What future Low-Code Development Platform holds

What future Low-Code Development Platform holds

Have you heard of Low- code? Well if coding is your bread and butter I am sure you know what I am talking about. Nevertheless, if you are an Android app development company and looking for a go-to solution? Then you are in the right place, so sit tight. Let’s discuss a low code development platform and what it means in the future for app development companies?

Do you know that when custom apps entered the market, many companies embraced them suddenly? Because they act like Jinni, you wish and it gets completed. No more paperwork you ask and all the information like complicated spreadsheets, data entry, and everything is there. Custom coding apps change the way we do business.

Coding was never a piece of cake, as not everyone code. And that’s why low codes platforms become a good solution. But what is a low code development?

Low-code development makes it easier to develop an application by eliminating hand-coding as much as possible. These initiatives are becoming even more relevant today, businesses. As it continues to build applications to work across on a wider range of devices like smartphones.

What Can be Created With a Low Code Platform?

Being in the IT industry it’s good to keep yourself equipped with the importance of emerging technologies. Such as IoT, AI, computer education, low code, and blockchain, after testing and learning.

But here we are to talk about low code and what we can create from it. Low-Code allows companies and developers to quickly explore and join next-generation technology, allowing them to build usable prototypes and to push towards their next large-scale application.

  • Innovation Apps
  • Customer Engagement app
  • Operational efficiency app
  • Legacy Migration app.
The top three reasons to opt for low code development are:
  • It Accelerates digital transformation – 69%
  • Reduce IT backlog– 55%
  • Reduce dependency on hard-to-hire skills–38%

I am sure now you know why low code has become the talk of IT towns. To get you a clear idea about why you should opt for a low code development platform let have a look at its advantages.

Regardless of whether business users build an app for themselves or ease the coder development process by automating manual processes. low-code development enables the production of versatile applications for specific tasks more than ever before.

1. Improved Coordination

Isn’t it best that Low code helps the organization to become more agile. Now, instead of wasting time on the to-do list, longer than China’s famed wall, rely on the app which has extensive coding. The visual design which requires drawing rather than coding will speed the creation tremendously. Therefore, less coding fits with automated testing? This is how apps can get created faster than ever before.

2. Decrease Cost

it’s good to call miser than broke. As with the use of low code, IOS app development companies can build more apps in less time. But that’s not the only reason. A low code platform does not only end the need for more developers but reduces the recruiting costs. And, the right low-code platform will make us more efficient in the organization — not just in IT.

3. Higher Productivity

what will be the best other than less cost and higher productivity? So being in the IT business and wanting higher productivity, low code is for you. Gone are those days when app development used to take months. Now with the help of low code, it takes days or minutes.

4. Enhanced Customer Experience

Now, get ready to provide a better customer experience to your potential customers. Low-code production has more influence than the IT organization. The downstream effects of increased speed include a better experience for the customers. Low-code development helps companies to respond rapidly to industry changes or consumer needs.

5. Efficient Risk Management And Governance

How does the company keep up with ever-changing laws, not to mention the sheer size of them globally? Low-code creation makes the quick change, so you can meet the needs and keep ahead of deadlines.

6. Change Easily

Low-code creation makes it is easy to change evolving apps .. to fit new needs. Low-code creation facilitates rapid change when needed without having to get into complex coding.

7. Faster Transformation

Low-code creation reduces the difficulty of creating large, modern business apps. And, the reduced difficulty means sailing smoother.

I hope the above-mentioned benefits have helped you to know details about the Low-code development platform.

8. Well The Future Of Low Code Is; No Code

So, it’s a good time to get started with low code. As low code has gradually started edging out their older siblings. There is a clear winner in the race of development.

With a view to the coming months and years, we can easily see a world where companies of all kinds including mobile app developers, create their apps to streamline their daily running productivity and performance.

As Coronavirus Pandemic Spreads, Demand for Remote-Work Startups Spikes

As Coronavirus Pandemic Spreads, Demand for Remote-Work Startups Spikes

The whole world is shattered due to COVID- 19 pandemic. Coming in the next two weeks is very difficult for India, as the whole country is on lockdown. 

Working in Software Development Company

Being a mobile app development company, Parangat technologies understand that to get a complete grip on this deadly flue. Some major steps are needed to be taken, so Paranagat decided to work from home. Remote work is our current workplace reality. To manage colleagues, customers, partners, & other parangat global families, & keeping employees engaged can be challenging. This unique environment, need myriad opportunities to support our teams and grow as team leaders. Well, thanks to an app like zoom to make this remote-work successfully.

Remote Working Apps- A Blessing

Apps like zoom help to bring video conferencing, online meetings and group messaging into one easy-to-use application. Zoom had helped us select a few best practices. These practical tools help to manage a remote team successfully. Like it helps us to solidify team logistics, check availability & schedule check-in time, staff engagement and productivity, to keep things clear, & most importantly add fun. 

During this, the pandemic we are stuck to work from home. And being in the tech industry we are well known for our flexible schedules and helpful telecoms. As most technology businesses are web-focused, technology is the best tool for working from home. We can remain online continuously as if we were sitting in our office. plus stay connected with our teams with video chats, phone calls, VPN networks, and wireless Internet. Nevertheless, work from home has its own benefits.

Some of The Major Benefits For Work From Home:
  • Limber schedule– it helps the ability to adjust the days and hours of being in the office. Furthermore, it allows workers to work remotely including potential nights and weekends.
  • Custom Environment– create work from the home schedule and work the way you want.
  • Health benefits- Those who work from home eat well and strike a balanced balance between work and life. Eating healthy and spending more time with your family will help to make you feel less depressed. Which leads to more productive work.
  • Nature of tech- In IT companies, Remote employees are more prominent in the tech-sphere. The nature of most technical worker especially jobs for developers and programmers. May lead to strong attention to detail and long periods of concentration. Working at home will reduce the challenges faced by these employees and allow them to work more during working hours.
  • It’s easier to make calls-  You don’t need to struggle to find a meeting place or contend with a chatty colleague.
  • No office distractions-  No need to listen, colleague debate on cryptocurrencies. You can fully devote yourself to your coding.
  • No more wasting time on meetings-  Recall the thing about productivity? Yeah, much of that comes from cutting down all the unnecessary meetings and other wasted periods in the workplace.
  • Forget crowds and traffic- No Need of stuffing yourself into a rickety transport tube, where people squeeze your new shoes or go behind excruciatingly slow people. Neither you have to wait in a queue to get into the metro.
How to Improve Productivity While Working From Home?

As we are stuck to work from home during this pandemic. Instead of focusing on how boring it is, why not concentrate on its productivity. Since your home office has become a real office sooner than later, it is a perfect time now to start implementing some best practices to maintain successful working hours.
To help you to improve productivity, here we are discussing some of the applications. That has been designed to enhance your productivity and make you work smarter rather than faster. It is the least we can do being in the tech field.

Thus, many of the resources I suggest here are free and the paid ones are all free or offer relatively inexpensive options. You can use below mention tools to enhance your own workflow, to please your managers and to translate remote work into real-life changes.

Some Famous Apps To Help You Work From Home
  1. Serene: A tool that removes distractions, allows you to stay focused and complete tasks more quickly.
  2. Slack: For the communicating team, the way it should be for remote workers.
  3. Zoom: Either you have to call in groups or one-to-one. Zoom is best for Video and voice calls.
  4. Toggle:  Keep track of how much time you take to complete the work.
  5. Google Drive: This helps you in document creation, cloud storage, file sharing, and collaboration.
  6. Calendar:  Helps to manage Calendars and activities in one location and meetings are coordinated without hundreds of emails.
  7. Spark: An intelligent email client, which prevents the inbox from interacting and turning it into an asset.
  8. Chrome Remote Desktop: Securely access your computer for enhanced communication from any platform and screen sharing with teammates.
  9. Zapier: Save time on repetitive tasks and automatically turn between applications (e.g. automatically saves Google Drive Gmail attachments)
  10. Daywise: Schedule notifications to stop work interrupting your free time.

Such resources will give you the edge you need to achieve more quickly and are a blessing for software development companies like us. As . It will allow you to develop good working habits (for example, logging off after work) so you know you’ve done plenty today. Like I say, optimizing profitability and all the positive stuff about remotely can happen.

Other important aspects are how you concentrate in the longest sitting, how long it takes to get back on track, and how you interact best. When you are self-motivated, you’ll follow a routine well and encounter limited distractions, while working from home.

Wrapping Up

Anyhow along with work, take care of your health. Follow the advice and guidelines of the public health service. Including the provision of health services such as daily hand washing and respiratory hygiene to protect from infections. 

Data Privacy: iPhone or Android – Which one’s better?

Data Privacy: iPhone or Android – Which one’s better?

With the evolution of the mobile industry, the audience has chosen their sides – iOS and Android. It is 2020, and mobile app development technologies with its enhancements are at its prime. While Android users have been bragging about Android’ ‘s flexibility and usability, the other side always brings a ‘security’ issue on the top. iOS users have always been ending the argument by bragging about the iPhone’s security. But, is it the case? Google and its byproduct – Android is also on the top right now in terms of its security features. It brings us to the argument – iPhone or Android: Which one’s better in data protection and privacy?

Data Privacy on the Devices

Data privacy is the handling of data and its storage. Many tech experts believe Apple is superior in that. When it comes to privacy, Android mobile phones’ data is transmitted to Google servers. Android owners then use the data for advertising and building users’ profiles. The android phone does become more customizable by it, but at the cost of privacy. It does make the Android phone more customizable but less private.
On the other hand, Apple has been quite vocal about data privacy in iPhones and storing data locally on the phone rather than sending it to servers. Although, it is not entirely accurate as less data is sent to its servers for ad targeting. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, told Vice News Tonight, “The narrative that some companies will try to get you to believe is ‘I’ve got to take all of your data to make my service better.’ Well, don’t believe that. Whoever’s telling you that — it’s a bunch of bunk.”

What Report Suggests about Security on the Devices

Advertisers have been getting Android users data from Google for wide targetting. Which brings us to the more secure question – which segment of devices can be hacked easily? Android, once again. Apple’s iOS strictly scrutinize the apps present in the App Store, and the apps are more restrictive. Android has been very vocal about being open-source. Developers get ‘Yes’ by Google easily to add their app in the Play Store, and this has increased the presence of malicious apps in the store. 

According to a report, it suggests that the percentage of high-risk vulnerabilities in Android is 43% while 38% in iOS applications. Mobile Security is in a “relatively good place today.” – By Gartner Analyst

A report suggested that in August 2018, Google removed 145 Android applications from its Play store. A security firm, Palo Alto Networks, informed Google about the apps infected with malware, which were stealing data from users.

Google’s Android is open-source with better accessibility. Android developers can create apps and allow users to customize the device. Apple is more restrictive and secure, and the store carries fewer malicious apps and allows less customization for users.

Software Updates

Android has been lacking in providing regular software updates. A security researcher in July 2015 found a bug in Android devices code, which made more than 950 million devices vulnerable to hackers. Apple has been very frequent in providing security updates and patches to its devices. A security reporter at VICE’s Motherboard, Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai, wrote ‘Goodbye, Android.’ The article said, “Google still has very little control over software updates, and Android users are basically at the mercy of their carriers and phone manufacturers when it comes to getting updates or new operating system versions.

The Existence Level of Threat on iOS & Android

When we compare these two platforms on the basis of the existing level of threat, then iPhone or iPad users have the better side. According to the studies, it was found that the percentage of malware threats on Android is high than iOS. As a result, it downs the massive popularity of Android devices and also its open approach. Plus, Apple vets all the apps before they launched the app to the apple app store. In order to avoid malware threats, Apple’s App store tightly checks the app before it is made available to the users. 

But the facts & illustrations alone don’t tell the story. After all, it requires one piece of perfectly formed iOS malware only to make as much damage as thousands of copycat Android threats. Android and iOS, both the platforms, are equally at risk from malicious activities that are accomplished through human interactions. Hackers are using personal methods to target data & information.

Which one is more Secure Software?

If all the users update and upgrade their smart devices with the latest version of OS available, then it eliminates the chances of threats that happened on Android. It is crucial to keep your devices up-to-date because the fragmentation of Android devices across old versions plays into the hands of social engineers. According to digital trends, “Up-to-date versions of Google Android can be considered secure.”

When talking about Apple, it has no such problems as updates of iOS quickly filters through to users. No doubt, the release of ios updates are significant events that immediate mass upgrades. This means that the fear of security is light enough to be big news when they occur. There are also drawbacks to Apple’s tight control over everything occurring on its OS, but it makes for a more secure environment for users, no doubt.

Final Words

It is clear that Apple is more secure, and users can play within the set boundaries with ease. Securing your phone is one trade, but data privacy is sometimes in the user’s hands. What apps they are installing on their phones and are they having a good understanding of their privacy policies, it all must be user’s brain work. Android has been trying hard to eradicate as many malicious apps as they can from Play Store, but the problem lies with the “soft” behavior towards the developer’s app. APp has been strict in that niche, and that’s why the malicious number has stayed on the rock bottom in the App Store.

Security concerns have always been there, and to prevent those, users should still maintain digital hygiene. They can use password managers and enable two-step verification for a more secure environment. This can be supported on any platform and will keep your data always to you. But the bottom line is that Apple is best when it comes to built-in privacy. Some security measures from your side can prevent hacking, although irrespective of your phone system.

Latakoo- An Award-Winning App for Biggest & Fastest Video File Transfer

Latakoo- An Award-Winning App for Biggest & Fastest Video File Transfer

Parangat is on cloud seven, because of the Latakoo. The co-founder of the Latakoo app is going to be rewarded. The whole team of Parangat developers feels proud as they are the ones who convert this idea into reality. For us, the client’s achievement is our achievement. But we would like to thank Jade Kurain, co-founder of Latakoo, she came to us with the idea of it. She is going to be honored for Latakoo, with the Women in Technology Futurist Award on April 21 during the NBA Show in Las Vegas. Congratulation Jade Kurian for this achievement.

Applaud, Bravo, and other many words get less when it comes to admiring the Parangat team. Latakoo is built by us and yes, we are praising ourselves. Anyhow if you don’t have any idea about Latakoo. Let me take you on the ride, to help you to know about it. Latakoo is one of the most advanced and powerful technologies to send content quickly and simply regardless of the video type, Internet connection, and hardware variables.

Latakoo is an extraordinary advancement in mobile app development, it is the right tool for the right job to optimize transfer. The fastest video workflow in the market today.

Proceeding further, those who don’t know what is Latakoo, stay tunned to know about what is Latakoo & how it works, here a summary of it.

What is Latakoo?

In one word Latakoo is the fastest video transfer, it’s an end-to-end video workflow solution. With the help of Latakoo, one can fastly, easily, & in most securely way get video from anywhere to anywhere despite file size or internet connection. 

Why Latakoo?

  • Simple and elegant– Latakoo has no complicated software installation, easy drag and drops file upload.
  • Smart Technology–  Its flight application uses machine learning to estimate the upload time to secure the cloud. The best thing about this app is that automatically chooses the fastest way to send your file with two transfer technologies. For faster upload, it’s been combined compression with the transfer. If you are looking to transfer a file in its original form. Then Latakoo has the fastest transfer technology for the speediest upload.
  • Metadata– Its metadata is added to the file on upload, in a customizable interface in the cloud. You can tag any file immediately with location, keywords description & team members. On your onsite asset mange, metadata can be ingested along with a transcription.
  • Secure Access- To organize, share & view your files, a Latakoo pilot provides a way to organize in the cloud. Files are secured & shared through a series of permissions. IN short no one access your file without your approval.
  • Transcribe seamlessly– For transcription, you don’t have to add separate steps when a file in the cloud. Simply order a transcript, choose the desired quality level and turn around time, even add translation & speaker name. The secured file is searchable as metadata, downloadable as a caption or text file with camera time code markers, and can be ingested into your on-site asset manager. 
  • Automation round the clock– The best thing about Latakoo is that its HUB is the assistant editor that never sleeps.HUB automatically downloads files from Latakoo cloud, & transcodes to house format. Furthermore, it also checks the files into your asset manager. HUB helps to deliver files with embedded captions ready for broadcast.

Connecting Platforms

Latakoo combines with multiple asset managers, to becomes a bridge between them. It’s an easy way to send and receive files securely on a variety of systems.

Latakoo is a certified platform-solution, which has compatibility with LiveU & Dejero. Furthermore, it’s integrated with Dalet, Stratus Grass Valley and bit central, with additional integrations in development.

Expand Efficiency

Latakoo had gifted the world’s largest broadcast companies to distribute files worldwide. Now with the help of Latakoo, bureaus and stations can easily get daily news coverage, sporting events & news on natural disasters. 

Simply Upload once, & you can download to multiple locations automatically with workflows powered by Latakoo technology. Once again we are pleased that Jade Kurian is going to be honored with such a prestigious award, and we wish all the best for her future endeavors.

Factors of App Store Optimization

Factors of App Store Optimization

What is App store optimization?

What you think!! When you hear about app store optimization, well the words themselves state that it’s all about gaining visibility in the app store and increasing your organic downloads. Or, simply ASO helps the app to reach millions of new users in different platforms with zero coding effort.

In the tech dynasty where we have surrounded ourselves with modern technology, the urge and need for more advancement of doing work had made our life easy. Today from ordering food to groceries to route to transport, our day to day activities are reinstated in these little apps.

But the question arises on how the user can know which app is best for their use, or how to make your app successful before launch and the elucidations for this particular question are ASO or completely known as App Store Optimizations. Let’s take a quick peek on how app store optimization work.

This method requires a critical understanding of how the stores work. The target user base, and the most relevant keywords potential users are typing or speaking to find apps or discover new ones.

Also, as stores are continuously evolving, nowadays it is very relevant to make apps visible in the Explore / Browse. This is Similar Apps (related), Featured, App rankings So. ASO evolves and helps ios app development company to get their apps on top, so they able to take place in the app world.

Factors that affect The app store optimization

App Title

Google Play looks for keywords in your app title. Thus, think carefully about the name of the app, keep in mind that having keywords in the title can improve around 10% of the position on the search rank. Though in ios app development, it needs a brand name but you need to make sure to shorten it and use it softly. iOS app developers use 11, you can have 30 characters for your title, while Google Play gives you 50 now.

Evaluation & Review

Ratings and reviews play a vital role in, as Google Play takes into consideration your reviews. App Users’ comments are scanned by Google Play, which automatically picks some keywords from these same comments. So this will helpful for ASO. It’s a good way to search for keywords during keyword research. Keep in mind that you do not ask for reviews from users frequently, although they are very important. At the right moment to ask for a review.

Be Easy with your Customers!

Bear that requested reviews are made after making a reservation or after winning a game. The better your rating will be, the more relevant the app tore considered your app and the higher your position in the rank. Tip: put the right question. You can start with a question to grasp if the user is enjoying the app. If he says yes, you can ask him to rate you. But, if he says no, you can ask him some feedback without taking him into the review option.

Update frequently

Ask your android app developer to make your app updated constantly, as they have better reviews, which brings more relevance to your product. Therefore, the more committed you are to your product, the better your position is. 

Tip: To keep tracks of your update, use App Radar and it will save your old metadata versions, so you can compare them with the new updates and decide which one fits better. 

App Downloads

More downloads and engagement your app able to attract the better its position will be. Keep tracking your usage, and regularly check you, visitors your app has. This will help you to get an overall idea about how many people have installed your app. Moreover, how many have quit and what can be done in order to optimize this.

Google Firebase

It’s important for Google to enable google firebase in your app. So that you are able to allow your app content to be shown in the search engines of a person’s mobile. Even that person hasn’t installed your app. By doing this it helps to improve your user engagement.

Hidden facts

Google app stores have some covered factors in their algorithm that nobody knows what exactly they are. Keep in mind that Google play’s ranking algorithm is more complex than the apple one.

Once the android app development or ios development app is built by keeping upper mention points it adds plus points in app store optimization. Hopefully, our reader has got about the factors influencing app store optimization. Now let’s discuss the brief about the benefit of ASO.

What are the benefits of ASO?

We all know that most users find apps by searching in the app store, and for that app store optimization is important. It is also essential because when a user searches it appears right in front of users. Optimizing your app is the most compelling marketing strategy for mobile apps and games. Some of the benefits of App Store Optimization are mention below. Make sure that you apply these points to your android app development service provider so they can keep all the points in cognizance:

  • Improve your Visibility & Stand out within the App Stores– Be more founded. Your app is of no good until and unless it cannot found in the app stores. So, don’t let your hard work go unseen. Get your app visibility, start now with app store optimization.
  • Always get discovered by Relevant Users– Fan out yourself. It’s not just that your app is found, it has to be found by the right users. The users that are actually looking for an app like yours. And in order to do so opt ASO for your app.
  • Increase your Organic Downloads– Strategy is all that matters! To increase your organic download, make sure that you have a good strategy. Because a good plan helps to boost your organic installs and ensure long term results. At the same time don’t forget to monitor and regularly tweak. Because it will assure that your efforts are not going waste.
  • Cut User Acquisition Costs– ASO helps to cut your acquisition cost. It focuses on organic growth with ASO instead of spending money on ads. This does not only save your money but also ensures steady growth. 
  • Increase your Revenue and Conversion Rate– You want more revenue. But to increase your revenues and conversion rate, make sure that users don’t come to your page through ads and don’t download it, you will lose them. Hence, ASO is required.
  • Grow Your User Base Worldwide– Make you viral. To get global recognization, your app should be in many languages so that users can find it all over the world.

Upper mention points had made you get a clear view that why ASO is important for your app success.