Wearable Devices-What is Their Scope in 2020?

Wearable Devices-What is Their Scope in 2020?

Wearable technology dates as far back as the 16th to mid 20th century when the first wristwatches were invented. Wearable devices have become a dominant factor in almost every aspect of our daily activities, fast forward to the next five centuries.

From health care to food consumption; meditation and exercise, wearable technology have made the concept of a “quantified self’’ possible. There are tons of wearable devices suitable for your job. Whether you are going for a walk in the park or you prefer the thrill attached to document. You would love to keep track of your daily affairs.

Let’s take a look at some of the wearable devices available and its impact on numerous industrial trends before we dive into its relevance in 2020. 

Popular Wearable Devices

Ranging from smartwatches to headphones and air pods, wearable devices have undeniably grown to become an influential part of the 21st century. 2020 is still fresh and unarguably has a lot of unpacking to do. Before the trends before excessively catchy, you might fancy checking out the productive influence attached to some of this wearable device. 

Wearable Devices-What is Their Scope in 2020?

Smart Wristwatches 

When it comes to exercise and fitness wearables, running out of options is almost impossible. With amazon operating numerous stores containing wearable devices, a lot of individuals get confused when shown the remarkable catalogs fitness and exercise devices cover. Well, the important thing is that in the era of smart healthcare, now keeping a record of your health, along with some fitness exercise is as easy as a piece of cake. Wristbands have taken over the healthcare market in different forms like blood pressure monetary wristbands, Smart Watch Heart Rate Blood Pressure Blood Oxygen Monitoring Bracelet Pedometer Sleep Monitoring Bluetooth Waterproof Fitness Tracker and many more. 

Most wristband wearable devices offer remarkable functions capable of enabling you to keep a tab on all your daily activities. Mostly designed with a lo-fi LED, Bluetooth LE for synchronization with a phone, accurate sensors and a water-resistant interface, you wouldn’t have to build your fitness plan around the gym alone. So get one of these smart healthcare and keep scrutiny over your health, though a new form of health care.

Wearable Speaker

Finding a 21st-century teenager who doesn’t fancy the excitement earphones or airs pods provides is almost impossible. Purchasing a smartphone would grant you instant access to wearable speakers. Note that if you are not a fan of the pesky cord that most wearable phone speakers come with, purchasing an external wearable speaker of choice from any retail outlet can enable you to match taste with desire.

Google Glass

The name Google is among the few that operate without a need for description. The company’s exceptionality in the technological world has earned it a reputation like no other. Google glass is regarded as the most talked-about wearable device in the world. 

Designed to provide users with smartphone opportunities via its hands-free free option, it’s rated amongst smartphones probable replacement. Putting on this exclusive glass would provide you with unlimited access to the internet via google. Communications between users and the device are carried out via voice commands. 

Wearable Headband Device 

Do you fancy taking a walk or enjoy taking a relaxing posture when carrying out your daily meditation? Wearable Head Bandsdevices are designed to provide users with a personalized tracking experience while putting on a simple but trendy look. While most wearable headband devices are designed to operate with synchronization with Pc or phones, they are a few operating with a personalized dashboard capable of keeping track of all your brain’s activities. 

Apart from the brain activities measurement feature it possesses, Head Band Devices can also grant you access to functionalities such as measurement of daily steps, calories burnt, distance traveled, active time, activity break-up in a day, sleep tracking, etc. 

GPS Helmets

Hopping into the front-seat of a Suzuki ride can get extremely scary especially on occasions where a GPS navigator is not handy. GPS Helmets are regarded as the world’s most intelligent heads-up motorcycle helmet. Tailored towards providing a personalized riding experience while making riding safer, the helmet is designed with a GPS navigator, a Bluetooth chip and a 180° rear-view camera. GPS Helmets are among the few must-haves for every lover of the fast lane life. 

Circular Stickers 

The fast-paced digital world we operate in has made keeping a tab on anything and everything quite important and possible. Whether you are forced to watch your pets go through the stay at home experience each time work beacons or your kid is among the few that fancy making those scary runs each time you go shopping together, Circular Stickers got you covered. 

Circular stickers are about the width of a few 10p coins. Circular stickers are made of Bluetooth chips, temperature sensors, and batteries. Mainly designed to operate with a cell phone, alerts on tagged individuals would be sent to your phone each time its radar limits are exceeded.  


When it comes to exercise and fitness wearables, running out of options is almost impossible. With amazon operating numerous stores containing wearable devices, a lot of individuals get confused when shown the remarkable catalogs fitness and exercise devices cover.

Most wristband wearable devices offer remarkable functions capable of enabling you to keep a tab on all your daily activities. Mostly designed with a lo-fi LED, Bluetooth LE for synchronization with a phone, accurate sensors and a water-resistant interface, you wouldn’t have to build your fitness plan around the gym alone. 

Fabric Chest Straps

The requirement to keep a tab on the activities of the heart has become quite important as of late. While regular check-ups remain essential, the stress and time involved can trigger reluctance on a lot of occasions. The fabric chest strap is a heart rate monitoring wearable device designed with heart sensing fabric technology. 

Made up of a small band with heart monitoring sensors knitted in the fabric. Strapping the wearable device around the chest would enable you to get detailed heart readings from the comfort of your home.

Impact of Wearable Devices in Numerous Industries 

The impact wearable technology is having across numerous industries is quite limitless. Ranging from healthcare, marketing, support to security, wearable devices have occupied a huge deal of the global market.

Wearable Devices-What is Their Scope in 2020?


Wearable devices have always been targeted at providing reputable healthcare amenities. Since the inceptions of wearable devices, empowering patients and practitioners from different works of life became affordable. With the efficiency internet of things and cloud computing provides, numerous healthcare wearable devices targeted towards providing appropriate resolutions efficient for both doctors and patients have been produced.

Hundreds of healthcare wearables geared towards proffering sustainable healthcare services such as blood pressure monitoring, heart rate, brain activities, etc. can be purchased via credible electronic outlets. 


24 hours vigilance is quite essential when trying to maintain a reliable security system. Chasing after criminals would certainly be impossible if you have to stop at every turn to pick your partner’s call. While phones and pc remain essential for every security enterprise, wearables such as air pods and communication wristbands are undoubtedly dominating the industry.

Social Networking 

The thought of being able to receive on the go messages from your loved ones instantly via google glasses is one that would certainly send chills down your spine. Social networking has never been as entertaining as this. Wearable devices influence in the social networking world has enabled thousands of enterprise and social media marketers to post and enjoy instant updates from twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram without having to lift a finger. 

Wearable Devices in Marketing 

The day to day sales job is never an easy one. Whether you are trying to keep track of the number of customers that walk into your enterprise daily or you are trying to monitor sales input and output within a specific location, acquiring a wearable device suitable to the task would come in handy.

Designed to provide a personalized IoT experience, wearable wristband, smartwatches, eyeglasses and even shoes capable of offering exceptional marketing experience can be accessed from any online store of choice.

Communications and IT

A reliable support system is among the major issues that most popular enterprises face. Getting your customers or enterprise to provide you with 24 hours communication service can be a pain in the ass due to the stress attached to having to hold up a smartphone or sit in front of a Pc all day.

Wearable devices can help create room for healthy working environments. Utilizing a smart wristwatch in maintaining communications with customers would enable you to enjoy a hands-free/Real-Time communication experience. 

What is its relevance in 2020

It comes as no surprise that our body is widely regarded as the technology’s final frontier. The endless innovation reputable companies like Apple and Microsoft bring to the table on a daily provides a competitive advantage to the technological trend. IoT inclined wearable devices are eventually going to end up taking over 90% of our day to day activities.

Wearable Devices-What is Their Scope in 2020?

Creating a more productive and connected workplace remains one notable issue affecting numerous industries worldwide. While wearable devices can easily create a toxic relationship between individuals and the environment around them, its credibility in this age and time can in no way be undermined.  Amongst most other 21st century innovations, wearable devices have grown at an alarming rate since the first smart wristwatch was created in 2010. Fitness wearable devices are ranking as the most notable tech trend for 2020. And with this increased demand within the past year, a lot of industries are rapidly diving into the pool of opportunities wearable devices offer.

Everything you Need to Know about Development of an App like TikTok

Everything you Need to Know about Development of an App like TikTok

TikTok is a Chinese music video platform which allows its users to create music videos and then share them with their friends on social media like Instagram, Facebook, with animation and music. An App like TikTok helps users to set live pictures and live videos as their wallpaper and also they can share them with their friends.

There are many genres added to the application such as Rap, hip-hop, rock, electronic, and R&B. The simple and realistic editing tools that come along with the app assist in trimming, cutting, merging and duplicating the video clips. Videos that are recorded while live streaming is constantly updated with creative and fresh designs. It could be a comprehensive mix of sports, dance, comedy, animal comedy videos, or DIY, etc.

Who are the target audience for an app like TikTok?

The people who enjoy singing or lip-Syncing them or have a penchant for acting. Apps like TikTok help users to set live pictures and live videos as their wallpaper and also they can share them with their friends. These videos can also be edited with the filters provided in the application itself. Using these filters and special effects these videos are spiced up.

Additionally, it acts as a platform for millions of individuals to showcase their talents, their precious moments and knowledge they have in a video format. It also allows people to add their favorite music or sounds to the recorded video. These videos can be further edited with funny animations, sounds, music and a lot more things which make the video spicy.

Everything-you-Need-to-Know-about-Development-of-an-App-like- Tiktok-stats

Monetisation Strategy of a social video app like TikTok:

  1. In-app Purchase:
    This method is commonly used by most of the apps, In-app purchase means; charging a small amount from the user to upgrade to a premium version or to unlock certain features.
  2. Fundraising:
    Investors see great earning potential in these kinds of apps, therefore, they invest a huge amount of money. From a high-class investor, one can receive funding of somewhere around $50-$100 million.
  3. Selling the app:
    Once the app is popular among the target audience one always has the option of selling the app to another company who understands the idea and holds the potential to take it forward to the next level.
  4. Advertising:
    Advertisement is one of the main aspects of marketing for different brands. If a company has the same target audience then it is a great opportunity for them to advertise through this app as it would help them to expand and boost their sales.

What makes social video app like TikTok stand out?

  1. Unique features:
    There are few additional unique features in the application with the basic features according to the customer needs. Some features are updated timely based on the feedback and reviews.
  2. Targets a specific audience:
    Gives a platform to the audience who like to act and sing to have a music dubbing experience and to share it with the world.
  3. Location-based ideas:
    A different community for different artists whether locality, city, town or college.
  4. Simple UI/UX:
    Users belong to all kinds of technical backgrounds and age groups. The app should be easy to use for a person of 50 years of age and no app knowledge.

Some more features that can make the app unique:

  1. Notification system:
    The app should help notifying the users on new uploads from their favourite or followed artists.
  2. Geo-Location:
    It should enable the users to browse or find the broadcast according to their region and it also shows the broadcast on the map.
  3. Analytics:
    This feature would enable the users to analyse the broadcasters in a graphical manner. It would help them to see the likes or dislikes on different videos as well as the most viewed content.

An app like TikTok is an interactive world of videos that help you connect with your friends and admirers via likes, comments and even duet songs. With so much information out there, it can be a challenge for parents to keep a check on their kids using this app.

Developing features to block offensive content, coming up with kids-friendly version of the app, adding filters to curate the content before being uploaded- can be some checksums that can be applied before coming up with the idea of a social video app. Therefore, a team of specialists that can help with the features and the security checklist can help a social video app like TikTok to reach the next level.

With the advent of apps like TikTok, Spotify, the idea and the very concept of music streaming has changed significantly. Want to know more about building an app like TikTok? Request for a free quote to reach out to us on [email protected] and our experts will get back to you with the best solution for your business.

How Project Perspective is trying to Detoxify the Internet

How Project Perspective is trying to Detoxify the Internet

Toxic commenting and trolls are especially rampant on news sites, requiring moderators to be constantly vigilant and ready to neutralize threats to civil discourse. This is why the New York Times employs 14 full-time moderators to manually review the 11,000 comments that come in each day. Despite the efforts of this dedicated team, commenting is only available on 10% of Times articles due to the moderation load. In February 2017, Jigsaw and Google launched the free Perspective API, “a new tool for web publishers to identify toxic comments that can undermine a civil exchange of ideas.” The project perspective helps to develop a platform to cater the needs of best moderate comment forums and host better discussions with readers and journalists online.

Project Perspective:

Project Perspective offers a score from zero to 100 on how similar new comments are to others previously identified as toxic, defined as how likely a comment is to make someone leave a conversation. Publishers can use Perspective in a number of ways, from offering readers instant feedback on the toxicity of their comments to giving readers the power to filter conversations based on the level of toxicity they’d like to see.

How project perspective is trying to Detoxify the Internet | Parangat

In September 2016, The New York Times partnered on this project to help the Jigsaw team build the machine learning models that will improve conversations on the web and open sourced 10 years of moderated comment archives.

What makes this project a great deal?
  1. New Modernisation system
    The new modernization system includes an optimized user interface and predictive models that will help moderator’s group similar comments to make faster decisions, allowing more comments to be posted across the platform while maintaining a respectful and substantive conversation.
  2. Impact of Harassment on User Retention
    The current observational data of the impact that personal attacks and aggressive tone have on editor retention is a serious issue. The project develops a tool for automated detection of toxic comments using machine learning models.
    These models allow us to analyse the dynamics and impact of comment-level harassment in talk page discussions at scale. They may also be used to build tools to visualize and possibly intervene in the problem.
  3. Reshaping of the platform
    A reshaping of comments platform can foster thought-provoking, high-quality debate among its readers. Generally, it is difficult to foster intelligent conversations in serious matters.
    A specialized forum where readers can have a quality debate on topics related to global and economic issues can help in achieving great ideas for different situations.
  4. End of online abuse
    Internet trolls from round the world discuss the views they have expressed online that many find objectionable and in language that offends. Do they behave the same offline?

So, how do we control the situation to have better conversations on the web?

This new technology provides a secure platform for diverse communities to have diverse discussions and allow readers’ voices to be an integral part of nearly every piece of reporting. It also free up moderators to engage in deeper interactions with readers.

Thus, a provider of unique foundation for the creation of machine learning modules that can assess fresh comments in real-time and open source the models and the software, allowing other online publishers to learn as well as utilize the platform and increase the level of discourse across the Internet can provide a safe online community to discuss the most important issues.

Wrapping it Up:

In case, you are looking to understand the project perspective implications in your business sector in more detail, drop us an email on [email protected] or schedule a free consultation with our team of experts who can guide you through the implementation of perspective API in a specific use case. 

Intern Speak

Intern Speak

Never have I ever found my heart filled with so much gratitude, as I find it now when I write about my experience of working as an Intern at Parangat Technologies.

I’d read about the company via a piece of article by Clutch.co that recognized Parangat Technologies as one of the Top Companies in its Leader’s Matrix. I knew I wanted to be a part of their ever-growing team! My tenure at Parangat was way more than what I could have ever asked for. This has been so far the most rewarding experience of my life. As a Graphic Design Intern, I feel my roles and responsibilities were diverse and ever-changing.

It’s hard, to sum up, all the valuable things, I have learned here, but here I mention a few of the most beneficial lessons, I have learned.

The Dream Team:

Every employee of Parangat feels motivated & encouraged as their ideas are not just heard but get the due recognition as well. They feel safe enough to take risks in their thinking and suggestions. In fact, the ideas are always discussed with our peers about what and how we’re spending our time to innovate.

Under the leadership of our UI/UX Developer, we made sure that we “hit the right note” with our customers through the delivery of excellent, on-time solutions. We had long and informative sessions on how Great app designs can lead to greater revenues!

Women’s Day Celebration at Parangat Technologies

Brainstorming Sessions on the go:

The key to being an effective guided brainstorming session is to follow viable ideas through to a point where it can be fully visualized.

While discussing the projects, after an initial round of suggestions and ideas, everyone’s thoughts were discussed in depth. The main agenda of such sessions have always been “give and take” from each other, and that’s how you create things that are totally new. Impart the knowledge you have and make the most of what knowledge other people have.

How to build my resume:

My Internship at Parangat Technologies has definitely improved my skills a ton, both off the paper and on paper. I day I started working with Parangat, I knew this opportunity can lay the definitive foundation of my career. This opportunity didn’t just turn out to be a positive learning experience, but a resume builder as well. I came into this with a resume that barely had any concrete experience, now I am leaving and I have lots of updating to do. Now, I don’t need to give my resume a makeover, it prolly needs to be started from scratch, — and this in itself is a great thing!

I also particularly loved the fact that the company was widening its technical horizons. I remember this one time they conducted an Informative session on how Applications can be developed using Hyperledger Fabric! It was a great learning experience as at the end of it, Design experts also talked about the new trends in design to make more intuitive apps.


I’d like to end this article by saying that I’m extremely thankful to every single person in Parangat for giving me a chance to enhance my skills and I’ll forever be indebted to them for this amazing work experience and the wonderful learning experience they provided me with.

A Complete Cost Guide For Entrepreneurs to Develop an App Like Tinder

A Complete Cost Guide For Entrepreneurs to Develop an App Like Tinder

There are many factors involved when considering the development of dating apps like Tinder App. There are various different aspects to the development of online dating apps that can beat Tinder dating app at its own game or at least present some competition.

Dating Applications - Parangat

Now when you start developing a dating app, it’s hard to ignore Tinder. Since it entered the market, it has created a niche out of nothing virtually on its own. There were a couple things mainly that stood out from the rest in making Tinder App a hit amongst youngsters and teenagers alike.

Tinder App - Parangat

Though it has great interactive design and a lot of functional features, it was its swipe gesture, geolocation feature and match on chat option that made it a hit. Now, it was as inventive as it was user-centered and practical. These are the things that you need to keep in mind as you go along the development of an app like tinder and will decide cost accordingly.

Large-Growing Global Dating Market - Parangat

Below is the list of factors that affect the development of your Android app especially one such like tinder and this invariably your costing estimate for the same.

1- App development Platform
2- Backend Development
3- Web Portal Development
4- Q/A testing

When you take into account the above various factors, you get a rough estimate of the cost that would be required to develop an app like Tinder. Further, based on your geolocation and the workforce that you hire and expertise that you require, you can zero in on the total amount.

App Development Platform

There are mainly two app platforms being used worldwide i.e. Android and iOS. Both very popular amongst its users for their own qualities and specifications. When it comes to launching an app like this, it becomes hard how to decide between choosing two platforms.

Ideally, iOS users generate more revenue but that’s compensated by a large number of Android users worldwide. When choosing between one platform or other, you can always choose to go with cross-platform/hybrid apps as compared to native apps to each platform.

Native vs Hybrid App Development - Parangat

Now, native apps take somewhat 200+ hours for android app development and around 250+ hours for an iOS app development. Hybrid apps need approx 350 hours of development time and require more technical expertise which means higher developer cost as well.

Backend Development

With heavy traffic and the database that an app like tinder requires, you must have a fully equipped admin backend technical panel if you are hoping to compete with tinder app on some level. It usually takes around 180-200 hours for an efficient developer to create it.

This backend panel will not help you track down analytics of app users, it will also help you analyze user behavior and latest trends. You will have to keep yourself upgraded constantly if you want to last in a long time.

Note: To make the best out your backend panel, make sure that it has feasible integration with several other tools such as google analytics etc.

Web Portal Development

If you’re aiming big then you need to have some source of your entire database or information repository to which users can refer to via some extension. The cost for developing such an extension depends upon the features that you choose to go with. Generally, it can take 100-150 hours of development time.

Q/A testing

Quality analysis for debugging purposes is one of the most important phases in which any flaws left whatsoever are detected and resolved before final release. Due to this stage being highly technical and through, it can take anything between 150-200 hours to be completed. That all is including the app deployment on the app store.

All the above things considered apart, there is also the matter of technical expertise required and resources needed. Most of all, everything can depend upon whether you outsource or hire a team to build your app.

These 4 are the general team members that you will need for a basic dating app:

  • 1 Graphic Designer for about 50+ hours with charges ranging from $25 per hour and above.
  • 1 UX designer for approx 100+ hours with the price per hour starting from $25 same as above.
  • 1/2 programmers depending upon your choice between native and hybrid apps costing $25 per hour and above for native developers and $35 and above for hybrid ones.
  • 1 Quality Analyst for about more than 100 hours with per hour cost starting from $15.

Note: Above is just a rough estimate for the cost of the team members and depends highly upon their technical expertise, experience and the country you are in. Hiring members in developed countries such as America can cost twice or thrice as much as hiring them from a country like India.

Calculating all the above hiring costs and number of hours required from initial development to app deployment, we can put an estimate between $30k-$50k for an average dating app with your basic features. Needless to say, the higher you go in terms of UI, UX, technical features etc, pricing increases with the same.