers tend to be less experienced and less proficient in certain areas. As an additional consideration, it’s best to do your research before choosing one of these options since the cost of your project will be determined by the size of the company and the services you hire.

Mobile app development Company vs. Freelancer: Quick Summary

FactorsMobile App development companyFreelancer
Availability of ResourcesApp development companies have more resources to offer.They may not be the best choice for complex or large-scale projects.
ReliabilityMobile application development companies prioritize the needs of their clients.Freelancers are their own companies.
Commitment and focusThey commit to excellence and constant focus on making just good mobile applications.Freelancers tend to be involved in multiple projects at once.
App developing methodologyThings can be more professional.They will be in an open discussion about the methods.
On-time deliveryThey will meet deadlines or deal with unexpected challenges.A freelancer may assist you with any issues that may arise.
Efficiency & Quality of workA company that develops mobile apps is in a better position.Maintenance and modification services are seldom provided by freelancers.
Non-disclosure agreementApp development companies offer a set price for any application development project.Freelancers work on a contract basis.
Use of trending technologyApp development companies generally offer more comprehensive servicesFreelancers often specialize in a particular technology or tool.
Support and Maintenance Mobile app development companies will help in the development process with absolutely the best vital success in this regard.Freelancers may make a career change or move to another industry.
PricingThe cost of your project will be determined by the size of the company and the services you hire.A freelancer may seem more affordable than hiring an app development company.

Which option should you prefer: Mobile app development Company vs. Freelancer?

It can be challenging to decide on the proper iOS or Android developer for your project. Based on the information we’ve discussed, app development companies are the best choice if you’re working on a complex task that’s likely to grow over time. You want developers who can quickly adapt to your needs. On the other hand, a freelancer is expected to be your best bet if your project is small, with a particular idea and a tight budget. With that information, hopefully, we have helped you make an informed decision about hiring freelancers or hiring a company for app development.

What is m-commerce? Advantages, Disadvantages, and must-have features.

What is m-commerce? Advantages, Disadvantages, and must-have features.

Mobile commerce, popularly known as m-commerce, is a medium that helps people to buy and sell goods and services through their smartphones and tablets. In simple words, m-commerce means any monetary transaction completed using a mobile device. Kevin Duffy introduced this term in 1997. Some examples of m-commerce include purchasing, e-commerce apps such as Flipkart, Amazon, or a digital wallet app such as Paytm, Samsung pay, apple pay, and android app.

According to the report, spending through mobile devices, the total eCommerce sales accounts to 34.5%, and the number is still growing. It is the most rapidly growing sector of e-commerce, and web app development companies play a vital role in developing a robust, interactive, and feature-rich application. In India, approximately more than 70% of online transactions happen from mobile phones, and it is a 700 billion dollar industry all across the globe. The most affected industries by m-commerce include financial service, telecommunications, service and retail, information service, and many more. 

Here, in this article, we will discuss the advantages, disadvantages, and must-have features of m-commerce.  

Advantages of M-commerce:

1. Provide easy store access

No doubt, M-commerce websites, and apps help customers to explore the product available in the market. They don’t need to travel to the store to purchase any goods or services of their needs. They can buy their product online with their smartphone or tablets. This helps to save their efforts, time, and money.

2. The large order processing platform

M-commerce allows store owners to sell numerous products or services at once throughout the day. As customers don’t need to go through a checkout line for any transaction that takes so much time. A customer can easily log onto any platform and purchase anything or everything according to their requirements.

3. Better user experience

User experience matters the most in e-commerce as there is no possibility of direct contact in this kind of shopping. In today’s era, people are so well acquainted with their smartphones or tablets. And, they know precisely how to search or purchase the desired products or services of their need in just some simple clicks. Not only does m-commerce provide better user experience, but also it saves time too. To provide smooth user experience, make sure your mobile app must be fast, convenient, interactive, and exclusive. This will also help you to make your eCommerce business successful.

4. Higher ROI

According to the Google reports, approximately 67% of people prefer to purchase any product or service from a mobile-friendly m-commerce site. And, about 61% of people move away from a website that is not mobile-friendly. Even though your product explicitly states it’s benefits, but a word of mouth marketing boosts the sales. When a customer using your product, gives their review offline or online, they motivate other potential customers. Since this type of marketing is free, it generates more profit and covers the cost of upgrading your eCommerce site.

Disadvantages of m-commerce :

1. It requires technology access

What if a customer doesn’t have a smartphone? Well, if a customer doesn’t have a smartphone or tablet, then he can’t leverage m-commerce service that mostly business provides. If a customer has a smartphone, then also it must be able to retrieve company information and transmit a sales order. So that the user can get a brilliant experience. 

2. High competition

M-commerce creates a global market, so the competition for any product or service becomes automatically super high. There are numerous m-commerce apps available all across the globe that provide precisely the same service you provide. As you are not the only provider in your community, it takes a lot of time and effort to build up sales from mobile commerce.

3. Requires fast service at all times

Obviously, it requires a fast service to engage potential audiences. With m-commerce, you have to provide quick service at all times, no matter what. According to the report, customers will stop using an app or website that takes more than 10 seconds to load the information.

You must be vigilant enough to maintain your mobile platform to avoid issues that could cost some business.

Must-have Features of an m-commerce application

Add Analytics and Information- In the world of big data, analyzing and recording the data is one of the essential features that you must embed in the application. Analytics helps you to make the necessary changes in the decision, and it also allows users to compare and make the right decision. With the help of data analytics, you can understand the user behavior and can improve the user experience significantly. To offer useful, delightful interaction, and easy to use m-commerce applications, make sure that you hire the best UX design company in India

1. Log-in with Social Media Account

Another critical feature that you should consider while developing an m-commerce application is providing a simple and easy log-in option. Offering Social Media log-in option, users can seamlessly register themselves within the app without any fuss. This system will also help you to get the required information about your potential audience. 

2. Push Notification

One of the most compelling features is incorporating the push notifications, which helps you to reach out to your every potential user with an immediate effect. With push notification, you can inform your users about promotions, discounts, sales, and other marketing activities that give you beneficial results. Customers can get all the latest updates about your m-commerce application. From the perspective of business growth, push notifications are helpful.

3. Search and Filter Option

Must include advanced search and filter option features in your m-commerce application to offer a seamless experience to the users. With the help of an advanced search option, users can search the product based on their needs, which saves the users time. 

Filters are an extension to search the target product or similar ones when applying the filter option, either individually or in combinations.

Wrapping Up

If you are planning to develop an m-commerce mobile application, it is necessary to offer an amazing experience with all the critical elements. A great experience is a soul of shopping for users. 

According to Business Insider, it is expected that m-commerce volume to rise at a 25.5% CAGR from 2019 to hit $488.0 billion in 2024. Smartphones and Tablets are driving the m-commerce revolution. Are you looking for a top mobile app development company in India? Share your app idea with us and take your business to the new level!

Latakoo- An Award-Winning App for Biggest & Fastest Video File Transfer

Latakoo- An Award-Winning App for Biggest & Fastest Video File Transfer

Parangat is on cloud seven, because of the Latakoo. The co-founder of the Latakoo app is going to be rewarded. The whole team of Parangat developers feels proud as they are the ones who convert this idea into reality. For us, the client’s achievement is our achievement. But we would like to thank Jade Kurain, co-founder of Latakoo, she came to us with the idea of it. She is going to be honored for Latakoo, with the Women in Technology Futurist Award on April 21 during the NBA Show in Las Vegas. Congratulation Jade Kurian for this achievement.

Applaud, Bravo, and other many words get less when it comes to admiring the Parangat team. Latakoo is built by us and yes, we are praising ourselves. Anyhow if you don’t have any idea about Latakoo. Let me take you on the ride, to help you to know about it. Latakoo is one of the most advanced and powerful technologies to send content quickly and simply regardless of the video type, Internet connection, and hardware variables.

Latakoo is an extraordinary advancement in mobile app development, it is the right tool for the right job to optimize transfer. The fastest video workflow in the market today.

Proceeding further, those who don’t know what is Latakoo, stay tunned to know about what is Latakoo & how it works, here a summary of it.

What is Latakoo?

In one word Latakoo is the fastest video transfer, it’s an end-to-end video workflow solution. With the help of Latakoo, one can fastly, easily, & in most securely way get video from anywhere to anywhere despite file size or internet connection. 

Why Latakoo?

  • Simple and elegant– Latakoo has no complicated software installation, easy drag and drops file upload.
  • Smart Technology–  Its flight application uses machine learning to estimate the upload time to secure the cloud. The best thing about this app is that automatically chooses the fastest way to send your file with two transfer technologies. For faster upload, it’s been combined compression with the transfer. If you are looking to transfer a file in its original form. Then Latakoo has the fastest transfer technology for the speediest upload.
  • Metadata– Its metadata is added to the file on upload, in a customizable interface in the cloud. You can tag any file immediately with location, keywords description & team members. On your onsite asset mange, metadata can be ingested along with a transcription.
  • Secure Access- To organize, share & view your files, a Latakoo pilot provides a way to organize in the cloud. Files are secured & shared through a series of permissions. IN short no one access your file without your approval.
  • Transcribe seamlessly– For transcription, you don’t have to add separate steps when a file in the cloud. Simply order a transcript, choose the desired quality level and turn around time, even add translation & speaker name. The secured file is searchable as metadata, downloadable as a caption or text file with camera time code markers, and can be ingested into your on-site asset manager. 
  • Automation round the clock– The best thing about Latakoo is that its HUB is the assistant editor that never sleeps.HUB automatically downloads files from Latakoo cloud, & transcodes to house format. Furthermore, it also checks the files into your asset manager. HUB helps to deliver files with embedded captions ready for broadcast.

Connecting Platforms

Latakoo combines with multiple asset managers, to becomes a bridge between them. It’s an easy way to send and receive files securely on a variety of systems.

Latakoo is a certified platform-solution, which has compatibility with LiveU & Dejero. Furthermore, it’s integrated with Dalet, Stratus Grass Valley and bit central, with additional integrations in development.

Expand Efficiency

Latakoo had gifted the world’s largest broadcast companies to distribute files worldwide. Now with the help of Latakoo, bureaus and stations can easily get daily news coverage, sporting events & news on natural disasters. 

Simply Upload once, & you can download to multiple locations automatically with workflows powered by Latakoo technology. Once again we are pleased that Jade Kurian is going to be honored with such a prestigious award, and we wish all the best for her future endeavors.

Why Restaurants and Coffee Shops Need A Mobile App?

Why Restaurants and Coffee Shops Need A Mobile App?

Gone are those days when food places, cafes and coffee shops use traditional marketing and advertising strategies to reach the masses. Now, it’s time to get inside at least one of the gadgets that people can’t live without – laptops, computers, smartphones and tablets. We can’t imagine our life today without at least one of these gadgets. Why?? – Because we trust and depend them with a lot of our daily activities: recapping about meeting and events, watching weather changes, tracking health issues and finding our favorite foods nearby. Over the years, as the number of mobile users has grown, mobile applications have also increased and have become an essential part of every brand and business, irrespective of their size and industry. And, so is the scenario of restaurant industry. In order to catch up, and stay ahead of the competitors’ business, every food business must get their own fully customized and user-friendly restaurant app with a robust back end support which allows restaurant owners and managers to manage and customize their processes and services.

Restaurant apps have advanced into something more than an application that provide users keep track of their favorite food places. As these apps provide all-in-one benefits that includes tasty browsing experience, easy reservations, checking out menus, reading online reviews, one-touch communication, social integrations, analytics and even ordering in few clicks. Now many restaurant owners uses their apps not only to delight customers, but also to keep their clientele close to them virtually. Due to this restaurant businesses are topping the list of industries going mobile.

Restaurateurs leveraging mobility to revolutionize the dining experience

Mobile is giving location-based targeting and marketing a major boost, and that’s why it is offering an exceptional benefit for restaurateurs to reach their potential mobile users. In 2013, a rapid increase in use of mobile site and mobile apps is seen in restaurant industry: More than half of food-joints had a mobile site, and almost 30% had a mobile app. Due to lower overhead costs and additional data about their consumers, restaurant owners are also rapidly looking for apps that can provide a competitive edge to their businesses. According to recent surveys, smartphone and tablets users have increased into over 73 million people in the United States alone. These patrons are majorly interested in basic information, especially exploring their favorite hangouts. In recent years, a rapid increase in adoption of these restaurant applications is found because they offer the opportunity to get and retain both local and out-of-town clients without spending much. Menus topped the list as one of most common features in restaurant apps.

A restaurant search feature that includes location-based GPS is also one of the most popular and required features, especially among chain restaurants that have many divisions in many different locations.

Moreover, developing a mobile app is basically offering your patrons to get-in-touch with your services in just few clicks. It is basically a much better way of reaching to your customers than making them to go to a website and stumble across your competitors while hunting for you. Some benefits of restaurant mobile apps are:

1) Increases your Customer Base and Engagement

2) Lets you improve dining experience

3) Increases Customers Retention

4) Optimizes process and reduces time

5) Lets you know your Customers

Parangat, a top-notch Mobile App Development Company, based in India, offers its expertise to develop a robust, customized and easy-to-use app for all types of food-joints, restaurants and cafes.  Our team helps you in adding a pinch of ‘mobile app’ to your business to enjoy the unlimited flavors of customer satisfaction and retention by providing an infinite business opportunities by increasing brand value and revenue. In case you have any queries, feel free to contact us.